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    Project – Unmodernised 1960s semi-detached with new extension, 75sq.m. -> 130sq.m. 80% COMPLETE

    Location – South Manchester

    Foundations – Depressingly traditional. Strip footings with NEW: 150mm concrete slab over 100mm EPS and 100mm PIR, OLD: suspended timber floor.

    Construction – Brick & block, 100mm cavity, wool batts, Pitched cold roof with concrete tiles and 300mm glass wool insulation (eventually)

    Glazing - generic 2G uPVC, 2g Alu bifold and 2 composite doors.

    Heating - Gas central heating from Baxi 33kW combi boiler with uncommissioned ground floor UFH in extension.

    Hot water - Same Baxi gas combi boiler

    Ventilation - Nada

    Utilities - Existing supplies to house. Completely re-plumbed and electrical re-wire in 2015 before extension project

    Water - Mains (supply and sewage)

    Renewables - Nada.

    Finishes - Floor tiles and engineered wood.

    Other - Extensive landscaping required on 250sq. m garden and future DIY timber frame man cave.
  • Location
    South Manchester

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  1. I thought this was q. Interesting https://jalopnik.com/this-tesla-model-x-has-driven-over-400-000-miles-here-1841761190
  2. So... This needs looking at again, I was thinking a small-ish (600x300) LED panel flush mounted in the ceiling, about 4000K in colour and must be dimmable. Is that going to be a simple swap for what is just traditional ceiling light to a 1 gang switch? I've been looking at some panels and when you can find a dimmable one, the configuration of dimmers and drivers has confused me, totally.
  3. I’m guessing this job wasn’t completed this afternoon... #lazy
  4. hence why I edited to suggest something you can push 😝
  5. Magnet on a string? pretty sure my electrician poles have a magnetic end effector... or is it the usb endoscope camera... 🤔
  6. Let’s hope it’s successful as Gigafactory 2 👍
  7. Lol, we should have a barn box thread. bit late to get mine out of the shed though
  8. Don’t spoil the narrative. Has Elon built all the other factories he was supposed to build yet?
  9. I am going long on popcorn. I’m less certain of my previous prediction but just can’t see where all the money is. late edit: I was talking about Tesla not B****t
  10. It’s the slugs and spiders I’m worried about.
  11. I’ve had some osb sheets in my shed for a couple of years. I need something to make some shelves in the loft... Do I run the risk of bringing a garden bug infestation into the house if I use them? should I just buy some clean cheap sheet material instead?
  12. that looks like it would fit but at £20/m he can go and do one.
  13. I honestly expected this to the most common rubber profile available seeing that its just a cheap composite door. Those cheap knock offs you see advertised everywhere.