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  1. We went with 1,000L for the UVC. We have six bathrooms in the house plus 2 WC and two kitchen spaces so more is more apparently!
  2. Hi, Yeah, things moving in the right direction for us. System hasn't yet been commissioned but we have ground loops in, underfloor, manifolds, tanks and heat pump on site. Fingers crossed we get to switch it on Febuary/March time. Feel free to PM me if you need more info or have specific questions.
  3. We struggled to find anyone that could compare to Econekt tbh. Frazer and Colin have been nothing but helpful. Anytime we have had a question or a query they have been open, honest and more than accomidating. Haven't had any hard sales pitch, they know their stuff and the product back to front. I'll happy talk with you in more detail about them if you want to give me a call.
  4. @SuperJohnG Nice one. We are not going with Ecology, I'm self employed and they weren't a good fit for us, looks like Darlington here. PP is in so just the waiting game being played currently.
  5. @SuperJohnG Was that Ecology who valued the plot, or did you arrange yourself? We might have undervalued ours looking at those numbers.
  6. Thought I’d update on how things are progressing with us. Our mortgage provider has agreed the part release so we can separate the titles for the land we want to build on. Our current house had to be valued as a result. Having this done by a guy in full PPE; while you have every single, door, window and internal door open in your house with all the lights on while you, your partner, dog and three children remain in one corner of one room was......interesting! But it’s done. After approximately 5 rounds; the floor plan now has very little left to change, we think it works for us but interesting to see what you all think? Be nice....
  7. Hi AnnSyl, Welcome! Where in the world are you? We are early stages too and ICF is coming out top we think. Do you know which system you would use?
  8. Welcome! ICF is coming out top for our build too so keen to connect with people using it! Keep us posted on your journey!
  9. Looking for advice or real world examples of GSHP as the main source for both heat and hot water. House is new build, will be ICF construction and approx 420 square meters. We are a family of 5 with three teenagers who (when the world is functioning normally) all do clubs/sports so shower 2/3 times a day. My concern is the GSHP won’t be able to keep up with demand, everyone having showers in the morning then 2/3 people having showers in the afternoon then the same again in the evening. Hot water tank would be 300+ litres and we plan on having solar thermal in addition to the GSHP and obviously the tank will have an immersion heater should all else fail, but feel that defeats the purpose. Real world advice/examples appreciated
  10. I do know the rules are different in Scotland. However the person who had the house before us purchased the land in addition to the land owned by the house, so the house has two titles. Essentially we are just restoring them, lucky for us.
  11. Good question! We would like a modern agricultural feel/design but realistic. Have no desire for glass walls a complex roof design. The house should give very little away as you approach, then open up to the views at the back......maybe......planners might not like that idea.
  12. Morning all, Thought I’d share some pictures of the plot. We are incredibly lucky with it’s size, 6 acres as well as the Burn running through. On a clear day we also get brilliant views of the Isle of Arran. Architect was on site last week (socially distant) and is meeting with us again towards the end of this week. We now have a list of rooms and rough floor dimensions, he will workout the “flow” of these and start the process of design. Our solicitor has been instructed to separate the title (from our existing house next door) so progress finally feels like it’s being made!
  13. Not a great deal of info included in it to be honest as only a budget estimate
  14. Advice/ thoughts welcome... SP Energy Network have provided us a budget estimate of £10,600 to provide electricity to our new build. We are building in the field next to our existing house which we have a dedicated supply for from an existing pole on our land, we own all the land between said pole and the new house. The estimate is for SP digging only 2m, laying 130m worth of cable and connecting the new supply. Apparently its fine for me to dig 128m trench but i'm not allowed purchase cable or place in trench for them to then connect - is this right? Obviously fine with SP digging the last 2m and connecting the supply but 10k for this seems off the wall! Or do i have no clue what i'm talking about?
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