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  1. 160 won't get you a self employed and insured plumber for the day round here if be budgeting 250+ with the bits
  2. What are you running through the hole a public sewer?!
  3. No 250 a day on day work, basically anything bitty, overhand or where scaffold can't be loaded properly and it's hand to mouth. Where the lines can go up on a 50 long brick elevation it's pricework. In other words they are having their cake and eating it too
  4. Yes labour only @MortarThePoint measured through openings. It's crazy they're coming our with over a grand a week with a bucket of tools and a few levels...
  5. My old man in Manchester @nod 250 on day work and 650 thou on brickwork. Was on for bardsleys before Xmas they went bust walked into another start pretty much straight away.
  6. Oz07


    Any good weigh ins on the scrap? Price gone south hasn't it
  7. Your assuming he's using a small section truss. Yeh deeper fascia than rafter legs cut plumb. Sprags fixed flush with bottom of fascia back ontop of brickwork. Don't forget though with concrete tiles your fascia wants to be between 25-50 proud at top rather, around 100 mm plumb cut on rather then a 50mm overhangs below with 2" sprags
  8. Why does the overhang and pitch dictate the fascia depth?! I've got a 200mm soffit and 225mm fascia on mine with a 35 deg pitch.
  9. Probably better your way but depends of door is hinged of fixed glass panel. If it is hinged off it then probably best directly on tray as more friction.
  10. I did use some illbruck adhesive foam but it was too good. I think if anyone ever has to remove skirtings they will be taking plaster off. Just look for any bog standard stuff
  11. I roller another undercoat on the face on my own jobs. Some people here were saying they paint the bottom edge to stop it blowing but I cba with that. I use a 2nd fix pin gun and pink or grip fill but have just switched to foam instead. I think the foam is a better fixing and it's cheaper. On the arcs I use mitre bond, build them all up in one room. Then flip them over, bead of pva where they hit the frame then dobs of grippo every 12" or so. I wouldn't use ovals if I were you they will be too rough knocking in by hand.