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    I'm a Roofer by trade (5 years experience), learnt it on sites in Jersey doing pitched roofs (slating and tiling). Now I'm in London working for a fairly big company doing all domestic work (Re-roofs and repairs).
    Im starting to get my own private work so will be looking at taking the leap and starting up my own company with a friend.
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  1. @ProDave As I said before I haven't spoke in great detail with him about it I've just popped in to have a quick look so I can think about it. I'm going there tomorrow to have a proper chat. There's 3 window openings down the right hand side where the fence is which is south facing and will get the sun up to early afternoon in the summer. I think it will be more of a summerhouse and spare room in the winter.
  2. @PeterW it's going to be sort of a family room and if he has anyone round a spare room, I think it's going to have a shower toilet and basin in it as well. The fall will go to the rear of the building and he's wanting an overhang (400 - 500mm) at the front and right hand side where the fence is.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I fitted a velux for the client before and he's spot on so I want to help out as much as I can. I think the guys that built the structure were a pain to deal with so he doesn't want to go with them anymore. After I've been tomorrow and had a proper chat I'll come back and give you an update.
  4. Never really done new joists for a roof as most of the work I do is for a company and is mainly re-roofs and repairs. I'm trying to startup a company with a friend and this is our first proper job (done loads of repairs and small re-roofs). The roof itself is no problem once I get the rafters in, I just want to be sure that if I go without the RSJ it won't sag. I haven't seen any drawings for the job just yet as I only popped in to have a look, I'm going back tomorrow to have a proper chat about it. I think its a timber ontop I'm not to sure as I was in a rush when I first had a look.
  5. Hi people, I'm new to the site and it seems to be very helpful in most situations so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm a roofer by trade so haven't done much carpentry/joinery and I've been asked by a client to put a roof starting from the joists. It's a new build (family room in the back of the garden) that's roughly 5.8m x 5.6m and the client is thinking about putting an RSJ in to stop the roof from sagging. Could this be avoided by tripling up 8" x 2" C24 timbers in the centre and going out from that at 400 centres? With an overhang the joist lengths will be roughly 6m long. The actual roof will be a warm deck Fleeceback Ruberbond EPDM and it may have a small (1m x1m) velux dome installed as well. Any help or ideas will be appreciated as I havent don't much carpentry before. I'd like to tackle it myself (with a friend) as I'm always wanting to learn more and it seems like a good straight forward one to do once I get a good idea of it.