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  1. Not sure if I'm going bonkers here. Our house is small 60 x 10m and I can't stand the WiFi being on, I seem to get an odd pressure headache and can't seem to think straight. I understand elementary physics and exponential decay, so I'm trying not to sit near the modem/router, and my partner thought I was a bit neurotic(!) to begin with, but we also have noticed a funny buzzing when we touch some light switches, not quite a static shock and also the computer does it too and it seems to stop when you wear rubber shoes. I'll speak to the electrician when I see him, it can't be serious or it would trip the RCD, but I'm wracking my brains and straying into hippy stuff. Could it be anything to do with the ring main going into the floor around the aluminium window frames. The electrician did it for ease for himself, so I asked for a floor plug in the corner as the wires were there . We've got loads of foil backed insulation in the walls and ceilings. We also get a pretty poor phone reception which improves when you step outside the building. Is this just the usual self builder overthinking...?
  2. Does any part of that include digging on your land? If so, it will be much cheaper for your builder/you to do it up to that point
  3. I guess you also need to watch out for copyright.
  4. Hello, there's a Joe90 who posts regularly, might get a bit confusing...
  5. What a lovely old house. The Haynes manual for period house renovation might be helpful. Modern houses focus on airtight but you might need to be mindful of breathability. Can you keep those lovely window frames and make some good secondary glazing? All the best.
  6. Gravel is cheap, easy and good enough for big country houses. You could put a strip of setts or pavers at the threshold to stop gravel creep onto the highway.
  7. Think about living in a static on site and selling it, many self builders do this. My build went over time for lots of reasons and I could have done without paying nearly £20K in rent. It would have been great to be able to pop out and do small jobs in the evening or handle deliveries in the evening on winter. Don't underestimate the stress.
  8. Yes, I think you do, unless you can find some way of building part and doing the rest when you have the money.
  9. It seems heating is a bit of a black art. That's really hard to accept when you've decided to plan and get things right and part with all your hard earned cash... It seems to me you can only be about 80% sure how a building will perform in real life. Keep reading until you reach a point you can accept you have protected the downsides for your situation as much as possible.
  10. Just the frame I think. Lots of hidden extras, they want £400 for structural calculations, but I'm not sure if these are not needed if you are smaller than Building Regs minimum size.
  11. I've been round the houses with mobile options. I've already got an old mobile 2 bay field shelter, which looks like a poor version of the above, plus a caravan (stuffed to the gills),so I'm researching doing it properly.
  12. Hi folks, we need a home office/studio, but have no PD rights as we are in a Conservation Area. I've been researching how to build something which would be likely to be acceptable to the planners and affordable and have come up with the idea of glazing an oak frosted frame kit garage (or asking my builder to make one). They favour black weatherboard here). If we are < 3 x 5m (15m2) we are exempt for building regs, is that correct, even with this type of structure? We would insulate and line. We are on clay, would we get away with a shed type slab foundation (BC always want piles nowadays round here)? Next door have just put a hedge in. A company round here does double glazed units for quite a reasonable price, so the doors would be the biggest expense. Anything I've missed? I'll attach a picture of an Ebay post that got me thinking.
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