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  1. Have you seen www.wreckoftheweek.co.uk ?
  2. No idea of the references, but the idea has been designed an calculated. The Uk has enough tidal power to be self sufficient in energy... and yet we are still building more nuclear power stations...
  3. Hello, welcome! There's a huge breadth of experience on here already an I think you just expanded it in a new direction.
  4. I'm a Rookie too and in the same situation as you, thinking I could learn the requirements. You need calculations from a structural engineer for the foundations at least, and he will want CAD drawings, and also, it's much safer to get SAP calculations done (by a specialist) at the design phase, because once it's built you will be up a creak with out a paddle if there are discrepancies. The more you know, the more you realise you don't know...
  5. What company did you buy the shed from, please?
  6. In Wales there is the One Planet Development policy, where you can self build without planning permission if you can meet certain ( strict) criteria, such as being self sufficient, carbon neutral and producing an income from the land. Most of the (few) people who are doing it are very green and alternative, which may or may not be what you had in mind.
  7. Attached is a rough sketch of our stable conversion. I'm attempting,to do a foul drain plan. North and top of slight incline is at the top of the page. The sewer runs across our diagonally our paddock to the west and from what I can make out on Thames water ours will be an 'Indirect connection to a public sewer', ie connecting to a private sewer on private land. My back of an envelope design means that the loos etc are on outside walls. NB there are still some errors on this version of the drawings. Looking back at previous posts, it looks like you just draw sewers on taking account of the slight fall. Is this correct? Rookie errors likely...any advice, please? scheme for loadings.pdf
  8. Hi, just musing, but we have a lot of free wood, so I have to look into this, even though I've got asthma.... Any experience of wood burning stoves with back boilers (and even an oven too) that are up to the modern regs? I have a feeling we are going to have sufficient solar gain to hardly need anything except winter heat. I'm not sure how I could prove that on SAP calculations and satisfy Building Control.
  9. No mention of a CIL payment has been made on my planning permission decision. Do I assume my area is not charging it, or should I fill out forms to confirm that I am not eligible to pay it (me being the cautious, cynical type)? The building will be less than 100m2 internally and is a single dwelling. I am just looking thru the excellent VAT advice on here. Can I just confirm that the only time I have to contact HMRC is at the end when I make a claim? Or do I have to register intention to start or something similar? I can't seem to find mention of this. Thank you!
  10. Wow, bet you are looking forward to that!
  11. Make the most of the advantages of the site, orientation, views, etc Then you have to consult with planners to see what they are likely to 'let' you have. Loads to think about.
  12. Gulp, you've made me realise what might be one of my problems...
  13. The stable conversion is block built. Internal insulation would obviously be easiest, but I want to explore the possibility of external insulation. It has black weatherboarding which has to look the same when finished, and we are probably going to keep the roof as it as because it is sound, so there won't be much room. Can anyone send me in a direction of special space age thin insulation with a low u value? The building is so small, I researching how to save space, internally. Alternatively can anyone recommend a methods of insulating a solid block wall? I'm guessing we might manage insulated plaster board with dot and dab ourselves ? We have a lot of glass so will probable end up having to compensate and needing SAP calculations etc