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  1. You want a box with enough space to bland all the cables in the bottom. you get a 20mm hole saw and drill the holes to suit yourself.
  2. Forget about the pratley boxes Use plastic Ip box, fit with CW glands and IP washers, bottom entry on cables into joint box and it will look smarter and be cheaper.
  3. We build a 4x2 timber partition, to bring services up the island, fix units to it and help take weight of granite worktop.
  4. Your choice it’s a couple of cubic metres if it’s 100 or 150mm thick, all depends on the quality of ground, preparation and workmanship. You get one shot to do it right with minimal grief, after that remedial works are a pain and generally a compromise. you could have fibres added to the mix to add reinforcement that way?
  5. Lift it up to the render or fit a larger pipe onto the vent to extend the length?
  6. would be easy to fit and not damage the render.
  7. Normally trial holes next to the existing building are dug to determine this info and let the structural engineer design the foundations. Layers of mesh in the concrete, potential method of tying into existing foundation, ie rebar resined into existing foundation and into new trench. best to ask the SE
  8. Don’t tell anyone then, and it will be fine!
  9. It’s the fridge appliance plumbing that always goes faulty, not my awesome pressure tested plumbing!
  10. I will stick with the £1 bag of ice from the local shop and the ice tray. hate plumbed in fridge freezers- too many leak and cause damage
  11. The FiT registration states the equipment installed, so apart from a like for like repair that doesn’t alter the potential output you aren’t to change components. Unless you want the fit payment stopped and at 55p a unit generated that would be daft.
  12. I would just get a joiner to build it on site
  13. Could have been a fault on the ring, and the customer didn’t want to pay for fault finding/running in new cable, safest way to make safe is to change to 2 radials