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  1. Moonshine

    Garden Plot offer price guidance

    55 m2 is small and actually doesn't meet my local authorities GIA requirement for a 2 bedroom / 3 person flat (let alone a house). Going on the plot price and the £2k pm2 build cost listed above, that's £180k. How much have the other bigger bungalows sold for, how many bedrooms do they have and what is their m2? Do you think that its worth the effort and stress to build something that is going to cost you ~£180k (+ legal and associated costs)? Could there be an option of how to get your best return for the ~£180k, is to buy one of the semi's needing renovation (with a decent garden) and do it up, maybe do a loft conversion / extension?
  2. Thanks, there are some in there that i hadn't thought of but may need to consider (or may be not).
  3. Can anyone give any advice on the type of services / surveys i am going to likely need to submit a full planning application? So far my list is, Arboriculturist - tree survey and tree protection plan, with constraints map to give to architect. Land survey - provide detailed levels of the site to input (3D dwg) to architect Structural engineer to design some fairly large retaining walls Architect - design the house, site and produce D&A statement for planning Anything else that i need to be considering / budgeting for?
  4. Moonshine

    Help calculating U-Value of ground floor...

    i think that you need to account for the er how is it applied to 0.17 to get 0.14?
  5. Moonshine

    Innovative Home Solutions

    what exactly are you looking for and what are red flags looking at account information?
  6. Moonshine

    Why timber frame?

    I was asking the general question about the sort of construction as a below, a kind of hybrid and you can clad it.
  7. Moonshine

    Why timber frame?

    Can i also ask while you pose the question, what about an external masonry leaf with inner timber leave?
  8. Moonshine

    Root protection zones

    Oh, any idea where the 10% is from? Any guidance on the subject?
  9. Moonshine

    Root protection zones

    Umm, looking at it I may want to put some part of a drive way / parking space in the Rpz, is this acceptable? Assuming the ground isn't dug out (much) and is a permable surface for drainage?
  10. Moonshine

    Root protection zones

    I have just learnt about root protection zones, and this may be an headache in relation to my site, but not a show stopper. I may have to change layouts around. The tree in question is not mine and so can't do anything about it. Does any one have any experience of these and does it mean you can't do anything in these zones, or can you do anything to a certain depth. Are they in force for all trees or just ones with TPO?
  11. Moonshine

    Price paid for plots of land

    Thanks its partially the sale particulars that are driving my search as I was told second hand that it was brought for less than half the amount on the particulars, and I was wanting to follow me out if there was any truth in it
  12. Moonshine

    Garden wall problems

    i would agree and wall stone looks dated already! though on the plus side you will soon have a visit a tin man, lion,and scarecrow! Sorry no solution i can think of
  13. Moonshine

    Price paid for plots of land

    it is odd as the plot i am interested in, i can see the price for the house that is build on there, which was sold last year, but there are no previous listings for the house that was there before that they knocked down to build it.
  14. Moonshine

    Price paid for plots of land

    Is there anyway finding out how much was paid for a plot of land? such as the house price data available from the land registry?
  15. Moonshine

    GTEC dB acoustic board

    the main thing you want to look at when comparing 'acoustic' plasterboard is the surface density (kg/m² ), the higher the number the more mass it has and better it performs and a mass barrier From what i can see 12.5mm GTEC dB is 10.2 to 10.7 kg/m² , and 15mm is 12.5 to 13.1 kg/m². other boards as below; Gyproc wallboard 12.5mm - 8.0 kg/m2, 15mm - 9.8 kg/m2 Gyproc fireline 12.5mm - 9.8 kg/m2, 15mm - 11.7 kg/m2 Gyproc SoundBloc 12.5mm - 10.6 kg/m2, 15mm - 12.6 kg/m2 Gyproc plank 19mm - 15 kg/m2 Gyproc SoundBloc F 15mm - 14.1 kg/m2 Knauf Soundshield 10mm - 8.4 kg/m2, 13mm – 12.3 kg/m2 Knauf Standard Wallboard 15mm - 10.2kg/m2 Knauf Vapour Panel 15mm - 10.2kg/m2 Knauf Moisture Panel 15mm - 10.2kg/m2 Knauf Sound Panel 12.5mm - 10kg/m2 Knauf Fire Panel 15mm - 12kg/m2 Knauf Impact Panel 15mm - 12.8kg/m2 Knauf Soundshield Plus 15mm - 12.8kg/m2 Knauf Performance Plus 15mm - 12.8kg/m2 Knauf Plank 19mm - 14kg/m2 Knauf Core Board 19mm - 16.3kg/m2 So between 15mm GTEC dB, Soundbloc, and Knauf Soundshield Plus, the GTEC dB is marginally more dense, but if you go for Gyproc SoundBloc F you get a bigger increase.