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  1. Carrerahill

    PP granted. What next?

    First of all, keep your architect for now, it sounds like you need him A, for his knowledge and B, because he will have all your CAD drawings, and unless you have these in dwg format and and a copy of ACAD and can work ACAD software who is going to draw it all up for you? You could get a draughtsman to look at it or an architectural technician but to be honest I would just keep your architect for his professional services here and he may not give you the ACAD drawings in DWG format anyway. People are often all to quick to dump the architects and designers and consultant engineers then something ends up badly detailed or doesn't coordinate onsite and it ends up costing you more than the fee of the service to put it right. As for planning, I think your proposals may be beyond a variation, you may need to resubmit. I would speak to the architect or your appointed planning officer and ask them. On your comment re. trades who would lay floors, I am confused, as to what type of floor you mean, the sub-floor? the concrete slab? the finished floor? Brickies put up walls, plasterers plaster and render walls. Depending on what you need you either need concrete workers, joiners or a flooring contractor for the floor. Again not knowing what what you mean I cannot comment on hos arduous it is, but if Chris has bad knee's I would suggest he stays clear of any flooring actives as much of it involves being on your knee's! What type of build are you putting up, block, ICF, timber frame etc. etc.
  2. Carrerahill

    Self build..what did you do?

    Engineers are the ones in white shirts and ties. He will advise, design, check and specify for you and can provide for BC reasons a design or calcs or report confirming suitability of your chosen site.
  3. Carrerahill

    Self build..what did you do?

    If you want to use your solicitor to submit the plans for your legal reasons then fine, but don't let PP know they are from a solicitor, my advise would be for you to have plans drawn up, have them signed by yourself, witnesses, your solicitor and their dog so that those plans are now legally "the plans" then you have your architect or engineering consultants etc. submit those plans. This way it just looks like a normal set of drawings from a normal channel - remove the whiff of solicitor from the whole situation.
  4. Carrerahill

    Self build..what did you do?

    On this point. What you need is to QS your job. You may even get a QS to do this for a reasonable fee - but it is not difficult to do yourself - just takes time and a fair bit of knowledge of all the materials and all the bits that go into a build to make it happen - which is why sometimes if your not in the industry it can be difficult. I would set up a tender cover document, a standard document with your details on it, and then add it as a cover document to your window schedule or electrical schedule, so people receive it, they will immediately treat you with a bit more respect and they will tend to offer better quality written quotations - this is how the building industry works. It is common for designers and engineers and architects to submit tender packages to suppliers and manufacturers to gauge costs on builds and to do their budgeting due diligence, this can even be before a client has even gone for planning but we all need to keep an eye on costs, so suppliers are used to receiving this sort of thing and it will often result in your being contacted by account managers who will look after you and are often very helpful. This will help you to control all your costs. As for your foundations, I can see your issue, you want to pick the best spot on the land to have an easier ride with the foundations, makes sense, what you need to do is try and find out what you are standing on to ascertain the best building ground, consider also water run off and utility routes etc. A geotechnical survey might be worth the money - have a look on the borehole database and see if there are any boreholes near you - they could help you to understand your ground.
  5. Carrerahill

    Retrospective PP for change to new build

    Do you have you planning officers name? Can you meet with them at their office?
  6. Carrerahill

    Retrospective PP for change to new build

    OK - I've had another think - you would probably be better keeping it as a renovation/modification rather than a new build. So, I would demo all the bad stuff and if that means that you end up with 2 walls of the original house and nothing much else then so be it, your then doing a renovation with modifications and extensions, and not a new build. Also, you could probably leave very little of the old walls, a nod to the original building sort of thing.
  7. Carrerahill

    Retrospective PP for change to new build

    Yes I get that but the original parts are you going to build the same? So in doing your "new build" you end up with your "old" house in a modified state? So anything you need to knock down and simply rebuild will be like for like and the new bits will be new and as per planning? If it was me, I would just do it, but that is me, PP are not going to tell you to take it down, they might just get upset, act daft, they would give you retrospective or say, OK in the interests of taking down a a dangerous building we will leave you alone - if I was in a very compliant mood I would speak to my BC guy and say, look, whats the deal here, can be just pull this all down and rebuild, PP won't care will they? Act daft.
  8. Carrerahill

    Retrospective PP for change to new build

    Are you going to build it identical to what was there before? If so then take it down rebuild it as "restoration works". I would not even tell planning, in fact, they would be hard pushed to tell the difference between a fully renovated original and your new build by the time it is finished in all reality. Only person who will want to be involved is BC - but they have been so your sorted there, do BC know the state of the old walls and appreciate that you are making good on shoddy building?
  9. Carrerahill

    Reducing noise from soil pipe

    May be an option to try the Marley Dblue acoustic pipe - if it is all installed and you are happy with it then probably not an option but might be. What are your floors made of? If concrete you could pour concrete in around it. Cast Iron pipes never made much noise because they were solid and would not vibrate or carry sound - adding concrete would have a similar effect - probably against reg's... but...
  10. I am going to be doing exactly what you describe above, my plan is to return the warm fresh air into the loft bedroom or the upstairs hall - it is my understanding that having only the extract in the bathroom this will negatively pressurise it, drawing air in from the hall and thus ensuring that the bathroom air is being circulated, if you put the return into a smallish room like that you are going to create a fairly balanced situation and the extract side of the system may not be as efficient. You also then get the benefit of the warm air returning into the house freshly somewhere you might actually want it. I am going to do a kitchen unit and a bathroom unit.
  11. Carrerahill

    Conditions attached to PP

    I would suggest they are pre-occupation then...
  12. Carrerahill

    Conditions attached to PP

    So you must have had pre-commencement conditions. OP may have pre-occupation - which for material finishes tends not to stop commencement as founds etc. will not be seen.
  13. Carrerahill

    Conditions attached to PP

    It depends on what they have applied to your PP - the condition type will be listed. Are they pre-commencement or pre-occupation conditions? If the former you don't actually have planning yet if the latter you can start - there is also performance conditions which don't need discharged but yours is material so your going to be one of the "pre" options.
  14. Photos! Sounds good. I intend to go down a similar route but I will keep a real log burner in the living room.
  15. There is the flip side in my reply. Nothing wrong with heating with wood. When the power plants go down and gas is banned people with wood heating will be the ones that survive the cold winters!