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  1. If the rad is really undersized, how do you kow that the rad + oilfilled heater really *is* enough heat for the room? Just do the measuring we're asking for.
  2. put one of your thermometers on the flow and return from the "boiler" box thingy.
  3. loss through (new, insulated?) pipes is very small compared to that of each radiator. Sadly you have *no idea* of the 55c bit, and age is nothing to do with it. That's why we want you to actually measure it. Maybe the flow temperature sensor in the unit is duff and reading 10deg out? YOU DON'T KNOW YET.
  4. No digger or dumper on site to ferry it?
  5. shouldn't an upstand have been formed in the lead around the hole for the flexi?
  6. You paid HOW MUCH???? each? Please tell me that's a typo...
  7. the loop with the missing actuator, the white cap is a manual on-off.
  8. Is the bypass loop actually turned on?
  9. Miele lab machines come with the deflector in the install kit.
  10. If it's what you intended then surely it was designed, and so can be implemented? Regardless of the current situation... /someone did sign off a design for the EIC I presume.
  11. certainly a dry ridge, but can't tell if it's vented or not...
  12. perhaps calibration is all that is required as the self-heating offset is going to be a pretty stable thing I'd guess... / I'd opine that a good old-fashioned mechaninical stat with accellerator could very well read higher than ambient for the same reason.