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  1. Like Rocking Horse do-doo's. Apart from Speedy Plastics, anyone know where I can get one?
  2. Yes that looks like it. To be clear, I do not expect it to be a 'shipping container', but these are a similar price to a metal shed, whilst being bigger and FAR easier to assemble. So, I wonder if it's at least as good as a metal shed? A timber shed this size would be double the cost.
  3. There's a local guy selling 20ft 'Flat Pack' Storage Containers on FB Marketplace for £800. It seems ideal as a site-office/workshop while we build. They're cheaper than a 20ft rigid container, plus we can't easily get one of those in through our access. Also much cheaper than a similarly sized shed. Anyone know anything about these?
  4. Following @Conor's topic, do you have any tools that you recognise as being 'impossible' to lose? For me, it's a Drill/Driver adaptor and a small Electrical Screwdriver. Both have been with me since our first renovation in 2004 and both have, on numerous occasions come crazily close to being lost forever. I can't often tell you where either are, but they always turn up.
  5. Sorry for the barrage of questions. I'm just designing the foul drainage run for our project. The run requires about 60m of pipe and therefore 3 inspection chambers. These will be at a depth of around 750-850mm, so they need to be 450mm chambers, right? Are they preferable in the middle of the driveway or outside of the driveway area altogether (if possible)? One of them falls nicely in the middle, but the other two are more favourable outside the driveway area altogether and more likely in a shrub border. Is this sensible? Furthermore, are all 450mm chambers these fancy multiport affairs? A couple of mine only really need to be straight through, one-in-one-out, so it seems such overkill to have so many redundant ports! Finally, what rating cover/frame should I use for the ones that are in the driveway?
  6. Hi We are now having to install a driveway of geocell for tree protection measures ahead of actually building. We are worried about bringing a digger up it once its laid, would you say its an issue, does it tear it up? Thanks
  7. Anyone got any pearls of wisdom on who to use for Building Control? In our area (Norfolk), the Local Authority entity is 'CNC', they've quote around the £900 mark. A third-party company (Vantage) that came highly recommended has quoted £1550. Did you use a third-party company? Are they worth the extra cost? We don't have our Technical plans yet, so aren't really ready to move forward with Building Control, but we need to get the drainage up to the build area in order to be able to connect the caravan, I'm guessing this will need to be inspected?
  8. Thanks for your help everyone. I think that's the decision made regarding 3-phase. As an additional point, is it worthwhile shopping around for the connection? We've had UK Power Networks quote for everything so far...
  9. 3 phase appears to be making about £500 difference. My sparky tells me that it'll make an immediate impact in terms of having to use 5-core cable from the boundary box to the house, but also additional equipment/boards etc. I like the option to futureproof, but need to consider if we'll 'ever' need it? So there's no real issue in the extra distance the cheaper pole is from the house?
  10. We're building a 4-bed ICF 'forever home'. We plan to have MVHR, ASHP/GSHP, PV/Car Charging etc. I had quotes to go for 3ph for the Mains connection after several people recommended we do, but my sparky (a good friend) disagrees. He says that the likelihood of me surpassing the capacity of a 100a 1ph connection is almost non-existent and doesn't stack up against the clumsiness of having things on different phases which don't play well with the PV. I have 2 poles I could connect to. Pole 346 is the first pic is in the back of a Church Hall. 20m of trenching is needed and legal complications mean I cannot dig it, UKPN must This factor adds a good chunk of money to any connection that uses that pole. However, this pole is a bit closer to the house. (the plan doesn't really properly represent where the box will go) Pole 345 is only about 18" into the garden of a private homeowner, thus no expensive UKPN trenching. However, it is about 15m further from the property. 3ph from Pole 346 is £4300 3ph from Pole 345 is £2700 Firstly, should I go 1ph or 3ph? Secondly, which connection would be best from the viewpoint of performance/voltage drop and can I make up any weakness in the cable that goes from the boundary box to the house? They have also offered a 'Mains extension', but I guess this will be fiercely expensive.
  11. We are about to start work to bring water into our plot. While we are there, we are going to replace the existing lead main for the original Bungalow before we sell it. Here is our approximate run for these pipes. The existing bungalow is to have a 25mm main, the new one a 32mm main. What size ducting will I need? I had thought 63mm would do it, but my groundworks contractor is suggesting 100mm due to the length of the run. I know ducting isn't essential by the way.
  12. Our is in the far side of a narrow street. I can't see how moling will help the way it helped you to be honest. AW are a shower of shit. Their new connections staff all seem brain-dead. If only they had the common sense I have had from UKPN.
  13. I withheld a little bit of the story for ease. Our plot is part of a split. They are actually doing 2 connections at the same time. One for the new build and one to replace the lead water main for the old house. The old house is about to go on the market, we want the new water main done and dusted by the time we exchange contracts on a sale. The water mains will run in tandem up the shared drive, where they will split off with one heading for the old house and the new build one then has to be moled under some trees to get close to the build area. I have a delay in getting a contractor to work in the shared drive and onwardly another contractor to deal with the moled aspect. All in all, if I am to get all this done before AW will get cracking with their 3-month notice, we will miss the Summer selling season for the old house, and it's the landscaped garden that will sell it, in the Winter it's just not the same!
  14. Our plot is at the end of a 60m shared drive. Our water connection requires a highway closure, so 3-months notice required. I had hoped they would let me do my pipework during the 3 months that I'm waiting for them to come and connect, but alas, no. They want all my pipework in and then 7-working days notice for an inspection before they'll even start the 3-month notice. We have a lot to do to get the water pipe to the build area, even as a TBS, it's going to really screw our timeline if we can't get cracking with the 3-months notice. Someone mentioned getting it connected to a TBS installed in the shared drive, just up from the highway boundary. Sounded absurd, but it would really solve my problem, will they do it? In essence, by the time they come in 3 months time, my pipe will be where I want it, but I need them to have something to inspect to kick of the notice period.
  15. Speaking of lasers. Presumably I could do with some sort of buildings level/laser scenario? Any tips on that?! Should I buy one?