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  1. Just spoken to ills brook, they are going to put me on to their specialist, but i need to diagnose there the leak is coming from (its not obvious) as the foam will eventually break down if it gets wet.
  2. I went to double check all the felt today and it is lapped correctly, it must be an optical illusion, I can see what you mean, I was worried.
  3. I've used an electrician for minor repairs who told me he had done a short course like this which wasn't too expensive, as a midlife career change. He wasn't up to doing a new build and hadn't done advanced certification, but seemed to be making a reasonable living with easy low risk/stress work. Depends what you will be satisfied with.
  4. Nope there's been no talk of airtightness, looks like we don't need the trickle vents! I'm going to talk to the builder and maybe do this bit myself with foam, tape and primer...
  5. My architect's technician gave two drainage options on the plan but said the builder on the ground would make the final decision as he should have experience. I think you would be badly advised to do this on a Building Notice. On a Full Plans application they check everything in advance and confirm you are in the clear. The last thing you want is for them to say near completion that they want something changed or that the regs have altered. I found this part tricky as they wanted me to chose stuff way before I was ready so they (BC) allowed a few things to be conditional. Also get the design stage SAP calculations done on this so that you are certain that is ok. I have made changes during the build but only improvements, (ie triple glazing and more insulation) so they have been happy.
  6. Oh heck, done it again. My builder is clueless about all the things you lot worry about and I discover this things retrospectively. I've bought some Contega tape which a friend who has a Passivehouse recommended. What foams are the best as my builder will use nasty cheap stuff?
  7. Cant seem to edit my post, but my design SAP went from a 71 to 85 by adding solar PV
  8. Love this idea, not sure how practical it is. Hygiene would worry me, you can't use any of the usual chemicals. Go to the vets to get a Leptospira vaccine against Weill's disease...?!
  9. The new windows are great, but there are a lot of (some big) gaps between the ply (140mm block with external insulation covered with weatherboard). I'm quite sure the builder will squirt foam in there, but it seems crap and unpredictable. Is that the only way? You can see right through to the external insulation in places.
  10. Bad luck, that must be very stressful. There are cheap solar panels around.
  11. Make up a mnemonic? Stick a torch on a string beside it? 😂
  12. Here's an image of the roof as it went on. It seems to be a dry ridge. They are clay tiles. You can see one of the bat tiles on the left. They actually look like vents. From my research I think I need to insulate the steel and then decide if it's going to go in or out of the thermal envelope. I also need to chose suitable tile vents for each rafter bay as it the 50 mm gap doesn't seem to communicate with the ridge ventilation. I could also add lap vents in each layer of the bitumen, again within each bay. There are two places made for potential roof lights, and these should be notched to allow air flow. Does this sound right?
  13. This vents look lovely, they'd completely upstage the red clay tiles!