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  1. Hi Ian Do you have ICF blocks already? My ICF dream is now off the plan so I have sufficient Nudura for a 3000 Sq. foot house and double garage if this is of interest. Cheers Norman
  2. Did that also, guy promised to send me details twice, but no show. He was more miffed that someone sold us Nudura in "his patch". Almost feel we are being shut out by the supply chain. Happy to sell but not so keen to held now. We do not expect back what we paid but a fair price. Considering the cost will increase 2020 this allows for someone to get a good deal, well that's our idea.
  3. They sent me a number of options but most are south of the M25 or South West so quite a ways to travel. Several I spoke to were not so keen with that aspect.
  4. Yes we have that as well but it not working out smoothly between new concept and traditional thinking. We await costs to understand where traditional build comes in against what we have for ICF.
  5. Sorry to confuse. Builder No. 1 ICF experienced was charging way over the top. Builder No. 2 is proposing Block and brick.
  6. yes he was the source for our builder in the first instance, Additional suggestions are south of the M25, and South West. Even asked if the supplier would buy it back, and no surprise deadly silence. The decision on which way we jump will be based on the quote when we get it probably in a few weeks time.
  7. Building on site now demolished was 1870 something, no heating no damp proof, poor extensions so a nightmare to refurb. Opting for this gives us a clean slate to get what we believe we want.
  8. We actually hunted down this builder because he had experience with ICF so a no brainer, however his final budget was out of the question. It is sad as I know this would have been a better finished product.
  9. Agreed. Local builder of 30 years + seems happy to work towards Plan B. and is offering a degree of confidence in approach if nothing else. Whilst ICF was a clear favourite for all the known reasons we need to keep an eye on final cost.
  10. The plan was render and a brick/stone cladding like z-clad. Builders locally are not so keen on what they see as a new method and quite honestly letting he practice on our house is not my idea of fun. We await a quote for a traditional block and brick alternative but wanted to see if we have any interest in the block was purchase earlier this year. First builder, no developer, was simply charging soo much we had to put the brakes on this, hence the reason to join the forum.
  11. Builder issues are the main problem. Plan A was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy over budget. Also builders/contractors in my area are not so familiar with the method so looking at moving on with the build another way. If I am honest the loss on the blocks will be nothing compared to the saving we will make compared to the ICF builders proposed cost. I was very much looking forward to this build concept but so far costs are over budget. Thanks Norm
  12. We have a water well under the proposed new build. Plan a was to have this as a feature in the new house but problems of cold bridging may force us to abandon this idea. Does anyone have experience or completed such a feature in what will be a highly insulated floor slab with underfloor heating. Thanks Norm
  13. Hi Group We are starting a new build but after buying Nudura blocks were a going back to Block and brick. Unfortunate but we have not had the best start. Lots of blocks needing a new home. Thanks Norm
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