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  1. Thanks for that Craig. This is what the underside of the window looks like. I can’t see any gasket.
  2. Think they was ow80 model, Regards. James
  3. Origin aluminium windows, I don’t think it’s condensation just think it’s getting past seal. I’ve spoken to origin and there saying it’s fine, my concern is this water has nowhere to escape and some of the fixing screws are showing signs of corrosion, so god knows what there going to be like in a few years time. Regards. James
  4. Just like to revive this post, wondered why I never got any replies and realised I never asked a question, just pointed out a fact. So do you think water should be getting here or should stay just on the weep hole side? Regards. James
  5. Can anyone offer some advice ?Would like to be able to follow some instructions off some of you people who have had some experience laying GRP. Regards James
  6. Yeah my phone signed me into my old account by accident.
  7. Hi Mr Punter Thanks for the reply, sorry to cause confusion but the flat roof is only a picture I got off the internet, I was using this as an example as I need to know the best way of approaching that section. Our project is the small abutment section, would love to hear from anyone Who has done similar in past. Regards. James
  8. The tiles are made by sandtoft, the make are Rivius standard size and roof is not very big so won’t be able to gain much by Spreading them out. I didn’t think of looking on there website on setting out but I will do that before anything else. Regards. James
  9. Not very pretty is an understatement, I’m surprised they were able to build that.before you do anything to the wall you need to sort out the water issue. Maybe show your neighbor that photo let them see what you have to look at every day and see if you can come to some agreement. I’d probably try taking there copings off and make them wider bridging your wall with a bit of overhang,might keep water away. Regards. James
  10. Thanks, maybe the way forward I’ll see how they fit with a little bit of spreading. We have the small tiles for the verges so we don’t have any cut edges showing but they just don’t fit right, they make the verge overhang 80 mm each gable and it’s just to much. Regards. James
  11. Anyone got any advice? The issue is the garage roof is a set size and the tiles have a left and right hand verge tiles, to make them fit on a row they push each side out. So do you have any ideas what a roofer would do other than cut them, don’t really want to have cut ends ( this is why we got verge tiles) or am I over thinking it, is this to much overhanging? Regards. James
  12. We’ve just started to set out the tiles on the garage roof, we have laid out a couple of full rows front and back but not sure how to make them fit. Does anybody have some ideas on the best way to make these fit, here is a few pics. Regards. James
  13. Were at the stage of purchasing our battens for the ceiling, some are going on the sloping parts of the ceilings where there will be no lights in any of this, maybe a few wire runs if regs allow .We was thinking 25x50mm roofing laths. And for main ceiling was thinking of 50x50mm timbers. This will have low profile spotlights in was hoping to keep everything inside the vcl, would this be the normal way of adding spotlight to a ceiling with a vcl? Also i read there has to be 50 mm depth from any wires, is this true and if so what size laths on sloping part of ceilings? Regards James
  14. With you now silly me, thats some stump. Regards James
  15. Good look with the build,but waste of 1 minute and 58 seconds just looking at the ground. Regards James