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    Project – Unmodernised 1960s semi-detached with new extension, 75sq.m. -> 130sq.m. 80% COMPLETE

    Location – South Manchester

    Foundations – Depressingly traditional. Strip footings with NEW: 150mm concrete slab over 100mm EPS and 100mm PIR, OLD: suspended timber floor.

    Construction – Brick & block, 100mm cavity, wool batts, Pitched cold roof with concrete tiles and 300mm glass wool insulation (eventually)

    Glazing - generic 2G uPVC, 2g Alu bifold and 2 composite doors.

    Heating - Gas central heating from Baxi 33kW combi boiler with uncommissioned ground floor UFH in extension.

    Hot water - Same Baxi gas combi boiler

    Ventilation - Nada

    Utilities - Existing supplies to house. Completely re-plumbed and electrical re-wire in 2015 before extension project

    Water - Mains (supply and sewage)

    Renewables - Nada.

    Finishes - Floor tiles and engineered wood.

    Other - Extensive landscaping required on 250sq. m garden and future DIY timber frame man cave.
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  1. Lovely lovely. Being quoted £90-£120 per sq m for decking structure and fitting the decking I have previously bought. (£40 per sq m) ?
  2. That doesn’t look so bad apart from the colour scheme which is unfortunately not a crime. I think you have a reasonable claim that it may not be within the permitted development rules but I don’t think it’s clear cut. I’ve just built a bigger log cabin at the bottom of my garden and from my point of view I’ve tried to make it as less conspicuous as possible and I’ve followed the PD rules but if someone just doesn’t like it then there nothing they can do about it. I hope the council do get round to checking so you know where you stand either way and that they start acting more reasonably. A small extension to the top of the fence might be a good start in lessening the impact of their cabin.
  3. Planners are busy so will take time to get out and visit the neighbour after they’ve sent them a letter. To be honest it doesn’t look that tall compared to the 6 foot high fence and the photos from your upstairs exaggerate the effect somewhat. Along with the different ground levels, they could easily get the benefit of the doubt over this development and not have to make any changes. I’d be more concerned about their behaviour which won’t be planning but environment health(?). Speak to them and report your findings from the diary you’re keeping. Looking ahead positively, it won’t get resolved tomorrow but in time the council will get round to looking at it. There’s a football tournament on and there are still massive restrictions on young people socialising so hopefully their behaviour will be better in more normal times and once the novelty of the garden room wears off. Also it may be a good call to increase the height of the fence a little to give you a bit more privacy.
  4. Getting an electrician will add at least £500 to the cost. Ring (or similar) ftw.
  5. Could put it on the smoke alarm circuit ?
  6. Prime Day so Ring alarms are going cheap. More looking at alarms for my new shed than anything but could cover the house and shed via my mesh WiFi. Run out of space in my consumer unit ? so not sure I can have a traditional house alarm. May just stump for something like a Ring system + a cheap shed alarm with sounder for the shed.
  7. Sorry, our noise is not that bad in the grand scheme of things so we’ve just put up with it! The bit of ceiling still needs completely replacing, one day…
  8. Homes under the hammer is a bigger BBC scandal than Jimmy Saville and Martin Bashir put together. Thousands of episodes of fantasy, peddling bullshit to fools ill-equipped to be landlords and property speculators.
  9. You know when someone is popping over or due round soon and you tell them you’ll put the kettle on, what do you say when you have an instant hot water tap?
  10. I grew mixed salad greens in these last year, went to seed and these have shoot up this spring - approx 25cm tall! (Squirrels may or may not have his stuff in there as well) I pulled a lone one out and it has a long central root rather than typical many stranded plant roots. Leaves taste a little sweet. What is it? Chard? Radish?
  11. Any good? Been offered a shed that although described to me as a metal shed looks very much like a Palram shed. Should be plastic with a ally frame so not a condensation nightmare.
  12. They've mostly come up ok, not flowered yet though.
  13. I've bought a cordless lawn mower https://www.radmoretucker.co.uk/shop/garden-machinery/cordless-garden-tools-and-accessories/cordless-garden-tools/makita-dlm382ct2-twin-18v-lxt-cordless-lawnmower-38cm-kit/ There's a makita promo for 2 extra 5Ah batteries so I'll probably sell these to get some money back and I can use the mower batteries in my drill/driver when I need to supplement the 3ah I have.
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