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  1. Take advice on this, as I've seen conversions which are like Trigger's Broom, and my understanding is that it must not ever come down all at once, so support up and replace, is OK, reusing what you can. I would say don't ask the planners tho', ask a consultant. Also get an architect experienced in this area as not all are familiar.
  2. Oops, hoped I wasn't unkind. Seriously, I expect so, but you can ask you Building Control officer, they seem to have flexibility, so a good relationship with them is helpful.
  3. If you only do one bathroom, make sure it's the accessible one.
  4. My partner says I have started to catastrophise over this build, so it has changed me, I used to be very confident and have accomplished much in a previous life, but I may have commenced from a difficult emotional starting point, and that was the cause, so it's not a fair comparison. Looking at your list there, it could be you are inclined the same way. I won't lie, worrying about those things you have described has given me bad sleepless nights, but I have learned to distinguish between severe anxiety and just normal, understandable worry. When I read about Toughbuttercup's problems I realised mine were minor in comparison. I think you need a lot of resilience to do this, because the financial uncertainties can be frightening, so make sure your mental health is good and that your coping mechanisms are robust. If you can slum it, you will have less financial pressure to live on site in a static. You know yourself, so play to your strengths and minimise your weaknesses. The people who seem to relish this the most seem to be incurable optimists with a very strong vision plus excellent core competencies to either earn well or do the graft themselves.
  5. Not sure if I'm reading this correctly, and am not familiar with Scottish Councils, but if you have a habitable dwelling on the land, but it seems likely they will let you do something with the building, even if it isn't what you fully intended, so it's always worth purchasing adjoining land, no matter what the designation, in my view. Maybe a planning consultant could help? I bought some 'amenity land' from the council adjacent to our old house and was always careful not to put any garden structures etc on it, but planting was fair game in my view and no one objected. For the record, the agricultural land is worth less than when it is designated 'garden curtailage', so your purchase may depend on your attitude to risk and CGT implications to both you and the landowner.
  6. It depends also if this is your dream home or just a project?
  7. Jilly


    Are you going to try a self build? You should have some good contacts in the trade, hopefully.
  8. I've had a bit of action since I mentioned selling the broken down dumper 😂
  9. It was just a case of writing down what had happened and sending a letter off. It was ok
  10. Jilly


    Welcome! I've just been wondering if I could learn to use a digger. My driveway will be quite large and I need a SuDS solution, which I think will be a pond aka big hole.
  11. I think a few Energy Co's have gone bust recently, and there are lots of errors. There was a piece on Radio 4's Money Box last week: One chap had had his account transferred from now defunct Tonik to Scottish Power and had randomly been charge £1000 in a week. He was very stressed! My uncle has had a similar worrying debacle, but all was resolved when he went to the Ombudsman, plus a promise of £75 compensation.
  12. I am using one in the house we are renting. One of the rings pulses and feels odd and I assumed it was malfunctioning as the others don't do it. I like it, but it's a Neff so a good one.
  13. I think the height of the walls (varied or not) is related to the scale, dominance and overdevelopment statement. I'm guessing the neighbours are worried they will feel like they are living next to a concrete bunker? I can't see their properties properly, but it looks like they have south facing gardens and so might be affected by a tall adjacent structure. Is it worth making modifications if you can, before you go to appeal?
  14. Thank you all. I really don't want to be confrontational, so I'll try the softly approach again. It isn't a lot of money in the greater scheme of things (renting for longer will cost me far more, its just the uncertainly is getting to me).