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  1. What business have to do to comply with HSE and what home owners do are 2 different things. every grand design I’ve seen, domestic steps on site, grinding away with no dust suppression, etc etc…. It’s can be taken too far but rather that than some bamboo lashed together
  2. I just did an netgear access point, fits inside a wiska waterproof junction box, data cable and 5v power supply cabling to it. provide Wi-Fi to Shelly for car charger, ring front door bell and ring camera.
  3. Best check your building control documents online, there are maximum vertical and horizontal chases for walls, like 1/3 thickness can’t remember
  4. Send the builder an invoice for delays,leaks, stolen items or advise happy to let him utilise another plumber instead of payment
  5. Why have it on display! at least get a recessed version and then hide it with a picture frame https://www.edwardes.co.uk/products/hager-vmlf-112-spd-12-way-100-a-m-s-flush-c-unit-spd?gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5p7P2vaKhQMVQY9QBh3nqw4TEAQYAiABEgLSYfD_BwE
  6. You could have a an essential consumer unit fed from the UPS circuit?
  7. Do you get a good British Gas- gas boiler install?
  8. Not a good job. can you get access underneath?
  9. Who know if you will go down the heat pump route, but either system can be designed for low temp radiators, appropriate pipework diameter. plan pipework routes to make any change over in the future easier
  10. Or plumb for a heat pump, size radiators for a heat pump, fot UV cylinder as normal and get a viesmann boiler with weather comp,
  11. I have 10 years experience running my ASHP at work, broken down twice, didn’t get a break, does now… agree with everything you say though.
  12. Using a PV diverter gives the ASHP a break to rest it’s weary mechanical bones, stuff breaks. no moving parts in PV diverter set up.
  13. Get flexi hoses with right angles to connect to heat pump and to pipes, making sure pipes are coming out the ground sufficiently far away from ASHP connection to allow for flexi tails.
  14. Not a combi cylinder will let you use heat pump, dump PV excess to cylinder PV helps give mechanical heat pump a breather…
  15. Think they industry has a 7% failure rate on RCD/RCBO I remember from BEAMA documentation
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