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  1. i haven’t met them yet- but oddly, I’m not getting that ‘neighbourly vibe’. Could be wrong!
  2. Morning, it’s a static so probably tv, lighting that sort of thing nothing major- the heat, water and cooking is gas. Complicated by needing to run the Graf sewage plant as well. I’m thinking probably a silent diesel one from the hire company?
  3. Morning (middle of the night), I need to move onto site with the family as our place is sold. U.K. power are taking forever to get us connected- has anybody ran their van for a couple of months by generator?
  4. Looks like something from rural Eastern Europe.
  5. In the grand scheme of building thats peanuts if they did a good job.
  6. The clippaplate system looks good if your chipboard is already installed.
  7. Private building control do the same in England- not sure about local authority’s?
  8. I’m a carpenter so I can offset my free Labour which is something. At some point people will have to stop having work done, it seems that binary to me? It will come down a touch but a mate owns a multi million timber company and he said don’t expect much. He was scathing of the board companies for choking supply.
  9. ours has a large annexe and attracted loads of interest (14 viewings first week) and sold second week on the market but was a bit niche if you didn’t want the annexe. I just thought- end of furlough, price increases on everything. Things can change so fast, sadly I’m old enough to remember a couple of recessions now. Construction is becoming unsustainable with supply and cost, we’re losing heart a bit at work.
  10. I’m not sure timber will fall much really.
  11. We’ve pushed our sale through before the static has electric on the plot- but I’m terrified of staying in my property too long, the economy can change very quickly. Taking the money and running.
  12. If he’s a mate yes, otherwise I’m 99% he’ll be filthy about it.
  13. I have had a search, but who would you use for a small new build to design and supply an mvhr system? thanks