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  1. Currently I have been quoted 12k to connect to the grid for power. Would this money be better spent in PV panels and a turbine with batteries? Roof will go on in about a month so need to make a decision if I am going to have PV panels as I would like them to be in-line with the tiles.
  2. We have started constructing our house and the down floor is nearly complete. The build is getting hampered by the bad weather rain and wind. Will the OSB board be ok as we will not be wind and water tight for a couple of months. How much water can it take. The wrap at the minute does not cover the wastes of the external OSB as it is folded back. Thanks
  3. Hi I have been using some trades men that are not VAT registered so I have been buying the goods for them so I can re-claim the VAT. The issue is the delivery address on the receipt (due to site location ect) does not match the address on the planning application (this address is not correct either it was the closest address to the site). Also the address will change as I have applied to the council for a new permanent address and postcode. Will this cause an issue with the VAT reclaim or does the receipt just need my name on it?
  4. Have put some zinc phosphate primer on it
  5. Problem I have is a timing issue ground worker that is doing concrete needs to get it done ASAP as going to another job. for 8 weeks so what I take from this is that if they are encased in concrete from foundation to FFL then I should be OK as they will not be exposed to the earth. is that correct?
  6. So if some of the steel is a 1 metre below ground and encased in concrete this should be ok as it will be protected from the ground?
  7. Hi I have just had the steel dropped off for some supporting parts of my house. There is 10 steel posts going in and will be attached to the foundation and also some beams between them. The person doing the steel has not painted it and there is some surface rust on it. Does this matter as most of it will be internal. thanks
  8. Hi I wanted my render and timber cladding to go all the way to the ground is this possible? Or will I have to come out of the ground in brick and start my rendering and cladding above DPC? thanks
  9. What would be the best way to get rid of the thermal bridge?
  10. Hi I have my slab make up back and from reading the forums it does not match what other people are doing. I plan to use 100mm Celotex ga4000 underneath the sub-floor for the insulation as per the drawing. On top of the slab I plan to put more insulation on top of the sub floor about 50 mm, then lay the underfloor heating with a screed of about 60 mm Does this sound correct as a lot of the reading I have done on the forum suggest the slab then the insulation. thanks
  11. Hi Was wondering if anyone has used and what they though of their product after it was fitted. They look very nice windows and doors but had never herd of them until watching grand design. The product price seems to be around the same as the competition Rational, Nordan etc Thanks
  12. The reason for the utility being there was for the dogs to keep them away from main living area. Good point on the 2 en-suites and making them a master bathroom
  13. Hi, Would like your thoughts on the attached floor plan especially the size of the bedrooms and where the kitchen should be. At the minute it is in the center with a wall but was thinking about removing the wall and making it all open plan. Any comments would be gratefully received as what to get it right. GROUND_AND_FIRST_PLANS_WITH_SURFACE_WATER_DRAINAGE_SHOWN.pdf