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  1. More snow?

    I need to make a mental note not to stand outside the backdoor when I've finished the house. The cat-slide roof is a slight avalanche risk!! (Ignore the camera time it was actually 18:15. Must sort that!)
  2. Sensor cable and electric ufh

    I really don’t like the mats, loose wire every time for me. You can get it exactly where you want it and tape it down well. Then self leveller over the top. Much tidier (done today):
  3. More snow?

    You’ll be very unlikely to get over Haldon Hill. It’s already closed to HGV’s and my mate who’s up there for Dartmoor Rescue says it’s treacherous. Up up here on the moor (significantly higher than Haldon) it’s falling at an incredible rate. Way more than the last burst.
  4. Sensor cable and electric ufh

    Funnily enough I’m doing that exact job this morning. I always run them in conduit (it always comes with the probe in my experience). I have actually had one fail in the past but it was within a couple of weeks of fitting. I simply cut the floor with the multi tool by 5-10mm so that the conduit sits down level with the heating element.
  5. More snow?

    We had a few inches yesterday. Nothing overnight but apparently we’re going to get hammered today. Im guessing the 100m2 of engineered oak flooring which is supposed to be delivered tommorow is highly unlikely to happen
  6. Quick question: is is it wise to put a bead of silicone below and above the tray where it meats the waste to help the waste seal or are the rubbers sufficient? Dirty picture:
  7. Stephen Hawking

    By far his greatest cameo was providing the voice to Pink Floyds , Keep Talking.
  8. What’s for dinner?

    Lidl rib-eye steaks are excellent.
  9. Stephen Hawking

    If you've not watched the film of his life then you must! It's exceptional.
  10. I think I can safely say you’re amongst friends
  11. Selfbuild, a new career pathway?

    Interesting thread. However at the risk of getting stoned by the residents here...... ”Are we normal?” Do we represent the “average person”? My personal belief is a very strong “no”. We are “special (needs? )” people. We spend thousands of hours sourcing the best possible outcome at the lowest price. None of us are going to accept a “packaged” solution with a packaged price. We crave understanding, detail and cost savings. If we’re spending money we want to understand what, where and when. So, can you take our ethos and “sell “ it to others? No. Lets get really simple and split the demographics into three: 1. The “average”. They’re just not that interested. They’ll pop off and buy a house from a major developer. They care little (or more important have little desire/drivers to understand) issues like insulation levels. They’re just not going to see the value in paying the premium of your services. 2. The “rich”. Will simply go to a high end developer/contractor/retailer/supplier and buy what they want. They’ll happily be taken in by the high end showroom and ego stroking. 3. The “weird”. Yep that’s us here. We’re mavericks, despots, control freaks, suffer from immense OCD and (as we say down here in Devon) are as “tight as a ducks arse”! So were where is the niche angle? @Construction Channel already nailed it. You are simply talking about being a ‘developer’. Build houses to make a profit and that’s sounds ALOT simpler than it actually is, you’ll need some deep pockets. Ill get me coat.
  12. @Onoff please disregard this clearly quite ludicrous advice. What Nick meant to say was “take as long as your wife will let you”
  13. Help me find a shower

    The ecostat S is what I went for. Ibox install is excellent. My one criticism is that the chrome back plate is plastic!!! For a high end brand which is far from cheap that’s pretty crap imho. The joys of buying online, but they came from Megabad in Germany so I wasn’t sending them back.
  14. Finished at last!

    Looks lovely, well done. Did you get to keep the parrot?
  15. Potential barry-argain

    Due to a change in design I’ve got a 15m length to sell. If that’s all it’s worth I may as well just leave it buried