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  1. Did you go with the Moralt FD30 in the end?
  2. Thanks. I think I need to see and play with one in the flesh. I have demoed a Semiens super hob and the usability of the interface was very poor.
  3. All the Bora's are greater than 600mm (720mm) because of the centre vent.
  4. I didn't know that, as it listed on their website and catalogue. What is the replacement called "Pure"?
  5. Currently looking at a BORA Induction Hob. Has anyone got one and happy to share a video on how easy it is to use the controls? Thanks
  6. If they have the correct gear (water cooling, 330+mm laser welded diamond blade, etc) they should be able to do the cuts with 1 blade, but these can be expensive, so perhaps ask for a cap on the number of blades? It's going to be very noisy so good to warn the neighbours
  7. Make sure you have insurance against this. Contractors are not liable if they cut through any service. I had a digger cut though an underground high voltage cable.
  8. It looks like a SIP system to me.
  9. Local supplier are useful to be able to see the items in the flesh, but you can get everything online, these day either in the UK or from Europe direct. . Eg Duravit white goods can be found here If you want to support local suppliers ask if they will price match
  10. I have used Helen Morris Ruffle at Visionary Planning UK/Town Planning Expert (
  11. Welcome to BH @TomBee Congratulations on considering a design based on Passive House Principles. Before you approach the Council it might be worth looking at the current planning policy, both the Government National Planning Policy Framework and the Councils to see the best route. For example there are Community Policies that involve asking local residents what they would like (Localism) and Para79 (outstanding or innovative design).
  12. Is the £2995 a price for you to supply and install a SunAmp?
  13. Welcome to the forum @Dorset Dabbler Nice to see another person from Dorset. What are you planning, new build or renovation?
  14. Just tell them that you will pay the invoice once it's complete and you're happy with it. They might want a contact now.