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  1. If you’re really that paranoid there is an incredibly simple design mod using a piece of angled aluminium profile that sits underneath and traps the feet. Simply bolt it into position from underneath. I would also recommend a good deal of wriggle room top, bottom and sides. Further, I designed mine to be 700 deep so I had plenty of room at the back so I wasn’t struggling with pipework.
  2. Barney12

    Any Tesla owners here?

    I’m finding this thread very disappointing. There’s not been one comment about which building materials will fit in the back of a Tesla. Come on guys standards, standards
  3. Barney12

    Sunamp container bulging

    Yes, they are very much aware. As to how big and how itchy the rash is I'm not so certain but I know @Nickfromwales is trying to keep the communication channels open and flowing.
  4. Barney12

    Built it!

    Not bloody one! 🙄
  5. Barney12

    Built it!

    That might be true but cats are very clever
  6. Barney12

    Built it!

    You appear to have forgotten about my thread on the passive cat flap..... Everything is possible....
  7. Yes, exactly that. Well at least it will be when I finish it The bottom draws open to a flat shelf which lifts up for storage.
  8. Yes, the design is key. The carcass is 25mm with additional reinforcement in various places with the whole thing bolted to the wall.
  9. Back on the subject of washing...... Consider mounting your washer and dryer higher up if you have the room. Makes it so much easier on the back! You need to design the carcass/units well as it’s subject to a fair amount of vibration if you’ve got your big pants on a 1400 spin Heres mine and I don’t think I could go back to ground mounted.....
  10. Barney12

    Sunamp container bulging

    Absolutely. The press is littered with stories of unsuspecting tenants with supposedly ‘low energy, low cost’ homes which are costing a fortune to run.
  11. Barney12

    The Build - Mission accomplished! We're in!!

    Absolutey stunning; inside and out. The stonework is lovely. Nice wabbbbit!
  12. Barney12

    Built it!

    LMAO. No, still no puddy tatt I desperately miss not having any cats or dogs. A house is not a home without animals. One day.......
  13. Barney12

    Built it!

    Very. Yes, I really, really love chairs. Actually I just love great design. Chairs, rugs, art, watches, the list goes on These are are my biggest extravagance in the house on the chair side of things...... most people refer to them as “The Dr Evil” chairs. Sublimely comfortable. Just need to get myself a white fluffy cat to stroke!
  14. Barney12

    Sunamp container bulging

    Please tell me you swung your leg up onto the conveyer whilst wielding your Swiss thus revealing your red soles. Or did you just high kick the said security tag into the veg isle thus thawting the person who bought a lowly security enabled cucumber? That will learn those closet Hendrix drinkers
  15. Barney12

    Built it!

    Being as this thread has turned into ‘chair porn’ I’m rather pleased with my latest purchase..... Retro and rather funky IMHO.