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  1. Definitely worth it, to secure bricks and from droughts etc Might be worth using some expanded metal lathe fixing that first and cement rendering over.
  2. I can’t imagine in the day and age of GDPR any council would be giving out info, if it’s not available on the planning portal.
  3. I’m a festool sander man, but if it’s for a few occasions get one out of Aldi/Lidl, use and abuse and if it breaks get a refund. Local store for easy return.
  4. Common to have a gap when integrated appliances are used, let’s the dishwasher for example pull down and not have to notch the kick plate.
  5. So was it like you asked for a townhouse and he designed a wonderful bungalow?
  6. And once you have done the joists, and you have any left over timber add some mid point noggins to stiffen it even further. looks good some good info in the link
  7. Can you not take the aerial cable somewhere else? Inside a garage? out on a perimeter fence, but cable underground?
  8. My logic is the higher rated inverter, assuming both have the same start up voltage. no point in driving a car flat out all the time, same with the inverter
  9. Additional steelwork off the existing purlins?
  10. You don’t wait till the end of the snagging period, you report the defects as they happen and any repairs are carried out under the contract. At the end of the defect period a meeting/walk around on-site is carried out to list anything needing fixed id anything living is supplied such as sedum we generally want a 2 year defect period on this to ensure it will last more than a season. it’s important to agree all this at the start, as it’s bargaining for the builder getting his retention money or worst case walking away( that’s why it needs to be a decent amount to prevent this) these discussions are then negotiated so the builder can foxtrot Oscar as soon as possible.
  11. One joiner to fit everything, otherwise the window fitter will fit stuff and then the next guy will complain about what he did and so on. joiner all day long. and give them a spec of what you want done, so it’s fitted the way you want, so that way no arguments later.
  12. We use these at work, separate card reader required.
  14. Isn’t there a dedicated door entry unit that can do all this with better connectivity and just forget about the door lock mechanism?