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  1. /there's a reason I went with cheap bar mixers...
  2. upvc works fine for me too. Isn't it tru tho that a poorly- designed 3g unit can be bettered by the best of the 2g options? Without going to "fancy" frame options (aluclad etc) there's only so much depth to work in and filling the 2g's airgap with another sheet of glass doesn't leave much space... Other than the asthetic of the more expensive frame options, are we not into the realm of diminishing returns as with other insulation thicknesses?
  3. throw them in the back of someone elses car then and go to the nearest garage (or whatever) and drop them off. there's generally a set price for cylinder returns.
  4. isn't most double sided tho? Ridges/ grooves?
  5. Is that inlet sitting above a flat roof? I'd be even more worried than normal about wind effects...
  6. Well I've not ordered any stoves yet but will most likely be going with a Woodfire Passiv as the primary unit; at the other end of the house it'll probably be something LPG. We're lucky in that both chimneys are on outside walls, it was easy to core through into the starter chamber at the bottom of the stack at the requisite height for the supply pipe.
  7. As much as we're not using too much hot water yet, I'm definitely glad to have two immersions in the tank and on the diverter. Top element is halfway up and is satisfied by lunchtime these days, the bottom element destratifying the tank after that. / but like @ProDave if I was doing it again I'd have another pocket right down at the bottom.
  8. did he accidentally put your name on someone-else's plans?
  9. Find someone locally that does bar and hotel work, that kinda thing is their bread and butter...
  10. doesn't the synchroinverter just imply grid-tied tho? Surely then the more reliance there is on inverter-based generation, the *more* stable the frequency becomes as inverters are current sources and would fight to hold-up the speed of any remaining rotational gennies. Swich off all the rotating devices and tie the all required DC-AC machines to a single centrally-located stable frequency source.
  11. does the unit have a humidistat? You might need a means to put it into boost mode after a shower or a serious toilet episode.
  12. the expensive ducting is slightly more flexible Do you need a controller or is your unit going to be easily-accessible? Do you require manual boost-request switches?
  13. I'm pretty sure the conservation glazing bars indeed *are* stuck on? They certainly are on the VLT access window at our current house...
  14. Aren't pipes in slab just a different name for a storage heater tho.
  15. dunno if advertising an American company here will help much...