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  1. How about something like this:
  2. Thanks, understood. I've just found the table by supplier (BPC) supplied with my system design. Their assumptions don't seem to meet the regs as what they describe as "WC1" and "WC2" are actually bathrooms. The table also seems to provide the same results for continuous flow and boost?
  3. Bulk buy!
  4. am I being a complete dullard in terms of finding where the calc is for the minimum flow rates for the regs? I've quickly read the part f document but its not jumping out at me! OK and I admit it I'm trying to avoid properly reading the document! Sorry
  5. I don't even know why I need one but for a fiver its "buy it now" as its bound to come in useful one day* *assuming I can find it in the "safe place" I've put it in the shed/workshop/garage/loft(s)
  6. Or make your own:
  7. From the Observer: Investors in both the equity crowdfunding scheme and the mini-bond are now expected to take large losses due to the company running into significant trouble. Losses for investors are expected to be between 74% and 97% of the principal amount invested.
  8. As Jeremy has said it looks like its had a coat of oil. The need to re-apply is purely cosmetic, personally I quite like the look of oiled oak rather than the natural grey. If you do decide to coat it try and find out what was used before. If it was oil then I'd personally stick with OSMO:
  9. Green oak will do exactly as you've shown but it is highly unlikely that it is anyway compromising the strength of the posts. Definitely don't do anything. Its probably got a fair way to go yet and anything you add will not only destroy the visual appearance (I guess that is subjective but if you were looking for 'clean' lines then that is the wrong material) but just crack or fall out.
  10. And wood fired conversion too. Nice 😀
  11. I needed 4 new boots for the Disco recently and the cheapest place was ASDA tyres. Buy (or pay the fitting center direct) and use a local fitter from their list (and there was plenty to choose from). Painless and less than any other local or online provider. P.S. I never shop in ASDA, went in one once. Very big and scary, way too much choice and full of window lickers
  12. Yep, I a self confessed Defender addict. I've tried to kick the habit but just can't. My latest if my best yet. A completely unmolested, factory spec 50th Anniversary with the standard flip metallic paint, 4LTR V8 automatic. It even has the original tape deck I'm in love Oh and sometimes I start the engine just to listen to the engine 😁 Sorry trashing your thread OP
  13. Apart from the Land Rover Defender of course My last "new" Defender (right at the end of production) was rusty straight from the factory 😂
  14. Thanks for the tip. I’ll research that too.
  15. What I REALLY want is a moat and drawbridge. Oh and a couple of gun turrets 😂