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  1. it really depends on how many nails he used to fit the plywood sheething, if he didnt use loads you may be able to move it, i have in the past used a big ratchet strap to "move" timber frames but that relies on there being something large and solid enough to attach the end to, if you do use this method you will want to pull it past the plumb as it will spring back
  2. what type of fibre cement tiles are you using? and how thick are they? iv fitted many roofs with Eternit Thrutone Slate and just used a heavy duty metal scribe to scribe them and then snapped them. then used a bosch multi construction bit to drill holes.
  3. Just had a look on that website, seems interesting comparing regions, although i do wonder what the figures would be like here in shetland
  4. as said a photo would really help im struggling to understand what you have currently, if the current door is draughty then thats the biggest problem, you could have the best insulated door in the world but if theres a draught coming past it its pretty useless, i presume you are just wanting to replace the door and use the existing frame?, depending on how it is constructed it should be possible to replace the door and fit new door stops with storm seals and a new weather bar to create a better seal. do you have any local window/door manufacturers or small independant joinery business? i would recomend the one local to me but im pretty sure they would be more expensive than the one that you have linked
  5. I have just finished building one for my dad, its the 12mx4m one, just waiting on some topsoil to get delivered then we will get the raised beds filled
  6. normally the floor joists would extend all the way out and the wooden "kit" wall would sit on top of the timber joists, what you have drawn has a massive cold bridge and is overly complicated, is it possible to lower the outside ground level to well below the joist level to maintain the DPC.
  7. polysulphide sealent as it stays flexible
  8. I have fitted cupa heavy 3's quite a lot and they are very good and reasonably priced
  9. I have the panasonic air rads and find they work quite well, although i wouldnt want them in a bedroom due to the fan noise, worth noting that they have a minimum flow temp of 30degrees in heating mode, as has been said they are expensive for what they are. i was also looking at dimplex smartrads but decided to stick with the panasonic to match my heatpump
  10. What are these water tanks for? and why the flat roof? i have never seen a partially flat roof attic truss before, you will have difficulty fitting noggins at all the points shown due to the fact that there will be metal plates on all the joins it will be difficult to nail through these and will be difficult to fit the noggings tight as the metal plates sit a few mm proud of the surface, it might be easier to ask if the design can be changed slightly, rather than having noggings it would be easier to fit thick sarking and have 3x2 or 4x2 "brandering" on the inside, this could go at 400 centres and would give a better fixing for plasterboard.
  11. just had a look and the setting out guide thay have is pretty crap really https://www.wienerberger.co.uk/content/dam/wienerberger/united-kingdom/marketing/documents-magazines/technical/UK_MKT_DOC_TEC_ROF_SAN_Install_Guide_Rivius_en_001.pdf the setting out guide says you need a 38-50mm overhand at the verge. it also says that you have a 3-4mm "shunt" availiable which is about normal for interlocking tiles but as i said if you havent carefully designed the roof from the start to work with the gauge of the tiles you are going to struggle and all you can do is shunt the tiles as close together as possible and live with the overhang or cut the tiles at the ends, as i suspect you wont want to completely rebuild a wall and make your garage 40mm wider... was this garage designed from the beginning to have these tiles? and if so did you angage an architect/ architectural technician to do drawings for you, it is quite a big omission as you generally need to design these roof systems from the outside in especially if they are a small length. i also suspect that if you carry on with the larger overhang and have problems with the tiles/verge sagging or cracking the manufacturer will state that they have not been fitted according to the guide and will reject any claim
  12. first question is what make are the tiles?. as prodave said you should be able to gain or lose a couple of mm per tile, but this all hinges on the roof size being designed from the outset to have these tiles, if you have built the roof to an artbitrary size and are now only trying to work out the overhangs you are going to have problems as it doesnt look like a big area. if they are your standard marley/redland/benders concrete linterlocking tile they are generally multiples of 300mm plus what ever size the cloak tiles are at either end and half tiles are usually availiable but can and often do have a slight colour variation so can look unsightly best bet would be to look up the setting out guide for the make of tiles you have
  13. Yeh the panasonic tank is just to add volume to the system to stop the heat pump short cycling, you will need an expansion tank on your heating system as you dont currently have one shown. This expansion tank usually also has the fill loop connection aswell so will be connected to the "cold" side. You also have your cold water feed to the house shown wrong, the balanced cold for the house should come off the bottom of the "black PRV" and not be connected to the tank feed
  14. If you hold them in one corner and tap them with a knuckle and they sound really flat and dull they may have a crack, best way to test is to "gently" knock it on your knee and see if it breaks last thing you want to do is fit slates with cracks that may not be visiable
  15. i bought an access panel from these guys https://www.el-vent.com/en/ventilation-systems/access-panels-doors-hatches was a large plasterboard flush mount, not exactly what you are looking for but they have a large selection of different type of hatches, delivery was incredibly quick considering its coming from lithuania