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  1. I bought mine from segen who say there the largest wholesale supplier in UK, they have a system design tool that works out what you need.
  2. Thanks for finding them, they sell the controller and box that signals it aswell, twice what I paid for the ashp but all in will be ok . Don't know how I didn't find them before, doh! Wow the price of parts for this brand..... compressor £1200 ...eek
  3. Thanks for looking Peter, I saw some electrical forum that was offering diagrams to make a controller for this model but thats beyond my skill by a long way.
  4. Hope these help dave https://www.ivtspares.co.uk/pages/ivt-airx-home IVT_AirBox_S_50-90_Exploded_Diagrams (1).pdf IVT_AirX_50-90_Exploded_Diagrams (1).pdf
  5. Hi all, long term bhf stalker here , been self building a house for sooo long, its now an embarrassment. Made lots of errors along the way and the latest by purchasing an ashp from eBay. Its a new ivt airx 50, 5 kw, I think bosch bought ivt and now their branded as bosch, they are still sold as buderus as well in Europe . Would be a bargain but the thing is it came without a controller, usually found in the internal split system part called 'airbox '. That would have the rego 2000 controller in it and a pump ect but all these products became discontinued last year by UK distributors alto energy. I have tried emailing around with no luck to find a controller and looked at some aftermarket ones on aliexpress. Seem a shame not use the ashp as the quality looks great, the specs competitive and it was very cheap. Any ideas what I can use to control it , Ideally with cooling option ? I'll put some pics of the connections for reference as would be great to see one of my rash purchases paying off with some help !
  6. I used ecowin too, they were great and drove 7 hours to fit the windows. Small firm attention to detail backed up by a huge manufacturer in Poland. Even do a glitter black paint coating if you like some bling.
  7. Re karndean, There are some new click together vinyl planks that are an easy diy job and as a floating floor system are easy to take up when the need arises, they say its waterproof so id agree be aware the concrete will not be dry for a looong time and vinyl will trap the moisture. Having fitted karndean and the click planks i would never use karndean again , for one its impossible to remove and the prep has to be perfect. The click stuff sits on a thin underlay, quite forgiving as its about 5mm thick and works out way cheaper with arguably a better immitation of wood finnish.
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