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  1. GrantMcscott

    Grid Connection

    Hi Dave sorry to answer your questions How many properties? 1 Single or 3 phase supply requested? Single What rating (how many KVA) have you asked for or been offered? 20 KVA How far from the 3 phase overhead to your plot? I would say about 100 meters Is that going to be overhead or underground? if so who is doing the digging? Underground and I will do the civils Is the 11KV overhead being altered in any way or just a transformer and your connection? It may well require an upgraded pole or twin poles for the transformer) 11Kv work will require a partial network shutdown, that is not done live. they have not stated thanks
  2. GrantMcscott

    Grid Connection

    Hi there is no wayleaves involved the supply is coming from 11 Kv line as there is 3 marked up on their location map. It states o the drawing 3 x 50 ACSR 11kV
  3. GrantMcscott

    Grid Connection

    I think I will go back to SPN and ask for a firm quote to see if this changes
  4. GrantMcscott

    Grid Connection

    Thanks the quote of SPNetworks is 12K that is with me doing the ground works. The reason is they need to install a transformer so was looking for comparison
  5. GrantMcscott

    Grid Connection

    Hi I am building a house in Scotland and have had a quote from Scottish Power Networks for a connection to the grid. They have a list of about 50 to 60 alternative providers that can do the work so I would like to compare the quote. Not sure who I should contact though for another couple of quotes Has any one had any experience with this thanks
  6. GrantMcscott

    New Windows Scotland

    Hi I am trying to price up my windows for my build. Wood frame Aluminum clad. Can anyone recommend a brand middle of the road and any companies. Not sure where to go. Thanks
  7. GrantMcscott

    Mortgage Payment stage Foundations

    the value of the plot is 100k can I assume then not value add to putting the founds in
  8. Can anyone advise what percentage value increase of the plot there will be (if any) after I have done all the groundwork's and foundation for my build. I am just trying to work out my cashflow thanks
  9. GrantMcscott

    Timber Frame Scotland

    Hi yes you are correct it is for there Val-U-Therm system Scotframe are 24% more expensive than Fleming homes so need to understand what the differences are between them to make sure I am doing a fair comparison.
  10. GrantMcscott

    Timber Frame Scotland

    hi I have had quotes from Scotframe who has proposed SIPS and Fleming Homes who has proposed a traditional timber frame construction for my house. The house is going to be in East Ayrshire, Scotland and I am not sure who to approach for Timber frame quotes. Any recommendations of companies that people have used would be good as I only approached the 2 above by googling thanks
  11. Hi The plot I am going to purchase already had planning permission. The Architect used these plans an amended them to my design this made the house twice the size. i an going to add for further amendments which will include a garage. In the eyes of the vat inspector what ones ate the approval plans. The first ones or the ones with the last amendments before I start to build. thanks
  12. GrantMcscott

    Looking to begin my estimate

    Hi Is there any chance you could share the spreadsheet with myself as I am starting to do my costings thanks
  13. GrantMcscott

    Self Build Mortgage Options

    Hi Thanks for all the replies will look into the suggestions thanks
  14. GrantMcscott

    Self Build Mortgage Options

    Hi I am currently looking to finance a build in Scotland and was looking for advice on funding options. I am looking to fund land at 100 K build costs of 270K and have a 70k deposit I have looked at the following Scottish Building Society but they only give LTV of 60% Mary Riley Custom Build Funding Limited (I have spoken to her and she sounds very knowledgeable) but charges 1% fee then I will have mortgage fees after that. The build store but heard so many bad things about them Ecology Building Society I would like to get an offer in principal so I could go ahead and start the legal process on the land. Any advice would be gratefully received. Grant
  15. GrantMcscott

    Phone Line

    Thanks for all the replies will try filling in the form