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  1. Oz07

    Finishing the Shell

    Is smart ply the airtight variety? Are joints glued or t&g or all taped?
  2. Oz07

    Finishing the Shell

    Looks smart
  3. Oz07

    Water Regulations

    @JSHarris Isn't there a rule that you also had to abide by for your bidet style spray head?
  4. 75 is fine as you're on top of a suspended floor
  5. Doesn't load up for me. You want people to put positive comments on the application? From hundreds of miles away?
  6. Oz07

    How to get Howdens prices

    @ProDave joiner not a profession wash you mouth out! Been dealing with howdens for 10 years. Think they've lost their way recently. New concept branches and flashy displays all pushing up prices. Just took delivery of a diy kitchen impressed with quality. Also howdens will offer to match them on price but I told them to do one. 50% higher for a start they should be 50% lower being trade only!
  7. You would never cut it out neat
  8. Have you been told 75mm conc ok? Thought 80 was min for structural floor or are you on top of b&b? I've shuttered out before but not with a concfibished floor. I'd try to set a box up level with top ffl so they can polish over then set tray and thinner slab in afterwards if want flush. May need rods?
  9. Oz07

    Aldi paint sprayer - £40 well spent

    Come do my next house @temp
  10. Oz07

    Aldi paint sprayer - £40 well spent

    Well did the bungalow throughout. It is so much quicker than traditional way. Didn't have to mask down either as windows still yet to be changed. I think I should have diluted a bit more as while the cup to test viscosity was provided it just said 100 DIN/sec. Whats that mean? However I can probably go round with the pole sander over everything. It will have still saved me time even after that. I set plank runs up in rooms to do ceilings and high level walls. All in all an OK piece of kit for the money, saved me some time BUT would likely pay a professional in future if the money was right (£250 for standard ish sized house I hear, mist coat all around plus extra coat on ceilings)
  11. Oz07

    Staring over the precipice

    Old Severn Trent site by any chance?
  12. Just tiling above bath, shower and basin in current place. I want a matt white tile with a rectified edge and grey grout. the 600x300 tiles are pretty easy to find however I'm struggling to find a 400 x 250 matt white tile with rectified edge. Anyone know of any suppliers? I've gone for a 1200 x 800 shower tray and my thinking is 600 works fine on the 1200 side, but on the 800 side 2 400 cuts probably look best aesthetically, however then tile will almost be square. 400 x 250 probably work better? Likewise with bath its 1700 x 750, what cuts would look ok on the 750 side? Twisting my melon
  13. Oz07

    New build quality

    Yeh sorry that makes sense
  14. Oz07

    Power float concrete floor

    Obviously went home to bed inbetween got better things to do than stare at conny