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  1. Just using sone bdec barn paint this morning. 're coating some stuff that's 12months old but 9nly because it has got filthy and knocked. Garage side door. Also doing an old cast iron stench pipe. The coverage rate is pretty good
  2. Nothing to worry about. Best stage to leave it tbf
  3. As long as the heating system can be swapped to ashp in future it's a no brainer isn't it?
  4. Why 3 separate coax @ProDave? I did coax and 1 cat6 in current place but don't know if cat 6 will ever get used. Check out @pocster devils corner thread
  5. What will be your hot water source? My layman's experience is a good chunk of the delay on hot water is waiting for a combi to fire up. If you're on a tank this is cut down
  6. I know what you're saying but how else do you keep everything on bends? That one basin could go into back of w/c drain connector, your w/c could also potentially boss into that Stacy removing 2 connections
  7. Basins could go off 90deg branch into upper third of drain if easier.
  8. If you bring it up on a rest bend with a y branch horizontally. You can put the farthest one on a 45 bend at bottom of rest bend and keep the drain in a straight line then
  9. I've had pipe that is half the weight of other pipe and sent it back so be careful. Think you're ok with any main manufacturer but be careful of independents selling super cheap gear compare it to decent stuff
  10. Oz07

    Powerfloat Finish

    Finished pics today @LA3222
  11. Oz07

    Powerfloat Finish

    At least you got it done congrats
  12. Exposed surfaces does this mean wires below a plasterboard ceiling as you often see in communal areas of flats from retrofit wiring bits and pieces etc?
  13. I wouldn't imagine this applies in domestic ceiling void environments. Check with an up to date sparky by all means but it wouldn't be keeping me awake at night.
  14. Mines still coming did ask me if I want to cancel as around 50% of her other clients have. I'm happy for her to come as long as she is.