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  1. Barney12

    Cleaning Flat Roof

    P.S. I might be tempted to run some flashband under that last line of tiles and onto the freshly dried Chromopal. Its another bodge but might help.
  2. Barney12

    Cleaning Flat Roof

    I don't think you'll kill too much as long as you dilute it and rinse. You really do need to give it time to dry though. Its forecast to be sunny for the rest of the week so don't panic TBH the stuff sticks like sh*t to a blanket so don't get too worried. As you also know I'm sure its far from a permanent solution. We've got an old industrial shed and it gets a fresh coat ever 18m or so as to replace the roof will be a massive cost.
  3. Barney12

    Cleaning Flat Roof

    I've used Chromopal on a big flat roof a few times. I've never used the cleaner. I would scrub with a degreaser, not bleach. Ensure its well rinsed and dry before applying the Chromopal. Truckwash is your friend, cheap and effective: Edit: That link is expensive. Any decent autoparts factors should sell you a 5ltr container for £20-30 max.
  4. Barney12

    Newly qualified brickie

    I had a good mate who was a chippy that had a slight variation on that theme: got paid on Friday, went to Woolworths (this was the late 80's, early 90's) and bought a new duvet set, then to Top Man for new pants. Went home to his pokey little flat and changed bedding and wore new pants. Went into to town hoping to score a lady in the full knowledge that he could take her home to a clean bed and tidy under crackers. Poor chap never scored once! 😂
  5. Right then folks let’s have a whip round for @Onoff and get him a little prezzie 😂
  6. Barney12

    Newly qualified brickie

    You are getting mixed up with plumbers. 😉
  7. Barney12

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    So to update my thread. In the end we added a 50mm concrete cap. A good dose of SBR before it was laid. As we need a few cube of mix for another area it just worked out the cheapest.(and quickest) fix. The oak oak steps are also now in place which will lead down to the garden room.
  8. Barney12

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    Ah, but that’s before the liberal dose of snake oil which will reveal a shimmering lump of googoo magic which you’ll be at pains to understand how you didn’t know about such money saving miracles before! 😂 Heavens above they may even need to add some external LED’s???
  9. Barney12

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    Exactly what went through my mind!
  10. Barney12

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    I don’t know anything about this “green gold” company but hazarding a guess a good slug of their market is going to be those with little knowledge of the technology, perhaps “gullible” would be a correct phrase? So my question is simple; who the hell is going to (correctly) install and support all these units? I hope to god what @JSHarris says is right and that the product is now without issue. Otherwise it’s going to be carnage !
  11. Barney12

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    I’ve heard nothing from Sunamp. Radio silence and the ball is in their court.
  12. Appalling. That floor is going to leak like a sieve causing all manor of problems. Terrible situation but I would asking the contractor to leave site immediately and get the council involved. If they don’t help to remedy then I’d be getting the local media involved. The local papers will love that story! Sad state of affairs.
  13. Barney12

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    Thanks for the replies. Caught up with the guys today and they really did get caught in a sh*t storm. The cement had to be dumpered 100m to the pad which they did quickly to reduce waiting time but then the track came off the 8T digger. They were forced to push a 8 cube pile by hand with one man trying to get the track back on. As @Construction Channel said it simply got away from them, nobody’s fault and nobody died. Im not one for shouting and screaming or blaming. Self buildings hard enough without falling out with people that have worked bloody hard for me over time. As as for the solution well we’re going to add a concrete screed cap.
  14. Barney12

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    Nope it was a 6 cube premix load. I really don't know what they did as I wasn't here and if I had grilled the poor chap tonight I think he would have burst into tears All I do know is that they definitely had a straight edge but it was going off faster than they could level it.
  15. Barney12

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    A little undecided. Its actually going to be a gym so possibly a hard wearing laminate. Alternative would be tiles but thats a bit cold.