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  1. So @nod was correct with the action required: Bleed the rad (Well remove water from radiator). But not quite the reason IMHO. @PeterW was correct about the lack of circulation but not the reason. IMHO (the towel rails ALWAYS circulated to the top in the last 2 years). And @dpmiller had the most way out thought which I think makes @dpmiller a great solutionist! But my conclusion are: 1. The towel rails don't circulate as well as the radiators. 2. The antifreeze effects this problem even worse (did I mention I added it yesterday?) 3. I was too mean to want to drain loads out the radiator thereby diluting the antifreeze mix when refilling, so my plan of isolating the tower rails, emptying into a bucket, and refilling worked.
  2. You are far closer to the truth than you know. I fixed the small one: Time to catch the water.... notice the colour.... : and the results: Wait! What's this?: The water in the top of the radiator was clear, but the water running below is rich with antifreeze...
  3. This is the other one: If no one else has had this problem then I must be wrong? Yes it full to the top. Yes the lower half is running freely and hot.
  4. I believe that the solution is to lock off both sides of the radiator, drain the contents from the bottom and pour it back in the top. If I am right surely someone with a heat pump has had to do this before. Hi @dpmiller But you would think it was a possibility.. . No. It worked perfectly fine for 2 years. Both of the towel rails.
  5. The radiator has been running for 12 hours in its present condition. It is the first time in my life I have seen this happen. I can only guess the reason and no one has come up with (possibly) the right answer yet. You have to think of something completely different. I am waiting for someone who has had this happen to respond so no-one thinks I'm mad.
  6. Hi @ToughButterCup No. And I confirm that there is no air in the top of the radiator.
  7. Hi @joe90. Thanks but I understood exactly what @nod was saying and usually he would be right. Having been corgi registered in my time I would know all about air locks.... There is no air lock.
  8. One of the aformentioned. and yes I am supposed to be decorating the room for Christmas 🙄
  9. Hi @nod. I can quite catogorically say there is no issue with either water circulation or air in the radiiator. I confirm the towel rail rad is full of water from the top to the bottom. The hot water enters the rad on one side and exits on the other but only heats up about half way. I know you think it's a air issue but it is not.
  10. Nope. Full of water bottom half fully functional as a radiator.
  11. My Towel radiators are definitely full of water. They are quite hot up to about half way up. Why?
  12. Ok, insulated how? Loft insulation - how thick? Cavity wall insulation? Floor insulation - how thick? Do you have trickle vents in the windows. What is the approximate floor area (upstairs and downstairs) in square meters. What emitters (radiators or underfloor heating?) are you thinking of using? A lot of people who contribute on build hub have masses of experience so its good to listen to it all. @TW9 has one of the answers which would save you space, but its as my brother says, its not if, but how much. Good luck M
  13. Not if the beading is big no. As usual @ProDave really points out the big picture..