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  1. sounds like shorted turns on the rotor. How much contact cleaner did you douse it in? you might have filled the gaps in the comm with conductive dust...
  2. Why not actually try to remove the current step? There's no screw too big or tight to remove again...
  3. Dunno about mainland GB but a boiler service is like £50 here inc. a new jet. If it runs, I don't see how anything more could be needed...
  4. whatever is cheap and in stock.
  5. the design doesn't recognise things like joist direction and obstacles to routing. I'd wonder if the two l/h bedrooms might benefit from two duct runs each based on the length of run I'm intrigued by the supply vent in the stairwell finally perhaps the vents in the kitchen/dining/living end might need to be farther over to the right? Where will the cooker be?
  6. My take on it is that I own the site, I'm working in isolation, I'm travelling in isolation, and there is no infection risk in driving in your own car. There's much more risk through two families both out in their cookie-cutter back gardens at the same time. Infact, if I was to be stopped by an officer of the law I'd actually be put at risk speaking to him...
  7. So, ignoring the TV-shopping aspect... Is that what this is? https://h2o-e3.thanedirect.co.uk/
  8. Our uPVC 2G came with locking handles on every opening, and little plastic caps to press into the keyholes of any openers that needed to be escape-capable.
  9. We've heading for a kilometre of 32mm off the road down to the house and there's no problem whatsoever with flow.
  10. Why can't you buy red? Purchase of fuel is an essential action... Or do petrol stations not sell it over there?
  11. The Cuprinol stuff is very good. I did our current decking with the (now discontinued?) water-clear stuff and it worked well for maybe 3yrs. I've an unopened can in the attic to re-do it with but it's very low on the list right now...
  12. you rotate one end relative to the other.
  13. If you've taped a comression fitting and it's leaking now, I'd suggest that things could get worse, not better...