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  1. Batten spacing looks like it is out - starts about the 6th row down, and then its out again further down. Do you have any photos before it was tiled? Are the gutters level? The ridge of the gable looks level so I see no reason why the tiles should not be level. When I did mine I used a few pieces of batten as spacers (all cut to the same length) so the battens were all equally spaced apart from the top row.
  2. Shop around for much better prices - My Grohe frame and Euro pan - came as a complete kit for just around £325 from a local bathroom shop less than 12 months ago, I am happy with it. I would fit a wall hung basin (or semi pedestal basin) if fitting a wall hung toilet on the same wall as it looks like you are building the wall out. I have used Abacus boards in my wet areas only (plus the kst adhesive, tanking kit and no leaks tape kit) - I like it and would use it again - I got it all for a very good price in the sale from Rubber Duck Bathrooms - (it was all delivered straight from Abacus) - I got my stainless steel washers cheap from ebay.
  3. Use a rubber joint as @Vijay has pointed out - about a tenner from most places.
  4. I cant really compare to others, I have had Virgin since it was dial up (CableInet) This was a test I just ran on mine:
  5. Do this ^^^ On our extension we took out a large area of the existing floor so we could insulate in properly - the hall has the old uninsulated floor - the difference is night and day.
  6. I have 5 solar Velux working from a single remote - it is the digital version with a screen, I have a few different programs set up to do different things. I bought the digital version from Ebay as Velux no longer sell them - they are now selling for around £100 but I only paid £25 for it, Velux are pushing the phone / tablet app version that requires a hub box or the climate control box. I do believe that you can pair the "Standard" open / close button remote to a number of windows - I have never used mine (I have 5 spare) Also I originally had 4 solar windows and 1 standard as we didn't think we would be opening it much - I bought the kit to convert it to solar - easy to do and the cost is about the same as paying the extra for the solar version.
  7. When I did mine, I used small pieces of timber fixed to the sides of the joists / rafters to stop the PIR being pushed too far - this is especially helpful where you have a long length of PIR butted up against another piece of PIR. I then foam filled (expanding foam - use a proper gun) any small gaps. I then taped over all joints with foil tape straight onto the rafters / adjoining PIR. I would not tape any cut sides that are being pushed between timbers as it would not grip as well.
  8. Some of mine were a bit bowed, some a bit curved - I sent a few back to be re pressed as metal fixings were not all the way in.
  9. Question for boiling tap owners: Do you need somewhere to place the cup or pan whilst filling it with boiling water? We are considering a Quooker flex tap, the sink that we are planning to get is 700mm wide and 250mm deep - the only tap hole is in the middle so 350mm from either side of the sink / drainer. So if filling a cup or a pan we will need to hold it in one hand (weight could be an issue if a big pan) or place it in the bottom of the sink which would be quite a bit higher than the tap, so would you consider that to be an issue? The only other option is to modify the sink so that the tap hole is close to the drainer so that the cup / pan can be placed there when filling.
  10. I fitted mine against an outside wall is a narrow cloakroom about 1 meter wide and built a timber frame around it so wall thickness was not a concern. Looking at the spec sheet it looks like it shows a minimum of 145/165mm if using a 110mm diameter waste.
  11. I cannot comment on brands of toilets, we have recently fitted a Grohe (Rapid XL Frame and Euro pan) and an Ideal Standard Close Coupled Aquablade toliet - both of which we are really happy with. The two large shower trays we fitted were from Traymate uk - we ditched the included wastes and used McAlpine. The Shower glass (two enclosures) was from Kudos (I think) - 10mm glass - very happy with them. The Vanity units are from various suppliers. We fitted 3 mixer taps - first two Bristan and then one Hansgrohe (all about the same price) - I would choose Hansgrohe if doing again
  12. QS Supplies messed us about a bit - some stuff we ordered from QS came from another retailer (Ideal Bathrooms) - Returns were a nightmare. We got our Grohe frame and pan as a complete kit from a local bathroom showroom - it was on special offer, and cheaper than anywhere else.
  13. Reginox Amanzi 3-in-1 Instant Hot Water Tap in Chrome | Costco UK
  14. I used Abacus Elements stuff - boards, tape compound, neoprene collars etc