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  1. Well its stoned up and gone now was only ecposed from 4pm till 8am. I quickly snapped a pic this morning
  2. Case in point. On today's job. All 3 within a nats bollock
  3. Hope i'm not breaking any rules but this is that guy I talked about earlier. I've never used him but talking to him you can tell he's dead passionate and has an eye for detail. As for the standard of work I think the photos speak for themselves https://www.instagram.com/zamonpark/?hl=en
  4. what's the saying about if you want a job doing.... People who are good and I have a decent relationship with I generally don't even talk money till the job is done and ask what I owe them. It is rare to find people you can leave to something who match or exceed your expectations. Theres a bloke round here who does bespoke joinery and he's so passionate about it his work is mint. I'm a joiner and I wouldn't even attempt the stuff he does. That being said I'd probably have to ask him what's its gonna cost beforehand some of the stuff is eye watering
  5. Its all well and good saying 750mm which we do but have you ever seen the depths that the water boys actually put it in at. Multiple times i've seen them within 400mm of the surface they're lazy when it comes to obstacles and connections
  6. My god me and this bloke are kindred spirits
  7. Those 2 doubles either side of the hip wont be light either, they will already be fixed together
  8. Also when are they being delivered? a good drink in the drivers pocket could get the heavier ones up on the scaff
  9. Ring round your hire shops and see what the longest youngman you can rustle up is then if you can get the trusses up placing them will be easy. Looks at be around 5600 overall on your placn so 5400 young man should span plates.
  10. @epsilonGreedy I've handballed them up loads before but when they're attic trusses and top heavy sometimes its more aggro than its worth. If you paying your guy/s on a day rate then sometimes its penny wise pound foolish. Do you have a photo or plan of the top floor layout? Do you have anywhere you could shoot a young man over the plates with a middle wall or tower scaff?
  11. Yes I am waiting between 1-2 months for a new fridge with no firm date. Its a good deal though so patience needed
  12. think 50mm is to do with hanging weight ie tiles. 25x38 should be okay for slate but double check
  13. 25mm lath for 600 centres. 19mm lath for 400 centres. Perhaps he's been on jobs with wrong thickness lath
  14. I can swing and hardware 4 oak in a day tbf but don't think i'd be running round like an idiot throwing egg box doors in for 35 a shot man has to have some pride!
  15. Who the hell is swinging and fitting ironmongery for 35 quid a door these days. That is some slave labour price fair play.