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  1. Well, no he doesn't. The UK renewables (wind, water, wood, sun) generation share for electricity is now on par with gas & coal (41% each) with nuclear making up the rest. Will only increase as coal and then gas plants are decommissioned and they are not building new ones. You can sign up for plans that are renewable only electricity (Octopus etc). Even when electricity is generated by fossil fuel, the pollution is centralised.
  2. Our local amenity site (fancy name for tip) takes them - I also had two to get rid of once the caravan was no longer required and was surprised at how relaxed the supplier was about ever getting them back. Eventually they disappeared off site, no idea if it was them or someone else .
  3. Planners can only reject for reasons that comply with planning policy, which they will refer to in the letter. 'Community comments' are often just a list of personal gripes and if so are rejected by the planners as 'immaterial'. The volume of rejections may force the decision to go to committee but that is about it. See if you can address some, if not all, of the planners objections and re-submit - you normally get a 'free go' You can then appeal both rejections if you feel you have grounds. We won on the second attempt so don't give up at this stage.
  4. We didn't use manual boost switches but got the sparky to wire up the MVHR to the same trigger (bathroom PIRs / light switches) that activate the hot return pump. Works quite well - the Sentinel Kinetic has a variety of ways to trigger boost electrically as well as it's own internal humidity sensor. It also has a control /display panel that can be wall mounted away from the unit (wired connection) so we have that in the utility and can trigger a manual boost or purge from there. We did look into incorporating the boost for cooker hood but the only way would have been to put a current detecting clamp on the hood feed so we decided to live with it and have never bothered.
  5. It's a similar situation with timber frame companies. At some point they need to commit design resources to your project and then reserve a production slot in their factory, plus secure materials etc. I don't believe you can insure but if you pay at least £100 on a credit card then the card company are jointly liable for the goods. This saved my bacon when the balustrade company I was dealing with went bust. Have you explored other build methods and suppliers? I found SIPs more expensive than alternative timber frame methods back in 2015 but maybe it's different now. With SIPs, you also need to pay attention to the cold bridge risk at the soleplate level.
  6. I have a house that meets and exceeds the PH standard but never bothered with certification as I could not see the value. I have no doubt they are high quality MVHR units but I still wonder what they do above and beyond a standard MVHR unit that commands the premium - is it greater efficiency, low power usage?
  7. If you have a specific filtering requirement, may it be worth investigating a pre-filtering stage to your requirements and then a cheaper, non PH certified MVHR? I'm still not clear on the reason for the price premium of the PH certified units. I went with a Sentinel Kinetic + and have had no issues.
  8. Agree Dave but the hourly / day rate is also tricky as any time estimate is just that. We had a joiner and landscaper on day rates - mostly because the work to be done was somewhat open ended and we were supplying materials. A few times, for each we felt that not very much had been achieved on a given day and that the job was being stretched out a bit. However other times they worked their socks off and got lots done. As the customer it can be hard to understand why going is slow and sometimes awkward to ask without the implicit - 'I think you're taking the pi!$$' vibe. I had to take things in the round and try to establish what would be achieved on a weekly basis, and take stock at the end of the week. Or ask how many days to get X done and then check in mid way to see if they were on target.
  9. Our sparky used a string of festoon lights (which run off a 110v transformer) per floor and slung them around the place, needed moved a few times as ceilings were boarded etc. Worked well. festoon lighting&network=g&matchtype=e&ad_type=&product_id=&product_partition_id=&campaign=ROAS_Lighting_External&version=finalurl_v3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuYD7xfru7wIVibbtCh23aQq9EAAYASAAEgJCZfD_BwE
  10. When the Daily Mail asks a question in a headline e.g. "Is this the new blah.." the answer is always no.
  11. Where in UK are you & did you get the usual 3 quotes before choosing? How did the 50sqm / 39sqm issue paving difference arise, that's almost a 20% over measurement. Did you measure it out originally? Unfortunately, unless you agree a day rate (which has its own challenges) the number of days / men is irrelevant.
  12. I only have experience with Velux Integra windows, which I have been very happy with. Velux sell external motorised blinds that run off the same controller. Only drawback for you is that Velux have a min 15o roof pitch requirement, however that could work in your favour as it would address any drainage issues and other potential problems that come with completely flat roofs. @jack had leak issues but did not use GRP. We have two flat roof sections, each about 3m x 2m. One has peeling top coat which has been replaced once (and peeled again) and the other does not have enough fall so has a permanent puddle on it. No leak issues though. @Weebles may be able to help as they have a flat roof with large light, they also had a nasty window related leak (eventually resolved).
  13. Also what's your shading strategy for that large skylight and can it be opened to facilitate stack ventilation?
  14. If you get a dog they'll eat it for you. The cat poo that is, not the cat.
  15. A balcony is an external area that is intended for domestic use and designed for that purpose. It needs to be approved by planning and conform to building regs. A roof is not intended to be accessed in any way or walked upon apart from people who have the necessary experience of working at height , insurance etc and are there for some kind of essential purpose (e.g. a roofer). They should have external means to access the roof (ladders, platforms etc) , you could provide access from inside but ask yourself how often that will be needed and do you want a messy trade getting your interior, ceiling etc grubby? If you open your roof 'to the public', including your family, then you'd be in contravention of your planning permission (overlooking neighbours etc) and you'd be legally liable for any falls or worse. Can't think why a properly constructed roof will need access for maintenance. If keeping the window clean is your concern, may be cheaper to spec a self cleaning glass for the roof light and let the rain do the job for you.