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  1. Looking for a DeWalt Nail gun and found the cheapest supplier is Powertoolmate, some of the kits are around £50-£60 lower price than other suppliers so wondering why Any recommendations as to best place to buy DeWalt tools please
  2. Thanks for the advise, ours will be Horizontal cladding, what size nails did you use. Also what size battening did you use, timber frame company has put 50mm x 50mm wood around the window and door openings as they said this is the fire barrier and has to be 50mm to meet building regs, is this correct as I have one small windows along one 14 metre run and no windows along the other side 14 metre run and was looking at using 25mm deep battening ? While I'm on about cladding, as it will be 3 boards per run, should I align the joints and maybe place strips of trim along the vertical to cover the joins or stagger the joins, what is the chance that the joins will not show either immediately or over time as the cladding moves over time.
  3. Not a Forgery, but what have people done when they got a part refund for returning items, how did you show that !!!
  4. Have around 1000 linear metres of T&G wood cladding to fix to external of the building so have been looking at nail guns. It seems that the best way to fix is to go into the tongue at an angle, where the problem starts is that some say first fix and others say second fix gun, both advise not to use one or the other type. Then I saw an article advising not to go through the tongue and to nail through the face. The wood will be painted so if nailed through the face of the cladding, would each nail hole need to be filled prior to painting. So is it a first or second fix gun, hopefully not by hand as I can imagine 1000 linear metres is a big task with a hammer.
  5. Hi All, All the invoices I have received from Jewsons has the word COPY printed diagonally 6 times across each page of the invoice. Has anyone else had Copy printed on invoices and have been paid or queried when claiming the VAT back.
  6. Hi All, Hopefully under the correct category, looking for views as to if breaks should be paid for if plumber is working on an hourly rate. He is charging £22.00 an hour and has charged for 8 hours a day so is charging £176.00 per day. He starts at 08:00 and has a 30 minute break around 10:30, lunch is an hour between 13:00 -14:00 and finish time varies between 15:45 and 16:00 So how many hours should I be paying him for. So what do you think
  7. I've had two quotes so far for 6 metres across private road, dig approx 1 metre deep. £6k and £7k, how can they demand such amount. It seems an activity to almost print money. I thought it would be a £3k job with plenty of profit to go around.
  8. Hi, I have a steel ring beam 203mm x 203mm x 46kg, I need to drill through the steel which is 11mm thick. The holes need to be 20 mm in diameter The problem is that it is very awkward to get to where the holes need to be drilled and a Mag Drill will not get it the correct position for the holes Has anyone used a standard or heavy duty drill to achieve something similar, if so what drill did you use and what drill bits were used. Thanks in advance Colin
  9. Thanks to everyone who has commented. I have discovered that the builders have numerous roof rafters left over, bit worried that they have not put all required in the roof !! So I might try and build my own stairs, the video above method looks very robust. I also have some 22mm chipboard flooring left, would this be strong enough for the treads if they were around 850mm wide.
  10. Hi All, Looking for temporary set of stairs, seen some on ebay but all need collecting and they are too long as a single staircase. Wondering if I cut them in half and then join them either with long strips of wood or metal plates. Is it a silly idea or has anyone else taken this approach.
  11. Just had quote for Electric from UK power Networks £1425, they supply 13 metres of 32mm ducting and single phase cable, we dig the hole and lay the ducting (cable was £13 per metre). Gas, £492, this is a subsidised price, not sure why this is but trying to get this completed ASAP before subsidy is removed as this is obviously not a GREEN approach. 3 metres dig by Cadent, 8 metres by us and supply of 11 metres of 32mm pipe . Still waiting for Water and sewage costs.
  12. We had a few quotes and ignoring the silly ones, one was £16000, for 21 piles at 11metres was £9500 for 6 metres it would have been £7600 so the prices you got look really good. We then had 203mm x 203mm x 46kg 75 metres galvanised steels £8300, labour, fixings, machinery hire, delivery etc was £3300, probably not cheapest but very local so they were very flexible. Beam and block was the best deal, 72 metres of Beam and Block, fully fitted, took 3 people 3 hours, faster than Usain Bolt, £1600 material, £900 labour, provided by FloorSpan, brilliant company.
  13. Has anyone tried to bend plastic pipe with tight 90 degree angles with successful results, what is the tightest achieved and best way of achieving it and tools / method used
  14. Looking at 160 - 170mm of insulation to put on top of Beam and Block and then finishing with 55 - 65mm of Screed, no underfloor heating. The SAP has quoted 0.022 W/m2K Looking for best value for money manufacturer / Supplier I see there are Foil or non Foil coverings, what is the rule / benefits of each What is the view of using seconds, does Building control usually visit between laying the insulation and having the Screed laid as looking at they state that insulation thickness can vary by 10mm. Also, are seconds acceptable on new builds, will there be any problems meeting building regs.
  15. This is the problem, BC are not accepting fireproof board, currently looking at Multipro-XS. As from the replies here, there does seem to be various understanding of what the building regulations actually require and is the interpretation of the building regs by the BCO being applied correctly? One dominant question is: Can PIR board be used close to a boundary? Is there any make-up of a timber frame with PIR that would meet building regs without using a brick outer skin.