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  1. Oz07


    Always seems prevelant in spring. Usually goes in newbuilds after 2 or 3 years. Worse if fairy has been used as opposed to plasticiser. Also if rainwater has got in as has been said. Chill it's not permanent!
  2. Oz07

    Smug to Mug

    Am I right in that OP gave builder a previous quote to price against and current builder only quoted against this as instructed. Builders are not qs'. He likely didn't employ one to help him quote because he was only asked to quote specifically against what was supplied. If this is the jist of things then I think a wake up call is needed. The contractor is losing all the cream where he was potentially going to make his money because op failed to do due diligence and get a proper spec. 1500 per m2 for a fully managed project isn't expensive. Sorry for the rant, might be wrong with above assumptions, just wanted to give balance. As to way forward like you say, sale of existing asap and rent. Will feel better with recharged warchest
  3. Oz07

    Probate & IHT

    Definitely don't touch it then. Put it to market with as high a valuation as you get. Wait for it to stagnate. You may get one or two really cheeky offers from cash buyers once they see it stagnate. 20-25% or more below asking. Hopefully at this point you're back in the game?
  4. Oz07

    Probate & IHT

    What was the outcome then? it makes it messy if other parties involved as your time becomes more important to factor. Could be a good job to make use of spare time and/or work on in inclement weather or quiet periods in self employed work. You want a decent margin as said above. Contrary to above depending on the property and location bringing it upto a decent standard could make it more saleable. Appreciated people like to put own stamp on and professional landlords usually ok with refurbishing, then again not everyone wants a project.
  5. Oz07

    Downpipe, capacity and spacing.

    High flow will reduce. As has been said use manufacturer websites
  6. Over a hundred quid a month to supply heat and leccy to a passive house? IT - what does that mean your broadband bill?
  7. Oz07

    Fixing to beam

    I haven't seen it but if you send your sizes to a truss company they should be able to quote you
  8. Oz07

    Fixing to beam

    Correct if you have ceiling joists. The question them becomes though why do you even need a steel. Timber ridge board 25mm thick.
  9. Oz07

    Fixing to beam

    A ridge beam won't add any height if you keep ridge at same level. Then you could cut rafters over top of beam then either drop some collar ties below this or expose if you choose an engineered timber product might look nice. Raised tie trusses might not solve the problem if you want big vaulted ceiling area nevermind price. Think ceiling tie can only be 1/3up from bearing wall plate level and still stop wall spread
  10. Oz07

    Fixing to beam

    You'd need a hanger of some kind if going onto side of ridge beam. Weight has to be supported from underside rafts without ceiling joists as ties
  11. So apart from waste water which could be dealt with alternatively what is the big problem here. All my surface water gets sent into the combined sewer because of clay ground. Previously it was allowed to drain into the ground. Which is the worse option and why is this a part of the planning process- as opposed to building control
  12. Oz07

    what comes 1st?

    If accurate timber frame I'd board and skim beforehand. Especially between 2 walls and straight flight.
  13. Oz07

    what comes 1st?

    Can never seem to stop this cracking with drylining. I find moulding makes it worse by putting cracking into 2 edges. I think next time if drylining I would screw 12mm ply to wall but wider than string and along same line. Then screw string to this but packed off with 12mm offcuts and more if nessecary. Then drop board behind string when drylining and screw through above the string into ply\osb. I think the inevitable crack would be much smaller this way as timber will shrink across 9" much more than it would over 32mm
  14. By building the house they're not increasing the rainfall. If the ground was impermeable before then surely building the house would not make things any worse. It may in fact make things better by being able to direct runoff or engineer the ground to have a storage capacity? Tell your mate to stop being a nosy nimby.
  15. Oz07

    Shortage of LPG

    You would think these contracts would have a break clause if the supplier cannot fulfil their end. Was that discussed?