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  1. Barney12

    Current best options for solar panels

    Sorry for late reply. Yes, that’s where I got mine. Very good customer service.
  2. Barney12

    Leicht Kichens

    I can’t help on cost as I didn’t shop arround once I had decided on the brand but I have fitted a Liecht kitchen and I’m really pleased with the quality. I guess like everything though a lot is down to the quality of the fitter.
  3. Barney12

    Discount Offers of the Week

    10% off all eBay purchases from 10am this morning until 8pm. min spend £20, max disc £50. Max 2 redemptions.
  4. Ive just had that email but the thing that caught my attention was how it was signed. FFS, give me strength! Love and power, Jon Paull Operations Director
  5. Barney12

    Tiling...many questions

    50 shades of?
  6. Barney12

    Noisy metal downpipes

    which is generally even more stressful than self building
  7. Barney12

    Noisy metal downpipes

    Just remembered that silentcoat do a black version: That’s a bulk pack but you should be able to find smaller packs.
  8. Barney12

    Noisy metal downpipes

    What @Nickfromwales should work. As an avid Landrover Defender driver in the past you become a master of trying to sound deaden aluminium panels. Dynamat is black but still has a silver logo printed on it but even thin strips on the back of the pipes should make a big difference. Whats really annoying is I’ve recently thrown a whole load of sound deadening off cuts away, sorry it looks like this (that’s the back of my last Defender)
  9. Heresy. Anything European is strictly off the table. /me invites Brexit comments regarding toast. /me runs!
  10. Crumpets are the future. just saying......
  11. Barney12

    Cistern help please

    A lady after my own heart. I like the “ do it up until it’s snaps and then back it off half a turn” approach.
  12. Barney12

    Timber Crib Wall

    Interesting thought. Have you given any consideration to how you’ll attach a facing material? Gabions (to my mind) don’t lend themselves easily to allow attachments?
  13. Barney12

    Timber Crib Wall

    That was actually plan A but the cost worked out prohibitive.
  14. Barney12

    Timber Crib Wall

    It would be simpler but the National Park won’t have it.