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  1. Council tax

    I genuinely don't think my local authority communicate between BCO and council tax. I've got away with quite a few months
  2. Grabbed a customer by the throat a couple of months ago after being messed about for some money. Best thing I ever did. Got the balance and like to think I made it easier for every following trade that bloke ever uses! Sometimes diplomacy can only get you so far!
  3. Structural warranty

    You don't need one for a mortgage company to lend on. Pcc with arb architect will do for about 70% of lenders
  4. Silver cloud perhaps. At least if brexit depresses property prices a bit after the event then at least you may have already sold. Plus cutting out finance costs. Just delaying it a bit
  5. Extra insulation

    How can people be sure of above inflation cost rises for fuel. In the medium term there are loads of poorly insulated houses still around which have no chance of being replaced or upgraded to "a" epc rating. Both the big parties have talked about energy price caps so I would bet against over inflation fuel rises. Anything further than 20 years and most self builders could be downsizing!
  6. Block and Beam Quote

    Tree officer shouldn't be dictating construction method. Are trees even tpo? Tree officer.. the world's gone mad what happened to austerity. Give them the bullet
  7. What made you concrete under b&b?
  8. Fingers crossed!

    You can disagree and go to the appeal inspector who may be more likely to grant. But if discussions are going the right way no point upsetting the Apple cart as by no means a certainty that inspector will approve.
  9. Fingers crossed!

    Depending how stretched your council is be prepared to agree a time extension!
  10. Last minute changes

    Also bit of high level glazing in partition between bed and ensuite possibly easy way of getting light into the room
  11. Last minute changes

    Pair of pocket sliders on new dressing area? Gives you option of closed or open without interfering with cupboards or walkways. To be fair would want to be nice doors thought. Wrong doors could make this idea look nasty
  12. You sure that meterage is right? 70 boards?
  13. Big firms here £3.5 m2 but you'll get a team go and crash it in one day for that and will look crap. Best to get a recommended 1 man band who takes pride in his work and price or day work. No point getting a skim and it looking worse than tape and fill
  14. Door Sets - What about linings?

    They can plaster to a free edge though. It didn't look bad on the job I was on. All depends on what your spread wants. Got to keep the guy doing the work happy
  15. Door Sets - What about linings?

    Over thinking. I normally put them in but did a job before Xmas where fitted lining and door same time. Better in some ways as skim dry so no moisture in lining.