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  1. Hi @Roger440 No further info on 12v system as no progress due to working away. Timers would be used to switch relays after dark to change power supply, from mains to battery by use of relays, until the battery power runs out and then goes back to mains, or the timer re sets for daylight, thereby using stored power over night Your forklift thoughts: My advice is always do the maths and work out the practical use first: Find out size of forklift batteries? I assume you use forklift during day. When would you charge the fork lift? would you therefore need batteries to store the PV during the day?
  2. Possibly the relay is either not working on the timer system is not working. Er or the thermostats. In my book less likely as both don't work. Either way you don't need a plumber..😂
  3. Have the fuses to the immersion heaters tripped? What type of fuses are they? MCB, RCBO? How long ago was the immersion installed?
  4. Used EDPM on several flat roofs. Like the fact that it comes in one piece for the whole roof (assuming the shape isn't too complicated). Installed about 10 so far including on our last 2 houses.
  5. Hi @SteamyTea Not so far fetched then.... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-18/china-eyes-compressed-air-as-battery-competitor-in-energy-storage
  6. All good thoughts. Re the system in my first post on this topic: The energy storage and swift response sides look good from a commercial point of view for energy producers which ticks a lot of boxes from a business point of view. If the trials work as planned I think it's the best so far. Remember you can change how the excess energy is produced and just use the storage and response side of the system. This may negate the requirement for larger power stations that work at less than full power most of the time and have time delayed gearing up and shutting down requirements, meaning smaller power stations costing less to build and to run. Also, I assume it could be used with a geothermal system. But as @SteamyTea implies and my brother says time will tell.
  7. One for @SteamyTea This technology breaks so many challanges that it's hard to see a downside. Eventually one of these breakthroughs will be used...
  8. Hi @SteamyTea Either from MDi in France, or Luxembourg or Australia, or on their YouTube videos, can't remember, but it is something I will be asking them to clarify.
  9. I understand it uses about 100m3? at 300psi?
  10. Yes, most of this is on my list of questions.... also noise issues,kW output/input rates and cost! I read they were suggesting the thing should last about 50 years I await a response from France.
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