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  1. Pretty spot on advice there. Where abouts in the country is he?
  2. Try sticky stuff remover
  3. Jonny

    4x2 prices

    I get it for £9.95 from my local BM so I’d say you have done pretty well!
  4. It’s not just timber, insulation has already got price increases. I believe one brand has stated 8% in feb, an unknown amount in March, and 6% in April!
  5. or this stuff. It doesn’t even need doing up tight as once it goes off has a good mechanical strength
  6. Is it viable to put the stairs on the opposite wall and walk under the stairs to the garage? Just like Narnia!
  7. I vote for the LED battens too!
  8. I too followed all advice, ie, screed was dried for over 7 months, flooring was acclimatised, temperatures slowly brought up once commissioned. I don’t know if it’s anything to do with the herringbone pattern?
  9. My kitchen stat is at 18 and rest of house at 21 (it’s draughty out of the kitchen!) I think your right with the shrinking and swelling, the slight gaps are setting off my OCD - suppose I’ll just have to get used to it!
  10. I’ve been told £260 for each kerbstone that needs dropping, in my case that is 5. This assumes a 1m wide path. 10cm either way adds/detracts 10% from the quote.
  11. Hmm, the house is a Victorian terrace, solid walls, no cavity insulation, minimal loft insulation, however the new kitchen, has 150mm celotex in the slab, and 130mm flat roof construction. It’s always considerably warmer in the kitchen half of house. I actually can’t turn the blender down any lower on the UFH so unsure how I’d progress from here!
  12. Thank you, running at 35deg, the minimum it can be set at.
  13. Hi Guys, Back last summer I fitted an engineered wood floor in a herringbone pattern. This was onto a levelled screeded floor and stuck on with f ball styccobond. Since I’ve been using the UFH more the planks appear to have shrunk/moved leaving a 1-2mm gap in places. Is this likely to settle/get worse/get better with UFH off? Any ideas? I’m quite tempted to fill in the gaps and re-oil the floor in the spring. Said floor:
  14. We’re working as partners but currently I am in it for the site management and technical/ quality control part of the build. It will be sold on at the news and although the profit is important at the end, this process is about more than that. For me it is giving me a great insight and experience for my own build at a later date I’m a qualified Physiotherapist, so this is very different from my normal work. In terms of the house, we are building it as if we were going to live there, we both couldn’t think of anything worse than a mass produced, bulk built property and certainly wouldn’t look at buying a new property as above. in terms of the project, were up to wall plate height with trusses coming next week, currently knee deep in mud digging out the drainage field! Good time of the year to be playing in mud!