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  1. Yes, as the fire alarm would have to be serviced twice a year. The aico needs testing by pressing a button
  2. Get some string, tie a plastic bag to it. stuff it down the pipe. go to the other end, put hoover in pipe and suck string through duct then pull in larger diameter rope
  3. 21 years ago we were using red and black cabling, this doesn’t make it unsafe. just needs a sticker on the fuseboard metal fuseboard
  4. Lighting controller at work just gone faulty, all lights on full 100%.. 7 days and still waiting for a Lu@@@n engineer to come to site. I wish we had a light switch.
  5. Discuss with EPA/SEPA/ Local Authority. best get their input
  6. How did you install pipework? did you use a decoiler?
  7. Doff https://www.concreterenovations.co.uk/news/a-brief-guide-to-doff-cleaning/
  8. As per previous reply. Doff..
  9. A2A. Air to Air- like air conditioning ashp- air source heat pump
  10. That’s true, so you would turn the breaker off and let them try and get generation figures see how long they kept the FIT.
  11. You need a heat loss calculation for each room to let you know what size radiators you can install.
  12. Screw fix sell silicone remover, applied over existing, softens it and makes it easier to remove. they also sell curved tools for smoothing the silicone can’t remember but have a look in the tiling section. just make sure you have plenty baby wipes to clean up!
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