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  1. There is no formal contract, just an agreement on the quote. BC have said his work, whilst not strictly to standard practice is acceptable but it is not acceptable to our structural engineer. The other issue is that due to his changes the timber frame needs remedial work to fit.
  2. Our builder quoted to work to architect & structural engineers drawings. We have had issues with the build quality and he does stuff off his own back without consulting the structural engineer. Structural engineer says parts are not good enough and need rectification and the top floor timber frame will not fit without mods i.e. not built to drawings. We have had poor communication throughout and his reactions to us asking questions about his work are very defensive. We have kept some funds back for remedial work - we do not want him back. He has issued an ultimatum. Pay up by Tues or he will remove all equipment - which we believe includes the scaffolding needed for subsequent work. The scaffolder has confirmed his contract is with the builder, not us. As we see it our options are grind our teeth and pay up but get the scaffolding contract moved to us or we stick and see if the scaffolding disappears and pay for more scaffolding. Any views?
  3. Our builder has not turned up again today as it is frosty at his house so it it too cold to lay block work, he says. It is 4 degrees outside with no frost at our place. The forecast looking forward is similar, cold nights but warming during the day, or wet (we are in the south east). Is it possible to use mortar near freezing? I have seen something about additives/accelerants? It is frustrating as we have builders on sites all around us.
  4. Is it normal for a roofer to be able to supply a flat roof warranty? Most of our roof is pitched but there are 2 small areas of flat roof at the front that the insurers require a warranty for. The roofer quoted for the roof but has gone very quiet about the warranty.
  5. We got over excited by our architects plans without really thinking about how we are going to cover the upstairs windows. They mainly follow the line of the pitched roof and have an angled top. We are not fond of curtains (which may be tricky anyway) and conservatory style blinds are likely to be super expensive. Our current thoughts are cafe shutters which would only cover the rectangular part of the window which can be tilted by hand for privacy. Any other thoughts?
  6. We have started an extreme renovation on or property. After much of the house was removed we had a wobble, stopped the builder and applied for planning to demolish entirely and new build. 8 weeks later due to budgetary constraints we have decided to stick with the renovation. We did not have a contract with the builder so have been advised by the architect to use a JCT contract and ask him to requote so we can understand our final costs better. The builder will build to plate then a timber frame company will fit the first floor with the builder returning to tile the roof. All other trades will be organised by ourselves. The question is should we use a contract? They look incredibly complicated and may be happier paying to have it set up but then the builder may be miffed as he is only doing part of the build. We have no reason to distrust the builder but we are novices and want to ensure it is built correctly to drawing and will take the timber frame. If there is no contract do we have any redress if it is wrong? To make it more complicated my partner who was over-seeing the build has been taken ill so we are considering a project manager to do site visits and take some of the strain. Does anyone have views if this is a good idea or if it will erode our builder relationship.
  7. Glad we are not the only ones in this situation. Sadly we started before realising that it was better to have a new build.
  8. Hi All, We started a major refurbishment / part rebuild and found problems with the structure - this has forced us to change route and demolish and rebuild. Planning permission to do this is going through at the moment. Wish we had found this site earlier, we have already found some good threads.