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  1. Just an update! we have just changed the blending valve and hey presto it works absolutely perfect!! faulty blending valve was the issue!! JG will be getting an email tomorrow as the valve is only 6 months old thanks everyone for all your input
  2. Thanks for this! It’s another thing for the engineer to test! But he has put his money on it being the blending valve as he has asked a specialist for a second opinion and he came with the same result! So new blending valve on Friday and let’s see what happens then!
  3. The flow metres show 1.5lpm to 2lpm what I have set them at, and when it’s running the area heats up very well. not sure about the boiler pump I will have to ask the engineer! What is the differential bypass? it’s strange when I can stop the noise via turning the blending valve off thanks
  4. You can see by the picture on the blending valve letters F & R so am I correct in saying this valve is ok
  5. I am trying to find other set ups but all I can find is JG manual stating it can be set up from left or right of manifold! but I can’t find if the blending valve works both ways! any help is more than welcome I’m open to any suggestions
  6. The seem to be shutting as the pump is running! I’ve never had an issue with the pump making a noise when I turn it off until I took 2 actuators off. I have just called the engineer and he is adamant that the valve is correct! it seems as if something of forcing the motor in reverse and it stops when I shut the blending valve off! Everything is pointing to a dodgy blending valve or I am clutching straws!!
  7. Thank god we are getting somewhere! i appreciate it everything guys I will try this and let yous know how I get on ?
  8. Thanks for this I will get an engineer round to see if this is possible! Spending more cash again it rages me ?
  9. I honestly think the blending valve has something to do with it! I don’t want to put it on again in case that pump goes as well! I am waiting on a reply from grundfos about the noise the pump is making! ive done everything else! Does anyone know about blending valves being faulty?
  10. When the boiler is on it runs like a dream, but since I’ve took off 2 actuators that’s when the loud noise got worse when I turned the thermostats off and the boiler went off but the pump kept going. would the blending valve play a part in this being faulty maybe?
  11. If I turn the blending valve off the pump stopped making the noise? What could cause this
  12. Yes that is open and I’ve also took off 2 other actuators as requested earlier in the thread it’s got me on the bottom
  13. Where is this situated? Could you please describe it
  14. Yes they look to be correct im stuck as it was never this load
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