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  1. I think Building Regs says you must have a aerial or provision for one.
  2. The problem with Graven Hill is that a plot for a 3 bed house is £185K with a plot size of 217 m2 and you have to use their contactors to build the foundations.
  3. We are mainly self-builder in this group. A good builder will be able to answer most of your questions and give you a price. That said good builder are hard to find, because they're all busy.
  4. With EVs, 3 phase is going to be widely needed IMHO.
  5. If the works are Contestable they may be undertaken by a suitably accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP). Contestable works include the installation of cables, substations and other plant associated with the new connection.
  6. I just read it as "Check this out, bit chuffed with this, never used a bender". What over the knee! "before" was further down the page Very nice
  7. Yes, and good prices Just placed another order for Fresh Sawn Structural Grade European Oak, actually to build a 4 poster bed!
  8. Welcome to BuildHub, a friendly bunch with a fountain of knowledge.
  9. Yes, outward opening doors are more secure, hence the reason why inward opening doors are preferred by the fire service, easier to get in.
  10. Thanks. I think I need to see and play with one in the flesh. I have demoed a Semiens super hob and the usability of the interface was very poor.
  11. All the Bora's are greater than 600mm (720mm) because of the centre vent.