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  1. Just for context: Architect has done a few traditional style new builds (pic). He mentioned reconstituted stone for the front. Stone front + brick sides & rear used by many older houses in these parts.
  2. Is brick always much cheaper (materials & labour) than (reconstituted) stone? Front elevation definitely reconst. stone. Public side elevation option brick or stone. Rear and other side definitely brick. Traditional style build. Some in the family think brick for all but front elevation, others think stone looks more upmarket for public elevations. What would you choose and why?
  3. Thanks, easy for us to miss such points.
  4. Induction hob on island, is a downdraft extractor ok? Underfloor heating. No MVHR. Grateful for any experiences/advice, pros and cons.
  5. Thank you! This is what the family have been converging on too, step by step.
  6. Thanks. Externals on front (right of pic) a bit risky to attempt changes, but I get the logic.
  7. My introduction to "stack". Thank you. Good thinking.
  8. Rear (left in pic) / north is the garden with mature trees, also quietest elevation
  9. Here's option C, which some of the family favour. A, B or C (or none of them) for you to live in, and why?
  10. Thanks DevilDamo. Jilly, you are allowed to write something.