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  1. @bluebellcottage We actually went with buildstore/buildloan for our mortage and we are glad of it, they made the process very simple. Yes the fees are high, especially the 'Additional Security Fee', however by taking some of the stress off our shoulders helped us focus on the build. The advisors are very keyed up on the self build world and know the in's and out's of all the potential issues which may arise. The only negative was a failure to express we would need to show a 10% contingency during our application, I can only assume this was a simply mistake on their behalf however 10% of build costs is rather large! They particularly made the re-mortgage process at the end very simple (I was dreading this part). A potential issue came up with our solicitor during our application which would have stopped any 'day to day' broker with our land ownership. One call to buildloan and they knew exactly what to do from previous experience and all was fixed! If you can afford the fees I suggest to go with them and focus your time on the build to be honest!
  2. I think for the size of the curtain the weight could be an issue although like you say maybe they are worth a try! I think I might go order some now....
  3. Hey Folks, One of the less pressing issues in life but we need curtains! We have a large gable window and wish to hang curtains on the 'bottom half' (5 vertical windows), this issue being we need a fixing in the middle of the span which is 4.30 metres across between the walls, obviously the curtains need support in the middle of this. The only solution I can see is to fix the curtain pole bracket to the reinforcement beam which travels horizontally across the entire span which separates the top and bottom of the gable window. This beam is covered in plastic cover and is made of metal. My question is do you think this is a good idea drilling into this beam? It would only be for 3 screws, I was thinking those self taping techfast screws... I have attached pictures to help explain myself better!
  4. Thanks guys I assume its easy to take the box off? Do you know if the slats can be replaced? The dent is so noticeable from the outside!
  5. Hey folks, So much to my disappointment at the weekend I have noticed my new Hormann Rollmatic doors (one in particular) seems to be damaging itself. I have only been using these for a couple of months now and there is scratches on the slats. Much to my horror I then noticed two small dents on the outside! I have now stopped using the door with the dents, its almost as if something has come off inside the mechanism and got trapped between the slats when closing. Has anyone had experience with this before? I realise there will be some light scratches being a roller door however at this rate the door will be wrecked in a few months! I really want to get this resolved asap as its a pain not having access. Is there anything I can do or look for which may be causing this problem? Typically the company who installed them are on holiday! Below are photos of the one door inside and outside...
  6. One other question I had is given we have a 100kVA transformer how does this effect the power available at each phase? If this was a 50kVA transformer for example what different would this make to the available power at each phase?
  7. Thanks. The transformer has 2 wires opposed to 3 which I assume means 2 phase? I notice some lines have 3 lines. What determines the fuse rating for each phase? ie why are they both 100amps - Is it as simple as saying if several appliances were being used which totalled over 100amps of current this would trip the fuse? Yes my knowledge of electrics truly is shocking 😄
  8. Hello @markc thanks for confirming. So given the fact that the transformer is deemed at 100KVa does this mean we have scope for a larger output if the fuses for the split phases we increased? Or does it not quite work like that? I guess the main question are we currently running at full capacity with the current setup?
  9. Hi Guys, This area of electrics has always confused me and I have just taken it for granted. We are looking to determine our current power supply for our business. From what I believe we have a 100Kva transformer on a split phase supply. Our board has 3 x 100amp fuses to which only 2 seem to be utilised - I assume this is the split (or dual) phase? With the other 100amp not used is for a 3 phase setup I also assume that we have 100amp per phase? I can provide photos to clarify. Sorry my knowledge of electrics is very limited so be kind to me 😁
  10. @newhome thanks that's interesting regarding privet Griselinia seems to be a popular choice, although more expensive than the typical conifer types you mention. We may have to bite the bullet and try conifers and hope we dont get any wind burn! @Ferdinand Cotoneaster is interesting, seem to be recommended for the scottish climate although they are only semi evergreen unfortunately. And Holm Oak and Myrtle dont like Scotland apparently!
  11. Thanks for the replies - It sounds like the Oleaster or Eleagnus x ebbingei as @Mr Punter (which is the same i think?) mentioned is something to look into. @SteamyTea Gorse is certainly an option and is everywhere in our area, however its so common in our parts it would be great to have something different, although it must grow here for a reason! No experience on privet hedging?
  12. Hi Folks, One the better 'issues' to have, picking a hedge! We are close (within half a mile) of the coast and can get some quite bad wind gusts/rains etc - all that comes with being coastal! I wanted to ask what hedging would be recommended living in a coastal location? Has anyone had experience with this? Our main reason for hedging is to create a privacy barrier down one side of our property, approximately 100 metres of hedging. The initial thoughts were the usual leylandii however upon further research we have been told this can suffer from severe wind burn and even die off - this would be a disaster given the length (and cost) of the hedge! We have been considering privet hedging? Has anyone used this? We are mainly looking for a quick growing hedge that can grow rather tall (6 feet plus?) but be able to withstand winds - also evergreen is an added bonus. I dont pretend to have green fingers so I know nothing about this kind of thing, any help would be great!
  13. Thanks @Ultima357. I can confirm we are running oversized radiators with a 50 litre buffer tank. I have attached a picture of our UFH manifold setup. The thing that confuses me is if the ASHP is set at 50 degrees for heating will lowering this thermostat contradict the ASHP and cause issues? Where will the 'extra' heat go if we were to set the thermostat to say 45 degrees?
  14. Building in the Aberdeenshire area also - from the size of the house I don't see how it would cost 300k (excluding land). PM me if you want any advice from my experience!
  15. I have noticed by reducing our heat setting lower overnight does indeed save us money, all be it small but it is a saving! Can anyone shed any light on the query regarding the UFH temperature? I would like to know what determines the correct thermostat setting at the UFH manifold if our ASHP output is 50 degrees for heating - therefore should the UFH heating be set at 50 degrees also?