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  1. This is not an easy post to write.....

    Can only sympathise Ian, makes small beer of our speed bump with Tesco bank (who too 16 weeks to tell us that we couldn't do the rebuild while under their mortgage and then kept changing their mind). I can recommend the caravan on site option. Stay optimistic, there's always a way forward. p.s. don't be tempted to drink cheap whisky to save money, that's definitely a false economy.
  2. We also have an open plan kitchen / diner / living area, think of it as 3 quadrants of a 10mx10m square. BPC recommended two extracts in the kitchen, one in the corner and one between the hob (which has an overhead recirculating extractor) and oven wall. All my extracts have double runs of duct, the combined kitchen extract rate at boost is over 30l/s. While this sounds excessive, looks like I needed the additional capacity if only to balance the supply - this was my main challenge in tuning the system last week (we have extracts in each bathroom and utility, but lots of single duct supply vents in all other rooms, inc basement). I was doing some griddle cooking at the weekend and things got a touch smokey, even with the MVHR is boost, it was not clearing quick enough so I resorted to opening a few windows - which goes to prove that MVHR is designed for background ventilation rather than heavy duty extraction.
  3. I'm just bracing myself for another round trip to Poole to collect the kids from a sailing weekend with scouts. Dropped them down Friday night and that was a 5 hr jaunt. I'm sure they'll be full of appreciation when they see me...
  4. Structural warranty

    i got one (Zurich) from the outset as it's needed if you ever take a mortgage on the property once complete. Was one of of the first things the broker asked for when looking at the market, I'm coming off the ecology self build now that the 2 year redemption period is up. However their value as 'insurance' is questionable - I know NHBC has a terrible reputation for resolving issues.
  5. Cheerio Cassini

    Just watched the post launch deployment video here Fair to say that there will be a few squeaky bums at mission control while all those steps are carried out, a bit far away to call out the repair team as they did for Hubble.
  6. Cost of data network installation

    We were also pretty generous with the Cat 6 cables - we have twin coax and cat patch panels (i.e. two of each) to every bedroom, basement room, more in the living room and loads in the study and media room. They terminate in the loft to a patch panel and I have a 40 port ethernet switch there - only using about 20% of the connections at present (I don't like TVs in bedrooms, they are there for future sale etc) but it's good to have some redundancy in case of failures rather than rely upon one cable and a mux at each end. Only place I forgot to cable was the kitchen/dining area - don't want a TV here but did get a nice Revo internet radio so a wired socket would have been useful. WiFi connection seems to work ok though. Just checked the sparks quote and for 19 dual and 5 quad cat 6 (which makes 58) he charged £2350, so about £40 each which includes all h/w, cable and labour to run and terminate at both ends. Data rack and switch were extra to that.
  7. Before we went down the timber frame route we considered doing basement and house in ICF, however for our design it proved more expensive than a traditional shutter pour basement and TF house on top. We did look into these guys quite deeply and visited a very impressive build they had done - interesting system in that it has floor and roof elements as part of the system.
  8. Enforcement guy came, all very reasonable. As Stones says, we're past the substantially completed stage so it needs to move or go. We've agreed 28 days initially, will stick on Ebay / Gumtree this weekend. Alternative agreement is to move to the side of the house (where there is room) and as long as it sits just behind the build line it qualifies as PD. When empty, they are not that difficult to drag about with a machine so may get the landscaper to do that when he's back on site in a few weeks if there's been no interest. Can't say the neighbour on that side will be happy, but then again I suspect he's the one who complained.....
  9. Cheerio Cassini

    Given that these missions (Philae et all) take decades to come to fruition from concept to actual data, we seem to be living through a mini space exploration golden age. Must check and see what's coming up over the next few years of a similar ilk.
  10. Hope so. Sometimes when the wind catches the container door it slams shut and can jam, takes a while to get open again. Would be terrible to be inside when that happens
  11. Coming in the morning, I suspect they want to ensure that I'm not using it to store my own stuff - just cleared it out this afternoon and as soon as I get some decent photos will stick it on eBay.
  12. We have an interesting solution. Our house was largely completed last summer and we moved in once all services were live, we continue to do bits and pieces internally but the majority of the outstanding work is external landscaping, which has commenced but has a few months left to run. At the start of the build process, we situated a 15ft shipping container - site office combo at the front of our property. It sits behind a large hedge and is not visible from the street apart from when approaching our house (where you can see the doors). We live in a cul-de-sac so no passing traffic but we do have pedestrians and cyclists. We did not explicitly request PP for that (or the caravan that we lived in). Anyway, I've been working up to getting shot of it now as it's essentially empty and I had agreed a sale with another self builder but unfortunately that has just fallen through. A neighbour has obviously complained to the LA as I received a letter back in June from planning enforcement 'encouraging' me to get rid of it as works were complete. I wrote back saying that we still had outstanding work to complete (landscaping) and that it was still in use for storage of build materials & contractor tools plus welfare, setting the expectation that we'd be done by August. There have been some delays and the contractor is not back until start of October. Enforcement have been onto me again, I've updated them on the schedule, and now they're coming out for another look - there are mutterings of needing planning permission for it now, which seems odd to me. In my view, I'm not finished the build so this is still a building site and it's required, but I have no idea of where I stand legally. Honestly, I'm happy to get shot of it and it will be going on eBay / Gumtree asap but I don't want to have to fire-sale it because I have planning breathing down my neck. Any suggestions?
  13. Meeting the whole house rate is my challenge - with a relatively large internal floor area of 343m2, I needed to crank the supply fan to 40% today which feels very high. Once I get the correct measurements, I'm going to reduce it back to 30% in a few weeks to see if theres a noticeable difference in air quality. Question - for rooms in roof, can the effective floor area be reduced due to the reduced room volume? This would help the numbers somewhat. As luck would have it, the only room that ever feels stuffy is our study where we both work (and have laptops, printers etc). I'm getting the lowest readings from this vent - it is on the opposite side to the house to the MVHR but on the GF so not the longest run but must have the most bends in the run compared to others. On our distribution box, 10 ducts terminate at the front side and four at the rear, these rear ones introduce an additional sharpish bend to the duct. I didn't pay too much attention as to which duct went where but now wising that I'd checked to put the shorter runs to the rear where the additional bend would not make much difference. Something I could possibly change in the future if needs be. Next challenge is balancing the extract which initially was about 20% less than supply at normal speed. Just to ensure that my maths are correct, I'm using a vane type anemometer and the cone I've constructed completely covers the measuring head. Do I use the internal area of the measuring tool (dia is 57mm) or the internal area of the cone where it meets the tool (dia about 65mm)?
  14. Was just about to start my second round of testing and stumbled on this thread - thanks @JSHarris as ever One question, we fitted two extracts to our kitchen, one equidistant between the hob and ovens (which are opposite each other) and one in the corner - this was advised by BPC so I went with it. As it is, both are giving me just over 14l/s at boost (50% fan speed).