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  1. So with this there is no need for plaster board? Plaster straight to it. Have you had any experience using this material and have you any links to it, wouldn’t want wrong stuff so many likeness/ copies of things nowadays. Regards. James
  2. Trying to find 12mm celotex near me and in stock not a chance. Been looking at XP’s and other makes of thin foam some on amazon and tile places,as you say anything is going to give it better protection. Regards. James
  3. Was looking at the aerogel but I have six cheeks to do and that stuff is very expensive, was hoping for something a little cheaper.
  4. Marzipan? I can’t see any difference between the two😀
  5. There is a little, wasn’t sure how much ld need to prevent cold bridging. Was thinking some sort of material over the full triangle area to prevent to much heat loss in rooms.
  6. Looking for some advice on what would be the best material and way to insulate these. Looking at the build up I have about 25 mm this includes the skim coat, this will take it to about halfway across window frame and I wouldn’t want to go any further than that. Regards. James
  7. Just an update, picture of what we have done a little crude but seems to of worked ok, had quite a bit of rain and wall seems to be dry for now. thanks for everyone's help. Regards. James
  8. Thanks for the advice, well give it a go when we’ve got parts and time. Regards. James
  9. @ProDave been looking at these, was hoping to get hold of the light/vent only and save a bit of money but if this is only option then it will have to be. Not sure how well it will match the other lights? Will this dim like other bulbs? Not sure if the way the switches are set up at minute is best as I think it gives the individual showering the option not to turn fan on as separate switch, am I thinking correctly here? regards. James
  10. Just an update on the bathroom, shower is complete just need a bit of work round door and floor. But need help on light/ vent above shower, surprising how much more steam in room after shower. There is a vent in loft fitted and working but no hole in ceiling. There are three spotlights in the room and would like to have integrated light and vent connected to vent in loft, can anyone offer any advice on what might work and look the best. This is a pic of loft, there is a dimmer switch that controls the three light and a switch to operate the fan.
  11. Thanks for the advice, so first job is going to be lead saddle, hope this cures the issue would hate to have scaffold taken away and it still have the damp issue. Regards. James
  12. Thanks for your reply, we are either going to buy a lead ridge abutment or get a section and mould it into place. Since I noticed the damp (see pic)almost a year ago I assumed it was because the bricklayer hadn’t installed a lead tray(see pic). So whilst I have a tower up should I take the chimney down and put one in? Or do you think the lead ridge abutment will cure this dampness? Regards james
  13. Thanks for the response, it was built last year and we noticed it was leaking a while ago, just not been able to do anything until we had finished with scaffolding from round garage. we took ridge of today and we was shocked to see there was no lead bringing the ridge, just assumed it would be there so yeah that will be first job then. do you think this might cure the issue as I know there is no lead tray and I’m half expecting to have to take it down. Only problem there is I have no brick left and not sure if they’d clean up. Regards. James
  14. Hi all, noticed the internal blockwork was getting wet a while ago, only just been able to get a tower up to have a look. Taken a few pictures for you to have a look at and hopefully offer some advice. I have read other posts about lead trays, I know there hasn’t been one fitted as I wasn’t aware of them during the build and the Brickki didn’t have a clue. Do you think The issue would be from the lack of lead under ridge or will the stack have to come down, which I could do without as I don’t have any bricks left. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards. James