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  1. How about hardie backer board? Assuming you're tiling of course.
  2. Sorry to take this off topic @Mr Punter but I'm literally window shopping at the moment and like the look of your, erm, windows!
  3. I'm working off the principle laid out by @Nickfromwales : MOT1 then whack that flat, then sand blind, then 25mm of EPS as a sacrificial layer to protect the DPM, then DPM, then insulation, then light gauge membrane, then 120mm reinforced concrete floor, ( including mesh and UFH pipes as required ), then your chosen floor covering including any surface prep required. But instead of 120mm concrete, you take away some of the concrete and top off with screed. Between the concrete and screed you add in some kind of membrane before laying the UFH and pouring the 50mm liquid screed. I've no idea if this is feasible or not, just asking the more experienced heads on here for their thoughts
  4. Jumping onto this topic, would it be feasible to reduce the depth of the concrete floor to say 100mm, then lay your UFH and top with 50mm liquid screed? The reason for the suggestion is that it'll give a better/ flatter finish than concrete applied by an unskilled hand.
  5. Hi @JSHarris I've tried to upload the spreadsheet but the document is no longer available, any chance of a copy?
  6. I'm surprised the choice is only Timber frame or brick and block. ICF ticks all of the boxes (Quick/ Solid/ Air Tight etc) AND is DIY'able!
  7. That's a really nice looking roof @Cpd Your experience's with the so called professionals are similar to my own, anything that is out of the ordinary and they don't have a clue, but won't for the life of them admit to that!
  8. @Cpd Yes, Velux or similar. You've just actualised my fear, I'm not going to be tackling the roof myself and these minor details are the ones most contractors I know are rubbish with. It would be great if there was some kind of flashing kit available.
  9. Another one looking for corrugated sheeting for our roof. I've still not decided whether to go for Nu-Lok slates, ColorCoat Urban or corrugated sheets. I have seen roof lights in some of them but I'm a little concerned who easy it would be to incorporate, we're having 6 roof lights and possible some integrated solar panels too
  10. @lizzie Thanks for the details, I've emailed them ?
  11. I did read the link that @lizzie posted and it seems as @newhome has mentioned that the grounds for refusal are different to mine. I don't intend to submit late, I'll be sure to do this as soon as completion certificate issued. Regarding the annexe and garage, these were indeed part of the initial planning application.
  12. @lizzie Oh dear, it's probably all of the bad reviews they've had from customers putting them off dealing with people directly! Once they open, I might pop down and see if they're better to deal with one on one. Its easier to ignore an email than someone in front of you.
  13. @JSHarris They do a full aluminium profile too which is of interest to me. I've made contact but they're all on holiday until 7th August! I'd be willing to put up with some PITA for the sake of a few £k saved! lol
  14. @JSHarris How long ago was this? I've just noticed that Munster are based 10-15 minutes away from me! Would you recommend Munster again?
  15. I bought my property as a derelict shell that qualified as a conversion since had been empty for so long. We built the main home but left the outbuildings (garage and annexe) to be completed when funds allowed. As such, we didn't get the house signed off, and when the building inspector reached out to ask, we explained as much. We did however move in to the main house and have paid council tax since then, this was in 2012. As the property wasn't completed and I envisaged more spending, I didn't submit my VAT reclaim. Well, since then, many things have changed, including the original plans and we will be spending a considerable sum to now finally complete. The question I have is, will I still be able to claim VAT back? I'm not too bothered about the VAT from when we first started, though that would be a bonus (I have all of the receipts still), but I would obviously like to reclaim VAT on the building that is to take place although I fear they will reject it based on the fact that we've been living here? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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