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  1. Might be worth posting your floor layout to put this in perspective? Have you thought about a winder staircase? Quarter (and half) landings will take more space so you will get a shallower angle with either straight or winder stairs.
  2. £225 last month, they couldn’t get a stable reading due to wind so coming back next week (260m2 but no difference AFAIK)
  3. Can’t you get this size beam in one piece if you are lifting it mechanically? I got a 10m length of 203x102.
  4. Looks like a truly shoddy job! Are you in a very exposed location which might make it deteriorate quicker? Ultimate solution would be replace the render and beading. However I would try to repair first. Scrape paint and stains from the beads, apply a rust inhibitor and cover with several coats of oil based sealer paint.
  5. Be prepared that trades may not follow every detail! They tend to do what is normal practice, occasionally referring to the drawings for critical dimensions.
  6. Use spacers for an equal gap. Install panels level at the top, nobody (else) will notice 10mm difference at the bottom especially inset between posts.
  7. Can’t comment on other makes but we have Origin windows and doors (double glazed). Not the best performance on paper but work well and feel like they will stand the test of time.
  8. The rules are not clear to me but the implication is you can only claim for materials incorporated in the building. If a completion certificate has been issued, further purchases would appear to be out of scope. Happy to be corrected as I am going for completion shortly and planning to order a list of materials before the certificate is issued.
  9. Someone may correct me if I am wrong but I believe you can only make one claim for the whole project covered by the planning permission. Not sure then if you can apply different rates to parts of the project. Normally VAT reclaim is quite straightforward but in this case I agree with @joe90, it is worth engaging a specialist
  10. I used similar magnets to hold a tile on a backing board but I also sealed it in with colour matched silicone, so no danger of it falling out. Of course it needs a knife running around the seal if I need access.
  11. Wunda here, seems good quality and works well. I went for standard controls now changing to smart stuff so would recommend installing smart in the first place
  12. I believe this is how my ASHP (Grant Aerona) regulates flow temperature and it seems to work. Not sure if it makes for faster warm up times but certainly helps with temperature stability.
  13. There are also plenty of devices from Sonoff but not sure whether I am looking for a relay or something else? @ProDave, any thoughts?
  14. Not hard at all! I did mine and most people will do a better job themselves. Does that price include balance and commissioning?
  15. Not sure if this thread is directly relevant but here goes … I am retrofitting Wundasmart stuff, got one thermostat and hot water working off a hub but I need a signal from a remote wiring centre to use the second thermostat/hub channel. Basically need a wireless equivalent of a single core between hub and remote wiring centre, can I use a Shelley device and if so, which one(s)?
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