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  1. Yep, I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it (though what's that expression about it being easier to ask for forgiveness than permission?...). First thing though is to get somewhere to stay in for ourselves.
  2. Drainage is ok, but it's a sloping site and will need a fair amount of earth scraping away to make level. At least compacted hardcore would be easier to dig up again when needed - think that night be the best option.
  3. Got pp, so all good. I just added a paragraph in the planning statement. Agree a massive slab makes everything look more permanent though. The second hand lodges I've been looking at seem to be Cosalt or Pinelog models, all ex-holiday park and are residential spec (whatever that means) with double glazing and central heating etc. Seem to be fairly substantial.
  4. Hi all, we're trying to sort out our onsite accommodation as we'll be homeless in a few months. Initially we were thinking a static - but the max width we can fit through gateways etc is only 10ft, the novelty of which I think would wear off quite quickly. I've now started to look at twin lodges, which come in two 10ft wide sections. This would give us somewhere comfortable to live, then we could move it away from the house after the build and use it possibly for airbnb/family etc - something which is a bit more desirable in a lodge than a static. I'm trying to sort out what sort of groundworks I need to support a lodge. I've been told that a slab is preferable, due to the risk of the two halfs moving relative to each other. Has anyone done this for a lodge before? Would the slab need to be reinforced (it would need to be at least 20'x30')? Ideally we would like something with less of a footprint as it will be sited in a field - are smaller footings at various points a reasonable compromise? Thanks all
  5. Seems like the best option, cheers Temp. Anyone out there used floor sockets in their own build and wants to share some pics?
  6. We're planning a power floated concrete floor as the finished surface, and would like floor sockets. Has anyone used these in a concrete floor? Our architect is worried about cracking around the socket, but I'm sure this must be possible to do without. Any hints/tips? Thanks all
  7. It wouldn't be a totally new dwelling in the country though, it's a replacement. We did exactly this, part Q PD, then full planning. It was very straightforward in the end. There was a case that went to the high court in 2017 I believe which basically allowed for the part Q to be used as a fall back, therefore any full pp application would therefore be a replacement, even if the conversion had not actually been started. I think you've been advised wrongly. Honestly look in to this, might save a lot if hassle further down the line as you try and shoehorn your house in to the existing structure - not to mention the 20% VAT saving on a new build.
  8. Following with interest as this looks like an interesting project. No doubt you have already, but have you explored getting planning permission now that you have the PD rights for conversion confirmed? You'd be able to change roof pitches - and lots of other things!
  9. You're neighbour isn't Victor Meldrew by any chance?
  10. ...and similar to the campaign to stop photoshopping in adverts/social media and the effect this has on adolescent mental health and the pressure to achieve the unachievable, perhaps there needs to be a similar ban on building mags/Grand designs for the sake of the mental health of middle aged men!
  11. I'm beginning to get annoyed by imperfections, and we haven't even started our build yet! Could we have unrealistic expectations? You see all of these amazing looking places in magazines - all clean lines and perfect junctions, but is that achievable in the real world? We see selected images of these places, sometimes perhaps photoshopped, and certainly never see the bits that aren't quite so perfect. Not saying we should put up with substandard work, but if our goals are unachievable can we ever win?
  12. Interestingly Stephen, we want shadow gaps with our concrete floor but our architect is warning against. He's worried that any irregularity/wavyness in the floor will be too easy to see with unforgiving shadow gaps. We're planning a power floated finish rather than polished. Are you happy you will be able to achieve a crisp finish - and if so can you share how?!
  13. Our roof structure won't be exposed, but if the supply vents don't have to be high up - and theoretically can even be in the walls - then that simplifies things a bit. The extract in the kitchen I'm guessing needs to be near the apex though.
  14. Trying to get to grips with the MVHR design for our build. We have a large open-plan living area approx 18m x 9m with a vaulted ceiling - about 6m at the apex. A few of the other rooms (snug and master bedroom) will have even higher vaulted ceilings by the looks of it. Where should we position vents for the MVHR? As high as possible? Interested to see how others have addressed this, any pictures of how this can look would be greatly appreciated. Cheers all
  15. Yep, barns untouched from initial part q application. Thanks all for your responses. I have contacted the LPA and hopefully they'll give the definitive answer soon. Will report back...