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  1. Moonshine

    Contamination report - how much!!!!

    Sounds like a peach of a site! are you sure there aren't any big trees nearby?
  2. Moonshine

    100% off grid?

    have you got a stream / river nearby?
  3. I wonder if the council will do any thing about it? It's not like it is a small tree to be missed off / mistaken on a plan
  4. Moonshine

    Mobile Garden Room

    There has got to be a limit in the size surely? whats stopping me putting on 67m2 beast on my plot if it would fit and suitable access?
  5. How about making the 'WC' a wet room with shower, but also with a high powered spray to hose down the hounds?
  6. it both ends of the measuring tape were wrong, as whoever took the measurement took it from the inside of the timber, not the actual wall.
  7. I hadn't picked up on that i was for your mother, sorry if this comes across bluntly (i don't know anything about her, her age, or health) but maybe there needs be some consideration of layout and access in the future (e.g. if mobility ever became an issue), such as the number of doors, and also drainage considerations for a level access shower. Though from the tone of your post there are some strong opinions to deal with
  8. I hope that is the case for my application!
  9. IANAA.... but with the barn on the left i think something that would really put me off is having to walk through the open plan living to go to the toilet / shower, could you swap the kitchen / bathroom space around, this would also mean that from the kitchen you would have a visual connection to the front of the house enterance.
  10. Thanks, i am waiting on his quote so will be able see if its a proposed small / large bonus arrangement. It is a tricky sloping site for possibly two additional dwellings, with planning being rejected in the past for a single dwelling. The above sounds very very counter intuitive written down, but going for a two house option on the site has some significant merits over the single dwelling scheme which was refused, and is worth exploring further.
  11. Moonshine


    You do want metal in there to provide extra strength to the concrete. steel will rust when exposed to air (oxygen) and water, hence having a layer of rust on it when it goes into the concrete (but this is only minor surface rust). However to continue to rust (to a level that would undermine the metal), it need continued exposure to air (oxygen) and water, which it won't get as it is encased in concrete (unless there is a significant problem with the construction).
  12. Thanks for all the replies, and i haven't got the quote which will indicate the % uplift of the bonus, but to be clear it would not be a "no planning, no fee" type arrangement. I was thinking that it would work out something like 90% of the fixed fee if planning wasn't approved, and 110% of the fixed fee is planning was granted (10% differential). I can see the point that going down the bonus arrangement may lead to a more conservative design and not pushing the envelope, but may be dependent on the percentage differential, with the higher the percentage, the more the architect would push for a conformist scheme to gain the permission. its a fair point but what should also be factored in is that for is this is not planning for a house for us, but one that we would ultimately sell, (garden plot) and a large part of our brief is to obtain planning and a design that is attractive to potential buyers. So in effect i am not really too concerned about how it looks, but rather being able to get planning for a house on the site, that looks in keeping with the area, and is attractive to potential buyers. I would want to be engaged in the design but be largely influenced by the architect as that is their skill set (or should be) to design an house that responds to the site and is positively received by planning and buyers. However if it was my 'forever house' i would be all over the design and wouldn't really want to compromise too much.
  13. I have been speaking to a couple of local architects for my project, and saw the last of my long list today. He seemed pretty engaged and on board with what we wanted, all good to be short listed. The interesting thing was he was going to provide our proposal with two fee options (without prompting), one flat fee independent of planning being awarded, and one fee (presume reduced) with a bonus if planning permission is granted. It is an interesting idea, and i didn't think that architects work on this basis. Obviously i need to see what the two fees come out as, and be careful what terms the bonus is paid on (i.e. not paying for PP for a shed) but could be a approach to reduce the financial risk on a potentially controversial site. Has anyone had this arrangement with an architect / service provider before, any possible pitfalls and any examples on the price differential?
  14. Moonshine

    *rant* pre-application timescales *rant*

    O.k, so there is some movement! My pre-app has a officer, and i've had a decent conversation with them on the phone. They have agreed to a site visit and coming back to me with a date (hopefully soonish). I have met with a couple of architects and plan to have appointed one at the time of the meeting, and have them there. Slowly, slowly.