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  1. Sorry I thought you meant nearby floor not literally your roof leaking. Insurers will always wiggle out. Hate them.
  2. What was the claim? Why do zinc roofs add on
  3. You can do some rough calcs if you look up the lintel loading spec. Who's doing the job? Have you asked them?
  4. Has any long term studies been done with Aircrete foundation blocks below ground? My place is on them. Manufacturers used to say they handle freeze thaw better due to air but is that just a gimmick? I suppose once earth is compacted either side of wall where can it go
  5. Where i am supplies to newbuild in 25mm are only guaranteed for 10 or 12l/m or something like that. 28, you don't know your born.
  6. I hate big manufacturers when they do that. Quickstep tried to do it to me last year but I just kept threatening the supplier with legal action. The law is so focused on the consumer that the supplier eventually buckled and paid my whole claim just by threatening action. It included cost for removal, disposal, replacement, new skirting and redecorating. Have you tried going through supplier rather than manufacturer? Not fit for purpose? What about legal cover on house insurance.
  7. Respect to all you hubbers who have no fear playing around with electricy magic boxes. Changing a fuse is my limit.
  8. I would say around 140 structural plus board and finish. Thinks it's the sizes second from the bottom you need to refer to. The waste pipes from these are not 110mm till they go below the floor.
  9. Are you trying to form the whole arch rather than lay the soldiers on the arch over timber former then fill in the bottom?
  10. The guy I use is pretty hot at leadwork but you don't get much on a standard roof. Any of his big lead jobs are just an All in price.