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  1. Well given the relative population of each region, that's always going to be the case, isn't it? However a NI border poll / Scottish independence vote will be self contained and a hard Brexit makes each much more likely in the coming years. Won't be much of a UK left then.
  2. You might as well light matches in a dry forest and when asked to stop say 'are you going to give into the threat of fire..?' The GFA is an international peace treaty lodged in the UN - the difficult compromise that was made to secure peace between two (or maybe three) seemingly intractable sides was to allow each side to live to their chosen identity - a practically invisible border was key to that. A hard border will need secured, security needs installations which need protecting. The protectors become targets so they need protecting too etc.. and we're back where we started Reimposing the border gives those who have a bent for political violence, and whose community support has been next to non existent for the last 20 years renewed vigour and they and get to seduce another generation who have no memory of the previous conflict - same thing happened in the late 60s - the architects of that were veterans of the 40s and 50s. Then the other side weigh in and we're back to the tit for tat misery that ran a good 30 years last time. This was all articulated ahead of the referendum and unsurprisingly NI voted to remain.
  3. The whole Brexit shenanigan reminds me of the apocryphal tale of lost town folk asking an old man in the countryside for directions to a local landmark. After much sucking of teeth and head scratching he says...'Ah, well, thing is....I wouldn't start from here...' Pre referendum, outside of the pro/anti EU factions of the Conservative party, I doubt that many UK people gave much thought to being in or out of the EU and the impact on their daily lives. However when asked the simplistic 'In or Out?' question in the referendum, they were able to project what ever hopes or grievances (however accurate or misplaced) on the question and vote accordingly, leaving the knotty issue of how to deliver the result to the politicians. We've now arrived at the point where the result can be delivered with the minimum of economic impact but also minimum political satisfaction for those who voted for it or vice versa, or cancelled altogether (assuming there is a repeat of the referendum to give sufficient 'will of the people' arse coverage) - take your pick. There's a good reason why simplistic referendum where the implementation has not been figured out are rarely a good idea. Compare this with the Good Friday agreement where the agreed compromise, significant warts and all, was the proposition put to the people north and south and the resounding endorsement generated the political capital to implement the detailed provisions within. No-one was able to claim afterwards ' this isn't the agreement I voted for'. Can you imagine how that would have played Brexit style? Lets have a simplistic vote first and then figure out how to placate both sides, prisoner releases, decommissioning, political structures etc...
  4. Bitpipe

    What a difference a nail makes.....

    I got quite a bit on eBay (UFH mats, latex, tanking kits, MPDE fittings etc..) on eBay and got VAT receipts from them all.
  5. Bitpipe

    Resin bound

    Ah - doubt they'd go that far, seem to be Berkshire based.
  6. Bitpipe

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    On closer inspection, maybe not. The policy start date has been set to Aug 1st 2016, when they believe we occupied (was actually a month later but that's immaterial). The legal completion date is 6th Sep 2018 according to BCO. This is relevant as there are two parts to the policy, a 2 year defects indemnity (where they cover cost if trade has ceased to trade) and the 8 year structural insurance. They only issue policy when building is signed off as complete so how on earth can they backdate to exclude the first part of their policy (which would never have been able to claim). Will see what broker says...
  7. Bitpipe

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    Ah well, they issued the warranty - luckily I had not mentally spent the premium yet!
  8. I would worry about the humidity from the pool damaging the AV equipment... never mind that it looks horrific.
  9. Current joy is weeding two front areas prior to turfing & then getting level with soil.. Last week's job was hand placing 5 jumbo bags of white cobbles to the space between wall and house. God knows what next weekend brings...
  10. Bitpipe

    Proper shears to cut 25mm MDPE?

    +1 I've even cut 32mm MPDE with these cheaper ones (which I bought for cutting UFH pipe)
  11. There's also that bittersweet feeling when you finish a job, after really getting into it and overcoming the initial procrastination. Then you have to start the next one... BTW, even though our house is now signed off and we've been in it over 2.5 years, the jobs keep coming....
  12. Bitpipe

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    When MBC did our joists, pretty much every hole going into the pozi itself was filled with a twisty nail. On the wall plate there was a continuous line of nails but not doubled up. I know this because I needed to move a couple of short joists to make space for waste pipes and they were a pain to remove! Nails are short so 2-3 bangs per nail usually does it.
  13. The spreadsheet provided in the main VAT thread is excellent and matches the HMRC forms - you get about 36 invoices per sheet so breaks it up into manageable chunks. There's no real requirement to follow any particular order - I did mine in date order (more or less) but main thing is that the order of receipts matches the order of the table. TBH, the amounts involved are not huge (I claimed about £15 on a £600k+ build) so doubt it's much of a money making scheme for HMRC..
  14. Jeez, I had 180 and it took ages to sort, itemise, copy, type and then bind. Good luck!