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  1. I tried searching to and there aren't any. The reason that I have been told is that all energy providers that to pay a fee to the National Grid which provides the transmission and distribution of electricity. "In 2016, Ofgem removed the requirement for tariffs to have a standing charge following recommendations by the Competition and Markets Authority. However, though suppliers are no longer required to set a standing charge on their tariffs most still do."
  2. IMHO I would use a low or zero VOC paint
  3. The discussion was not about Timber Frame (TF) building systems, but yes Smart ply on a TF gives you window > AT junction
  4. Window and door reveals are an issue on with any building system
  5. Drawings and 3D renders are great, but it might be worth spending a few hours making a model of your design in cardboard or foam board.
  6. Airproofing is an issue/problem with Durisol & Isotex, but not with Velox.
  7. A quick answer is £1500 to £2500 per square meter. The best place to start is getting quotes/estimates from turnkey companies as TBC said above . "good reliable experienced builders" availability is going to be the main issue.
  8. As ToughButterCup showed the blocks butt up to one another and create a small gap between them. I have often seen daylight looking out before any coating (plaster, render, etc) has been applied. The woodcrete insulation is good, but just like a woolly jumper you also need to wear a windcheater to get the full benefit of the insulation. Velox uses woodcrete but has a continuous concrete layer and hence before any coating has a much better airtightness. The biggest loss of heat in a house is air convection currents caused by poor airtightness.
  9. Have a look at Velox The major problem with a block woodcrete ICF system (Durisol, Isotex, etc) is that they have gaps.
  10. toasters are a WOTAM (waste of time and money) IMHO
  11. IMHO if you mention or threaten "liquidated damages clause" you might never finish your house
  12. I building a temperature monitor and logger at the moment. From a hardware point of view I'm using DS18B20 (12 bit gives 0.0625°C), Raspberry Pi Zero with a 1-wire HAT.
  13. ISOTEX is approx £70/square metre. ISOTEX is an MMC (Modern Method of Construction) and it can't really be compared with standard construction and timber frame IMHO