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  1. I've been after these Velux external shutters for a while now but I have 19 windows (largest size)! I have internal black out blinds on the bedroom Velux's but they don't keep the heat out, you have to stop it coming in through the window (using the external shutters). I've yet to hear from anyone that has them. It's a big investment and I've had no luck getting any of their 'approved fitters' round to quote.
  2. I have seen this, its just 5 mins from me. The location ticks all the sustainability boxes, on main road, footpath, streetlights, can walk to big village. Its also a different council to me.
  3. Not stables but not really 'agriculture' either but a private zoo a long time ago.
  4. I was thinking along these lines, I think it's 4 years but will check. I'll have to get the exact requirements and see if it's workable. Growing food sounds like a good idea at the moment anyway.
  5. I’ve already appealed the planning decision and lost. These fees are to challenge the the appeal decision.
  6. I employed a big planning consultant from the start (only because they had successfully got me planning for my own home 5 years prior). They have cost the bulk of the amount plus architects, structural surveys, landscape designer, ecological surveys, building repairs. Quote to challenge the appeal is 10k for solicitor, 2.5k for Counsel and 2.5k ish Sec of State costs if I lose.
  7. If I didn’t live in the village maybe I’d consider that but I do so I won’t.
  8. A regular planing appeal. Next step would be Secretary if State but at great expense. Good to hear you have done this and won.
  9. I asked my planning consultant if I'd get permission to use them for holiday lets but he said they'll use the same 'sustainability' argument, people would drive to get here. I guess that would be the case with anything.
  10. That was what we tried first but we couldn't prove the buildings had been used for agriculture in the past.
  11. After over 2 years and 100k (excluding land purchase price) my appeal has been dismissed. Planning consultant has shown the decision to a solicitor who thinks we have 'reasonable grounds to challenge the inspectors decision' but the cost to do so likely to be £15-20K. Does anyone know what percentage of these (s288 challenges) win? I tried an online search but couldn't find anything. Even if we win we just win the opportunity to have another planning inspector make a decision which might be another dismissal. If I quit now I'm left with a very expensive folly I don't know what to do with (but save myself another huge expense). Brief backstory... Bought the land (4 acres with old 4 animal buildings on it- breeze block and render) about 20 years ago in the village (rural, not green belt) I live. Wanted to convert one of the buildings into a 1 bed live/work unit for my son. Tried the class Q route but council weren't satisfied the buildings were used agriculturally so that failed. Put full planning application in, council didn't like some bits, roof height & solar panels so we withdrew application and submitted a new one having dealt with the things they didn't like. Refused on 'sustainability' grounds, you'd need a car to live there (I'd argue you wouldn't nowadays with online shopping and remote working) and their other reason being that the office was big enough to be a bedroom and they think thats what it would be used as and as such the building wouldn't be big enough to be a 2 bed. I appealed and it's been dismissed. 'Site not suitable' and no way they can prevent the office being turned into a bedroom. Lots of objection from people in the village (their back gardens border the land), I would love to get the permission just to wipe the smug looks from their faces but I could spend the 20k on something else. If I quit now it's game over, the site wouldn't get planning in my lifetime. What would you do?
  12. I have appealed. They could have just put a condition in the planning decision to say it can only be a 1 bed but they didn't and just refused it instead. Have just been assigned a case officer finally so should have a decision mid Feb.
  13. Do you have external shutters? I too have double height ceilings and a lots of glass. I don't have a problem with overheating really in the summer as I have Velux windows in the ceiling so the heat goes up and out through those. I do have an issue with it being cold here in the winter months though and have been thinking about external shutters for a while as they would also provide another level of security. I'd want them automated though somehow so I don't have to go and physically close them when it's cold outside.
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