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  1. My sons gang charge me £100 each per hit but they do loads and they’re neat. They won’t have a long career working that hard on the trowel.
  2. It should be a vented ridge. The heat behind the tiles will rise upwards not down to the eaves
  3. It took me a fair while to understand it all!
  4. In my experience they won’t touch it without a vcl.
  5. ASHP is the same, a free for all with installers making a couple of grand a day. Like the Wild West.
  6. They won’t, it’s because of the big mark up from supplying the gear.
  7. I may be missing the point a bit but- i linked all my panels together on the roof with the roofer and left the final tails each end in the loft space with the factory connectors on so the scaffold could be struck?
  8. Piling is a strange one, mine were 10m estimated with I think £85 per metre for extra depth, but they set at 7m. That’s not risk sharing when the contractor invoiced at 10m.
  9. How did it go? been a few medium builders go pop locally this week, and people are definitely getting tight on work.
  10. I’m strictly ‘cost plus’ now, daywork and materials on top with open book and a 10% mark up. There’s a proper recession coming down the line, I would speak to my accountant about the options and take everything you can from the business and prepare a battle plan. tell the customer if they force the contract you’ll have to cease trading and the new contractor coming in will be higher priced.
  11. Material costs will only rise, Labour cost may decrease as the building trade goes tits up.
  12. Grab lorry’s went up £50 each grab a couple of weeks ago, no more red diesel for plant. The price of rebar is up 30% I think? Just can’t keep up.
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