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  1. Sorry, I just meant why don't you like block and beam? It looks quite straight forward to do.
  2. Why's that? I've been told to have this on my piled extension.
  3. What a lovely place. With the complexities and nuance of restoration building work, pay attention to advanced language skills so you don't get caught out, as there are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary without that added complication. All the best.
  4. Did I dream that build hub has a loan facility for one of these? The plumber hasn't installed UFH for many years and doesn't have one. Is it worth getting one or will we manage without, or any top tips? Thank you!
  5. Did you use battens to stop the celotex touching the membrane, to maintain the 50mm gap? There was much discussion on my site about this as I have F1 bituminous because of bats. A lot of people rely on the friction fit of the cellotex between the rafters, but I wanted to be sure that they didn't get knocked accidentally and impede the air flow. Do you have a dry ridge? If so, it should give an airflow down each bay to the eaves (our builder/roofer put the ridge onto the felt with no gap tho). The other option BC wanted was a tile vent in every bay (32!). It was mooted that we could cut the felt, but in the end we made a little cold roof and this satisfied them. Ie the air can come up either eaves and communicate across. This doesn't actually make any sense to me as hot air rises and needs to escape or it will condense, which is presumably what is happening to yours? I'm going to add more ventilation tho and use a humidity monitor, as I'm a bit of a worrier!
  6. Hopefully Gus will be along soon. Maybe post for advice on the main forum?
  7. I'm doing a stable conversion too and it's been very slow and painful, with so many constraints, as you are finding, it seems much more difficult than designing and building something new. I got another structural engineer's opinion and it was different. The first said underpin all round, the second said it was ok not to if we didn't dig the ground bearing slab out.
  8. I'm looking at these as a compromise. No actual flame, but a nice look https://everhot.co.uk/Everhot-Electric-Stove.aspx
  9. Hello, the plumber has just more or less finished first fix and I noticed the bath waste pipe hasn't got a fall. In my usual fashion I am now in the rainforest doubting his work (perhaps unfairly). He has agreed to correct this, but I can't help thinking this black waste pipe looks very flimsy and seems to have no provision for differential movement when it will be out of site under the block and beam of the extension. Is there some way of double skinning them? If any of these joints leak it will be an almighty problem to fix. Am currently trying to upload a photo
  10. Yes, the windows and doors are fitted.The floor is very uneven, so the screed will vary from 70mm to 40mm in places. The builder says the weight of the screed (unknown sort, sand and cement to be ordered with fibres thrown in) will sort out the unevenness. Sand blinding didn't do a great job. Its rocking where the bath is to go so need to think of something there.
  11. Ok...😭 I can't get any more in as it's a retro fit. I suppose I just have to go with it because the screed is going in soon and there isn't much choice but to see how it performs in real life as I don't want forgo the option and then wish I'd done it. So you are saying I'd be better with giant radiators which I don't have room for?
  12. Not really enough in normal circumstances. I'm using 100mm Kingspan Kooltherm K103 which gives a calculated U value of 0.15 w/m2 K Is this 'enough' for UFH in your opinion, Oh Esteemy One? 😃
  13. All the very best Pat. I can understand why you want to keep your house buyers, but try to keep yourselves as warm and stress free as possible under the circumstances. I've just done the geo textile /aggregate thing to combat the mud, I feel much happier too. If you stay on site having a washing machine and tumble dryer or drying facilities will help you enormously. I can't understand about the water either, I just had to send a photo of the pipes and the connection in the house with its lagging, turned off. I was struggling at that point and a local chap who worked for Anglia water helped me out, is there anyone you could ask? How about putting feelers out to friends who might lend a hand to help you get the basics sorted, you might be surprised what happens, as you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment? I know your plumbing husband doesn't want anyone mucking about with his plumbing, but it's not the worst thing in the world, I've known a couple of people have had a stoma, including my dad, and you can't see the bag under clothes, they are very discrete and often the op will be reversed as Jo said, it's just to let things heal.
  14. A broker I approached said it might be difficult to find an insurer to take on a risk part way through and told me to approach my self build insurer to find house insurance (because I want to live in the house before full completion). They were happy to find a suitable policy which would work in tandem with the existing one.