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  1. JFDIY

    Gate Pillars

    You could glaze between them? 😏
  2. Bit late now, but if the boards rock you can either use lots of thinner layers that will accommodate it, or cut them once laid into a union jack, to allow them to flex to the base floor. Cemfloor can go thin, think you'd get away with 40mm ( or 25mm cover over ufh pipes)
  3. Yes, it's been in 10+ years, not sure if modern regs differ much, but I know the water board wouldn't come out until my stop tap was fitted so they could check it all. I thought it was un-necessary at the time as it was little more than a stable block (conversion) with services in. I wanted to leave it isolated at the boundary box until the internal fit out was well underway.
  4. I did this. 32mm mdpe to 28mm copper , used a talbot adaptor, push for on plastic and compression on the copper. To be honest can't remember where it came from but it can't have been too hard to get hold of as it's not etched in my mind. If memory serves I either swaged the olive on using a normal fitting first, it soldered it, rather than overstressing the plastic, but I always overthink everything. I ran 32mm to the road, but then the boundary box and tapping on the main was only the standard 25mm. That was 10+ years ago, today I'd most likely just get the speedfit one from screwfix. Item 33399
  5. Oxalic acid is used to clean oak, comes up like balsa wood afterwards, if you were really selective in spot treating I bet it would lighten it. Is there anywhere inconspicuous you can test first?
  6. JFDIY

    Gate Pillars

    Yep, M16 Got some BFO washers too if needed. Only got two of each and washers are slightly different O/D, I could turn it down to match if needed?
  7. Reminds me of a bloke my dad worked with (doing groundwork and fencing), he claimed the threads on screws were only so you could get them out if needed
  8. JFDIY

    Gate Pillars

    I'll have to double check, but I may have a couple SS dome nuts, if I can find them are they any good for you?
  9. Oh, a Birmingham screwdriver is a hammer round our way And crowbar is a 'night key' 😏
  10. JFDIY

    Gate Pillars

    To be fair I was thinking of suggesting some tabs soldered to the pipe to secure it to the timber might save curing time. How many are there to make in total?
  11. And make sure it's significantly different (visually) to your chalk line so you don't have to check every time which one is which.
  12. The timber will shrink even if the boards don't
  13. Buy a chalk line, but don't put the chalk in?
  14. In my limited experience, the only firm way is to do something that should be inspected by building control, we've dug foundations for strip footings and another site stripped back for a raft foundation literally two days before the expiration date, didn't get concrete for 18 months on that one. have also installed a sewer run, widened an access gateway etc. Without having an inspection carried out what records you've done any work? As above are there any conditions that can be cleared and also constitute a start.
  15. JFDIY

    Gate Pillars

    I'd cast number 2 and use the leftover mix to finish no.1. should save you half an hour and the colour match should be closer. You could try rattling the mould on each side with a 1/2 sheet sander or DA to settle the mix half way through then end of the pour to help get the air out.