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  1. try... up and on/off together for 5 secs. press superfreeze twice.
  2. Ah but GSDs (and some other large breeds) have this habit of letting the stranger in, but not out again (in one piece....)
  3. Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    A nice bacon and sausage bap courtesy of the chaps at HF and a bit of time looking at the HeatStream. It's a very neat unit. Rep had a 150l with him as it sits nicely in the car... Images on the website aren't completely accurate, all the coils are convoluted SS, similar to TracPipe or the like, so great surface area. Full height coil for DHW, main indirect coil in the bottom third of the tank, and then the second and third coils are above it. Top immersion is long (23") so well into the body of water, and a doddle to replace if ever necessary. No calcs yet on the characteristics of the coils, he'll revert with those. Expect the larger and triple coil units to arrive in Q4.
  4. Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    Not yet available. I'll ask him for a timeframe tomorrow as a 400l triple would seem well-suited to us assuming you could pull about 6kW out for UFH. Looking at the recovery times (which are conservative apparently) the coils must be in the 25kw range?
  5. Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    Had a call back from the local rep a few mins ago and they're having a butty morning at the local BMs tomorrow so I'll call over for a nosey. But in the interim, it's an appealing product for sure. All the connections are at the top. Coils are 22mm 316SS, he'll confirm length/area/kW ASAP. Insulation is 60mm at the sides, 120mm at the top. Outer vessel PP, inner PE. Current range is "core", 520mm square for normalish applications but will be expanded to a 780mm sq body of 400- 600l, with triple coil options. Ballpark for a 250l twin coil is £850. MIs attached for anyone that wants a look f7990181-ffe2-4951-8d0d-d9c51a197d7a.pdf
  6. DIY cold tar- just for potholes?

    Yes, but not in a trafficed area. It does take a long time to go off, and it pays to use fresh stuff and put it down when the weather is hot.
  7. UFH in a Passive House

    speaking of passive circulators and cooling, is there merit to burying a loop under the slab to lose some heat to?
  8. I'd be very careful to use the "correct" duct. What is your chosen DNO's requirement?
  9. Smug to Mug

    If a solid bound surface is required you could surely get away with just the coarse tarmac underlayer for the resin stuff?
  10. Comparing lengths of impact drivers

    Milwaukee do proper right-angle impacts, but their torque rating isn't massive.
  11. My Nightmare Heating System

    Remember that this is a thermal store system, so just because the house needs some heat doesn't mean that the boiler must come on. The boiler tops up the energy in the store so the cunning bit it to have this happen as little as possible and at the best time. And isn't this boiler modulating? That means it won't be taking 24kW the whole time it's on anyway...
  12. would a public discussion on this not be more useful?
  13. Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    Yup Harlequin are well known round these parts. I downloaded the MIs and have put a query in to Moira re using the extra coils for export. It's open vented and filled by a manual filling loop to satisfy a little float level indicator. Excess would just leave by the overflow.
  14. Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    ^that's interesting, never seen it before. I wonder if one of the extra coils could be used to draw off heat like a TS?
  15. Desperate advice for access road

    Surely if the paving is done correctly there will be no likelyhood of damage? After all, it will see bin lorries, oil tankers, removal vehicles on a regular basis...