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  1. Moonshine


    That is a big ASHP and price tag, is it a big house? I have just had a quote back for 9kw R32 Monobloc (£2.1k) and 250 litre pre plumbed cylinder and 50 litre buffer for £4.5k supplied, and £1.5k for the under floor heating parts, at trade prices (No RHI scheme required or MCS20) Beats the £12k quote i got from another supplier just for supply. Now i need to find someone to install it! (any ideas how to track someone down?)
  2. Is a concrete oversite needed under block and beam floor? i see some designs specify a concrete oversite, and other that the vegetation needs to be striped and weed killer down. my build proposes the latter, what is typical?
  3. RML ( in with an order for my roof and floor joists
  4. Go direct to i was quoted in October last year Armadillo ARMATHERMTM 500-160 Thermal Breaks 2000mm x 100mm x 50mm Blanks TB1 £20 per unit Armadillo ARMATHERMTM 500-250 Thermal Breaks 2000mm x 100mm x 50mm Blanks TB2 £20 per unit
  5. Have you also looked at armtherm?
  6. I feel he is correct that heat pumps aren't suited to existing housing stock due to poor insulation and the grant scheme is inflating prices. I don't know how common it is to fit a heap pump to a existing house but in those cases I think he is right. He mentionedthat for them to work that house needs to well insulated and draft proof which even all new houses aren't. I don't agree that gas prices are going to be raised to discourage boilers, and can't image there would be enough to warrant mis-sold claims
  7. I wonder if these would work, with the hole for the.plug slightly above the mortar line, ummm. Not the intended use, and not sure about galvanised steel rather than stainless, though it's not on a external wall and should not be getting wet.
  8. Thanks, those screwfix ones are too long and not stainless steel. I have just looked on line at my local MKM and it doesn't look like they stock them. Worth a call in the morning though.
  9. The waterproofers have been today and left a load of plugs for the brickies (when they know the block levels) to drill through the waterproof layer and fit a plug, as below. However they haven't left the screw ties that go into them (which i thought that they would do) Where the heck can i get a suitable wall screw tie for a 120mm cavity at short notice, anyone help? this seems like a suitable product (though expensive) but i doubt that they are stocked at a LBM
  10. Seems so, one trick to fill the top of the brick at the end, is to use a trowel that has level mortar on it, slide it into the gap, then use a second trowel to cover the hole and slowly slide out the first trowel
  11. I have been amazed how little wastage my brickies have created so far.
  12. What is the going rate for 22mm Caberdek Decking with protective non-slip film? The best i can find at the moment is £12.10 +VAT per Board (2.4 x 0.6m), anything better out there or similar product?
  13. i got one of these for £20 on facebook recently, there are bargains out there, but you have to be very quick
  14. Moonshine

    Concrete slab

    fair enough, due to the limited size of my slab and partial fills of my retaining walls its more cost effective for me to pay the £80 extra for the conveyor per loads than the pump cost.
  15. Rather annoyingly a steel i have ordered has come sand blasted rather than painted. Before i put it in my build i presume i just need to prime with red oxide?