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  1. We have very large bi-folds from them. It was not explained to us that if you want to open them you have to clip the opening door back before opening due to the weight so if someone does not know this then they can get damaged. We we did have a door blow out but I think this was due to the door not being closed properly and the other end of the house being open and creating a wind tunnel. This has never happened before and only one door did this but has caused a trust issue with them. slider we have, french door and the winds have no issue with them and good quality product with smooth operation
  2. Hi I did go ahead with them and got a 15% discount from them of the price. The sales process was OK but the person they sent out could not measure so I did this myself. After sales are shocking but not really needed them except I am meant to have suited locks and 3 door are not suited and I have not followed up with the after a year. the doors are made by Schuco
  3. Hi I am in East Ayrshire Scotland
  4. Hi Can anyone recommend a water treatment company that can design and supply a water treatment filtration system for my private water supply. I have had the water tested and have the issues with metals in the water which will need to be removed before the UV filter will work effectively. Also need the water softned and particle filter Thanks
  5. Is there enough movement in the PIR insulation as it has a good compression strength. I have one room that is 12.5 x 5.5 m I would of thought it needs more movement that the PIR will give
  6. Hi, I am currently fitting my insulation for my underfloor heating and have done the following Laid 1200 gauge DPM on concrete slab Installed 25mm PIR insulation as and upstand from the concert slab to top of screed Laid 2 layers of insulation with joints staggered My question is what do I do next 1 Install expansion edge strip for the screed Lay 500 gauge DPM do not take it up the walls Tape DPM to apron of edge strip 2 Lay 500 gauge DPM take up walls and tape to Wall Vapour control layer Install expansion edge strip for the screed Tape DPM to apron of edge strip
  7. Great as we are getting about 400mm but at door ways far lower
  8. Hi laying my floor insulation and was wonder how much stagger I need in the joints for the second layer. finding it hard going down hall and into rooms to get a good stagger on them and can not find guidance on what the minimum is. thanks
  9. Ah ok I thought the top was just metal you are using the metal to support the mortar
  10. you have a chimney pot on the metal plate? If so how is the pot secured to the metal?
  11. How did you fix the cowl to the liner and plate?
  12. Hi I have had a brick work put up for a chimney for my woodburner which I am going to put in a twin wall flue liner. The issue I have is how do I cap the top and put a chimney pot on it. The issue I have is the whole at the top is 600mm x 400mm and I will be fitting a pot with 150mm diameter so there is nothing for the pot to site on. Will I need to cast a cap on the ground and raise it up and cement it on? or is there another way to do it? Thanks
  13. The bottom half will be stone slips that will be glued on and the top will be render. Would it be worth putting on a liquid seal for additional protection?
  14. Sorry they showed in preview have uploaded them again
  15. Need some advice on the porch and a damp issue I have. As the external block work is saturated with water and the joiners have joined the porch to it some damp is coming in horizontally and a small piece vertically. What would you recommend I do to resolve the issue?