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  1. Missing Post - MBC Review

    I didn’t even read the whole thread in question - it’s not like I’m going to be build a timber frame house, ever. However, @ryder72 has a larger footprint on Internet forums and I have read his (her?) posts elsewhere, typically on kitchen matters. They have always seemed balanced and reasonable as I have no doubts the post on here was from someone who has clearly spent a long time on the contractor end of the client/contractor relationship. It would be a terrible shame if this turned into a witch hunt against the poster or anyone else who wanted to share their less than glowing experiences.
  2. SIPS Garden Office for 3k?

    I’m not going to get a ‘van down a 2m gap plus would need a load of work to bring it up to SIP standard wouldn’t it?
  3. SIPS Garden Office for 3k?

    You could build it to full BR house standards for that money although I doubt they are. Having spent a while on BH, I am quite sure that something shed like can easily be achieved (mostly self built) for not much money. I am looking for something closer to house standard and I don’t intend on spending much more.
  4. SIPS Garden Office for 3k?

    I'm not here yet, nowhere near... But a Friday thought. I'm wondering about future size and placement of a garden office/room because of garden landscaping due soon. Anyway, I would be looking at a wooden structure next to a boundary so under permitted development I am limited to 15 sq. m. Ok I suppose I can live with that. I made an assumption that by the time you have external cladding, 100mm thick frame, 25mm IWI, some sort of board finish, even if ply/osb with surface mounted service you're looking at a 200mm wall thickness (for argument sake). With a typical 3m x 5m build, that wall thickness would steal 20% of the floor space! Giving me only 12 sq. m inside when 15 would be better. Which leaves 3 options* to improve the situation: 1. Reduce the wall thickness whilst trying to achieve similar thermal performance to 100mm cheap in frame insulation and 25mm PIR internal** 2. Make it 'non-combustible'. Any idea what thickness I would be looking at for similar thermal performance? Single skin block + Int or Ext insulation? Sounds like it would be thicker to me... 3. Move it 1m from the boundary. Simplest solution but the garden is not that large... *A square or even circular shed would generate no meaningful increase in internal area **This thermal performance has been plucked from the ether.
  5. Don't let new Dyson anywhere near house building dust either. Keep it in the box till the new house is spotless. I need to look at fixing my dyson.
  6. Must... resist... broomstick jokes....
  7. Floor tiling question

    Please tell me more about this cleaning and then sealing grout as mine are manky. They were never sealed and my wife floods them, sorry, 'mops' them on a regular basis.
  8. How do I turn off the unread content filter

    @Construction Channel it’s always been like that on my phone. but if you click on the activity tab in the top left corner it sends you to the all activity list which is I think what you want? otherwise you need to go in the filters and change from unread to everything.
  9. Floor tiling question

  10. Security is not a dirty word...

    View from hiuse looking down garden toward toward the ‘point’. Low fence to neighbour and low chain link fence to the right (stream).
  11. Security is not a dirty word...

    There is a security light above the doors, not that is any help during the daytime like today but it stopped working after a couple of months so maybe I should get on with fixing that... basic plot plan plan to see the issues. Lots of glass/doors and whilst the street is quiet, unseen access from the rear (don’t snigger) is possible from the stream/other properties. @Ferdinand no keys it’s the kids playroom so it always looks like the aftermath of a burglary anyway.
  12. Security is not a dirty word...

    I’m looking for a deterrent to make us look as least as secure as any of the neighbours so a working alarm covering the ground floor would be a start. whilst also being conscious that the French doors are a weakness as they are out of sight so potentially would like some video coverage of this area. we’re getting the drive laid in the spring so will get some gates to prevent easy access from the front. We’re at the end of a cul de sac so get little passing traffic and can’t do much about the fences at the moment.
  13. I’ve adopted a rather blasé attitude to security over the past 3 years. A statistical approach based upon not having cars that make us a target and hiding in plain sight with a house that looked like the one on street with an old sofa and fridge in the garden. I’ve come home today after the house has only been empty a couple of hours to find some things moved in the garden. My kids deny doing it and my 6 year old (not exactly a reliable witness) tells me that one of the things was not in its current position this morning. So better late than never, eh? When we moved in, the house had an alarm but whenever it got powered up it just triggered so we’ve had it switched off for 3 years. There are 4 PIRs downstairs in parts of the original house, the big box under the stairs and the control in the hallway but that was ‘destroyed’ during building works. So anyway, as it stands I have space for an alarm panel under the stairs and existing cabling (which I think is 6 core?) to 4 PIR sensors downstairs and an alarm box on the front of the house. I would need more sensors (wireless?) for other parts of the house (downstairs extension) and any door sensors. Cctv is a whole other kettle of fish I have yet to get into. So, WTF is the gen on the stuff I need to know before I speak to an alarm clown, sorry, installer?
  14. Floor tiling question

    *cough* pvc/aluminium profile trims *cough* bodge.com