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  1. Got one in my cu. Wasn't officially a reg at the time bit was close and sparky said that's the way it's going.
  2. Johnny is this the detail in the photo? It looks to me like your PIR is directly ontop of rafters
  3. He will be pissed off If it doesn't get used much I'd assume he is basing that around a normal 40 hr week. Imagine if it just gets used for half a day bloke won't be too happy!
  4. Have you had any joy pushing your sale on? I bet the tenant not allowed to trade at the minute?
  5. Is that twelve pounds and fifty pence?
  6. My god. Bet karcher sales are crap round your end
  7. My god what's an average pressure here then? Surely if flow rate is over 20l per m you're unlikely to need anything else unless you have a large family?
  8. @PeterStarck I think you've got it wrong there. He has to buy a quarter of weed, bit of baggy, nip down the shop for sone rizzla then hot box the OPs whole house. Then he's got to stumble round while high as a kite pointing out any leaks. 85 seems cheap for that.
  9. I'd say 2.2 is average in the places I've been in but may be low compared to other parts of the country.
  10. Mine is less, but on the outside tap off 15mm pipework near 32mm supply I get around 20l per min so happy with that.
  11. You don't have to polythene over pir with that stuff to stop lifting?