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  1. No, a week isn't too long. Get 'er lit.
  2. @WillCram just check the length of the bits- is there any chance the adaptor crimps down onto the pipe as it's tightened?
  3. a number of us seemingly have worrying similar backgrounds... Our stage lighting setup was a pretty fancy early 70s Rank board, but we lost a channel or two each year and no-one had ever tried replacing just the triacs til I was around...
  4. Don't see any reason the spike can't be beside rather than under. And it really needs to be in before NIE arrive as a. your spark will probably want to test it and b. NIE will refuse to connect if Ze isn't acceptable. Sometimes one rod isn't enough...
  5. dig it up into a pile elsewhere on the site and retain for later use?
  6. you could try a corner bath where you've put the shower currently, and the basin farther along the long wall. A corner bath makes for an expansive deep shower tray... https://www.victorianplumbing.co.uk/laguna-corner-shower-bath-with-screen-panel?campaign=googlebase&pagetype=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1ZeUBhDyARIsAOzAqQLkYDnw4MHtv6EZ_RwTgQxbrzF5g0GE7yzSuxCatyBufDe6j6DLTCsaAtW1EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. spot/ small area guns will work off a 2 or 3HP pump OK. What depth is this cement? A needle gun would be an option too...
  8. Pricey I know, but Papst do some lovely quiet and efficient tangentials, I see these used in cooled incubators and the like https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/centrifugal-fans/2436423
  9. if it's not a massive area, buy a small blasting gun and do it yourself. Slow and messy but doable
  10. flick the light on for a couple of seconds as you enter, then it'll run on the overrun time as you shower. Likewise if there are nasty niffs to deal with
  11. while PIR between the studs is theoretically better, the difficulty getting a thermally-good fit vs just shoving in rockwool makes the rockwool my preferred choice.
  12. have you flexifeet to stand it on? Two block on flat, each end.
  13. try a tiny smear of grease on the back of the latch.
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