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  1. So if planning was submitted and approved before occupation, then plot was sold off after homeowner had moved it you reckon Hmrc would not be of the opinion that property was "developed" (by uplift in planning value) while not ppr. Just playing devils advocate
  2. So if someone applies for planning for additional dwelling/dwellings in garden of their ppr what would be following scenarios Application submitted and approved, land then sold before occupation application submitted and approved before occupation. Land sold after occupation. Application submitted before occupation. Approval granted and plot/plots sold after occupation
  3. Oz07

    Box profile roofing thread

    Reviving this thread. Anyone have the kahunas to risk a box profile on a garage with 3" of fall over 3m?! Obviously against manufacturers recommendations but I've come across fibre cement roofing at similarly low pitches which hadn't leaked.
  4. What's the issue here then that the gain was made when not his ppr in Hmrc view?
  5. Oz07

    Buying a house

    I doubt it because most mixes are factory produced. I had a look into it last night interesting topic. It seems to be manufactured mortars aren't meeting designed standards. Some suppliers replacing cement with ash (power station stuff) at a much higher rate than reccomended. I think everyone will be safe buying off builders who mix their own!
  6. Oz07

    Buying a house

    Or is it reaction to additives in readymix?
  7. Oz07

    Buying a house

    Wonder why this is so widespread. Perhaps it is the cement as said. I can get Quinn cement from a local merchants cheaper than anywhere else but don't touch it. May have used on the odd fence post but nothing critical. Can't remember seeing a BS mark on the bag. Sure it complies and I'm sure companies don't set up cement plants producing sub standard product but I'd rather stick with a better known brand. What a consumer I am!
  8. I guess most modern roofing felts are vapour permeable? If marketed as breathable that is? Don't like the idea of a dpm/vcl over top of joists. Seems overkill and makes life more difficult. Is a u value of .25 really likely to pose a condensation risk with a mineral wool type insulation?
  9. As per title I know i've seen this covered on here before. Whats the best way to detail the mineral wool between suspended timber floor joists. Looking to improve u value to .25. Can roofing felt be used, stapled between joists to form a sort of cradle flush with bottom of joists then insert mineral wool then re deck floor? This way bottom of joists still receiving ventilation.
  10. Oz07

    Caulk to me, baby

    Dunlop was recommended on the job im on. Has still cracked although only has wall paint on atm. Perhaps the oil based will fill these cracks and stay good?!
  11. I've always found mortgaged buyers easier than cash. Especially FTB they are the best. The problem with cash cash buyers is what they spend on the sundries involved in the purchase is a small portion of their money so they never feel locked in. Meanwhile a thousand pounds could be a big chunk to a 10% depo buyer. As well as that the mortgage process seems to keep the conceyancing wheels well greased.
  12. Looks great. Not sure about front door though!
  13. Oz07

    Building notice renovation

    Is there no national outline of what is notifiable work and what isn't?
  14. Oz07

    Air test

    Traditional construction with no special attention to detail i.e. Barriers or tape I reckon you will be hitting 3-5. Below 3 you're supposed to have forced ventilation? Keep in mind the passive lot here will have far better scores!
  15. How do you know which works are notifiable with regards to building regs and keeping everything above board? Looking at a renovation where some works seem obvious to need sign off, others less so. Ie lifting timber suspended floors, insulating below knocking out solid, but non load bearing walls. Opening up load bearing walls with new lintels. Rewire etc I am thinking at the start of the project you just submit a building notice then just show them everything you're doing presumably can't go wrong then? Be keen to hear what others have done. @Onoff @Ferdinand