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  1. yes, above the roof (warm roof) won't that the bridging of the joists. However i would say from how it is described that its above the joists. Also how are they doing to achieve the 1:80 fall?
  2. Yes but you need to make sure that starting one build doesn't trigger the CIL having to be paid on all the other plots, and you not being able to claim exception for those plots.
  3. One thing I have come into a bit of issue with a multi plot permission is it was granted as a standard permission, not a phased development. I am going to be re-submitting as a phased development, so that I can build one plot and not be liable at that time for the CIL for all the other plots.
  4. It's a relief for us as my wife will get something, and we can last out on my 90% wage until June, so we are lucky in that respect. The problem is she is now in position, of does she try and keep her business going online and work really hard at that, or just jack it in wait for the payment and look after the kids home schooling.
  5. Thanks, i didn't know that. I drained it last night and put a load of PTFE on the tail thread, and this morning there isn't any puddle under the rad.
  6. I had old decking that had been treated over and over and got slippy when wet. I pressure washed it back to the wood, then used decking oil. Though it does need to be re application twice a year.
  7. Thanks for the replies, good to know it's not on the wrong side. Looks like I will need to drain the rad and put more PTFE on it. @JFDIY I will look at that product in the future.
  8. I have just fitted a new radiator, and put new valves on it. There were two connection pipes from the valve to the radiator, one had a square nut, and the other had a 6 sided nut. Are these supposed to go on a particular way/side? I say this as one end of the radiator is weeping, I have put the square connector on the outlet. But now looking at all the other radiators in the house, the square connector is on the inlet. Have I got them the wrong way round?
  9. I may want to get some boreholes and ground investigation works done on my site. The site has planning, and pre commencement conditions have not been discharged yet. Would ground investigation works be considered commencement? I will probably clear it with the case officer first but want to see if it's generally a yes or no.
  10. No unit in yet (I need to build it), but the rest is pretty much there.
  11. Can you buy the replacement motor (assuming that is faulty) for the head unit? not trying to be a smart arse, just trying to save you the job of having to drain down the system / plumb and wire it in.
  12. surely you can take the head unit off, rather than having to drain down the whole system!
  13. looks like he is doing / has done it all, @BotusBuild FYI you can just change the head unit, or even just the motor
  14. Slightly off topic but are you putting ferrings in to get the 1:80 fall?