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  1. Ping pong poms 😄. Out of all the Brits I met out there, a high proportion of those that came from the north of England were staying permanently, those from the south not so much. I could speculate the reason why, but I doubt it's valid. 😏
  2. K'ing hell, not small is it!
  3. Ha, I was Perth, WA for a few years, came back after having a couple of kids and wanting to bring them up around family and other factors about actually prefering the part of the UK I live in. However, I questioned that decision around June 2016..... Still pondering it..
  4. Nope i actually am not, the GAH were actually designed for timber, see below and also BG system ref (C106026). Note that the fixings are sideways into the joist.
  5. For a resiliently hung ceiling you can use a product such as isosonic ceiling strip, which is in a lot of Robust Details, installed as below (E-FC-4 Concrete party floor), however you are always going to need to penetrate the strip to fix the track to the perimeter wall. Its not perfect but minimises the flaking noise from the perimeter walls.
  6. I am going to disagree with you on that one, they still provide a rigid connection from joist to ceiling, it only takes a few rigid connections to degredate the acoustic performance compared to having a truly resiliently hung or independent ceiling.
  7. Am i missing something, but that is still looks like a rigid connection from the ceiling to the joist. If you are going for enhanced acoustics and have the luxury of up to 150mm space available, its better to have a completely independent ceiling or hang the frame from GAH hangers or equivalent, with some insulation above the plasterboard.
  8. For the pre-app stage and visualisation of the site, i used Sketchup and QGIS.
  9. And from the sea it currently looks like a right horrible mess.
  10. Well the 21 days consultation in nearly up, with two objections (so far! i am sure a couple more will come in). Interestingly it is not the objectors that i thought it would be, and tbf i can see their reasoning, but i don't think that the objections have a basis on material planning grounds. I got word from the planning officer this morning, who indicated that they are likely to put in a recommendation for approval at the planning committee's delegation briefing, which happens next week. If the wind is in the right direction i feel that i could have a decision by the end of the month, fingers crossed as its been a long process!
  11. umm, where do you think that the line should be drawn for non-conformance with planning permission? ridge heights, 1, 2, 5m over what is permitted, house sizes allowed 10%, 20%, 50% over what is permitted. If its permitted in the permission that is what is to be built, anything different isn't allowed. Why did you not go back to the council with an amended scheme, if your permission is under a year old, you can have 'a free' go, and incorporate that change into that.
  12. i read the latest posts on this thread, not realising that the house was the one that i have grown to hate at Saunton sands. I surf / sup round that way and its fugly as, i know the construction had been going on for years, but not the actual massive issues with it. I might have to force myself to watch the episode.
  13. His son is a copper, so i am sure that help expedite things. Bugger and there are Cnuts everywhere.
  14. i have looked into this after getting the heads up on this forum, and currently have 6 weeks left until that is an issue. Though they only have to ask and me agree for an extension and i don't get the fee back. Assuming that they don't have anything significant come back from the consultation, then they will have a good 3-4 weeks to make a decision and write a report, which i can see them being able to do. In terms of the fee issue, it would be a nice thing to get it back, but i would much rather a decision within 26 weeks, ideally the correct one!