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  1. It seems to be something of an industry standard practice to under solar inverters relative to the power of the solar panels fitted, typically about 25% below the rated max of the panels. For example, I know of an 8 kW panel system facing due south with a 6 kW inverter (feeding home, EV, Powerwall, and grid); while at the other end of the scale (and country) the well-respected, long-established local company who installed my system insisted that a 1.6 kW inverter was the right size for 2.1 kW of panels (also south-facing). Both inverters are current gen Solis. It was explained to me that the smaller inverter would be more efficient when the panel output voltage is lower on cloudy days, which are obviously the norm for most of the time in the UK. But it just bothers me when I see the system output pegged at 1.65 kW with the sun out... When collecting lots of quotes for a larger rooftop project (20 kW) I noted that some installers were specifying undersized inverters and some were not. It tended to be the younger companies who were not. We've picked a company who happen not to be undersizing (on the basis of price per watt of panel, not that they didn't spec an undersized inverter). What do you guys think? Undersizing inverters, yay or nay?
  2. hey, I myself have solar panels and would like to increase my self-consumption. I try to run the dishwasher and washing machine as much as possible when the sun is shining. Now I'm doubting whether to buy a home battery, after some comparison MyGrid seemed interesting to me. This is because you have no installation costs and the system is expandable. What do you think about my consumption at night (fridge, freezer, stand-by consumption) could this be something or are there better ones on the market?
  3. I’ve got a Lux 3600 ACS Inverter with 3x 3.2 Greenlinx batteries system fitted 13/10/22 which I’m well pleased with supplying 98% of my daily use! My last years electricity usage was approximately 6,000.KWH. So I’m not looking to fit solar panels on south facing semi bungalow roof! i’ve had a quotation for fully fitted all certificates using existing inverter. 6xJinko Panels 415 (2.4) kWp @ £ 4,397.00. & 9 Jinko Panels 415 (3.7)kWp @ £5,022.00.
  4. Hello folks My partner and I are three quarters through a self build strawbale house in rural Stirlingshire. We're fully offgrid with solar pv and rainwater harvesting. There's a lot of carpentry involved and I've done most myself, including building a 6 x 4m workshop on site. I've already used Buildhub to find the answers to many questions, and am looking forward to posting my own. Happy to answer any questions on our build.
  5. I love this simple solar thermal kit that really doesn't look to shabby. Conventional ones are a silly price. https://www.solariskit.com/store
  6. I have a 6kW inverter donated by a kind BH member, so I decided to buy more panels today and put it to use as I have had good success with my smaller array using micro inverters. So I decided to setup the bigger inverter so I could connect it to the Wi-Fi etc. however, no dice. It's all hooked up on the AC side, but nothing lights up on the LCD screen - so the question is, do some models not fire up unless the DC side is active? I did plug in a single panel I have in my garage just to show the inverter a non-generating closed circuit, but to no avail. I know my micro inverters, when plugged into the mains, with a PV string attached but no DC generation do nothing, they look dead, you would only get a fault warning LED if the string was generating without AC connected. The inverter manual is a bit poor - Goodwe GW6000D-NS is the model. Thoughts welcome.
  7. Hi being asked for a schematic showing the PV system showing inverter model and rating, for G98 approval. Anyone got a copy of something that has been accepted, that I could use, modify or copy. Many thanks
  8. Hi, does anyone know (for certain) whether retro-fitting battery storage (AC coupled) to an existing Solar PV Installation that benefits from the old FIT requires the installer of the battery to be MCS Certified so as not to compromise the FIT payments? ...or can anyone point me to where it is confirmed either way?
