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  1. Bitpipe

    Master Ensuite Layout

    We had a lot of 'fun' configuring the kids back to back bathrooms (one with shower, one with bath) and our own ensuite - plans went slightly awry when soil pipes needed to be taken into consideration. Plumber was also adamant that we couldn't fit a bath, shower, wc, double sink and towel rad in our ensuite but we managed and it looks great, not at all cluttered. Plumber was also concerned about back to back wall hanging WCs with one causing a splash back in the other if they were too tightly coupled. We ended up off-setting them slightly and needed to build out the wall in one room by 100mm so ensure space for the fittings. TBH you seem to have plenty of space so should not be an issue. Pocket sliding doors are great for bathrooms and walk in wardrobes, just make sure you allow the necessary gap and height in the TF design as the runner eats some space. Obv you need to ensure that there are no services needing the space where the door will go when in the wall - this is easy done as until your joiner fits the sliding door system post 1st fix, its just and empty void.
  2. Bitpipe

    DIY wasp killer device

    Is it just me that goes and makes a cup of tea and settles down to see what Jeremy has now found in his shed / garage? I think there is a TV series here....
  3. Bitpipe

    Who has used, is using, PHPP?

    We had already designed our house and received PP before discovering e-build and the world of passive standard builds. While trying to settle on a build method (we were considering ICF as we have a basement) we contracted a low energy specialist consultant / PM who did a PHPP and full cost analysis of ICF vs concrete basement with timber frame. We went TF. Consultant was a bit of money for old rope but in retrospect we were buying some confidence that we could actually afford to build the house and manage ti ourselves (he wanted 10% of build cost) and the cost plan was very comprehensive (we came in about 15-20% under his estimate) and was a great help. Can't say the PHPP really changed anything though but it did give us reassurance that the existing design would perform well and our space heating requirements would be low with overheating a manageable issue. Also came in handy when applying for an Ecology mortgage as their requirement at that time was passive standard!
  4. I think this is an interesting point, minimising generating heat within the house in summer. We have PV that heats the UVC when not being consumed - obviously heat leaking out of that system (ours in plant room in basement so impact minimised somewhat). Been avoiding using ovens, cooking out most nights. I also suspect that most fans generate more heat than they dissipate ! I've never been a fan of central vacuum systems but there is an argument that they are better suited to a passive house where the heat generating element is in the garage. I think designing in provision for split air con and relying on PV to drive these for free in summer is a good approach - didn't think of it in time though!
  5. Have to admit, only every notice the odd fly on the house where we are - edge of town and semi rural.
  6. By luck more than anything, we have two large velux in the apex of the roof on the east side, one at the top of a full height atrium and the other at the top of the neighbouring stairs. Both have external blinds and we have them open all day, opening ground level doors or windows on whatever side of the house the sun is not at. Helps create a decent through draft to keep the house cool, and as the house is airtight, when no other windows or doors are closed then there is no air movement. I've been running around closing doors strategically during the day to max the airflow from cool rooms through warm rooms and back to hall - seems to work. Big west facing sliders still an issue in the evening, even with internal drapes (gauzy linen, not that heavy) pulled.
  7. Bitpipe

    RAF 100 Flypast

    I plotted a straight line between Windsor and Benson and was not far off...
  8. Bitpipe

    RAF 100 Flypast

    Managed to nab a decent view down at the golf club (mate is a member).
  9. Bitpipe

    RAF 100 Flypast

    Thanks - will take a bit of a punt and head to a nearby park where we should see them.
  10. Looks to be going over Windsor & Maidenhead at 1.10 but the PR RAF map is too vague to know where to go for the best view. Any suggestions on how to see the actual filed flight plan?
  11. We're in same boat - our BI (private) won't sign off until the external glass is complete. Thought that was going to be yesterday but one of the Juliette balconies had misaligned holes so need to wait for a new one! BI has put me on a 3 month warning though but should squeak in on time. Then need to do the VAT reclaim (see procrastination thread)!
  12. I've often wondered if I somehow managed to work at my peak output all the time if I'd actually be more successful? Maybe, but I doubt I'd be any happier.
  13. I am a huge procrastinator - every since school, uni, work and the house build. However I always manage to pull it out of the bag when required and with decent quality and a while ago I realised that there is a lot of latent thinking going on during the faffing time that makes the active time more productive and successful.
  14. Bitpipe

    Where are all the Europeans?

    I'm an Irish passport holder by birth in the republic. Even though I moved to NI age 4 and have lived in the UK ever since, to get a UK passport I'd need to become a naturalised citizen and take the test, £800 and the rest. I looked into this when my passport was stolen a few years ago in Barcelona - figured it would be handy to have two as a hedge against visa issues, loss/damage etc but when I saw the cost I baulked. Just about to submit the kids Irish passport applications (as they are born in England) so they can live, work and study in EU irrespective of what happens with Brexit. Very straightforward - just need my birth cert and €26 each!
  15. I'm Northern Irish, these petty tribal disputes based on arbitrary geographical whereabouts are hard for me to understand. Then again...