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    Hi my name is Sue, we're hoping to move to Hampshire in the next few weeks. Ideally we hope to build our own home. We've renovated properties before but never built from scratch so I'm hoping to pick up lots of tips and advice from the forum. We've found a potential building plot but not purchased it yet and we're considering building using SIP panels for speed of build and also because the access to the site is a bit tricky.
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  1. Many thanks for all the information, lots to think about. We didn't get the plot we were initially looking at, so its back to the drawing board.
  2. Hi Ian many thanks for your comments and advice, certainly lots to think. We're still undecided about which method of construction we're going to use so all this is really useful information. You said "With regards to being thermally efficient - there are better options" any suggestions for what these would be?
  3. Hi Charlie, Thanks for your response. We're still pretty open in terms of the construction method we want to use. We'd looked at SIPs because we want a building that's going to be thermally efficient and quick to build as we're going to be moving into rented accommodation. The site we're looking at also has tricky access which is going to limit the size of the vehicle we can get in, so we may have to consider off loading to smaller vehicles to get stuff in, although some SIPs companies will supply smaller panels. I've looked at a number of companies who supply SIPs kit houses and with most of them you seem to be able to adapt the design, and you can choose what stage they take the build to - wind & water tight or turnkey. But given the tricky access timber frame may be a better option. I've looked at MBC but haven't looked at any other timber frame companies yet (we're going to be based in Hampshire near Romsey). Thanks for the information about the blockwork and warranty etc, I wasn't aware of that. I'd Goggled 'building plot contracts' and found some information about 'Conditional contracts' and 'Option contracts' so that's why I mentioned those. As a first time self builder it all seems quite over whelming at the moment, so I want to make sure I'm doing everything right.
  4. Hi Marvin, Many thanks for the information, I've started doing some research into some of those ASHP, MVHR..., what I'm not sure about is how to do a thermal loss and gain calculation, are there any good websites that explain how to do these? Thanks
  5. Hi thanks for the suggestion, I'll add that to my list.
  6. Hi we're completely new to self build, we've renovated property before but never built from scratch. We've possibly located a plot - not purchased it yet - it has planning in place and services: elec, water and phone connection, but tricky access and a slope along one boundary. We're thinking of building using SIPs as we want a house that's going to be well insulated, quick to build and hopefully won't give us to many problems in relation to the access. I think it's going to be a steep learning curve so I'm hoping to find lots of tips and advice on the forum. I'm working out what we need to do next and have been reading about Conditional Contracts in relation to purchasing the plot and getting a Site / topographical survey done. Is there anything else we should be thinking about at this stage?
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