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  1. I have been wrestling with how to fit in a small shower room into a small barn (3.5m x 4.5m) with a mezzanine level/bunk bed. The plan I have come up with is attached (apologies for the lined paper). It includes a steep ladder up to the bunk bed and an angled door to the shower room that includes a 800mm x 800mm shower. Any thoughts on layout? Originally it was going to be just a toilet and the soil pipe come up in the corner of the building. With the toilet now 2m from the exit pipe I presume this should still work considering the pipe layout/sink position/toilet pipe outlet height? One last thing - is there a good way of making a thermal break where the medium density block joins onto the main stone wall? I plan to use a wall starter kit as normal but is there a better way that provides a thermal break to match the IWI?
  2. jfb

    EPS70 vs PIR price

    You can also get graphite EPS which has a better lamda value of 0.030. it costs about 30% more than the normal white EPS. I normally get mine from Ecclestons.
  3. Is this the party wall? If so then I would have thought you have plenty of bearing on a good padstone.
  4. jfb


    I bought a small electronic device which failed after a few weeks. No redress to be had - returns policy non existent effectively as far as I can tell.
  5. Do you know where on buildhub you found this? Does the Multipanel have the same issue regarding the bottom seal?
  6. I've only just watched this video and I have to say he is fantastic!
  7. this is all great info. i was doing a bit more digging around and came across a heat pump site that was giving reasons against using the heat pump to cool: https://www.freedomhp.co.uk/2018/10/08/why-cooling-is-so-hard-to-achieve-in-a-conventional-heating-system/ it claims it is very inefficient (8x compared to heating) and also that it can lead to problems of condensation. has anyone using a slab to cool experienced this (a cool damp floor)? or is it likely to be less relevant if the pipes are spaced close together so you are not asking for a big differential between outside temp and slab temp (in same way as heating can be done at lower temps if pipes are closely spaced)
  8. sounds very sensible and i have some trunking spare so will use that. thanks
  9. Does anyone know what you have to do when making sure cable doesn't come into contact with EPS? Does there need to be a gap of minimum 20mm, 50mm,? Or if I tape some membrane (say like intello) to the eps can the cable rest against the membrane?
  10. by what method can the cold water produced by the ASHP cool the air supply of the MVHR?
  11. Good luck with the project. If you do know exactly what you want then have you considered using an architectural technician rather than an architect. Maybe this might be less straight forward if you are using a non standard form of building but it could certainly be a lot cheaper!
  12. resurrecting an old thread - can someone enlighten the unenlightened? in summer when you are asking for slab cooling how does it provide hot water? is it as simple as switching over from heating to cooling at different times (presumably with dhw taking precedent)?
  13. it either is or isn't the case - as others have said have a good look at your planning decision and there is a good chance all PD rights will be removed.
  14. yes go as big as you can - I also ended up making my own and it has reduced the noise on the supply side to inaudible
  15. jfb

    Wood Fibre

    Exactly what I did and it worked very well. Only my electrician was annoyed as he had to make sure his wiring didn't come into contact with the EPS.