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  1. I'd be more interested in what the frame is built from and the longevity of this if it was a forever home. Do the high quality window suppliers just use the same size rebate with deeper beading for 2g as opposed to 3g? My nans been in her place over 30 years now. Got the rosewood upvc they put in when renovated before moving in. Changed a few units but the frames still serviceable now. How long are the "good quality" 2g Windows expected to last above the standard upvc product? Got the standard upvc in mine and got a good air test result. I think when it comes to Windows be careful not to overspend and don't believe all the hype.
  2. Same here went with small champher blocks. Not tumbled either I'm not paying extra for my blocks to be chipped up.
  3. My friends are hindhead I know it's pretty pricey round there
  4. 10k per m2 crazy. Whereabouts is this @joth
  5. Lintels over an 8inch (I used 6) pipe built into the wall. Fill gaps in with compo and crap.
  6. Why not introduce 3 course of coursing brick above joists and brick it back in 300mm from bottom of joist, ie around top of chipboard level.
  7. Why wouldn't it. I used some of that board it's nice to cut. You must be a sucker for punishment curved wall on a shower!
  8. I think with regards to access a driveway can serve upto 5 dwelling before the spec needs upping. Check it out I know my last place had this as mine was the 5th
  9. Is it already used for access?! Difficult to argue against if so
  10. I prefer this way. Get double the amount of 75mm
  11. I used 200mm eps under my slab was equivalent to 150mm pir from memory but significantly cheaper
  12. I was always led to believe ground bearing slab more efficient than block and beam because the temperature below it is higher. I think warranty companies prefer block and beam but they are dearer and not as simple.