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  1. dpmiller

    Where to position your themostats?

    what happens if there are marked daily swings with your system, @TerryE? Say ambient is 15c one day, 7c the next or v/v, as we're seeing locally at the mo...
  2. I asked for- and received- quotes for both plain timber *and* and upgrade to posijoists from a number of TF companies. The upcharge varied between 2-3k depending on whether they were re-sizing for screed upstairs as well.
  3. dpmiller

    Chimney Question

    ...and looking in some more detail the system is 40mm to combustibles so we don't need such a gaping hole in the TF which will minimise the area that is a thermal issue.
  4. dpmiller

    Discount Offers of the Week

    cheap pex-al-pex, a touch cheaper still for a km. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Underfloor-heating-pipe-16mm-PEX-AL-PEX-200-meter/323543239742?hash=item4b54ae0c3e:g:TWIAAOSww7tb5wq-:rk:8:pf:0
  5. dpmiller

    Stick build or factory built TF

    @JamesP where does your 85k figure come from?
  6. dpmiller

    Timber Frame Stick Build

    What parking will you have when complete and will this satisfy the planners?
  7. dpmiller

    Down the big long lane...

    Weather pants today. But the guys worked on and the roof is now about 75% done. Roofwindows trimmed out, valleys mostly complete, ladders and cavity barriers on, porch overhang constructed. landing now has it's view Symmetry
  8. dpmiller

    Stick build or factory built TF

    how bad is access, and how are you planning to get all the other supplies in?
  9. dpmiller

    Willis Heater in an unvented system

    Funny that, innit? When we were talking about this last they seemed to be about eight quid or something?
  10. dpmiller

    Willis Heater in an unvented system

    Guess what I tripped over at the back of the BES catalogue: https://www.bes.co.uk/wall-mounted-rcd-mcb-enclosure-18840
  11. dpmiller


    certainly need a gap under for shrinkage.
  12. dpmiller


    timber or block build?
  13. dpmiller

    Down the big long lane...

    "Digger at sunset through patio doors"
  14. dpmiller

    Chimney Question

    working on that... looking at using Schiedel Swift Air to sort air supply too, but Swift air can be used two ways- https://www.schiedel.com/uk/products/ceramic-system-chimneys/swift-air/ look at recessed vs freestanding, either of which could sit within the external chimney area I have to play with.
  15. dpmiller

    Chimney Question

    Just re-reading this one and I've a query- is there any reason why the inner skin of this kind of buildup (my own is somewhat similar) can't use thermal blocks?