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  1. Refurbished PCB installed and boiler now working as expected. Good to have a warm house again!!!
  2. Cheers for those, I will probably source the refurb PCB (visually and codes it looks the same) and get a gas Safe engineer I know to fit it.
  3. Oh FFS! I have put it all back together, cover on and turned on at the isolator. And low and behold the thing fires up no questions asked. Looking like a temporary fix but seems the PCB is on the way out.
  4. Thanks for that manual, and it has a useful fault finding page. Opening up the casing with all turned off, then turning off indicates that neon 1 and 2 are lit. Testing as per the fault finding finds no 240v between n/c on air pressure switch and N. Which means it needs a new PCB according to the fault guide. Oh well...
  6. so with a bit of testing this weekend it looks as though it is an issue with the interaction with the hot water and CH. When the CH is on in isolation (and the hot water hasn't been on), then the CH works as it should, switching on and off, keeping the radiators nice and hot. however when the hot water is on, and has got hot enough, its like the boiler doesn't recognise a need to keep the central heating water hot, it just mindlessly pumps water round the CH system getting colder and colder. So when all is off and starting from cold and both the CH and HW are turned on, the boiler gets the radiators warm, and when that is up to temp, it switches to heating the water in the tank. When the tanks up to temperature it should switch back to the CH, and keep that temp topped up. However it seems that it switches back to the CH, but the boiler doesn't fire. Its like that as long as there is hot water in the tank it doesn't need to fire back up. This seems more like an issue with the diverter valve and switching, what would be the diagnostic fault test on this element?
  7. i wasn't aware of this. i can't help with your situation, but thanks for highlighting it.
  8. Thanks I will take a look and see if there are similarities
  9. Cheers, it's an older glow worm Ultimate 40FF. No display at all and no fault codes. Any way of diagnosis which one it may be? Interesting I have the CH on now (without the hot water on), and has been on a while. The radiators are hot and the boiler is lighting and turning off in approximately 2 min intervals, then restarting again fine, until it turns off after a couple of minutes. The over headlt cut off button doesn't pop out.
  10. Cheers all, I didn't realise it was just a notification of works, I though it was a legal agreement that went along with the title of the house. Yep a SE is certainly going to be involved in the design, and on my list of things to do is to determine the existing foundations construction and depth.
  11. This may not fit the remit of the forum as it's a question about an existing boiler which is exhibiting a fault or sorts, which I am questioningy sanity about. The boiler fires normally on request, it heats hot water and central heating up to a point and then shuts off as a normally should once it's reached temperature. However it seems not to want to turn on again automatically, once the water temperature in the radiators has dropped. The central heating pump is still pumping water around the system but it's just colder water the boiler doesn't seem to recognise needs to be heated. When the boiler is turned off and on again, it then recognises the water needs to be heated and starts heating the central heating again. Can anyone give any indication of what could be wrong with it or am I doing something silly. Cheers
  12. what an outlook, looking very nice!
  13. How is the party wall act applied if the party constructing a building, owns the party wall that is affected, as below; Does the title for the new house have to be created first, and then the party wall agreement assigned to it? I presume it can be applied with the same owner without a conflict of interest. What the process of getting a party wall agreement in place?