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  1. we've a Delonghi B2C, a Perfecta. It's the more basic one with no milk jug but it does have a couple of useful additions over our previous Magnifica (which was used heavily for six or seven years maybe before deciding to have an appetite for heaters...). It's got an Eco mode which keeps the boiler warm without having enough waste heat to warm the cupwarmer. It'll dispense into a full height mug at full coffee dose it'll fill said mug to almost-espresso strength.
  2. The red stuff is slightly more flexible than the blue. They've both got the smooth white interior.
  3. I've a liking for AEG/Zanussi stuff and am pleased with the current washer dryer, a Lindo 1000. Hot cotton wash is 1 click to the right, 30min cycle 1 to the left. Would cover most bases for your application.. Plus the dryer, whilst not spectacularly fast is only 1200W, and it's got a 3phase motor so is darned quiet.
  4. Well if you believe the blurb, they're still manufactured by Zypho and distributed by Sadia, and Zypho are quoting WRAS and KIWA on thir home page?
  5. did a little searching on these things and... https://www.greentherm.ie/product/zyphoizi-shower-waste-water-heat-recovery-unit/ good price?
  6. Wait for @ProDave but I would've thought TT was essential for this, it's a bit like a caravan?
  7. What advantage does the Geberit have over (say) a Wirquin lowprofile membrane unit? Other than the brand.
  8. Is the 838 door opening wide enough for accessible entry?
  9. 2g UPVC £167/ m2 fitted inc. composite front door (3g glazed), pair of french doors, and partglazed back door.
  10. graphite EPS is a fair bit better thermally, too.
  11. likely first a faulty thermostat which caused the compressor to overwork and subsequently die...