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  1. Hobbiniho

    Internal Finishes when no cill - help please

    can you not just plaster it square into the window? will leave a nice simple clean line. there is also nothing stopping you fitting timber ingoes and facings, i have also seen mdf with a pencil round fitted that protrudes out past the plasterboard by about 5-10mm then the wall is just plastered upto the back of it, how is the rest of the house finished? might look weird to have this different
  2. you will need something to create a "drip" otherwise all the water running down the cladding will just run down the window below
  3. Hobbiniho

    Framin' ridiculous innit?

    the way that we do it up here is to completely plasterboard all the long walls in 1 continuous run, these are usually ones along corridors etc then plasterboard the smaller ones, hopefully this picture will make it easier to understand, you have the benefit of using fewer studs edit: drawing is obviously not to scale
  4. i am having much the same problem with the property i am refurbing except i live on an island with only 4 MCS installers and i cannot get any of them to quote as they are more interested in doing new builds, i have had to go to neighbouring orkney which has 6 MCS installers and looks more promising but not got the quote yet, the interest free loan coupled with the RHI payments means that my system should pay for itself
  5. Hobbiniho

    Woke up in a cold sweat: underboarding too early?

    generally internal partitions go up after the ceiling is finished, so you would fit your underboarding, brandering @400 centres including dwangs to catch partitions, plasterboard ceiling then erect your partitions the only partitions that should attach directly to the structure are structural ones which should already be fitted, there is no point in adding 80mm insulation and then cut massive holes out of it for all your partitions as you are just adding lots of cold bridges
  6. Hobbiniho

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    yeh i wondered about the cost spiraling aswell but the architect was very keen to build a house in shetland as the "self build" market is pretty much the only way that houses are built up here, in the end the price jumped up by about 20k in the 6 months the planning took and my sister had to walk away having only spent lots of her time and the cost of the planning application, i think thee architect was just expecting her to stump up another 20k on an already expensive house
  7. Hobbiniho

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    my sister had a house designed by danwood and they were happy to change lots of things for her, including adding a porch and making the house bigger to meet crofter grant sizes for rooms, what they werent good for was sticking to the budget or giving her the correct information about the process which resulted in my sister not being able to proceed with the build due to increased costs after the 6 month planning process which was blamed on brexit
  8. Hobbiniho

    Garage door fit before plasterboard ceiling

    the tracks are only held up by a couple of "L" brackets, the door can be fitted then when plasterboarding is done the tracks can be propped up with wood and the "L" brackets removed and then reinstated after the plasterboarding is completed
  9. i agree with every one else, the pitches for the roof have to match i would also be making it as high as possible leaving maybe a 100-150mm gap between, the angle of the roof will have no bearing on the floor space
  10. Hobbiniho

    Fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator

    ok thanks guys, im at work so its windows 10 got it sorted now cheers, just have to figure out the u values now
  11. Hobbiniho

    Fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator

    when i right click on it and click rename it doesnt show .txt it just highlights the name
  12. Hobbiniho

    Fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator

    iv downloaded your heat calculator but im confused as to how i go about renaming it, if i just right click on it and click rename it just leaves it as a text file
  13. Hobbiniho

    ASHP it is then . . .

    looks like you (your installer) need to follow the MCS planning standards, which basically does the noise calculation to decide if its permitted development or not MCS planning standards can be found here https://www.microgenerationcertification.org/images/MCS_020_Planning_Standards_Issue_1.2.pdf i am currently waiting for quotes to install an ASHP to a property that i am refurbishing although no measurements were taken of how far away the neighbours are but there is an extension and a nissen hut between my ASHP location and the neighbours
  14. just to add to this topic, quite a lot of guys local to me use mapress fittings for copper/ stainless and generally speaking hep2o is used elsewhere. I’ve used hep2o and never had any failures.
  15. Hobbiniho

    Hormann garage doors - fitting question

    generally they are fitted directly to the structure page 39 of this technical guidance show fitting options dependant on what size of door/ track system you have ordered https://www.garagedoorsonline.co.uk/download/Hormann Sectional Technical Manual.pdf if you batten/plasterboard/skim then fit your door you will have plasterboard in contact with the render or you will have to board the "ingo" with cement board etc before plastering, do you have a drawing of the make up of the exterior walls?