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  1. If we build up the layers on the floor in our stable conversion, we will lose height and the structural engineer has advised that the architect might design (or is it spec?) thinner lintels. Please can someone point me in the right direction to research so I ask intelligent questions? Thanks
  2. Jilly


    I'm researching options. We are converting a stable with raft and slab foundations. It needs underpinning. A builder we like has suggested cutting out the raft to put insulation/DPC/.UFH etc etc in Structural engineer has suggested (at my behest, because intuitively it looks like a good idea) building over the top, but in that case how do the layers work? Could damp become an issue?
  3. I'd like something easy to manage (small person here) and that would be ok under trees as we have loads...
  4. I'm looking into buying a scaffold tower for jobs which we can do ourselves for the conversion and for tree and hedge trimming. The top ridge of the building is 4.6m. Can anyone recommend something sturdy but easy to manage and put up etc? Thank you .
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    Hello. Welcome.
  6. Few of us would have had the money 30 years ago, but maybe more energy! I've spent forever researching everything and it's finally starting to make sense and come together, but I've got long armed glasses round my neck.
  7. Hi there, following on from my previous post about scaling back: Living on site is something I haven't fully explored yet. I understand I am likely together planning permission for a static caravan during the build (which might be very protracted for the full duration) but they are not beautiful (except the very swanky expensive ones). I also had fancied having a garden studio that could double up as guest accommodation, which is also likely to be given planning permission, and clearly we could live in that. We are in a Conservation Area, and have had Permitted Development Rights removed. Would increasing he floorspace by having a garden building affect the Cil calc or am I ok because we are self building? Can people throw ideas, reminders about what to be careful about/wary , what is doable, simple, ideas about costs, so that we try to minimise mistakes, paying twice and less faff please? The ground away from the stable is clay but not near trees. Thank you!
  8. OMG, poor you. My planning permission did not mentioned CIL payment, but I sent the paperwork in anyway and haven't heard anything back. I will sit tight.
  9. Why don't you buy it if it's going to be in your name at the end? Also, the planning process can be slower than you might think, if there is any controversy, it might take a lot longer than 3 months.
  10. As a sign of the times, my old cleaning lady had a law degree and she advised that all agreements have written terms. If you think of all the possible permutations and unforeseens that could conceivably happen you will save a lot of money, as their job is to make you aware of just these issues. At the very least, if you decide to DIY get signatures witnessed. I might need to borrow from a family member but will do this to protect other members of my family who stand to inherit and would not be pleased if this was not clear, in case the worst happened. I guess you need to have wills too.
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    Fabulous! Bet you are very proud.
  12. I know conveyancing is different in Scotland, but the uplift in value is in gaining the planning, so someone has to take the risk, either you or the seller, you can't have it both ways unless you come to an agreement to split or apportion the costs/risk/profit and make an offer 'subject to planning'. If you have a plot in mind, you could visit the planning office and ask for a view, but it's still not cast iron. In areas where land values are lower and you can get a nice large plot, it may not be so problematic as down south. How about asking your family if they can sell you some land?
  13. We were given pre commencement conditions, which were actually just 2 of the conditions. I now have a different case officer, and she seems unaware of the precommencement conditions...
  14. Are you going down the route of ' Paragraph 79 (previously paragraph 55) of the National Planning Policy Framework states that single dwellings in rural countryside would be looked at more favourably, if the dwelling is of exceptional quality and innovative in the nature of its design and of outstanding architectural merit.'?