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  1. Hi Has anyone used any external doors from either one of these companies vufold and domadeco and are they any good as a low cost door? thanks
  2. Not sure someone mentioned that it did not but going to check with building inspector when he is back from holiday
  3. Hi It is 2420 mm and the thickness of the wall is 145 mm load bearing wall
  4. Ah ok sorry, it would be to low the bottom step of the quarter turn would be in the bathroom
  5. So from that I do not think I am breaching Building regs with a quarter landing with 1 step up to the final landing
  6. I thought that I had done in the previous post ? But one step to the landing
  7. This is the only design I think works but not sure if it complies with Building regs as per your statement but not sure why and my inspector is on holiday at the min. There just is not enough depth to get 2 steps in at the top I would be way into the bathroom and not sure how I would support the stairs. The only way I can do it is with 1 step and a quarter landing. Will need to pack the stairs of the wall between 50mm to 100mm to give me the extra head room at the top due to the slope.
  8. The wonder gives me the 2m head room at the top due to the fact the last step pushes it out away from the window. I havw tried the online line tools and quarter landings does not work due to the size it has to be winders to save space. i may be able to get 2 steps down will have a look at the sizing tomorrow as I think to the bottom of the plaster board is 2300 mm
  9. So from the window to the landing where you see the cable it is 1630 mm
  10. Just measured tonight and the line on the photo is 1700mm will this be an issue? the rat is ol just the last 300mm is not at 2m
  11. I thought the landing had to be the same or greater than the width of the stairs so if I fill the bit in black I will have about a 1 metre
  12. No I had this before and cur it out so can just add in some more floor joists and infill it. I just thought it would look strange coming to the top of the stairs and facing a wall and turning sharp left to get to the landing. Need to check the head height on the windows though just to make sure it is at 2m at the top next to the windows.
  13. Hi the last step is above the wall. See pic attached do you think this would be better It is a bathroom below the stairs so this is not an option unfortunately as it would be to difficult and expensive . See picture attached do you think this is better I am not 100% sure what you mean the reason there is only 2 rises at the top is to avoid the wall any more then I would hit it. . Every stair designer I have went to has left a ledge at the top as this is out of normal for them so they have struggled with it. I have not managed to find anyone yet that has come up with an idea to solve the issue they keep leaving a ledge at the top which I do not want. I think it is out of the normal for them so they do not think about how they can use the additional space.
  14. Hi Can anyone advise if the following has any issue with building regulations. All the goings will be equal and the rises, 1m wide and head clearance is fine. it is the way the top is designed with the turn in the image this is due to get it over a wall after another issue.
  15. Hi I stripped it off and for some reason it was packed out at one end causing the issue. Trimmed it back with the multi tool and it is sorte. Glad I did strip it off as there was wool insulation behind socking wet. Panic over nothing as so much has went wrong with my build.
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