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  1. I knew that size rang a bell. It’s the size of the warehouse barcode labels we use:
  2. Structural warranty

    Thats not the case with the Future Found product provided by MBC at the time of my install. I believe they we’re trying to achieve it though. However, having just looked at their website there is nothing that suggests they have.
  3. Structural warranty

    My reply wasn’t completely clear. Here’s the exact text from LABC refusal: Your application form has been reviewed by our technical team and unfortunately we are unable to offer a warranty due to the following: The foundation system proposed is "Future Found" by Build Lite. This system is not acceptable for warranty as it does not have valid third party accreditation (BBA/ETA). Unless an approved system is used we are unable to offer a warranty. By chance was your foundation by MBC previous supplier who’s name escapes me?
  4. Structural warranty

    LABC wouldn’t insure our MBC build as they wouldn’t insure the passive slab foundation. Like others I went with selfbuildzone direct.
  5. Today is...

    +1 and the waste kid is non standard* so you need a rubber joints thing to connect up to your 40mm waste. *unless they’ve changed them since the last one I fitted.
  6. House Raffle

    Good point
  7. Dropped Ceiling Feature

    LOL. Yes my plasterer was completely lost by what I wanted. Even my sketch on the back of an envelope left him scratching his head. I had the ceiling skimmed first, plus the drop down outer reveal. I then put the drop frame up and boarded it (as per above picture) He’s coming in the morning to skim that and a few last bits.
  8. Dropped Ceiling Feature

    Thought I'd update my thread. Stupidly forgot to take photo's of all the construction phase but its now in and ready to be skimmed tomorrow. The RGBW LED strip has been installed in advance as it was easier to fit that before screwing up to the frame and boarding. Another job where the plasterboard lifter was invaluable.
  9. Air Valve Thingy!

    Am I right in thinking that AAV's have to be above the flood line. I.e. Higher than the bath/basin overflow?
  10. Internorm sliders leaking

    We had an Internorm door set that I was completely convinced was leaking (but hadn’t got as far as contacting the supplier). The water always looked like it was tracking in through the frame/door edge but I never managed to work out where. In the end I decided to re-apply the silicone all the way round the window before we completed the remainder of the block work and rendered. Ever since then it hasn’t leaked at all and boy have we had some driving rain up here. Water is the weirdest thing, it seems to track in directions which are unfathomable. Whats frustrating is you won’t really know until you complete the outside unless you can prove the leak.
  11. Give up on this self build stress and just buy a raffle ticket.
  12. Discount Offers of the Week

    Screwyfix are always doing this. Discount something to a silly level when actually stocks are largely exhausted. If you were cynical (and I am!) it’s a clever marketing trick to get them up the rankings on the discounting sites such as HotUKDeals. These sites can push big traffic volumes to your site and have become commercial entities in their own right. Ta Da.....I rest my case: Scrrwfix are not alone though. I guess it’s a competitive world.
  13. Ballerina

    Im not in the kitchen trade but I was warned off Ballerina for having real distribution issues (through a very limited number of independents) in the UK. P.S. I completely agree about them all starting to look the same!!
  14. I have some experience with two parish councils locally. What I can categorically say is that those parish councils have almost no influence on the planning process. The LA planning department consider/review the committee responses but that’s all. Unless the objection has grounds under planning policy for you area they will very likely disregard it. As as others have said tackle the objection head on.