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  1. Bitpipe

    We're in :)

    We used Ammonite a lot in our house, mainly on the west side as it has hints of red that complement the evening light, according to F&B, east rooms should have colours with hints of blue for morning light etc.. Have to confess that we used a local paint shop that mixes the F&B colours, couldn't justify the real thing with the expanse of wall that we have
  2. Bitpipe

    We're in :)

    In our case as soon as I'd made the first cup of tea. Congrats lads! You'll probably get the 'small job' blind spot so try and make a list now and tick them off as they get done. 18+ months in for us and I'm about half way through mine...
  3. Bitpipe


    Hard to say as they were fitted to our Gaulhofer windows in the factory and were priced into the quote. We had to have a detail in the wall to allow for the blind box (effectively a notch cut out of the frame) but when installed, the box was flush to the external wall and we rendered over the top, so when they're recessed (which is not very often tbh) they disappear completely. We just went for simple electric control, using 240v wall switches. They do a more pricey remote option. @jack did separate blinds so he may have a better idea of cost.
  4. So the problem went away over winter and has returned with the warm weather we're having. Pinged them a note (we'd agreed to leave any action until spring) and their new thought is that warm air is getting trapped in the 25mm cavity between render board and exterior TF wall, causing the issue, so perhaps improving airflow in the cavity is something to investigate initially. I'm a bit sceptical as in my mind the action of the sun on the face of the board will heat it up more than the air behind it. Also, the parapet roof alu cladding overhangs the render and sits on brackets to allow expansion, so far from airtight. Anyway, will see where this idea goes...
  5. Bitpipe

    OH F**K!

    I still look at my south facing kitchen window and, as the sunlight spills in, wonder why the one next to it (east) has a lovely integrated blind and it does not. Similarly, cocked up on very expensive front door and didn't double check final spec so got too much glass and not enough door so, while it fits, not the effect we wanted. All part of the self build trade off. Could be worse you could be this guy...
  6. Bitpipe


    We have integrated Roma external shutters on the east (street) facing windows and they are a godsend. All east and south Velux also have external blinds. Otherwise our passive standard house would really overheat. We also open the velux at the top of our stairs/atrium for some stack ventilation Should have put blinds on one GF south window in kitchen, we left it out as it faces neighbours gable end but still lets in a lot of heat.
  7. Bitpipe

    Locking wheel nuts F@#!

    Hmmm... maybe not. Found what I needed here - Got a few callbacks from but they wanted over twice the price.
  8. As my increasingly knackered '08 Audi A6 Avant gets a mile closer to being part of some scrappage scheme or other, it continues to test my patience. This week, getting a puncture and discovering that the locking wheel nut key is a bit worn - fits ok but then slips off when the rotational force applied by the tyre iron. Internal grooves slightly rounded. Local garage and tyre place won't touch it but remembered that I have home recovery (never used it before) and the man in a van was able to get it loose. He didn't use a removal tool (they don't all carry them anymore) but ingeniously used an axel stand to keep his tyre iron stable while rotating. Got him to loosen off the other 3 so now just plan to junk them and get normal wheel nuts. Likely culprit for damaging the key was the last place I had tyres fitted - over torqued air gun. Do alloys even get stolen anymore? Anyway, struggling to find replacement normal wheel nuts - tried searching Halfords etc but only getting the lockable variety or a set of 20, just want 4. Any suggestions? 17mm hex head, not sure what the thread spec is.
  9. Bitpipe

    Mvhr or not

    We did not do a passive cat flap, instead I run a concierge service for the cat who now comes and sits patiently by my feet when she wants to go out. I think this is the one discussed a year or two back. The letterbox came from here - you can get cheaper but we liked the finish of this one. We bought direct from the German supplier. Instructions in Polish. Note, this is NOT a passive post box, its for our outside wall.
  10. Bitpipe


    +1 for Ikea. We bought 18 in total, a mix of single and twin door PAX units - ceiling was just too low to get the extra high version. Built them and put in pre-built alcove - then got joiner to frame around them with MDF which we painted in room colour - look totally built in. Also went for the integrated lights, nice touch but remember to put a 13a socket at the head of each wardrobe run (you can daisy chain multiple lighting transformers. We got the high gloss doors for our room & guest room. For the kids went for the cheapest laminated doors and applied photographic vinyls (made to measure for each door) which gives them a nice wall mural feature.
  11. Upon completion, he garage will be full of left over building materials that you'll hold on to 'just in case' , broken power tools, bikes too small for your kids and a tent you'll never use. Well, that's my garage anyway. Make it a room and put a shed at the bottom of the garden for cr@p.
  12. Bitpipe

    Glulams are depressingly light-weight

    Yup, used one of these to lift two 140kg baths up to first floor.
  13. Bitpipe

    Diesel or Petrol?

    Look at the recent US tax code overhaul - phenomenally complicated with as many new exemptions granted as existing loopholes closed. Been in the works for 20 odd years. No-one claims to understand it as a whole yet.. Net result is a significant reduction of tax burden to wealthy, moderate to 'middle class, and negative to poorest at the cost to the nation of trillions which is hoped will be overcome by increased productivity, trickle down economics etc..
  14. Bitpipe

    Diesel or Petrol?

    So steering the thread back on topic, are individual / company tax incentives the right way to encourage adoption of Hybrid / EVs (or discourage diesel / low milage / high co2 cars)? The UK Govt tax advantages / incentives are here Essentially a reduction in fuel duty (as you're using less) and VED (as emissions are lower) plus less VAT on fuel (consuming less) and the £4.5-1.5k grant for new purchases. Rest of incentives are geared towards companies as they drive a large portion of new car sales as company cars / fleet management - i.e BIK, write down % etc. TFL have their own congestion & emission charges / incentives, maybe other cities to follow. Given EVs/hybrids are more expensive than their pure ICE equivalents, the tax incentives help offset some of that cost and encourage take-up which encourages manufacturers to increase the range of EVs available etc. Or is there a better way?
  15. Bitpipe

    Diesel or Petrol?

    Best price I could get for a 4HS new (inc. govt grant and a few K in lieu of diesel scrappage) was £32k.