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  1. that’s who I use and agree- wouldn’t be without one. Doubt you could ever claim but should you need to see in an emergency or whatever it’s £1800 well spent.
  2. what? That’s no good. ask for a structural engineers report from them stating how much bearing they can remove from the lintel above. Without being a complete ‘meldrew’ they’d be changing all my windows.
  3. I’d ask the window company who didn’t allow ‘add ins’ to the frames what they suggest.
  4. to clarify what I mean is: parts £5k labour £10k knowing you’ll pay through the nose because you’ll get £5k of it back.
  5. so my tile batten idea wasn’t crazy
  6. thanks! that’s what I had in mind- I’ve framed out but not sheathed the walls or ordered the windows yet
  7. Good morning I’m pondering window reveal insulation and whether I should form a ’checked’ type reveal so the insulation can return up to the window if that makes sense? walls will be 140mm frametherm, 50mm pir, airtight layer then battens. thanks! (Green squiggle is window)
  8. this is what I came to find. MCS installers are having a laugh price wise, charging massive amounts for install and then the £5k rhi amount into their pocket as a bonus amount on top.
  9. yeah I pay around £5k a pop, usually split the cost with the customer. Means I save a couple of hours a day sheeting/unsheeting and no rained off days. what is often an earner for the builder is that he’s already priced scaffold to gutter height and the tin hat is on top of that.
  10. thats all I keep hearing- something has to give. material costs. Labour rates. transport costs. all spiralling.
  11. they have quoted me *drumroll* £125 per metre 😵
  12. that’s so impressive! I've not really found anybody with a similar build to mine so there’s very little to reference. thanks!
  13. Thanks! it’s probably more like below- I’m just wondering any merit in a thermal break or if it’s not really worth it
  14. Evening building timber frame onto steel beams bearing on raised piles. Does this need marmox or similar- or would continuous pir internally eliminate any use for it? this detail is very similar- I’ll have 50mm pir, Vcl and 25mm service void internally.
  15. I guess there must be leeway if you physically can’t site the treatment plant that distance from the dwelling