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  1. daiking

    New Privacy Rules

    I have 60+ online bookmaker and casino accounts and I rely on their emails for profitable promotion. This may take some time... Some of my friends probably have 10x that, lol.
  2. daiking

    She's BOUGHT a...

    There’s an obvious answer to 2 of those problems... Just how friendly are you with your relatives and neighbours?
  3. daiking

    Garden Lighting

    Yes please
  4. I can only assume Jeremy is talking about adding brewed tea to milk. Not tea bag and hot water into milk. :yuk:
  5. So its the step change at the addition of the milk that drops the line below that of the tea into milk. Presumably for any given amount of milk at a fixed temperature, the temp delta from mixing into a hotter liquid is the same, whether the starting liquid is 100deg or 80 deg? Mixing 2 liquids of different temp is a simple linear relationship? btw, I 'warm the pot' every morning for my in car coffee and anyone in an office environment suffering a lack of a kettle for true boiling water must surely warm their mug if they expect any semblance of tea out of the bag.
  6. Whilst I'm ok with the principle, I'll be honest, I never understood why they don't equalise their rates of cooling at the point they reach the same temperature (but never too bothered enough to try to experiment). Can you share the charts? (Similarly I have heard it said that you shold use boiled water for ice cubes as it freezes quicker...)
  7. daiking

    Digger Kit

    Not sure but I know at work we’re buying a small one, stripping it back to chassis and hydraulics and then running it remotely in a 5m deep pond
  8. I can date my long term indigestion problem back to 2008 and the birth of my first child... brining this vaguely back on track, becoming immersed in your ‘build’, devoting every spare hour to it will mess up your diet and whilst the amount of physical activity may mask your bad diet for a while, you can’t, won’t out run it. Not that I can blame anyone but I am addicted to sugar. It is incredibly hard to come off it. Most days I would kill for a bucket of shreddies and half a gallon of milk. That shit is lethal.
  9. daiking

    Dishwasher repair

    Crikey. Remind self to buy dishwasher cleaner and descaler...
  10. ^ This. I’ve had to dig out an old Roberts radio I’ve had for 20 years to listen to sport. I prefer to keep the BBC’s crap off my phone so I use a radio station app instead. Radioplayer or Tunein. They’re compatible with the Sonos but work on the phone to listen to much more than just the bbc.
  11. I actually found a good one last night, it was a mittenwalder jäger dunkel.
  12. Bugger, I forgot someone bought me a nice bourbon so it’s 8 all told...
  13. They're not unwanted, I just need to build up some dutch courage. Its the 7 bottles (ffs) of Scotch I'm struggling with...
  14. Know the feeling, I bought a couple of cheap cases of random mixed beers off an Internet supplier. I’ve drink all the decent ones and I’m left with half a dozen Russian/Double imperial stouts type beers that are all 7-8%