Boiling Water taps. What and where to buy.

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I'll always fly the flag for Quooker. We fitted ours when our Kitchen went in about 5 years ago. It's the 7 Litre standalone one (overkill, but I got it RIDICULOUSLY cheap). Here's my DIY plumbing effort, it's fitted in it's own cupboard, along with a catering-grade filter. The cartridges for the filter are expensive, but I've changed it twice in 5 years and am still getting crystal clear Tea. I'm in the South East, where the water is terrible. It hasn't missed a beat. Not once and I'd definitely buy another if we get to go ahead with our self-build.


Oh, the sharp-eyed among you might spot my little plumbing trickery. I fitted a divert system. In the event of the boiler failing for any reason, reverse the positions of the 2 red taps and the domestic hot water for the kitchen sink will be supplied from the Quooker (ours was before they did the combined taps etc).









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