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  1. If you dont't have a PPA (pre-planning application) that cover the subdivided plot, I would say (IMHO) it's going to take much longer
  2. You need to know how many channels or circuits you are going to need, with a few extra for expansion later. You will have be allocated a 60 to 100 amp (max) supply. You might have be asked or told when you placed your order. Here is a Hager Consumer Unit, but other brands are available .
  3. It's highly unlikely that the rectification is done in the LED strip. Post a photo of 6'/150mm of your strip
  4. LEDs need DC not AC and hence the "transformer" need to both drop the voltage and convert to DC. In cheap transformers this might just be a bridge rectifier (simple AC:DC convertor) LED strips normally have a visible + or - sign BTW The word "transformer" is normally used as a term for voltage changes in the AC domain only.
  5. When are you installing the windows and doors to make it weather tight?
  6. FYI Attached is the price list from ABC Anchors 143-SCREW PILE PRICELIST Apr2017 (2).pdf
  7. Piles are normally used to go down, often a long way, to a solid bedrock. Screw piles do not go the the bedrock but are held in place by the large surface area acting on the underground material. As piles are installed the torque is measured to determine the depth that is required.
  8. @Tom's Barn Have you started with the ISOTEX yet. I'm very interested.
  9. embed an LED profile channel -
  10. What material are you trying to cut into? If it's plaster, then better embed an LED profile channel
  11. IMHO the only reason that you would want a concrete work top is that you can't afford any solid surface material, eg. corian granite, etc.
  12. @Richard TWelcome to BH and congratulation on your new project. I'm just up the road in Wimborne if you would like a chat over coffee?