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  1. Thanks all. Doors now fixed, all under guarantee so no effort or cost on my part.
  2. Recently had chimney breast removed and ceiling plastered, therefore concerned about rain coming down through the chimney and wrecking the ceiling. Would this cowl suffice? Looks to be about the right size (can’t get up there to check). ECO - DISUSED CHIMNEY CAP-TERRACOTTA https://amzn.eu/d/fFunqyg
  3. Need to source a new one of these which has broken. No idea what it is called! Circled pic is the broken one, other pic is the intact one at the top of the doors.
  4. Looking like it may be worth a new one. Can get 27% off hot point so really considering that option. I hate this throwaway world but if I replace this and in 6 months something else goes I’ll kick myself. Are they particularly difficult to fit? I won’t be paying someone to do it as that’ll be another £80 so absolutely not cost effective.
  5. No obvious way of removing the back. Everything I’ve read suggests go from the bottom
  6. Took the thing apart to see what is what and haven’t a clue if I’m honest. Can’t even see how to remove parts. Here are some pictures, help appreciated. I’m very much a novice here!
  7. Problem is when I move the dishwasher out the drain hose runs out of flex so can only take it part way (definitely need a longer hose). Presumably I can test the terminals with the hose disconnected?
  8. How would you test the resistance? Do I need to take it out and get into the nuts and bolts of the inside? Yes exactly that, empties fully and then refills over time.
  9. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that our dishwasher water was running cold. I have been through all the reset options, no joy. Next step I assume is to check the heating element and heat pump. Quote for an engineer was a bit high so wanted to try to diagnose myself first. I’ve got a multimeter so hoping to get an idea by using that, but this is the first time I’ve done it so glad of any advice. On a related note, the way it is plumbed in isn’t great as the previous occupants didn’t have one and so we need to make do. Should the drain hose be fixed quite high, as in as it comes from the bottom of the dishwasher should it go up higher to run it across to the sink plumbing? We get water pooling in the bottom of the washer when it isn’t on and it is my assumption that is because water running down the sink drain goes into the washer drain hose and back to the appliance. Likelihood is because the hose isn’t long enough so any easy fix to get a new, longer one. It is a Beko DIN29X20 appliance. Advice appreciated. Let me know if you need any more info from me in order to help.
  10. This is the cracking. Bear in mind the outer edge of the board will be fixed down so the cracking will not be as much as shown here (other than the biggest bits). The board currently slopes down towards the window so I need to bring it back level.
  11. Our conservatory is 20-25 years old and in need of a bit of a spruce up so I am replacing the 3 window boards. However, underneath is not a particularly good work area to get them level so wondering if you can offer advice? I would put wooden wedges in to keep everything level but there is no ledge from the brickwork under the window to rest them on and screw them to. Also, without screwing what is the best way to secure the boards? No more nails adhesive? Pics below. Please ask any more questions or request more pics if it helps shape an answer. Also, slight cracking of the tender when I removed the old ones so what would you suggest filling that with?
  12. Yes the 21.5mm runs through to the boiler. See video. Sorry for short video but had to massively condense it due to size but think it shows what is what. IMG_8749.MOV
  13. Actually 21.5mm as per the sticker (just saw that!)
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