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  1. Just use the name and address of someone else in the village?
  2. Decision notice issued at 19:00 and granted, finally.
  3. As an update, i got my building regs signed off this morning, grant of planning permission is due today. Who of thought i would have building regs signed off before planning granted. Ground workers on site in a couple of weeks, though need to get my self build exception in and agreed before then.
  4. Just to build on this, the requirements for ADE for internal partitions (Rw 40 dB) is determined by a lab based measurement, you don't do testing on site for internal partitions. For separating walls and floor between dwellings (attached houses / flats) you have to do on site testing (unless using the Robust Details scheme), to demonstrate compliance of meeting the minimum requirements of ADE (new build Dn,Tw + Ctr >= 45 dB, Ln,Tw <=62 dB), testing requirement frequency is usually 10% of constructions on site.
  5. No its not, those detailed in ADE are just examples of how you can meet the requirement of ADE for Rw 40 dB for internal partitions. You could have a partition floor made solely of cheese and as long as you had a lab test showing it met Rw 40 dB it would meet the requirements. Though meeting the fire regs for a cheese floor would be interesting, and a tasty fondue.
  6. This construction is really a 'deemed to satisfy' construction, and what it satisfies is the requirement of ADE that the internal walls and floor meet min Rw 40 dB. You can meet Rw 40 dB with out the insulation and 18mm board, though with 15mm wall board ceiling.
  7. Thanks, W18 and W19 are both 750mm x 750mm so 0.56m2 each, 1.12m2 in total. They are 2m apart so not acceptable (Diagram 11.5 of Approved document B). W16 is 600 x 600mm so 0.36m2 The floor above W16 is a standard timber floor but will have a minimum fire rating of 30 minutes (, so W16 is o.k. The issue is going to meet the requirements of Diagram 11.5 of Approved document B for the two windows as they don't have the separation required. I think the most straight forward solution is to drop W18 or W19 as these aren't really critical. Edit: spoke to the BCO all sorted.
  8. I am coming to this issue, i have a façade on the boundary to the next door property, the actually building of the property is 1.5m away from the proposed facade, though there are three fixed obscure glazed windows in in the façade right on the boundary (W18, W19, W16), W17 is set further back The BCO has highlighted the this as a potential issue for fire, and should be fitted with fire resistant glass. The window proposed are aluminum 6.8mm Lam / 18mm Argon / 4mm Planitherm One. Any idea if this will the requirements?
  9. what is the sewage from the main house? does it connect to a combined sewer? Our ground conditions don't allow for a soakaway, and luckily there is a combined sewer in the road in front of our house. We wrote to the local water authority who granted us to discharge surface water to the combined sewer.
  10. This, it has to be phased. I have been through this process, and the local authority won't allow a phased development for two houses. Many other places do, and I know of one local authority self build spd that outlines the phased route for self build developments
  11. Thanks, i have sent them an enquiry, i will probably need less than 250.
  12. @joe90 didn't you build a 200mm cavity masonry wall? what ties did you use? The SE spec says embedded a min 50mm into leaves, and its a 200mm cavity. So a 300mm tie would meet the spec and are available at a much more palatable price (£64 for 250)