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    Project – Unmodernised 1960s semi-detached with new extension, 75sq.m. -> 130sq.m. 80% COMPLETE

    Location – South Manchester

    Foundations – Depressingly traditional. Strip footings with NEW: 150mm concrete slab over 100mm EPS and 100mm PIR, OLD: suspended timber floor.

    Construction – Brick & block, 100mm cavity, wool batts, Pitched cold roof with concrete tiles and 300mm glass wool insulation (eventually)

    Glazing - generic 2G uPVC, 2g Alu bifold and 2 composite doors.

    Heating - Gas central heating from Baxi 33kW combi boiler with uncommissioned ground floor UFH in extension.

    Hot water - Same Baxi gas combi boiler

    Ventilation - Nada

    Utilities - Existing supplies to house. Completely re-plumbed and electrical re-wire in 2015 before extension project

    Water - Mains (supply and sewage)

    Renewables - Nada.

    Finishes - Floor tiles and engineered wood.

    Other - Extensive landscaping required on 250sq. m garden and future DIY timber frame man cave.
  • Location
    South Manchester

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  1. I’m going to join @scottishjohn in trying to get this thread locked again and ask something. I cannot understand how there is a large body of the British public who are supposedly pro-EU but domestically support a “Evil Tory Cuts/anti-austerity/save the NHS” agenda. How? The EU is run by a bunch of fundamentalists whose actions would make Rees Mogg blush. So how can people be cheering them and jeering Mogg and his ilk? The EU’s recent record is to align everyone with their, er, ‘sensible Northern European outlook’, whether that suits them or quite clearly in many cases not. They make Thatcher look like Mother Teresa. HTF?
  2. daiking

    Buying a house

    Doesn’t say much when it has been posited on here a few times that we, as householders, get dodgy tradesmen because the ‘good’ ones work for developers
  3. I ❤️ this piece in the Indy https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/comment/brexit-scare-stories-ashoka-mody-imf-bank-of-england-mervyn-king-economics-trade-a8670416.html
  4. But most people slated the architect and ‘trickle down’, lol.
  5. Interesting how we all display our prejudices so openly. For the avoidance of doubt, the client gets not even a shred of sympathy from me pure on the basis of what he does to steal a living.
  6. daiking

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    That should be on T-shirts
  7. daiking


    The Lizard people have seen your posts on buildhub and are subliminally keeping you subdued.
  8. daiking

    Inspection Camera

    Er... cable rods?
  9. Best thing we did when we lived in a very very cold house. We still use it in our normal temperature (I.e. cool) house now. Could put it on a timer so you don’t forget.
  10. daiking

    Let there be (more) light...

    Thanks. The current fitting is that configuration but only 3 lamps not 5 and they are much smaller lamps. We have a 3 lamp Ikea Basisk elsewhere in the house and are considering using something like that. The lamps do face down but can be angled away from a direct shine.
  11. I have a room approx 3x3m ceiling 2.4m high. It has a single central light fitting. This has 3 mini globe 5w LED bulbs. The room is east facing and struggle for natural light but it also used when it is dark. Whilst the current light fitting is more than adequate for normal use, it is not bright enough for my wife to use for work. She offers a variety of treatments. For the really fiddly stuff she uses a magnifying led light visor but for more general stuff the room light is not bright enough. Her clients will often be laying down looking at the ceiling (and light) She needs a simple retrofit light fitting that is quite a bit brighter than the current one that does not blind her clients but doesn’t want to turn what is supposed to a relaxed environment into a dental examination room. I have looked at retrofit LED single panel lights in the order of 24W but am unsure if it will be both, not bright enough for the whole room and too bright for the person lying down. A freestanding light would be a PITA but some wall mounted uplights might be possible (with trailing wall wires). what sort of lighting should I be looking for?
  12. daiking

    Mobile Garden Room

    I’m going to be all over this next year to plan a garden room. Location, construction, features, everything is up for grabs at the moment just needs to meet PD.
  13. Brexit is not turning out quite like I expected. No news yet on when my wife will be deported . I've packed her bags and everything...