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  1. My door sits around 10mm higher than slab and around 20mm of slab is exposed. In driven rain the first couple of hundred mm gets damp but generally stays dry because door is fitted behind 9" brickwork
  2. expansion of slab. Your edging blocks will be haunched with concrete below gravel level. Mine is flush with edging blocks at top, probably 30mm higher than the block paving outside, then this ramp goes down over a meter or so to probably 150mm below ffl
  3. If you ever fit rubber threshold under door it would span this also
  4. Thats what I did with foam strip in between for expansion
  5. Sorry missed that thread last week
  6. Oz07

    Rafter to ridge detail

    Wouldn't a wider steel help eliminate the problem?
  7. Could someone please quantify in laymans terms the real world difference of a wall u value between .18 and .2 for me? Single storey dwelling with around 90m2 of walls exc apertures. It's the difference of 25mm on chosen wall make up and I think the gain of 25mm would be better.
  8. Oz07

    How hard is it?

    What i am saying is one run is inbetween two fixed points. Its obviously harder to fit than a kitchen with 2 free edges. Like I say if the dims are tight you may have to rip some units narrower. For a joiner it's probably a 3/10 difficulty if I have to give it a number?!
  9. Oz07

    How hard is it?

    Depends how accurate dims are. Could well be ripping some off back of all l/h units
  10. Oz07

    Cleaning concrete before tiling

    Id leave tiler to prime it. Not your fault if fails then
  11. @joe90 is the airtight osb a specific product? What's the cost? Cheaper than membranes?
  12. wouldn't worry about it @joe90 you've built a nice comfortable house now to enjoy (/garden!). What air tight detail did you do in your loft? Membrane or smart ply?
  13. Dont fancy keeping those around for future DIY then @PeterStarck?
  14. @Vijay surely you are winding him up?!
  15. Talk about the long way around! What about a hole in roof and crane it in!? bought a pair of glass suckers off eBay for a tenner. Used them once then sold them for a tenner to the plumber who fitted the tray with me. There is no way simpler that allows you to manoeuvre tray with trapping fingers