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  1. Not sure but when I have a 30 min shower the last thing on my mind is energy or emissions. I could be brown bread tomorrow. I think a certain amount is good as you end up with a comfortable home. Likewise next time I build and whack aircon in I won't be bullied into feeling guilty by moody teenage girls
  2. This forum will always be biased to low energy usage. There are a lot here that have invested considerable time and effort to make their houses as efficient as possible. Nothing wrong with that but whether it makes pure financial sense when it's so cheap to heat houses I'm not so sure. I can't see gas going anywhere any time soon in Leicestershire I would bet the majority of our housing stock is solid wall with terrible efficiency.
  3. Oz07

    Help finding joiner!

    Labour prices gone up 3% on site I'm on atm. House prices up 13% y.o.y haha
  4. I know this is nothing to do with the sunamp but the more I hear about these the less appealing they seem. Never seem to hear any good news about them
  5. I had 1.19 and I thought it converted to around .6ach but I could be wrong. I think I googled some conversion? Your blower door man should of known it was a good figure he would of had to close up all the holes in his door bar one. The guy I used was about creaming his pants but he was used to doing bog standard newbuilds
  6. 7n only usually used on 3 storey. SE knows best but you can ask the question
  7. I thought building regs stipulated minimum 30mm overhang into cavity? If I understand you right and inside of your Windows flush with back of brickwork you need to push them in further.
  8. Never done it but ringshanks sound best to me. Quicker and will close the gap. Sometimes screws don't pull both pieces tight if wrong screw or technique
  9. I think they put antifreeze in them don't they?
  10. Any you're diving straight back in. Fair play!
  11. I just go for whatever recognised brand is doing the longest warranty. If you can get 10 year warranty I think you can then start to whittle down on price who cares about parts availability.
  12. Last year city plumb were doing brilliant deals on glow worm, mag filter, flue and 10yr warranty. The independents couldn't touch them. Sure they are a re badged valliant anyway now? Plus buying British!
  13. If it's just for the roof crane would be better bet as above.
  14. I like to cut the doorway out after on my own stuff, not full board over though I don't mind having a joint on a nog in centre. All the newbuild sites seem to join in line with the frame urgh gash.
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