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  1. We had a Luxair - vented out. Very powerful, we had a spare grease filter so we could wash one whilst the other was in use.
  2. Hi and welcome. That looks like an old quarry tile that has been cut down. Do you have any better pics?
  3. Lots of BMs, Wickes etc are purposely not displaying stock levels. I got a call from my local Jewsons on Monday to say they had had a delivery and had got 5 bags for me (max 5 bags per customer per week lol) when I collected late on Tuesday there were three and a half pallets in the back. Website has not shown any stock since before the Pandemic. I have been lucky / shopped around and travelled a bit to get my 48 bags over the past 4 weeks, I now have enough for my plasterer, and fingers crossed he will be finished this week.
  4. A lot of the Wickes stores are getting 2 or 3 deliveries per week - a lot of them are not even updating the stock situation on the website. Wickes Stoke had a 500+ bag delivery yesterday - when the website displayed 97 bags left the store staff announced that there was none left - apart from the pallet in the back that had they had been told to keep for the Kitchen fitters. The large queue of people were not happy. A lot of the BMs are getting deliveries, once delivered it is going straight out to the big sites. I have been told that BG are having issues with packaging which is adding to the delays.
  5. I think the lower part of the door needs to be safety glass - laminated or toughened - not sure on the height
  6. Local Wickes had a delivery today - it was a bit chaotic, managed to get 15 bags, quite a few people were very disappointed as they didnt get any.
  7. I have a Combi and very good water pressure - if someone flushes the toilet, I get a small decrease in flow (which does not marr the showering experience) but no noticeable temperature variation at all. Shower is a Grohe 1000, Boiler is Vaillant Ecotec 831+
  8. Wickes have been having Multi Finish deliveries all week - mostly to Scotland / up north or south coast / London I check it every few hours every day as I am desperate for 36 bags. The closest store that had stock today was about 35 miles away - I watched the stock deplete from over 200 bags to 5 in less than 30 mins.
  9. My loft hatch is adjacent to a bedroom door, so to use the ladder you need to open the bedroom door
  10. Can you drill the hole into the soil pipe then rotate it so its higher up?
  11. I used Dritherm 32 in 100mm cavity - if you shop around and buy in bulk you can get good deals. "Gulp" I just did a quick google - the prices have shot up from last year.
  12. I have quite a few Makita LXT tools and a big ish corded SDS drill. - I rate them. I once got told by a chap who worked in a tool sales and repair place that Makita tools had fewer returns and repairs than other brands. I have had a couple of good deals from passiontec - my impact driver was over £30 cheaper than anyone else and it was shipped from Germany in three days.
  13. There are a few fast drying screeds out there = we used Cemfloor and are very happy with it.
  14. I also have an intrest in this question, I have a room that is just under 2.4m wide so if I put the boards with the joist, is there any point in staggering the boards as it would create unsupported joints. Also if you board the ceiling first, then the walls, do you need perimeter noggins as the ceiling boards will rest on the wall boards?