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  1. ASHP is permitted development class 6H in scotland as long as it meets certain criteria, the most important being the MCS sound calculations https://www.gov.scot/publications/guidance-householder-permitted-development-rights-9781780456836/pages/8/
  2. i have worked on a few houses where we didnt build the upstairs, we did however put all the materials for finishing it off upstairs, this was so that the client could get the vat claim on the materials
  3. just noticed on facebook a post by a local builder, turns out they have bought a new nail gun that uses wooden nails and have used it to hold on cladding, it appears to work quite well, and i can confirm about the problems with rusting stainless nails the problems with living in a marine climate. theres a quick video on facebook to show it working https://www.facebook.com/BA-Builders-shetland-LTD-226214484102464/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARCrWTNdNpOwX1wQCr6gSGkoZtktBLY6huQnhuw2qG2IkkZJZk78X0T3qSddPDNyA71L8pxPFpmC8J8r&hc_ref=ARSbyVC-0GNkKfsPQCZRmupovzJxBYsKW7BO7ghbmz0k_WWKGGdGu75S6Mo-Phxphr8&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARBqB-KAQZ-HpEACbOxHfyixPxpwwsgsM-pEY9l7bAYKBVQ2CcxEGiD181nZkyAG4H-Il4Hd-kxA0EoWMgDx6452LCo2Ok4Or8eKDwhF7ZVYkdBq7SPZt9JhUy3HPLS3HriBatsETeWdagJ8AZn9G5iBY9ukGfIgEpW2CxznG1pJ9GWV4KDrcU--Roz5if8bkwMgeTVUr2aIFUX7CcxCRqJcy_l5yqNYv_ETLwZ7siRJjJm26a6RBJF7l81LdVVusABIyzDDXcXg9X7Fgaw-JGGt3jOyzmpq2nkaEo8SSearcTZQb1eZPrLiuSaPGQsOWcIOIixtZmH8QXDUxSd8IpOcfrqvDqwDFKROkf2RqxYPV-AVWVms0cub8l3P5e1jE8kLGNCJai7c2B9-DvWFTYNxoyKJv-YvpMWF2I4vzDZxrUE88X94sLwMRmpXfIVrR0RRPTFj4x-HzQfCeny54wK_22xQ0otx5_Ob4Uxgkyi4BZPxggeLylYASt20AjvntF-oEZoVTfwaEdsQd5e6jRPREg https://www.beck-lignoloc.com/en
  4. my personal recommendation is victoria lawson, from macdonald henderson in glasgow, i purchased my house using her and everything was done via email and phone, i didnt use a local solicitor as they all have bad reviews and are stuck in the dark ages, they wont use email and take ages to get anything done, victoria was very quick and despite the delays from the local solicitor on the other side my purchase was done within about 8 weeks
  5. this is how i would do it if it was me, providing you have the depths to be able to do it, there is no need for loads of inspection chambers as long as you have rodding points as shown, you should not have a run that you cannot rod as you are talking about foul drainage you want to keep is simple, follow the "KISS" principle, straightest shortest route, least amount of joins nice shallow angles , your shyte does not need to do a full lap of your house
  6. this is the exact reason i will never have solid wood worktops, as you have found out they need care and you cant leave anything on them or you will get stains, get it stripped and some osmo applied
  7. interesting project, you could look on your local council planning website to find applications for houses near you for new houses and see if they show the activity spaces, this is a house local to me and you can clearly see the activity space marked, i think you will struggle with a bathroom that small https://pa.shetland.gov.uk/online-applications/files/ADBC1F1FC4F23C6516588E3211B0E4B3/pdf/2019_049_AMSC-1-50_SCALE_GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN-289861.pdf "activity spaces" sizes can be found here as well as other guidance etc https://www.gov.scot/publications/building-standards-2017-domestic/3-environment/312-sanitary-facilities/
  8. yes complete pain in the arse but easy enough, in my case i was a first year apprentice joiner (back in 2006) i was given the job of fixing door stops to the floor the day before handover of a house , we needed to remove skirtings, lift the laminate flooring, lift the chipboard flooring dig up the biscuit screed, then had to wait a week for the couplings to arrive, my supervisor wasnt impressed it would be a lot more difficult in concrete as you would need to make sure you dont damage the pipe when digging it up
  9. dig it up cut it and install a straight coupling, ask me how i know this
  10. do you struggle to hit the head of a nail with a hammer , i must say that i had a preference for a hammer tacker over a staple gun, but i was using it day in day out, tried a few different ones but the arrow ht50 as posted above is the best hammer tacker you can buy, hammer tackers are much faster than a staple gun
  11. i normally use batt strap cut down to size should be a couple of £ for a 1m length. usually 1 piece top and bottom on both sides and if the window is over 1200 wide then it needs 1 in the middle at the top normally lined up with the mullion, same if they are tall then need one in the middle at the sides, if they are really wide for example 3m then i would put 2 along the top, i just had a look at your blog and see you are timber frame, up here the windows get battens fixed to them at the correct offset for the cladding then fixed to the house, this means there is no need for batt straps and makes the window install that bit more solid
  12. the general rule of thumb for domestic dwellings is if a 100mm sphere can pass through it it will fail, you also cannot generally build the handrail with horizontal battens as kids will use it as a ladder, that photo will fail as the complete right side is unguarded and there is also an unguarded area on the left at the window, the rise looks too big aswell i think a 100mm sphere will pass through under the tread
  13. no i havent heard one running but they quote 40dba when they are going flat out, and 19dba on the low setting, they are over specced so should run at a low speed, i will just have to wait and see what they are like. i have a feeling the fridge and dishwasher will annoy me more than the radiators
  14. yes i am getting the loan, it was a complete pain for me to get quotes as i live on an island (shetland) and there are only 4 MCS registered plumbers, and none of them could( didnt want to) give me a quote, i eventually got a really helpful plumber in orkney to get me a quote and he uses a local plumber to sub contract and only because i know his son , it has been a complete pain to get it all sorted, i started the process in october and am hopefully getting the second fix done in a couple of weeks, i had quotes for fitting an oil system and these were more or less the same as having an ASHP system installed, this is a retrofit replacing storage heaters and my RHI payments are maxed out, if you are building a new house with a small heating demand it might not be worth the extra cost of MCS accreditation
  15. my house was built in about 1880 ish its made from beachstone concrete, i am having a panasonic aquarea system installed, the radiators in the 2 upstairs bedrooms are just normal triple panel 900x600 radiators, the living room/ kitchen downstairs has 2 fan assisted radiators and the back bedroom/ walkin wardrobe has 1 fan assisted radiator, to be honest i could have got panel radiators that would have done the job but it was on the limits and the living/ kitchen area is 9mx 3.7m with 3 outside walls and the kitchen half has no wall space so it was more a case of being able to "move" the heat around more efficiently plus the fan assisted rads are designed for the lower flow temps, i am aware that the panasonic rads are quite expensive but im sure they will do the job well, i will just have to wait and see