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  1. Local supplier are useful to be able to see the items in the flesh, but you can get everything online, these day either in the UK or from Europe direct. . Eg Duravit white goods can be found here If you want to support local suppliers ask if they will price match
  2. I have used Helen Morris Ruffle at Visionary Planning UK/Town Planning Expert (
  3. Welcome to BH @TomBee Congratulations on considering a design based on Passive House Principles. Before you approach the Council it might be worth looking at the current planning policy, both the Government National Planning Policy Framework and the Councils to see the best route. For example there are Community Policies that involve asking local residents what they would like (Localism) and Para79 (outstanding or innovative design).
  4. Is the £2995 a price for you to supply and install a SunAmp?
  5. Welcome to the forum @Dorset Dabbler Nice to see another person from Dorset. What are you planning, new build or renovation?
  6. Just tell them that you will pay the invoice once it's complete and you're happy with it. They might want a contact now.
  7. It's not about the thickness, it's about the performance. Have you used an architect? Ideally you/they should model the design. IMHO roofs will always need a higher performance than the walls, so will be thicker than the walls.
  8. Welcome to the BuildHub. I 'm just finishing a Durisol bungalow, so happy to share some experience. Have you looked at ISOTEX which is also a woodcrete product?
  9. Just had a quick look at your build cost spreadsheet and the House Build of £54K is a bit light as is the garage at £10,800(IMHO) Groundworks and retaining walls can often be tricky and hence costly. You have made a good start at costing.
  10. It worked very well and needs very little help to get in all the places it needed to be. It eliminates power floating which can be time consuming and noisey. I will see if I can find a better photo that shows the finish. This was an ISOQUICK insulated slab with UFH.
  11. Just a single pour. The last one I did used Cemex Evolution concrete which is self leveling/finishing. -
  12. In the is example, because of the difference in runs on the concrete base, it's not going to be very nice to climb IMHO and, I would expect a few tumbles until you get use to it.
  13. Polarwall is a good system, BUT it needs lots of bracing. That concrete has a long way to fall and they should have used a reducer to slow the speed.
  14. Sensor taps are a great idea from a practical point of view anyway. Cost is the biggest issue e.g - )