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  1. ETC that's what I am hoping for. I only hope my selected architect delivers what I am expecting.
  2. Dave, thanks. I'm aiming for less than £1500/m2. The plan is to install all bathrooms, kitchen, flooring etc myself and only aiming for cheap sockets, switches and ceiling roses for now. The plan being as our pot of cash replnishes change the cheap stuff as needed. We plan to live in this house for a long time so there will be plenty of time to finish it all off. The main thing I need is to get to a point where we can move in (even if all interior is not finished) and a where my warranty provider will sign off so we can then switch mortgage to get a residential rather than self build. I'm also hoping that my architect will earn her money buy designing the hosue with our low budget in mind so we can save on expensive steels etc through clever design and load positioning.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I think I'm with Matt60 on the Architect. For the time being she has only be instructed to develop the initial plan and submit for planning permission. What we do from there we'll see. She does offer the building regulations compliance drawings too and I though that was something that we needed and will enable us to get a full costing for the build so I was thinking to get them done too. To be honest I don;t think we'll be starting to build much before the end of the year so hopefully materials will drop in price by then. The plan is to build using traditional brick and block mainly because of cost. I know timer frame is more expensive and do timber frame companies offer bespoke framing? I though they are almost like buying a flat pack house and only come in certain designs. The plan is to try and keep costs as low as possible but I know my limits as to what I can do. I can't do the ground works, or the block work or the floors and roof. I could do most of the internal things, given enough time, although eletcrics will need a professional to get past building regs. At the momemt I am trying to read and research as much as possible as I would like the build to progress as quickly as possible once we start.
  4. Hello all, I am a complete newbie to self building, however we are in the process of purchasing some land in Lincolnshire with a view to building a 200 sqm, 4 bed detcahed house with single integral garage. Like I said the land purchase is progressing, I have taken the gamble to instruct an architect to get some initial plans drawn up so hopefully when the purchase completes we'll be in a position to submit the planning application. The plot already has outline planning and there are a few other houses already built on adjacent plots so hopefully planning will get passed off. The one big thing for me is costs. I find it so vague trying to forecast the cost of the build and it's currently a concern that we will not have enough money to complete the build. If anyone has any tips or advice it's more than welcome. Anyways this isn't meant to be laiden with questions it's just a quick intro from me. I hope everyone is safe and well and I look forward to hearing from you.