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  1. So @Temp does this mean a company can build to rent while still claiming vat back quarterly during construction? Need a layman's interpretation
  2. Interesting on the vat issue. Why a developer can't build to rent and claim vat back yet investor can buy off developer with zero vat and let out. What's that about
  3. Oz07

    Internal blockwork walls

    They're ok to fix to with the right method. However more expensive than other blocks
  4. Can't see it being denied on this basis. You'd get the equivalent vat back in newspaper fees!
  5. So is there a consensus on good makes of shower tray? Think I've decided to go down this route. I read the tech spec on those mira flight ones. The section through tray made it look a bit weak. Also if you read spec when it comes to solid floor installation they are almost giving themselves a disclaimer
  6. Oz07

    Thinking about buying a digger

    He is meaning wheeled skid steer @ProDave in Australia bobcat is used as a term for all skidsteer wheeled loaders. Like Hoover for vacuum
  7. Oz07

    Woke up in a cold sweat: underboarding too early?

    You could fix head through insulation with long screws. How big is this stud
  8. Oz07

    Automated garage door

    What's the lintel above? I fitted one other week. Like you say 2hr job
  9. Oz07

    New Build Oxfordshire

    Are you confident enough to employ subcontractors and move away from overheads and profit margins of groundwork companies
  10. Yeh I fitted some 2 weeks ago on garage. I thought it was a cheap foil on outside but the bloke explained this was the reason. Never had a problem with gutter expanding so can't see the point.
  11. Oz07

    Plasterboard - What to use where?

    I nog all unsupported edges. Might go 15mm board on next project and not bother next time.
  12. What about those panels @Nickfromwales recommended for me. If they come in 20mm youd just add these all over and shower tray shaped one for shower area
  13. Oz07

    Building the Timber Frame

    Looks good. Bit closer with your photos be nice to see the detail. Did stick build work out cost effective?
  14. 45l ha! That's ok then
  15. Oz07

    Plasterboard - What to use where?

    Would of thought you'd get better price on that quantity @nod? Got to be a few pallets worth there