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  1. Barney12

    type of pv

    Jeremy’s point about grid outages is a big one for me. Tesla still haven’t enabled the ability for the battery to kick in if the grid goes down. If it finally gets approved by the national grid the Tesla will move up my want list considerably as short term power outages are common up here on the moor.
  2. Barney12

    Tiling...many questions

    P.S. I’d fill the gaps with some low expansion foam and cut it flush. But some might consider that a bodge
  3. Barney12

    Tiling...many questions

    I can’t see why you need aqua panel mesh AND tanking strip. The tanking strip is a reinforced mesh with the rubber coating on it. Pretty much impossible to tear. Plus if you have too much material build up in the corners you’ll just make the final tiling more tricky as your tiles will be kicking out. The flatter the wall the simpler the job!
  4. Barney12

    MADi Home

    I’ve seriously considered finding a way of leaving my container on site but burying (at least partially) would be the only real option. In my ground it wouldn’t float (excellent drainage) but how many years before it rusted out??
  5. Barney12

    Robomowers - any good?

    a friend of mine has one too. He swears by it, I believe the latest gen has just been released. VERY comprehensive long term review here (8 parts):
  6. Barney12

    Stair lighting

    I just couldn’t find a stair light design that I liked so in the end went for plaster moulded units from these guys: Installation needs to be before skimming ideally. I actually retro fitted which is not a job for the feint hearted ! Still not decorated but I’ll try and remember to take a photo of them installed.
  7. Certainly the most talked about is the cat flap. It’s become somewhat infamous in the village. Mostly because I don’t have a cat But a close second is my Quooker boiler water tap. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to a kettle!
  8. Barney12

    Is this Pex Al Pex pipe any good?

    Thats Earth Save Products. I don’t know if they still are but certainly at the time of my build that’s where MBC were sourcing their pex pipe.
  9. Barney12

    Toolstation Ordering

    At least you got your stuff. My local Toolstation has become woeful. Order items which are showing as in-stock for store collection. Drive for 30 minutes. You very rarely get the "your order is ready text" so that doesn't help (apparently they've got problems with their systems). Arrive at store........................Sorry, we don't have any!! I just don't bother any more.
  10. Barney12

    She's BOUGHT a...

    clearly an overactive............imagination
  11. Barney12

    She's BOUGHT a...

    I’ve not been able to find it for ages but I know for certain someone did a PHD linking the installation of hot tubs with increased pregnancy rates. Naked flesh, warmth to heat up the little swimmers a little and as our resident Welsh plumber bango !
  12. Barney12

    How many lights

    This is exactly what I’ve done. I’ve used the Megaman dimmable bulbs throughout and they’re excellent.
  13. Barney12

    Missing Bricklayer

    Yep, good he is too. In fact I must message him as I need to start thinking about the 120+ linear meters of retaining walls in the garden landscaping plan
  14. Barney12

    Spray painting

    No, but you will need to mask out the ceiling once you’ve done that first, fairly easy to do with a good quality low tack tape round the edge first and then some poly mask such as this: