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    Project – Unmodernised 1960s semi-detached with new extension, 75sq.m. -> 130sq.m. 80% COMPLETE

    Location – South Manchester

    Foundations – Depressingly traditional. Strip footings with NEW: 150mm concrete slab over 100mm EPS and 100mm PIR, OLD: suspended timber floor.

    Construction – Brick & block, 100mm cavity, wool batts, Pitched cold roof with concrete tiles and 300mm glass wool insulation (eventually)

    Glazing - generic 2G uPVC, 2g Alu bifold and 2 composite doors.

    Heating - Gas central heating from Baxi 33kW combi boiler with uncommissioned ground floor UFH in extension.

    Hot water - Same Baxi gas combi boiler

    Ventilation - Nada

    Utilities - Existing supplies to house. Completely re-plumbed and electrical re-wire in 2015 before extension project

    Water - Mains (supply and sewage)

    Renewables - Nada.

    Finishes - Floor tiles and engineered wood.

    Other - Extensive landscaping required on 250sq. m garden and future DIY timber frame man cave.
  • Location
    South Manchester

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  1. Having checked the manual for my dishwasher, the quick programme use lower temperatures and fewer cycles than the ECO programme so I find it hard to believe that it uses more energy. However it is not a full wash so you have to manage what we put in it. I typically run a full programme weekly or so if we are having something like fish.
  2. We like to run the dishwasher quick and early so the kids can put the dishes away before they go to bed 👌
  3. You are an absolute hero/saint. ”people” as in those ***** I live with. Here it’s “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO has done x/y/z”. My mother in law is like that with towels.
  4. Well no one has died or burned down yet #winning
  5. Unless the leaders get punctures again, the spreadsheet is probably more interesting. At least I can’t watch it.
  6. Have you nothing better to do on a Sunday morning? 😂 Its lovely in Manchester, is it not in Scotland? I have cleared a drain thats been blocked with a lump of concretey crap for 2 years (grim) and jet washed a path and now I smell like a blocked drain 🤢 So, this spreadsheet ....
  7. That’s quite extreme and I don’t think you are any more typical (well maybe 😆) than AliG with his swimming pool. IIRC you live (by choice) in a small house - that’s a great way of limiting consumption. Unfortunately in anything bigger it just runs away from you. And it must be an allegory for many things. I bet you don’t have a fridge freezer, wine cooler and refrigerated drinks machine (😬) . Nor 3 small streaming speakers (5W on standby). Low consumption is a philosophy about more than just low energy appliances. And something, as AliG finds, you need obedient/faithful followers in a family situation. We increased a 75m2 house up to about 130m2 and filled it with more shit nobody needs. And when the riveting subject of energy costs comes up, I *think* we’re relatively reasonable here but it would drive me (even more) insane time seriously attempt to change behaviours or maintain a serious low consumption regime. Where do you stand on cordless devices? Losses via batteries and devices permanently on charge and empty chargers permanently plugged in even when devices are in use. Plenty of boys and their 20 toys for LXT batteries here.
  8. Thanks, I’ll come back to you in summer 2022 😆 I’m not sure it was a question, more a desperate cry for help. We’ve certainly come a long way from the picture in my profile (not the avatar 😬) but it’s basic utility not planned.
  9. standard water filters are charcoal to take the chlorine out but that scale one is 'polyphosphate', claims to be some sort of IX material. I dunno, I'm not a process engineer.
  10. Surely one of these in a standard 10" filter housing will do the job? https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/22004755961?iid=233339449058 I need to get a charcoal filter for water taste anyway.
  11. United Utilities are telling me my water is Moderately Soft with a hardness Clarke of 4.69
  12. My supply is nearer 15m away from the boiler.