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  1. Is there not guidance on poison manufacturers which makes clear? Can't you borrow Jeremy's super trap lol. Seriously though does anyone here worry about rodent damage to airtightness membranes? For such a critical part of the build it is susceptible to damage from them
  2. Im tight myself but being new to this system I just went with a one stop shop and accepted that I probably overpaid a little. I'm happy to start shopping around once I grasp a subject but just wanted this to be all supplied by one firm. My 2 pence!
  3. My manifolds needed irons 25mm to 22mm compression for heating 3/4 to 22mm compression for water. You just have to go with whatever is on what you're connecting to
  4. A mole for a sewer connection never heard that. Water supply yes
  5. After so many loads they are supposed to now. I think you could circumvent by using a different company this time.
  6. You want some 6f2 or something around the outside of that beam will be a bit nicer under foot. Did you have to take any drains inside or can you dig in after? Did the beam being on too of ground push up your ffl or did you dig off first?
  7. Oz07


    Just watch you aren't trapping water if beaded both sides. Sure he knows what he's doing
  8. first two about the going rate depending where you are
  9. Oz07


    Very nice whats going in the bottom?
  10. So rather than chase the matter of re routing would your efforts not be best spent just serving them notice? If they then have 12 months then so be it but the line will defy be gone or will secretary of state intervene? Your kind of starting on a back foot with the negotiating by saying your happy for it to stay but you want it underground. The (excuse the pun) middle ground for them is you can either pay for it or help to do it (trench). Surely if you change your argument to "heres your notice get the cable off my land" then they will have more incentive for you to offer you what you actually want (underground cable)? I appreciate I have no knowledge of how these matters actually work i'm just looking at it from a negociating point of view.
  11. I had a standpipe put in for a future planned property. They weren't interested in changing anything after I completed the house. Perhaps as they knew the standpipe was going to be used for house within the near future they didn't bother restricting flow
  12. You don't have any rights to just stop them using it then after serving notice?
  13. Think it depends on the security part of building regs. Think all ground floor Windows have to be laminated etc etc. I'm not sure when it applies and when it doesn't. Just tell your door man to fit the standard one at your risk
  14. Cheers Nick thanks again. Will have towel rad without trvs so will act as bypass. Plumber seems to think we will be able to push the air round like you say. Got pipes connected up to manifold today think I will swap the clips for screw on ones. Get the pipes off the board then bin the airfelt.