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  1. Oz07

    What do home buyers want?

    Obviously bath and separate shower is what I meant
  2. Oz07

    What do home buyers want?

    Bath if family. Ensuites also very popular now. With that floor area you'd want a 4 piece bathroom and ensuite if 3 bed?
  3. Oz07

    Electricity burial

    Apparently these can keep working well for decades you see them coming out into ditches in fields. I dug thru one in a foundation once. In hindsight would of been good practice to just wedge some 4" pipe between the 2 sides of the trench where land drain was. Would have been better than leaving
  4. Oz07

    Electricity burial

    You going to reconnect land drain? Was it the old kind with pieces of pipes just butted together?
  5. Oz07

    Build Line

    Hmm not quite tandem or backland because of the access but food for thought thanks. Been sketching up some ideas
  6. used rwa myself before. Ideally you want something that doesn't fit tightly into the space. So if 4" void get 3" or 2" insulation. Suppose it is whatever local suppliers stock
  7. Oz07

    Build Line

    Is there the same resistance from planners to a proposed new dwelling behind the building line as opposed to in front of it? I realise there are other issues to contend with but just wondering what the rule with this is
  8. Why would you build the studs then floor around. You don't seriously expect any builder let alone a volume builder to build with future alterations in mind as strongly as that. Some foresight is acceptable i.e. I accept trimmed out floor openings for potential lift access then joisted and decked is ok. Some LA's ask for this now. But flooring around stud walls on the basis that some punter who's the third owner of the house 20 years later might need to move a room which still means ripping up flooring anyway and altering plumbing and elec?! Crazy. Suspended ceiling tiles on gf next!
  9. Oz07

    Internal doors bottom gap

    I always like quarter of an inch above ffl be that carpet or tiles but sounds like you will have more like 15 after underlay and lam. As said a threshold could bring that down to 7/8mm. If still unhappy are your linings screwed and not decorated yet? Multitool bottom of linings and drop them 10mm
  10. Oz07

    Sunamp installation

    You mean bend as in elbow? So a "slow" bent piece of pipe restricts less?
  11. Don't know why not. A decent labourer could tank 3 or 4 showers a day easy
  12. Oz07

    MOE Room in roof design

    Hold on though this is a new build which is 2 storey. Surely the fact that it is 'room in roof' / attic truss design doesn't negate the need for an MOE on first floor.
  13. On a job at the minute where it is arric trusses and room in roof. There is no MOE on first floor. There are roof windows however these are too high in the roof plane and also too small opening. The bc drawings showed larger windows lower down. Obviously would have complied with moe. The bco is just making the builder put fire doors and frames in. Is this not a bit naughty as a workaround? Alright having a 30min fire door but if fire ain't out after 30mins you're cooked
  14. Oz07

    How to stretch 6 m to 15m

    Beam manufacturers don't like them being lifted from centre. If you crack them in the middle do they still perform as intended with the rebar in? Probably but would need a boffin to confirm!