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  1. Moonshine

    What could possibly go wrong

    No it won't, follage has to be dense and thick to stop significant noise
  2. Moonshine

    rough idea of cost/ estimates

    For planning for a single house on a straight forward non contentious plot, i think that a decent architect would be able to do the planning app, and you won't need a planning consultant. Planning application fee for a house is circa £500, leaving you £6,500 for the architect. To be honest you will pay for what you get, and depending on what you want you could go for a architectural technologist, or a expensive architect, but for £6,500 for i would be aiming for architectural fees for planning and building regs drawings. That said if its its a turn key timber frame company for they do the building regs drawings?
  3. Moonshine

    Best £35 spent so far.

    some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue.
  4. Moonshine

    Ground assessment. Pre or post purchase?

    This was my thoughts too, as with sampling you are really paying for the person to come to site and take the sample, and it is an external lab that does the analysis. @Bitpipe do you know the procedure for sampling, and who does the analysis for soil contamination testing? As an example, for my site i was asked to do some air quality monitoring, after a bit of reading up on the subject and chatting with the EHO, they set out what they wanted, and i was able to do the AQ monitoring myself based on the required methodology, with samples sent off to an external lab for analysis. Doing this, I was able to satisfy the air quality monitoring requirement for under £50, rather than paying someone to come to site and set up equipment and write a short report.
  5. Moonshine

    Ground assessment. Pre or post purchase?

    Are you sure, has the seller actually commenced the development? this is a pre-commencement condition so needs to be done before the development is started. It could be that the seller has got the planning permission and is just selling on the plot without even commencing works. The ground condition survey won't tell you were underground electricity cables would be, the thing with the substation is that they have oil in them, if the substation leaked at anytime / now it could contaminate the soil. If you want to know where the underground electricity cables are, you can't get this information from free as you don't own the plot, but you could ask the seller if he has this information, or can obtain it from the local power providers or
  6. Moonshine

    Planning answer due in 1 week.

    Circa 5 weeks if the 8 weeks is realised, but it's not validated yet. Spoke to the officer today to give them a nudge. They looked at the drawings while we were on the phone and said they generally reflected what the pre-app showed, so they were comfortable with the proposals, and were positive about the design. There are a couple of comments to get to the architect but probably nothing too exciting. Hopefully formally validated Tues/weds.
  7. Moonshine

    Planning answer due in 1 week.

    i thought that the game i was playing to begin with was poker, but it seems that based on current correspondence with the planning officer its akin to snap, hopefully it stays that way!
  8. Moonshine

    Planning answer due in 1 week.

    that was probably the whole point!
  9. Moonshine

    Planning answer due in 1 week.

    i would also concur that asking for more specific information is a positive sign, hopefully that is correct and i would bet you will have permission in the next two weeks. I have to admit looking at your proposals initially i thought that you wouldn't get permission, here to hoping i am wrong.
  10. Moonshine

    Septic Tank needs to be changed

    shitty tips from @ProDave
  11. Moonshine

    John Lewis extensions

    An interesting development, and i will be interested to see how it pans out, though i suspect expensive and poorly implemented.
  12. Moonshine

    Planning answer due in 1 week.

    I think Big Jimbo will be getting that call today!
  13. Moonshine

    Anyone using Aedis?

    Who are the other approved inspectors? Also only being able to get insurance from one source sounds very very odd!
  14. Moonshine

    Planning answer due in 1 week.

    What is the time limit for appeal due to non determination?
  15. Moonshine

    Planning answer due in 1 week.

    what about over worked ones?