  9. Hi, I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. My interest in these forums is the wealth of knowledge that I can see here specifically regarding Air Source Heat Pumps. I have an interest in some DIY - just lightweight really, however, my real focus is in green energy. We had PV Panels installed around 6 years ago now - 6Kw SolarEdge system located on three aspects of the house - E, S & W, combined with the SolarEdge Optimisers this gives us what appears to be a optimal install given the actual location of the house. In addition, we replaced our ageing gas boiler with a LG Therma V 9Kw R32 Split unit at the beginning of last year. At the moment I am looking at the last years running costs and wondering if the unit has been setup correctly. I'm not entirely convinced that any setup was done by the installer at the time. I look forward to reading more of this forum and chatting with other members! Andrew
  10. Hey Folks, Getting quite close to finally pulling the trigger on this build and of course there the many questions popping up in my head every day, especially after browsing this forum each day! The latest niggle in my head is should we have planned to have solar panels along with our ASHP?! Our 290m2 house will have UFH on the ground floor with rads upstairs. Plumber has quoted a 16kw ASHP with a 300 tank (50 litre buffer tank). Bit of a basic question however what would the PV’s (if we had them) be best utilised for exactly? To simply power the heat pump? Given the plumber has quoted a 16kw pump is it asking a lot for PV’s to power such a pump and therefore would it be cost effective? I have also heard people using solar panels for the hot water only? Whatever the outcome we 100% do not want masses of PV’s on the roof, a couple would be acceptable on the integral garage I think. I will admit I am a little clueless with solar panels and their associated cost to install - any figures would be greatly appreciated. thanks again for your help guys
  11. I’m planning to install a 4kw array of solar panels split between two roofs, one south facing and one west facing. As the FIT is so low I’m planning to install it myself. So the questions are..... Which all black panels are best for the price? As it’s a split system, what sort of inverters do I need? Is there anything else I need to know?
  12. hi all, starting to consider pv panels, wasn't going to bother but now starting to think about it. i had thought that monocrystalline was the best due to % efficiency but am finding that amorphous is better in low light. these are also cheaper and the returns don't seem much different when compared to the purchase costs. i'm not bothered about getting them fitted to get the FiT and would try to use as much as possible of the generation. i did search for monocrystalline but only got two results, therefore could those with more knowledge please advise? i would like to go for 8KW if i'm allowed as looking at sunamp and future proofing with car charging point.
  13. How are solar panels fixed to a roof? I ask because I'd like to buy and install our PV after we have built the roof. I'd like to build the clips / fixing system into the roof at the time we build the roof, rather than dig around in all that expensive insulation and waterproofing after it has been fitted. We are putting the rafters in in the next week or so, and that would be the time to install the anchor points for the panels I have searched YT and found the usual nutcases: Watching most of the videos makes me wince - simple 8mm roofing screws screwed right into the roof with no regard whatever for water ingress. And people carrying heavy weights merrily waltzing around on a steeply pitched roof with absolutely no regard for safety @Construction Channel (he isn't a nutcase) hasn't done his yet, so I can't watch what he's done. Hurry up Ed will you, please? Are there any guidelines for attaching solar panels, any regulations I need to know about ?
  14. Anyone have experience of buying Solar Pv in kit form, for in-roof installation?
  15. Hi all, I was wondering if any of you have come across these solar tiles before? http://www.soleccosolar.com I saw them at the Homebuilding show at the NEC. They appear to be some kind of solar silicone matt stuck on to what looks to be a Marley Eternit Modern Interlocking Concrete tile. Essentially you can have as many or as few as you need to make up your solar requirement. I've spoken to them and had a ballpark quote, if I do my entire south facing roof (200m2) with them, I'll end up with 30Kw of solar for just over £50k. Its important to note that this is the cost with the system installed including Solar Inverter and all cabling etc. They don't do a supply only which is a shame. What are your thoughts? I'm still looking in to the costs of tiling the roof with slates and integrated solar panels as @JSHarris did.
  16. Some of the trees shading our solar pv have now been removed or pollarded. Now I can see better that some of our panels covered in pigeon productions. How to clean them? What do people here do? Our window cleaner offers a service using an extended wand, but his price is £2 per panel for a warm water clean, and for 35 panels that is a lot - even for the 15 or so with pigeon poo it is a lot. Suspect his prices are set for 8 panels on a house roof - ours are effectively on a bungalow roof and easier to reach. My current thought is for some kind of extending telescopic sponge mop following up a hose or power jet spraying an arc to avoid spraying under the tiles. Ideas would be most welcome. Thanks. Ferdinand
  17. New rules will make it easier for people to generate their own power with solar panels, store it in batteries and sell it to the National Grid. They will reduce costs for someone who allows their washing machine to be turned on by the internet to maximise use of cheap solar power on a sunny afternoon. And they will even support people who agree to have their freezers switched off for a few minutes to smooth demand at peak times. Among the first to gain from the rule changes will be people with solar panels and battery storage. At the moment they are charged tariffs when they import electricity into their home or export it back to the grid. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40699986 thougt this may be of interest to some here!
