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  1. Hi I am looking for tension cords for my vaulted celling. Can anyone give me some manufactures as can not find any except for Ancon thanks
  2. Would putting a bit of glue in the hole help? This is the easiest mistake to fix he has made on my house build pure cowboy. Cut all the rafter doublers in the roof and lots more issues.
  3. Hi old joiner (if you can call him that). Has use normal nail in joist hanger and they are starting to com loose and floor making a noise. Any issue in taking them out and replacing them with twisted 30 x 3.75. Will I get the same strength as a whole is already there?
  4. I was going to run my service cavity batons horizontally at 400 mm centres and 45mm baton. Would this be an issue as my studs are not at 400mm or 600mm centres. I would need to put in noggins to make the correct centres in areas. Would this be an issue? It would also let the electrician run cables easier around the sockets thanks
  5. Just read NHBC guide and as the roof has no to little uplift as there is no soffits outside. From NHBC Site Where trussed rafter roofs are not subject to uplift, a minimum of two 4.5mm x 100mm galvanized round wire nails, skew nailed, one on each side of the trussed rafter, or truss clips (fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions) are acceptable.
  6. The photo is just a small part of it is massive but at least some of the roof is in a portal frame so no need to do it there. I think but would need to look to see if they have nailed them to the header. Have mailed my Architect he does not seem concerned in using the band on every truss
  7. They have not used them we made the frame ourselves and there is a long story about it for another time. Was going to use the attached and using twisty nails to nail it to the wall and the truss where it goes up at an angle
  8. Hi Just noticed that there are no rafter ties holding the roof to the wall header. I now can not install then due to insulation being fitted. Can I use Builders Band to do it at intervals where marked in yellow or something else or do i need to do anything thanks
  9. Was looking to start getting plumbing stuff ordered and have found that the merchants like Grahams and Wolseley are double the price. Have not asked them for competitive pricing but do not see the point as it is not going to reduce that much. Is there a saver quality difference? Where are other people getting their stuff from thanks
  10. Does anyone know if this alteration is aloud to my design by BC Scotland. We will have an electricity meter and distribution board in a cupboard outside the bathroom door. The location is highlighted in yellow on the drawing. thnaks
  11. Yes I want 89 length just a bit difference in price you at 78p and I am £2.35
  12. that was CCF that quoted which is part of Travis Perkins
  13. Hi Where did you get it for that price as I am being quoted £1.79 per m (£5.37 per length) thanks