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  1. I am looking for 11.2kW HP + 300L cylinder. @LA3222, as you said Midsummer list prices are steep, how did you get a trade account?
  2. Don’t mix up pressure and flow rate, you can have good pressure but p*** poor flow rate if there is a restriction in the line (PRV, shower valve or small bore piping). Boosting the pressure won’t improve the flow rate if this is the case. Agree as above, you need to measure the pressure and try adjusting the PRV before spending any money...
  3. I wanted 3 phase but couldn’t get it for my new build. Water and electric around 2-2.5k each including road crossings.
  4. Dig a couple of holes, one inside your boundary and another where the trench might go. If they fill with water, a soak away won’t work use it for a pond or bog garden. If it is just your garden holding water, you might be able to drain it. Trial holes about 2ft deep can be dug by hand and should give some idea what’s going on under ground.
  5. I wouldn’t waterproof internally, ventilate the gap behind your stud wall and let it breath. If you seal both sides, any moisture that does get in won’t be able to escape and will tend to blow the coatings.
  6. Tried Houzz, bloody awful IMO! Instagram is far better
  7. I will be doing a lot of work to keep costs down, building detached garage, second fix etc. but I decided to leave the shell to the builder, otherwise I might just get in the way. I will be going in to fit MVHR ducts and other extras but mostly weekends when the builder is offsite.
  8. I am at a similar point, bigger contractors came back with silly quotes but small local builder much more reasonable. However we are going to sign a JCT contract with fixed price for water tight shell. Not exactly sure what time and material arrangements you have decided but I would be very wary of costs going out of control. If your builder is convinced he can bring it on budget, why not fixed price?
  9. Might be simpler to acquire the land under a separate title, no need to merge it with your existing plot?
  10. I thought the same but both electric and water companies said I had to have a separate connection to their mains, on the other side of the road. Be prepared, it may not be as easy as you are hoping for ...
  11. Hi, I think you need to be posting in the Joinery section then you might get a better response
  12. Our architect designed from the inside out, starting with internal layout, location and size of doors and windows for views, access to garden etc. This is one of the principles of Le Corbusier. Then the external envelope was designed around the space, to fit in with the local vernacular with a modern twist.
  13. Lots of support for this ‘replacement dwelling’ although I don’t think “I support proposal for new hotel” helped much 🙄
  14. My architect has specified the windows to sit across the 100mm cavity. Not sure how this will work with cavity closer and fixings yet.