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  1. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.
  2. Moonshine

    people with clever socks required.

    I haven't reviewed the document, and i don't know the full issues, but i would stay that is a huge D&A statement and could it be that you giving too much information, which could be used against you?
  3. Moonshine

    What tool to slice off wood screws?

    If you go down the angle grinder route, use hearing and eye protection!
  4. "when the service is free you are probably the product" So what is BH wanting from me?
  5. Moonshine

    Insulation Board Tape: recommendation please.

    i brought some a while back, and it was almost like silver parcel tape, it was crap and didn't stick, make sure you get the proper alu stuff.
  6. Is the fridge not integrated anyway rather than free standing, and going to be box, and have an end panel to hide the side and rear of the fridge? the mass of end panel should be enough rather than a whole stud wall.
  7. Moonshine

    Reducing noise from soil pipe

    Typically you would use a mass loaded vinyl with a decoupling layer to separate the pipe to the vinyl, an off the shelf product to do this is Soundlag or similar, with the mass of the vinyl going up to 8 kg/m². In your case you have wrapped the pipe on mineral wool already, that is o.k for the decoupling layer, and also absorption once the mass layer is wrapped around, but won't be effective without the secondary mass layer. I recommend that you loosely wrap the lagged pipes with a mass loaded vinyl of circa 8 kg/m², overlapping and taping the joins, fitting the vinyl around the mineral wool without compressing it too much. Obs, this is advice based on not seeing the area you have got to work with.
  8. Moonshine

    Soundproofing 95mm bathroom stud wall

    Ah, that makes sense, as above you were stating that this was a single layer of SoundBloc. What you have describe sounds like this IMO It is still pretty damn close to just exceeding the requirements of ADE. Are you able to share the results of the sound tests of how its performing in the field?
  9. Moonshine

    Soundproofing 95mm bathroom stud wall

    Have you ever had one of those wall constructionas sound tested? Based on your described construction of one layer of 15mm SoundBloc on independent 50mm metal studs and 25mm insulation, I would say that is very close to the min requirements of approved document E for student halls. In relation to acoustics, timber Vs metal stud the difference negligible, and timber is not a waste of time. Timber/metal Vs masonry, that's a different story
  10. Fair point, and I think I better get strategically planning as planning app goes in in a few weeks
  11. Thanks, a fair bit to understand. Another thing we might do is if we got planning, maybe sell it of in one go, I don't know. It seems a lot cleaner and don't think we would be liable for CGT so much. I am just trying to figure out what things we should put in place now at the planning stage to save £££ and aggro later, if we did get planning.
  12. Moonshine

    Soundproofing 95mm bathroom stud wall

    That's a staggered stud, Google images will come up with loads.
  13. I am in the position of potentially being able to develop my current residence, to build two additional dwellings and retain the existing one. In the situation that i was able to get planning, i may want to 'commence' the development fairly quickly after the decision to lock in the planning decision, and relax a little to consider my options, without worrying about it lapsing after 3 years from the date of the decision notice. As i understand it, to truly be able to commence the development i will have to settle any pre-commencement conditions then pay the CIL within 60 days of commencement. What i wanting to do, is limit the CIL due, as one of the proposed dwellings will be for our own use (self-build), and in that case upon commencing the development i would only be liable for CIL on one of the houses. i guess there is no way to be exempt on two properties! At the planning application stage do i just need to fill in and submit the CIL exempt form for the one house?
  14. Moonshine

    Soundproofing 95mm bathroom stud wall

    British Gypium usually spec wall systems with 25-50mm APR1200, which is 12kg/m3, and true you don't need to fill the cavity. But.... by going denser and thicker with the insulation you will get a better overall result (as long as its not overly compressed), especially at low frequencies. On a limited area of wall the marginal extra cost is probably worth it if the overall aim is acoustic seperation.
  15. Moonshine


    They got fined £18k!