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  1. James94

    Gate pillars

    @TonyT I'll price up for 70m swa 3 core as an option but when I get the electrician round I'll see if he's prepared to install a small consumer unit and split the rails like suggested. This PME earthing arrangement is it something there likely to give me or can I request a different arrangement, if so which should I go for. Regards James
  2. James94

    Gate pillars

    @TonyT At the moment its just the mains feed from the road capped of, wasn't going to get a meter until ready which could be some time don't want to start paying a standing charge or have council banging on door for cash.Do you think it would be ok maybe some sort of small consumer unit and short cable feed to gates other than that its 70m from house , not sure what PME supply is. Regards James
  3. James94

    Gate pillars

    Hi Hoping to get trench hug very soon for the services from boundary boxes to house. I will require cables to power electric gates at some point, would it be ok to power gates direct from boundary box or will I have to run a cable in trench from consumer unit in house? Regards. James
  4. @tonyshouse Sorry for dragging this post up again but I have some questions id like to have answered. Q1 regarding the advice you gave on fixing the ceiling plasterboard prior to stud walls, how easy will it be to fix top plates to timbers which will be hidden by plasterboard if we take this route. Q2 Taking this option, is it ok to have plasterboard sandwiched between top plate of the stud wall and the service cavity batten? Q3 can this route cause issues with electrician for cables and lighting switches as would be no walls for him to put wires in? Regards James
  5. Has anyone got any advice on this? Is there a reason why it’s says not suitable for porcelain. Does he have to take it back and buy a different one and if so any recommendations. Regards. James
  6. Dads just been setting out tiles for bath area and he's bought himself a rubi 61 snap tile cutter but noticed on the description is say not for porcelain tiles. https://www.screwfix.com/p/rubi-manual-tile-cutter-610mm/8115K?tc=IT7&ds_kid=92700055262507126&ds_rl=1244066&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2IqAqr3l8AIVBYbVCh34rgycEAQYAiABEgJbIvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Now the tiles he's bought say porcelain, does this mean he will have to send it back and find an alternative cutter? Or will it be ok? Regards James
  7. so just to clarify would the best way be to fix 4x2 headers and 2x2 service cavity then plasterboard over the whole lot, would I need to cut out the plasterboard to fix studs to the header? Regards James
  8. Thanks for that very informative reply @Nickfromwales, He was worried if He laid them brick bond they’d all fall off. He's only laying 10 boxes and none are on the floor, just doing the shower area and side of bath with a niche. He’s been looking at the levelling systems so will probably be getting them, I’ll tell him to test them for kick and see how bad it might be and think he’s looking at the mapei keraflex for the adhesive. Ill get him to take some pics if he ever finishes it. Regards. James
  9. Just a quick question on the tiles my dad’s bought. he has bought these as he likes the way they looked laid brick style, but on the back of the box it states no more than 33%. Will it matter if he goes 50% when laying them? Regards. James
  10. Thanks for the reply @Oz07, don’t suppose you got detailed pics. Regards. James
  11. Anyone? Getting a little confused to what would be best way to proceed. Regards. James
  12. So finish off vcl and service cavity, then plasterboard all the ceiling space as one room then divide up rooms with stud wall ? Regards James
  13. Anyone? Would hate to get wrong materials or miss something out. Regards. James
  14. What have you done for the shower area for fall and waste? Regards. James
  15. Just got a few question prior to ordering and starting. If we are to fix the stud headers under the service cavity as above picture do we need to fill the void above the header with sound insulation? Even if we have lighting wiring running through it? Question 2. we are going to have some niches in bathrooms, where these are positioned do we have to double the thickness of the stud? or can the niche go back to back with the plaster board on the other side? And finally been looking at the gerberit wall hung toilets, we will be fitting them on a block wall so we intend to stud this out to enable this to be concealed. What will be the best thickness studs to achieve easy fitting of waste and cistern. Regards. James