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  1. Congratulations of finding an open minded and willing to learn Architect 🙂
  2. If would suggest that you find an architect or architectural technician that has some experience and knowledge of PH design. Most don’t and if they don’t understand the 5 Pillars of PH design then you will spent a lot of time and money educating them.
  3. All of the Velox blow outs that I have seen is because the incorrect nozzle has been used at the end of the pump and/or the mix incorrect. Your experience is obvious very different which is fine.
  4. Vents are noisey when the airflow is too high, caused by not enough vents and/or diameter small ducting. Ducting is relatively cheap and a small price to pay for a silent MVHR system. To test that an MVHR system is doing its job, measure the CO2 (not CO) levels in each room.
  5. Spend your money on insulation first
  6. Since you already have underground ducts buries, I would run some cable in to the cavity. Make sure you have a good sketches and photos of what you have installed. A tape measure in the photos will help later to find them.
  7. I use this one - https://joint-research-centre.ec.europa.eu/pvgis-photovoltaic-geographical-information-system_en
  8. I do hope that you don't ask all 22 companies to quote, as that mean that the other 21 will have to pass that cost onto other customers. Accurate quotes take time and cost which someone has to pay. That said I don't (and hope) that you are just buying on price only. Enjoy your build
  9. Depending on your soil conditions I would look at an insulated slab rather than beam and block.
  10. Adrian Walker


    I agree, that not a lot of energy 🙂
  11. The problem with opening windows (if the house is ~airtight you will need to open at least 2) is that that heat will escape. UPS is the best and cheapest solution and could power MVHR and broadband.
  12. Adrian Walker


    That is the rain fall for a whole year. I don't think it's a goer, not much energy. If you want to use water as a battery, pressure rather than volume is better - that's what the Victorian did.
  13. Adrian Walker


    It's easy to a create a voltage, but without any current there is no power. I suspect that there is more energy in storing rain water in a roof tank and using its potential energy to drive a water motor. A typical roof will have ~70m3 of water. 70000 kg x 10 m/s² x 5 m (building height) = 3.5 Megajoules
  14. Adrian Walker


    This is a good example from Robert Murray-Smith
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