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  1. I Give In

    Same reason I suppose that you can only have a delivery to the card address if purchasing away from terminal at a lot of merchants. With regard to screwfix it would be good if technology allowed you just to input pin on collection no card needed
  2. If you fix to external skin your only really limited by how good a fixing you can get. 30mm over brickwork 40mm into cav seems to work ok. Last new build I used a different method for better fixing. Fixed a 2x2 treated batten up the inside face of brickwork, cavity closer thickness back from edge and dpc between timber and brick. This enables you to drop it back more but still get decent fixing. Although with a thinner cavity it might be hard to do.
  3. I Give In

    What's with the click and collect but you have to put card and pin in when collecting? I wanted to use it once when card was at home and I was out and about. I could remember all details for online transaction but would have been snookered for collection
  4. What does First Fix really mean?

    Or do as we are on current job. Let partitioners do all work on price with double plasterboard. Don't bother to spec ply on back layer. let dry liners steam ahead covering everywhere. Later cut out patches everywhere to put support in for everything after skim and mist coat. Proceed to complain job is behind and wonder why finish is crap.
  5. Best way to fix skirting?

    Just buy a box 10/12
  6. We’ve moved in!!!

    Looks good
  7. Garage - insulation?

    2 layers of dpm if pir insulation.
  8. Timber frame Stud centre spacing

    Thought there would be a solution! how was your racking done @ProDave? Studs set to imperial or metric boards sourced?
  9. Timber frame Stud centre spacing

    Is there no metric sheets of OSB made specifically for this issue? Or can t&g sheeting be bought which works with 400/600?
  10. Didn't notice till you said! Small pictures on these phones! nice looking drum!
  11. Paying

    Op suggest 10% perhaps and payable day work starts?
  12. Paying

    Cmon @JSHarris your maths is better than that
  13. Extra insulation

    BCO usually agree during build providing your as built SAP will still stack up
  14. Mains water pipe capacity

    Providing you have the easement and could lay new pipe I'm guessing if the economics worked for one house it will certainly work for 5! I.e. You should be able to afford a new main with the uplift in value of land