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  1. Its sand sub soil with layers of peat in areas in the vicinity. The peat may not be on my plot necessarily but it has been found in the area. My ground investigation will confirm
  2. Thats great Gus, yeah its not all about the haggle. Nothing in the building game is cheap, and often when you pay cheap you get cheap. Im all for a good balance and a great start with people on a job. I have worked with some younger lads who just burn out or dont have the heart in work, and some older lads who seem to love their work, and as you say....offer up experiences from their own previous portfolio. Its great when you find a good contractor because they are front of mind when the next job starts! I have used the same people time and time again.
  3. Yeah it can become stressful. My father in law allowed a plumber to charge him a grand for what was 2 days work, fitting a couple of rads and flushing out his system. I only found out after he had it done. There are some real good contractors out there yeah, and its a shame of how many charlatans there are. One of the best guys I ever got in was a joiner I found from yellow pages. He said to me, I do every job as if it was on my own home. He wasnt wrong. Everything he did was absolutely perfect, and he was about £150/day
  4. I have had to do the same myself with contractors in the past where plans were not available. On this occasion a plan with everything will be provided. I am not looking for people to give me the going rate as I agree it depends on the area and job. I am just outlining some experiences with people who come in with such varying price levels. I had one electrician a few years back come to my place saying he was £360/day. He didnt come back
  5. We will have hollowcore concrete floors, but even so, might not take the weight of a 12 tonne machine. May need a large machine with good reach from the road.
  6. Hi Peter, yes could always purchase and leave them in. There is an extractor that can be used to remove them. If they stay in, cost goes up as they are about 7k for 90x6m lengths
  7. Access is straight in from the front. sheet piling will take place to the party wall, and the plot is getting up there for 1000sqm. Its a straight dig into sand, no services to worry about. Excavated material will be taken away on 16 tonne loads, managed separately but working with the team who do the dig. I agree its based on peoples interpretation so I always try to tell them exactly what Im expecting for the job so they can quote to the requirement.
  8. Site investigation has to be done. At this point, with my knowledge of the ground, being all sand, and with a 3m basement dig, I estimated a minimum of 6m sheet piles. We may even have to go for slightly longer to get longer piles in the ground. Neighboring properties are not so much the issue given their location to our dig, but the party walls are. As I said in another response, we may even take down these party walls with agreement from the neighbours because they are not in the best condition anyway. fyi our site investigation will go down 6m, then potentially up to another 20m depending on whether peat is present. No corners will be cut on this one, only contractors that try and overcharge the going rate
  9. Its to shore up up a 1mm party wall. The neighbours property is another 4 meters on both sides. In fact, we may actually take this party wall down and replace it, so there will be less load to hold back. Once we are back at ground level, we will place in new footings and build a new 900mm height wall
  10. Hey guys, How much should I be looking to pay for approximately 30 linear meters of sheet piling on a supply and install hire basis. 15meters each side required on neighbour party walls We will then do a 3m dig, so I probably need 6m long sheets so we have a 50% sheet in the ground at least.
  11. Thats more like it. Its 100% reasonable. When you start getting to £100+ per hour, its way over priced then. I dont want to pay cheap and get cheap, I want a job done well at a good going rate. Thing is....making 3k savings on jobs of this size 10 times on a big job and its £30k saved.