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  1. wozza

    Fan Recommendations with Trickle Setting

    It is a 240v version - taken from installation instructions: iCONstant fans require a 90-264V 50/60Hz supply Bump as I am also interested in this.
  2. wozza

    Spend a Penny

    My Nan always used the phrase, "Spend a Penny" I have received a few quotes for the extension we are building, one quote that we got reminded me of my Nan and how she always used to say that phrase. The quote is for the ground works and is estimated to take 5 weeks. Now I know that prices have increased, inflation has risen, people have to earn a living, etc but I almost spat out my tea as I read this particular quote. If 3 blokes were on the job and they each pooped twice a day - that would be £8.16 a poop! Wonder what my nan would say to that? A local company has quoted me £22 a week for a construction Portaloo.
  3. Just thinking outside the box, Could the garage be insulated under the block and beams?
  4. wozza

    noise from appliance waste

    If its gurgling when the WM and DW are draining then its probably air being drawn through the trap making the water gurgle. You could try the following: Anti Syphon trap - designed to stop the water being drawn out Mac Valve - uses a "Silicone Valve instead of water Vent the pipework to a soil stack or try a small AAV.
  5. wozza

    noise from appliance waste

    Hi Lizzie, Where is the noise coming from? What type of noise is it? Can you post a video? When the WM and DW draining are they causing the sink waste to gurgle?
  6. wozza

    UFH Options?

    Hi All, Looking for some advice on heating our extension – on the plan, the pink area is the new floor and the green area is the existing floor of around 23 square meters. The house was built in 1983, I do not know if the existing floor is insulated, but would assume not. The new floor will be insulated. We would like to install wet UFH, using our existing gas boiler. So far, I have come up with the following options: 1. D 1 Dig up the existing floor and replace with an insulated floor so the whole floor will be insulated and a typical wet system with screed top can be fitted. This will obviously cost – but I can remove the existing floor myself to reduce costs down. 1 2 Leave existing floor as it is, use low profile over boards to fit the UFH – I have seen a system that uses 10mm pipe so it only raises floor height by 15mm, not ideal but not a massive issue.https://www.nu-heat.co.uk/retrofit-ufh/lopro10/ 1 3 Grind channels for the UFH pipe into the new and old floor for the UFC pipe to be fitted. This would mean no increase in floor height, but heat loss through the existing floor https://www.jk-gb.com/ Does anyone have any other options or thoughts on the above? Does anyone know a rough cost to replace the existing floor with an insulated floor? (23 Square meters) There will be quite a lot of kitchen units fitted (including a large peninsular) – I am assuming that the UFH shouldn’t be fitted under the units?
  7. wozza

    Floating shelf brackets

    How about some extra long coach screws? Wind them in, then cut the head off - or grind a small flat on them so you can use a spanner to wind them in / out. https://www.screwfix.com/c/screws-nails-fixings/coach-screws/cat840476
  8. wozza

    Grand designs live

    If you are going by car, its £16 to park if you pay on the day, or £12 if you pre book!
  9. wozza

    Cutting galvanised steel

    Those discs that PeterW has suggested will cut much better as they are much thinner - be careful when cutting anything galvanised, it is toxic.
  10. wozza

    Fence paint

    I think it looks good, a lighter colour would contrast / stand out more. Like a lot of others have said, its bound to fade to a lighter colour.
  11. wozza


    My advice would be to go on the local planning website and search for recent planning applications near to / around your location - then see who the architects' were and get them to quote you. You are spending a lot of money so get more than two quotes.
  12. wozza

    Cock up? Ideas.....

    Enlite do a E5 that can angled I believe - you could try it and angle it away from the shower head.
  13. wozza

    Kitchen design

    Are you having an American style fridge freezer? your plan shows just a freezer, and in the location it is, you may have trouble opening the doors - the doors on our American Fridge Freezer open quite wide and if you don't open them fully wide you cannot pullout some of the internal drawers correctly. You have plenty of space to the right of the sink? I would definitely do as Lizzie has suggested, take your plan to a few kitchen showrooms, and get them to draw up a plan. I have done this recently and you will be surprised at the different ideas that the planners will come up with.
  14. Thank you, tickets received
  15. wozza

    Garage Conversion

    Thanks Nick. We have got a few builders coming over the next week or so to have a look and give rough quotes etc, will be interesting to compare what they all suggest.