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  1. So looks like it needs to be external then
  2. I am likely to fit an a ashp, and not need a mains gas supply. However one thing I really want is a gas hob (induction doesn't do it for me). So I am looking to have a gas bottle supply just for the hob. Would the gas bottle be required to be located externally or could it be a integrated garage? If it could go in the garage is there any particular requirements for the pipe and protection?
  3. The architect says he never got a letter (not unheard of), but it was on the website with it being open for comments (the drawings are actually still on a separate part of the website), it was easily searchable on the planning website. Could being on the website be classed as being publicised even though it never went out for consultation?
  4. I have been pretty involved with planning my build so far and have been drafting building control documents of how the building goes together, contacting services, dropped kerb app etc I have come to an agreement with my architect that rather than him drafting them, i will draw out / spec and he will review and comment on build issues or information for BR application, for which he will work on hourly rates. When it comes to the construction of the build I realise this is where I want to play an active role though i nor have the time (work full time) and experience to do large bits of work (e.g. building block walls), and also the budget does not allow for a turn key main contractor. As i see it feel the best way forward is to have these main work stages Groundworks / excavation / retaining walls, up to beam and block floor level. Superstructure / roof / internal walls and floors / stairs Windows / Render Internals (plastering / elec / plumbing / joinery / painting) Kitchen Landscaping For stages 1-3 i would likely have this contracted to three or four different companies to get me a water tight shell. Groundworker General builder (may do groundworks under their contract) Window installers (i would source the windows) Renderer (who i previously used) After having a water tight shell i would look to appoint contractors myself, and where possible do work myself. This does have pitfalls in terms of management and making sure the timings are right. Also i would look to supply big ticket materials, as am looking to shop around for best prices on materials as a builder may not be looking for the best deals and also will put a ~15% markup on for organising. What are peoples thoughts on doing things this way?
  5. If I am not mistaken i can channel rainwater from a roof to a correctly designed soak away, which I intend to do. However my build has retaining walls, what do you do with water from these drains? Do these go to the soak away to? If so how is the water from these incorporated into the soak away design and sizing
  6. So the architect has managed to speak to the planner, it seems that there were some inconsistent levels on the drawings, a mistake from the architect, and the planner wanted some more labels on the site plan marking where the elevations refer to. Seems nit picky to me rather that anything significant, i think it really could have been dealt with during the application process in a drawing revision rather than invalidating the application two days before the determination deadline.
  7. Plan is External walls - rendered 100mm block, 150mm full fill (0.032) batts, 100mm aerated block (0.011), dot/dab plaster board: U-value ~0.17 Roof - warm roof with 150mm PIR insulation (0.022): U-value ~0.13 Majority of floor - block and beam with 150mm PIR insulation (0.022) under screed: U-value ~0.12 Not sure of U value of windows but 1.4 seems to work to get a SAP of 85 among other things I want to make sure that this is insulated enough to use a ASHP with UFH. I see what you mean about the waste water heat recovery, adding one for two showers bumps the SAP up by 1 point.
  8. Any in particular stand out? to me floors and roof seems to be too the weak areas? basement at 0.2, and roof at 0.16?
  9. Checked both of those but no joy for the main planning page which has all the info on (summary / further information / important dates) has gone. However the related documents are all stored on a different webpage, and they are all still there! I have added the related documents to the way back machine for today.
  10. "the drawings are inconsistent and not accurate.", seeming about some sections and elevations. They are pretty much the same drawings submitted on the last application, with a different case officer. The architect is going to chase today / talk directly to find out what the issue is. Unfortunately the application has been taken off the planning website and i didn't take a screenshot of it (lesson learnt) There was a determination date on the website 23/09/20 so i don't know how they can invalidate it, Architect hasn't received one. All chasing has been done via architect and he has been able to speak to the officer during the 8 weeks and there was no issue, with the indication that the consultation letters were going out 3 weeks ago. My feeling is the officer has seen the 8 weeks is nearly up, found a technicality and invalidated (even though the system said validated) the whole thing so the clock resets.
  11. So I have re-applied for a concented scheme for my development, which now has some amendments. The case officer has changed but the development hasnt changes that much. Tomorrow is the decision deadline, as is was apparently validated and on the planning lpa website. We have not heard much from the case officer and i was not expecting it to meet the deadline. However we got an email from the case officer last night to say that they could not validate the application, and looking at the planning website it has been taken off. This is a bit of a smack in the mouth and waste of 8 weeks, and seems like the planning officer is playing games to buy more time. Annoyed to say the least!
  12. Would anybody be willing to share their building regulation submission / drawings for their site? Or know of some good examples on line? Ideally it would be for a masonry cavity wall build. Not trying to directly copy but to understand the flavour / level of info needed. Cheers
  13. I have a rather stupid question and VAT and claiming it back. Let's say I am building a 100m2 house and it's £1,500 + VAT per m2. So £150,000 not including VAT, and £180,000 including the VAT. What happens to paying the VAT, do I have to pay the builder inc the VAT and then claim it back at the end? Or do I pay not including the VAT. The reason I ask is that effectively if i have to pay the VAT throughout i would need to borrow £30k extra, only for it to be paid back. How does it work, and how do you manage the VAT extra amount?
  14. Aren't you in the very severe exposure zone?