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  1. I have appealed. They could have just put a condition in the planning decision to say it can only be a 1 bed but they didn't and just refused it instead. Have just been assigned a case officer finally so should have a decision mid Feb.
  2. Do you have external shutters? I too have double height ceilings and a lots of glass. I don't have a problem with overheating really in the summer as I have Velux windows in the ceiling so the heat goes up and out through those. I do have an issue with it being cold here in the winter months though and have been thinking about external shutters for a while as they would also provide another level of security. I'd want them automated though somehow so I don't have to go and physically close them when it's cold outside.
  3. Hourly rate was £130 and the senior consultant almost twice that. Their first bill was 2 years ago now, we started off trying for permitted development then had to put a full application in (when we couldn't provide evidence the building had been used agriculturally), then had to make some amendments after comments from the council. The fees and time increased due to this line in their fee proposal "Time spent post submission of the application, liasing with council officers and the design team would be covered on an hourly basis but capped at £1300 per month (plus vat)". It was in their interests to drag it out. Anyway they've stopped fees now until the appeal is won. I've worked with them before and they did (eventually) get me permission to convert my Nissen huts when everyone else said I had no chance.
  4. When I got the refusal they said they won't charge any more now until we win the appeal (if we don't, I've spent 50k and got nowhere!). Note they want to negotiate a final fee once an appeal is won.
  5. Thank you. Assuming mine is a written rep and not a hearing I could hear before Christmas on that basis.
  6. It's the most ridiculous reason.... Im trying to convert an old building into a 1 bed cottage for my son, it has an office so he can work from home. Refused because the council said we might use the office as a second bedroom and if we do then the property won't meet minimum build size for a 2 bed. They could have just put a condition on the approval that it's not to be a 2 bed! We're applying for costs too.
  7. Not that I know of. I'm paying a planning consultant but they've gone quiet after telling me it will take 'a long time'.
  8. I've paid a planning consultant 25k so far (plus architect 13k and surveys £12k). The person dealing with my application left the company so it was handed to someone else who isn't really interested and doesn't reply to my emails.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know what the wait time for planing appeals is at the moment? I had a refusal on April 19th (I want to convert a small agricultural building into residential), I put an appeal in 4 weeks later and haven't heard a thing since. I know they're taking a while now (because C0v1d) but I'm wondering if I should just use the building for something else for a year or two in the meantime.
  10. Thanks Ian, Those flexible 'stick on' panels would be great if they'd work, your link shows them on a curved roof like mine. Just need to find a supplier and fitter. This is what the farmer used on his shepherds hut. The site is very exposed and we get much more wind here then our neighbours tucked away within the village. I'd be worried about the wind getting under the clamped on panels. I'd also need to check that wouldn't invalidate my roof warranty.
  11. Its a few acres so not small but the plant room is at the northern end of the property and I want the solar to be close to that for efficiency and also didn't want to see the panels from my windows. I can always buy more if I want it but don't see a need if I can get panels on the roof.
  12. Yes I was prepared for the planning permission if going with ground mounted. I might get away with the roof mounting without planning as long as they can't be seen. Roof faces East or west (either, not neither). Along the ridge they would be facing straight up if I put flat panels on there. I think a curve would capture more sun.
  13. I've been in my nissen hut conversion 4 years now and would like to add solar panels and battery back up (thinking Tesla Powerwall) so I can be more self sufficient. I asked the farmer if I could buy some land to put the panels on (ground mounted) as my roof faces either east or west. He said he'd sell me some land (at 30k for half an acre!) but why don't I just put panels along the ridge line of the roof. My roof is curved. He said he'd found some curved panels on eBay for his shepherds hut but I'd need something more substantial here. Could anyone recommend any? The roof is zinc, would they just attach to the seams? It would be great if this could work as you wouldn't see them. The roof has Velux windows but they're on either side and there's a good 2 meters between them over the top.