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Down the big long lane...


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  • 3 weeks later...

Exciting times are coming.

 Kieran the TF guy visited on Tuesday to check things over. One of the bends on the lane is a bit tight for the artic he reckons (it's a biggy with a moffat hanging off the back) so he'll send the kit on rigids instead to be safe. Baseworks all well to spec- nothing more than 5mm out anywhere.


Recent heavy rain proved the capabilities of our new drain, a good flow into the sheugh and much less lying. I did see one area that was holding water a bit readily so put a wee trench in to sort that. Just need to put a bit of stone in and cover it up again.


So scaff up next week, a skip to order in, and we're ready for the arrival.

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On 25/10/2018 at 18:57, dpmiller said:

350 sheets of PB arrived today. And a small forest of roofing lath. Oh, and the scaffolders.




I found this part the most exciting when the frame was starting, take plenty of pics, I spent hours at night walking around in the dark looking at ‘things’.



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The witching hour approaches...


Had a call earlier to say the first lorry is loaded and had left (for it's home depot, overnight) and it's all go tomorrow. So time for some photos before things get messed up with big bits of umm... house?





better view from the master bedroom, and just a few metres of lath:


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I hate to say it, but the scaffolders have put that lot up wrong (all the uprights need rotating 90 degrees)  Not to mention the missing toe boards :ph34r:  Us diyers don't get bothered abut toe boards but you would expect it from the professionals.

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1 hour ago, dpmiller said:

respected local crew Dave so I dunno?

But if you're looking at the bit at the bottom left of the piccy, that's actually two short standalone returns w/ planks over, to get under the overhang of the porch...

First picture of the guys assembling the scaffold.


They have it so the transoms (cross pieces that the planks sit on) are on the high set of pegs. Every single upright should be rotated 90 degrees so the transoms are on the lower pegs.  That would put the ledgers (the long poles parallel to the planks) on the same level as the planks. As it is they are lower than the planks.


It probably won't make any difference, it certainly won't fall down, but it will be hard to fit toe boards, which may be why they haven't?


I would have expected better from the professionals.


Anyone else share my view or am I in the wrong?

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No you are correct. They should be all round the other way.  It won't really make no difference.  

It really should have toe boards as well.  They are upturned at the outside to stop anything that might get dropped, hammer or a brick,  falling  through and hitting some poor sod on the nut. 

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End-of-the-day score? GF framing complete, FF decked out.

Snags? Scaffolding needs reset higher as the final design means they're decking out the ceiling from above. and one short interior wall is a block's width out, built on the wrong side of the like we think. But nothing insurmountable. Oh and for various reasons the panels aren't factory insulated. Hey ho, it'll still get done.


Loadsa timber, steel, and cavity barriers.


kitchen/ snug from the kitchen end. Steels are holed- inline with the joist webs- for cabling and ducting


Upstairs deck. Amazing to watch the floor cassettes swinging in (big!) and fit so neatly. Feels pretty stiff already but I think there's some extra sections of strongback to insert between the cassettes?

Perimeter of the cassettes is insulated internally with 3" PIR and yes they remembered to set them on a strip of polythene to wrap for airtightness.


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Getting remarkably housey. I've got to say, I'm astounded by the quality of the timber used throughout, it's all so much smoother and cleaner than I'm used to seeing. Awesome first week.




really getting a feel for how the rooms are shaped now. Looking at the master bedroom last night Sandy couldn't help feeling that it was small. It's way bigger than what we're used to *but* felt short front to back.  A bit of measuring later and we reckoned we could lose 200mm off the walk-in robe without worry,  A quick word with the gaffer this morning and...Move a wall? no problem.

done. just like that.


I'm liking the hallway. There are a couple of large windows to insert here for a view out from the landing but for now the expanse of the sloped area looks great. I'd originally wanted Velux Integra Solars but as the TF co is just down the road from Keylite and they've now a Solar electric variant of their Polar UPVC windows we made a change.


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