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  1. We used NBM for our conveyancing, they're based in Essex but it is all done online etc. Was competitively priced and all has gone through.
  2. For the same thickness you'll have very different u values for PIR v EPS
  3. Hire something like this? https://www.farolmowers.co.uk/product/billy-goat-qv550h-wheeled-leaf-vacuum/?utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=Google Shopping 03&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=8509&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs72fg-Wg-QIV0eR3Ch2bxgDEEAQYBCABEgIOfPD_BwE
  4. Call me mental, but if the outlet is only a few mm higher could you try putting a piece of wicking material up and over the outlet? This would help to empty the pooled water quicker than evaporation alone. Probably.
  5. No drawings, but had had a site visit. Even if they felt it wans't their remit then why go ahead and fit the windows when they will clearly leak like a sieve? Gonna have to stop as my BP is rising again....
  6. Perhaps, but incredibly, while we were discussing how to make it right, they showed some pictures of a recent install they did in Nudura where they used all the right tapes/trays etc! So why the 🤬 didn't they do the same for me? 🤯
  7. Still some money owed, but they're a very reputable local-ish firm and are going to make good, so I'm happy in that respect. Just amazed that these things can't be got right in the first instance.
  8. "So you've installed in Nudura before?" says I. Yeah yeah yeah, no probs. So that's one less thing for me to worry about? I can just put that one to bed and leave that in their capable hands? Of course! None of the windows have been installed with the Nudura specified EDPM tray or taped up the sides/top. Simply put in the opening and foamed/silicone in - with daylight visible in some places between frame and reveal.
  9. Having our windows fitted this week. Almost all in, and none have been fitted correctly. All will need to come out again. I give up.
  10. Thanks both. It's a stove at over EUR2k so looking at an additional EUR500. But what the hell, if self-building has taught me anything it's to be prepared to be shafted at any and every opportunity
  11. Apologies if this has been covered before, and I think it has but can't for the life of me find the thread, but if I want to buy something from Spain can I somehow avoid paying the local sales tax then reclaim the VAT I will be charged on import here - or do I have to pay the local sales tax, which I guess I won't be able to claim back? Many thanks!
  12. As far as I understand it if you have gaps it needs to be UV stable, otherwise it will just break down over time. There seem to be different "grades" of UV resistance depending on how wide your gaps are - the wider the gap the more resistant it needs to be and the more expensive. Whether or not it needs be be able to breathe depends on the wall make-up I guess, but I think most (if not all?) UV resistant membranes are breathable
  13. Thanks Russel - we're not going for too rustic tbh so perhaps they will fit in, and I would definitely like the option of removing a board later on if needed. Guess I'll go for the 45mm one unless you think a 12mm "bite" from the shorter 32mm screw would be sufficient?
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