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  1. Jilly

    Bog Lane Build

    Wow, it looks great, how exciting. We do the same picnic /day dreaming thing!
  2. Jilly

    A Second Hello

    Ok, fab, thanks
  3. Jilly

    A Second Hello

    Hello. Welcome. We have quite a lot of glass on the plans we have had drawn up for our stable conversion. The chap who will do the BC drawing warned we have to check there is not too much or use uber triple glazed stuff. Can you guide me to where the info is on this, please? Thank you.
  4. Thanks everyone. BTW it is a 1980's shed, black weatherboard, as everything new here has to be, not a beautiful 1890's Victorian stable block (I wish!) which I would have been keen to preserve.
  5. We have full planning permission for conversion of a 1980's stable in a conservation area and a few of you (and others) have suggested that demolition and rebuild would be sensible. I went to see the planners yesterday and the duty officer told me that it was against the rural policy thingy in our area, but we could put in an application and make a case for it. Has anyone done this or got any pearls of wisdom, please? I checked that the bat lady is happy about demolition so it seems that we could argue for better eco credentials. The building also has subsidence so that would be easier to sort out. The VAT also seems more clearcut (but I can't say that!) Any more ideas folks?
  6. How about calling the ecologist you used for clarification? We only have common pipistrelles and so have to hand remove the cladding but don't have to be monitored. We are now considering demolition and rebuild (and all this new info has scared me!) but the ecologist said it was ok, and we just have to put up the prescribed bat boxes etc.
  7. Jilly

    Advice on Bird and Bat Boxes

    Specific bat requirements come from the ecologist who has applied for the bat licence. Ours has recommended something on each elevation of the house, except the side with lots of trees, i.e. some elevated weatherboarding, and a couple of special tiles. No problem. Except the cost of being told this. And the fee for surveys to see if the critters have decided to use the boxes. Or not. I might have mentioned before, I'm a bit sore about the £3K...
  8. Jilly


    I have to get an approved contractor to do it and as I understand it, it can't be done until the drive is done. I'm assuming it would be usual to do the drive proper after the build is finished? Unless I've misunderstood, and the council mean the 'drive' is just the bit over the ditch (its not very deep, but full of crud). The planning permission width is 3.5m at the house side (7m on the road side with vision splay). We should be ok for turning, as there is plenty of room and a good area of road scalpings, which was used for horses, and which I am considering as my new 'drive' area.
  9. More Noddy questions: I need to create an entrance, the location of which is indicated on our planning permission and has been approved by highways. Is it usual to create a temporary one, before the one which gets approved by highways withour dropped kerb application which has to be done after the driveway is finished? (!) Which obviously we would do when the build is done. Any suggestions on how to do this cheaply, please? Incidentally a dropped kerb isn't actually needed as there is no pavement... It has to go over a ditch and hedge (which has been chopped, but not grubbed out).
  10. When does council tax become payable? I would like to establish an address for deliveries etc and so have enquired about address allocation (costs £75 here) but will that make me liable for council tax? It doesn't look likely that we will live on site during the build, but I assume if we do, that does make us liable?
  11. Jilly

    Extra charges for Bat Licence

    Ha ha, no have paid £1.5K already. They were cheaper in the first instance, and I assumed the would be average for the follow ups, probably wrongly, but I had agreed by then. Lesson learned. It's 80sqm. We are currently finding out if it would be possible to demolish and rebuild, as seems to be the received wisdom from you guys, which means we have to delay getting a licence (even though it has to look exactly the same, so all the bat boxes, tiles etc will still apply.
  12. I just received this from our ecologist. Please note, this is an extra fee on top of the £4.5K it will cost for the Preliminary Assessments, Reports, multiple Surveys etc etc ... 'I just wanted to advise you of a change that is being implemented by the government agency Natural England in regard to wildlife licencing because it might affect you. Up until now the process of applying for a protected species mitigation licence was free but this week Natural England have announced that a charge will be made for bat applications received from 22nd April 2019. They have not confirmed how much the charge would be, but when they conducted a consultation on this issue a year ago they mooted the figure of £500 for a non-complex bat licence. This is out of our control and will apply across England.'
  13. Jilly

    Velfac windows

    Has anyone used this company? I want to try to get triple glazed units if we can afford it....
  14. Jilly

    A mortgage to pay a mortgage?

    I don't see why it would be a problem to remortgage one house to finance a build, you are securing the loan on the building which is standing. People remortgage to invest in their businesses, which is potentially more risky. I would go for it.
  15. Jilly

    Floors and ceilings

    Really...? Is that the same here in England? No one has mentioned that, as I'm in a Conservation Area, and have to nurse the bats ...