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  1. GrantMcscott

    Express Bi-folding Doors

    Hi Was wondering if anyone has used and what they though of their product after it was fitted. They look very nice windows and doors but had never herd of them until watching grand design. The product price seems to be around the same as the competition Rational, Nordan etc Thanks
  2. GrantMcscott

    Flow of house and Size of rooms

    The reason for the utility being there was for the dogs to keep them away from main living area. Good point on the 2 en-suites and making them a master bathroom
  3. Hi, Would like your thoughts on the attached floor plan especially the size of the bedrooms and where the kitchen should be. At the minute it is in the center with a wall but was thinking about removing the wall and making it all open plan. Any comments would be gratefully received as what to get it right. GROUND_AND_FIRST_PLANS_WITH_SURFACE_WATER_DRAINAGE_SHOWN.pdf
  4. GrantMcscott


    thanks for the reply's looks like I will spend the extra
  5. GrantMcscott


    Hi Need some advise My Architect has specified 70mm thk. Kingspan Kooltherm K103 which has a U-Value of 0.17. I was think about using 150mm with a U-value of 0.1 but is it worth the extra money. It is about double the price for the 150 mm I am having under floor heating down stairs thanks
  6. GrantMcscott

    Breakdown of Fees

    Hi there is 7.5 acres. Yes it will be quite but not to farm from amenities. Want to start a smallholding there
  7. GrantMcscott

    Breakdown of Fees

    Hi, Yes not cheap by the way the mortgage is areas as there was only one lender in Scotland that would do advance payment and they would not lend due to location.
  8. GrantMcscott

    Breakdown of Fees

    One this I did not mention in the Architectural fees are there was a SEPA report done for flooding, test holes dug and septic and soak away design. Attached is a drawing of the house it is for. up to date drawing.pdf
  9. GrantMcscott

    Grid Connection

    Well I was thinking in not connecting and getting PV, turbine and 2 powerwall's
  10. GrantMcscott

    Grid Connection

    Eventually got the detail from SPEN see attached and a firm price of 11K 613732381_Design_Drawing_Time1546961672958_electric.pdf
  11. GrantMcscott

    Breakdown of Fees

    Yes I agree wish I never went with buildstore as they are not very good and very expensive with fees that were not mentioned.
  12. GrantMcscott

    Breakdown of Fees

    Hi, I am building just outside Muirkirk in east Ayrshire
  13. GrantMcscott

    Breakdown of Fees

    Do not know if this is useful but thought I would post for anyone thinking about doing a self build. Here is a break down of my fee's I have to pay before I start building. My help someone trying to estimate their costs. This is for a 4 bedroom house 280 m2 detached house The legal work was complex Fee Payable To Payable When Amount Local Authority Planning Fee East Ayshire Council Planning Submission £500.00 Architectual Plans ATW Planning Submission £2,375.00 Building Control Drawings ATW Building Warrant submitted £2,375.00 Egineering drawings ???? Building Warrant submitted £1,100.00 Building warrant East Ayshire Council Building Warrant submitted £2,228.40 Additional Security Fee BuildLoan At the start of the loan - non-refundable £1,120.00 Build Store Arrangement Fee BuildLoan Applied for mortgage - non-refundable £695.00 Completion Fee Newcastle Building Society Fee has been paid - non-refundable £995.00 Product Reservation Fee Newcastle Building Society Fee has been paid - non-refundable £199.00 Valuation Fee Newcastle Building Society Fee has been paid - non-refundable £340.00 Mortgage Discharge Fee Newcastle Building Society At the end of the Loan - non-refundable £125.00 Solicitors Fee Wallace Quinn At end of conveyancing £2,116.00 Structual Warranty Build Zone Through Out the build £3,940.00 Site Insurance Before Completion £342.12 Thanks
  14. GrantMcscott

    Site Insurance not Starting for 6 month

    We I have purchased it and got a good deal I think. Paid £342 for a 18 month cover and the insurance will convert to cover the build when I start. The will also take the £342 off the cost of the new insurance as long as I do not claim. This was through Self Build UK