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  1. Jilly

    Toilet of death

    I had a tenant leave a loo like this, it took a week to get rid of the unsavoury mixture of limescale and the brown stuff, but it can be done! I used two bottles of the extra power 100% limescale remover on 3-4 times daily. After about 4 days it started to loosen and I was able to chip it off. Ask your local vet for some rectal gloves, they go up to the armpit!
  2. OK, I may be bonkers, but am just playing with ideas on how to save money and realised that the back flat roofed 'extension' on our rectangular stable conversion, is roughly the size of a regular and a small (i.e. 20' and a 10') shipping container, end to end. The area they would stand on is right next to trees and the stable has some movement and needs underpinning, so this 'extension' will need substantial foundations. However, shipping containers don't need foundations as such, do they??? I can see that the join between the building and the containers might move, but surely that's not insurmountable? Am I bonkers? They seem to do this kind of thing on Sarah Beeny and George Clarke? I've read that containers can be converted to building regs standard. Eyewatering figures for foundation piles have been bandied about by the structural surveyor. ..
  3. Also, you could call the RSPB for advice.
  4. Hi there, corvids are exceptionally intelligent, and may have initially been rewarded by pecking insects and are now finding this to be enormous fun! Apparently aluminium ammonium sulphate can be used as a bitter tasting deterrent. I assume they were initially drawn to the windows by their reflection, its very common for birds to get fixated around mating time as they become territorial, and this may have something to do with it. If this is part of it and you can stop the reflections for a while it may extinguish the behaviour. I know a bird behaviour expert on FB, so will ask there for more suggestions. Sorry, I know nothing about silicone....
  5. Jilly

    Help - change of use

    You'll definitely need change of use from whatever category it to residential. It might not be straightforward, I think sometimes non viability of the business has to be shown, so it would be worth speaking to a planning officer (get the name) of the appropriate council (which you may have to pay for). I believe you might be liable for business rates (unless it's exempt?) until it changed, but I'm not certain. It might be worth engaging a planning consultant. Good luck
  6. Jilly

    self build.....where to start.....

    Your situation is a little similar to ours. Firstly go to the planning office and see what their view on a building a house on the plot of land you are intending. If it is within the scope of their policy and they say it is likely to be viewed positively, and listen closely to what will and won't be acceptable. Then suss out a budget, there's no point getting plans for a huge 4 bed, if you have no money, then find a architect or perhaps even look at 'wee houses' which are made off site and come with full building plans. Once you have full planning permission, then you can apply to the land registry to divide the title.
  7. Jilly

    cost to build

    We are also hoping to build an extension in the future. As you don't yet have planning, it's worth going to talk to your local planners, to sound them out and see what the local policy is. You may or may n have to pay for the privilege. If you need the build to be £200k, don't forget you need a good contingency fund, and the cost of services can be eyewatering, look at previous threads.
  8. Jilly

    Critique my plan!

    The Americans do the the upstairs washing machine thing. I think its a great idea, along with having two dishwashers. It means a lot less loading and unloading. You just take stuff from one and when used put it into the other, using them like a cupboard. Fisher and Paykel do a drawer one which is the same width as a regular dishwasher.
  9. Jilly

    WHERE TO START???? 🙈

    Like everything, it's easy when you break it down. Get some tracing paper to overlay multiple design attempts. Get a good book on basic garden design and decide what look you want: informal is flowing and relaxed, much easier to design and manage, just a kind of snaky path to the bottom of the garden will often do. Formal tends is very geometric and suits regimented folk sometimes, but can be planted in a relaxed way. There can be a combination, and is dictated by the style of the house too. For simplicity, divide the space into the zones of what you wish to do: grass for the kids, hidden sunny space for washing, sunny and nearish to the house for veg (so you remember to water), nice place to sit, BBQ etc etc . Choose the barriers : decide on hedge (don't chose something too fast growing or you will be forever chopping it and trampling your flower beds) or fence (repair or replace before your start, as again it will be annoying to damage your planting). Decide views what you want to screen or pinch (if you overlook something nice beyond your boundary). Surprisingly, if you need privacy, it can be achieved by a pergola or some height near the house to screen at eye level, rather than a scary great Leylandii hedge which will rob light/moisture and annoy the neighbours. Put trees and shrubs in early to give structure, but if you are lax with watering, wait till autumn to plant so they don't die. Suss out the soil, (ask neighbours if you don't want to buy testing kit), note prevailing the wind to incorporate design shelter into the design for your selves and the plants, and note where the sun goes. By the time you have decided what colours you like and have sussed out the local conditions, there won't be a huge choice of plants, which actually simplifies things. Factor in the big shed thing you are bound to want under permitted development, decide how much space you want as patio. Decide on your budget.... Sorry, just noticed your fences are very smart and you said it was gravelly. There are a lot of gravelly garden designs you can look at, to adapt what you have.
  10. I'm exploring this properly. We didn't get permission for this with the planning, so I guess I ought to do this. Is there a way round it by just plonking it there and saying it is for tea breaks etc? Any tips of how to acquire one, or would it be safer to buy some kind of actual mobile home so it could be moved?
  11. I've just asked a structural surveyor for a quote on out stable conversion and he's come back with this Building survey and assessment of suitability for reuse £500 Ok.. Design of structural elements for reuse £1750 Ouch But does this seem average? Design of underground foul water drainage system £500 Design of sustainable surface water drainage system to comply with planning conditions £750 Is this average? Can I do it myself?
  12. Jilly

    Bungalow Barn - update

    Just wow!
  13. Jilly

    Bog Lane Build

    Wow, it looks great, how exciting. We do the same picnic /day dreaming thing!
  14. Jilly

    A Second Hello

    Ok, fab, thanks