  18. I have a studio[flat] and garage run off the house supply. Solar panels on roof of garage, so solar feeds via its control unit into the studio sub-board. Electrician put in MCB to supply/protect mega ducted underground cable to studio sub-board. There is a lot of potential load here with water heater, mini induction hob, ring main, lights, etc. I have been recommended to have RCBOs in the studio/garage circuits to protect and isolate them individually; tho not for the circuit feeding the solar. I am concerned at the lack of discrimination between MCB in house and RCBOs in studio. What is the preferred option for this sort of circuit?
  19. Hi All Here in N.I. we can currently only connect a maximum of 4kW of PV to the grid. I don't want to go fully off-grid but I do want more than this. Has anyone here heard of or installed a mix of circuits, some supplied only by a PB/battery and some directly by the mains? Thanks
  20. This post appeared on ebuild, and since it is the work of many people, I reproduce it here. It's a shadow of its former self because I can no longer make the links to the comments to which the bullet points refer. Some you win , others you lose. So, because the text without the link is useless, I have deleted some references to the authors. I have not deleted the names of the original authors who registered with us in the hope that they can provide us with a link to relevant material The checklist is not definitive. Over time I will link this checklist to comments on (buildhub and elsewhere) which substantiate the point made. Your comment on this list is particularly valuable because any work done here improves the validity of the list. And so is likely to save you time and, hopefully, money. Heating Checklist Background reading and considerations Fundamentals Get a feel for what you already use Consider applying PHPP to the design to derive a heating requirement Use J S Harris spreadsheet{J, got a link to that for us?, Ian} Play with PeterW's FingerInTheAir MVHR Checker (PeterW#5) { Peter, got a link to that for us?} Heat Calculations Passiv? Do you need heating at all? Look for Thermal Bridges in your design How are you going to manage cooling? Consider Phase Change Material Storage. Stitching ASHP and UFH together On mains gas? No brainer - it's cheapest Cost benefit analysis. KISS Separate out DHW. Use instant water heaters Selling your house on? Higher temperatures needed? We are all getting older Higher lower occupancy rates in the future? Which thermostats to fit? Smart? Analogue? Radiator? It's not easy. But KISS - off the shelf. (jsharris Blog whole entry and discussion ) Underfloor Heating (UFH) DIY or not? End of lay (Nickfromwales#7) Plot the loops out on graph paper (TerryE#12) Best layout (NickfromWales#15) Useful summary (Alphonsox#17, and Nickfromwales commentary on that #27) ) How to deal with the pipes to the manifold before second fix Testing for leaks (declan52 #25) Avoid piping under toilet and sink traps (nickfromwales#29) MVHR By definition, MVHR = air tightness Forget a traditional fireplace, therefore. MVHR wishlist Where to put the vents? (jsharris#10 et seq) Keep pipe runs to a minimum (PeterStark #10) Minimise 90degree bends (PeterStark #1) Insulate all SUPPLY ducting (PeterStark #10) External Vents at least 2m apart (PeterStark #10) External vents slope downward (PeterStark #10) Fitting metal joists? Fit rigid ducting first (PeterStark #10) Supply to living and bedrooms (PeterStark #10) Extract from wet(ish) rooms (PeterStark #10) Mind yer bonfires ( jsharris#3) Location of MVHR unit Noise concerns: fit attenuation boxes (jsharris#11, jsharris#2) Type of ducting Radial design explained (jsharris#6, whole thread worth a read) While you are at it, try this (jsharris#6) Think through the cooling issue (jsharrisblog 38, 03:48, 1andR whole thread, jsharriswhole thread, TerryE, whole thread, hazymat, whole thread ) Bio Mass / Wood burners A cautionary tale (Steamy#1) The British Medical Journal on the subject (Steamy #1) Heat Pumps (ASHP GSHP) What's your heat load going to be? (Steamy#2, DeeJunFan#3) Are they worth it? (jsharris #4) Caution (jsharris as above) ASHP and DWH (jsharris #7) No need for DHW feeds to all rooms (jsharris#13) jsharris blog post(s) (jsharris) but see recent entries (part 41 and elsewhere) in relation to DWH Controls, how? (jsharris blog 38) Run slab from room stat? (jsharrisblog 38, 03:48) How to cool the house? (jsharrisblog 38, 03:48) Solar: Thermal or PV? FIT considerations RHI considerations Which Solar or PV? (Declan52 #1) PV for Hot water (recommended by jsharris, Ed Davies Blog, accessed Jan 2016) *But* consider separating out DHW. Use instant water heaters (jsharris#5) It's (PV) a no-brainer (Nickfromwales#6, jsharris#8)
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