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  1. jfb

    Wood Fibre

    Exactly what I did and it worked very well. Only my electrician was annoyed as he had to make sure his wiring didn't come into contact with the EPS.
  2. jfb

    access branch downstairs toilet

    That makes sense Dave. I thought i wouldn't need an AAV as the longer branch that goes to the upstairs bathroom will vent through the roof (off mains, have STP installed). The two branches join at a y junction about 2 metres from downstairs toilet. I'll have to look into anti syphon traps.
  3. I have a downstairs toilet where the 110mm waste pipe comes up in the corner of the attached plan. I am looking to get an access branch that allows me to take the toilet waste and the kitchen and toilet sink waste as well. I was thinking of getting this : https://www.toolstation.com/access-branch-110mm-9250/p26539 Access placed on top. Toilet waste would go into one side branch and 40mm waste into the other 110mm branch via a 110mm to 40mm reducer. Does that sound sensible?
  4. i second what Punter says - if it is a barn wall of a certain age it is very likely to have been built with hydraulic lime mortar (not hydrated lime) and should be repointed in similar, not cement. The sand used also tends to be a bit sharper (not as fine particles as in a cement mortar) and the mix stiffer so pointing guns not so effective. A 'small tool' is useful, just make sure the square end is slightly narrower than the typical joint size - something like this: https://www.oxtools.co.uk/hand-tools/masonry-tools/small-tools/pro-small-tool.html
  5. jfb

    Render advice.

    a slightly damp sponge can smooth off a lot of the ridges - just have to catch it when there is still some movement in the render but not too soft.
  6. jfb

    PP.. don't understand!

    i think you aren't going to get the simple answer you want from us. Given that you have planning for an extension it is very likely that the planners would be happy with your new plan. But given it is different to the approved plans and it doesn't seem like you can do the new plan B under permitted development (because it is so close to the road) in theory you need to go back to the planners.
  7. jfb

    PP.. don't understand!

    Yes you can build within 2m of boundary though I think building control comes up and if building in timber needs to be 1m (2?) from boundary whereas block/brick can go right up to boundary. I missed looking at your map - there are further complications when boundaries are near roads: I think you can't build any extension or outbuilding within 3.5m of a boundary if the boundary backs onto a road (under permitted development). I assume the definition of boundary is the edge of your property not the road itself.
  8. jfb

    PP.. don't understand!

    max height is 4m for dual pitched roof (and max 2.5m at eaves) if more than 2m from boundary and max 3m for mono pitch roof. Max height is 2.5m within 2m of boundary.
  9. If it has a cement render why can you not use EWI over the whole building? Would have a similar finish to how it is now, much better for long-term condition of the wall and if the existing render is mostly ok you can just apply the EWI straight in to it.
  10. jfb

    Plasterboarding on yer lonesome ....

    can you not just lean the boards upright against the tower and then pull them up from the tower?
  11. jfb

    Tata Steel v Marley Eternity Profile 6

    I used Tata colourcoat for two simple flat roofs, no penetrations/veluxes. Very happy with end result. Was one of the few things on my build that i outsourced (despite the DIY possibilities) and was very happy with the installers. They travel fair distances doing it. Can pass on a contact if you want.
  12. jfb

    single step trip hazard?

    ok ok! i submit. i'll leave it all level
  13. Thinking of a single small step up from entrance hall into main living area in barn conversion. There will be a door as well, ideally opening into the main space , so at the top of the rise. Can the rise be 100mm, 75mm, 50mm? Or is there a minimum rise allowed by building regs?
  14. I offered to have a look at a friend's plans for a single storey timber frame extension with a beam and block floor. I was thinking there should be a better way of dealing with the thermal bridge from floor to wall. From the drawings - is it possible to do away with the final trench block so the the sole plate sits at the same level as the floor insulation giving more overlap between wall insulation and up stand/floor insulation? Presumably the periscope vents would need to drop down a bit. Other factors?
  15. Think it depends from council to council. I was able to raise the roofline for extra insulation under non material amendment so it can be broader.