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  1. As above always get a visit morning of first day digging. If you strip the whole site have the conversation with bco early doors on phone see what he wants. I've left the top layer of soil in that pic as it's not going to be paved or anything. Always easier working if you strip the lot off.
  2. How many extra piles for concrete beams? Bet your price per pile is less when machine already mobilized on site?
  3. Alternatively do as the pros do and I was taught about 20 years ago. Always tap the back plate of the latch with your hammer. This means as the door shuts and the latch extends into the hole it tightens the door into the frame.
  4. Doubt 2.30 is labour and materials. Compo, blocks, labour got to be more than that. @AnonymousBosch does your book clarify? It's ok having a book that tells you what it should cost but it's a sellers market at the minute (labour).
  5. Having previously mortar filled the gap between water mdpe pipe and duct I now understand cement rots mdpe. Originally a water inspector told me to do that but must of been wrong eh. So what's best plan of attack foam and wire will? Any foam? Insulation instead of foam? Thinking for other things like drains. Any wire wool? Or non ferrous?
  6. Oz07


    Bco's like beam and block because it's simple to understand. Everything is bearing on the walls which sit on the foundation. Some are not open minded enough to see the benefits of other methods
  7. Oz07


    @ProDave don't forget you've got a suspended ground floor with void which helps I understood some sycamores to be strong rooted. I built within 7m of a London plane. 1.5m deep. 1m of clayboard never had any problems and was a lovely tree
  8. Really? Still? You're near me aren't you
  9. Actually I do think the apples are good phones I just can't bring myself to pay the premium as I don't get the most outof them. Hoover's I do get the full use
  10. Another dyson cordless lover here. And I hate apple. Got the v8 refurb
  11. Check it out but usually you get 5% vat on over2 year empty properties. No reclaim scheme though so has to be invoiced through contractor. Ok if you have your own firm not so great otherwise. I'd prefer starting from scratch but you'd have to do the sums
  12. The heavier flush or patterned doors are just as expensive as the oak atm. The firm's are all geared up for knocking out the oak cheap as they can
  13. Outside would be 1 brick lower if you are extending dpc across the cavity, creating a fall outwards, with weepholes. Not sure on the specific requirements for this, i've had to do it before as BCO suspected methane could be present (not radon). It's not normally done with the floor DPM anyway if spanning cavity, usually a roll of DPC as you say.