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  1. .......... his wife must love him, he never finishes 😝
  2. Don't do it! As good as those HEP manifolds are they tend to hammer terribly if you restrict them.
  3. 4 episodes 😮 I truly hoped you played Grand Designs Bingo. Plenty of game cards on the net like this one:
  4. As Jeremy says, try and create the hole at an angle. The Cold form bends do work very well at creating a reasonably tight radius without kinking. I'd also be putting a sleeve (or wrap in wadding) where it passes through the block work but I've seen plenty of "professional" [cough] installs where they don't bother.
  5. ah yes correct. A niche was built for the sole purpose of housing the full height units which only protrude 30mm from the wall face with a frame around the doors. As a result of that and the lighting behind the protruding frame they appear to float off the wall.
  6. Having been in a small plant room with @Nickfromwales for numerous hours I can tell you he will have NO problem with F Gas! Arse like a sewer 😝 🤢
  7. how much are we talking? We can crowd fund a set for @Nickfromwales in return for special favours forum discount servicing.
  8. Sorry, I’m not following you? (It’s early 😀) What right corner problem?
  9. I'd always assumed it was down to Kevin McCloud
  10. You missed out.....or don't want a child. If they don't split up they almost always get pregnant during the build
  11. I would echo just about all of what Alex has written.
  12. Yes and for every one you delete I'll post 2 more. I should be getting the contact sheet back from the photographer later in the week who did a shoot of the house for a magazine. Let me have your wife's contact details and I'll send direct! 😂