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  1. Don't discount wastewater heat recovery on the most frequently-used showers too...
  2. quicker than my guy for sure. Looks great conor.
  3. dpmiller


    That's the same unit @H F (weren't they Home Farm before?) had IIRC
  4. Here they just direct bury into your pre-dug trench. No duct, just marker tape.
  5. If so, no stub cill required IMO. I know they are common in England but over here the frame is generally just set on top of the boot cill with the frame overhanging outside slightly.
  6. No. On the outside is there a gap between the concrete cill and the timber one? Like the concrete sits up in a ridge at the back. And does the concrete one have a good slope on it?
  7. Is there no upstand at the back of the concrete cill?
  8. in which case the door supplier already had the opportunity to correctly measure surely?
  9. have you looked at both your neighbours for stacks? @Conor
  10. an inverter welder will be just fine at sensible current levels.