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  1. Bonner


    Hi @LA3222, near Market Rasen so not far away from you. We have not started building yet, looks like you are well on your way?
  2. Bonner


    Cheers Faz, we are north of Lincoln so I think it will be a stretch but thanks anyway
  3. Bonner


    Thanks for your comments, they are certainly thought provoking. It seems there is no set formula for self build as we are all unique, as well as the locations and our circumstances. Hence the plethora of discussions about every aspect of the process on this forum. I have some thinking to do and choices to make 🙂
  4. Bonner


    Hi Folks, I would like to introduce myself as a recent new member of the forum. I am a first time self builder and former (reformed!) serial renovator. We have just submitted reserved matters app for a 4/5 bed, 250sq.m two storey house in rural Lincolnshire. Off mains gas so probably going for ASHP and maybe MHRV. Looking to live in it for 3-5 years then move on, hence the ‘maybe’ for MHRV. Not sure we would get the benefit, or if it would add value when we come to sell (thoughts anyone?) The planners will probably insist on some stone facing so probably going down the traditional masonry route, also for cost reasons. Expecting to use a main contractor for the shell+first fix then finish off with individual trades. Still working full time so will stick to planning, sourcing and project management rather than hindering progress with DIY. I am interested in alternative build methods such as ICF but need to keep take care of cost/value as property prices are relatively low in this part of the country. Would be interested to hear from others who are building in the area with any local knowledge of suppliers, utilities, trades etc. Looking forward to sharing experiences!