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  1. can you fabricate a ring of something to fill the gap?
  2. fans need to be a close fit in their housing otherwise efficiency is reduced, the air basically recirculates.
  3. certainly L&Cs take on hybrid is to switch from ASHP to the other boiler when ambient temp crosses a set point, it's configurable with DIP switches to temps betwen +5 and -5C. Presumably they reckon that the COP loss plus defrost cycling means the alternative fuel is cheaper in those circumstances.
  4. You know, I've just re-read your story and brief and it's amazing just how similar it is to ours. And this is what *we* ended up with. dorm093-350-Miller-NI-A.01.pdf dorm093-350-Miller-NI-A.02.pdf
  5. Some heatpumps have built-in control for the boiler using similar strategy. The Peak/ Lailey and Coates unit for example.
  6. You'll need to get a design SAP done for Building Control so that'll be a useful bit of modelling.
  7. thee are some good "book plans" out there to get you started. We used this guy http://www.irish-house-plans.ie/index.html Shaun is really good, he totally re-drew one of his base designs to suit our needs. he's got a wide range of examples and you might be able to find portions of some that suit.
  8. Does the neighbour actually *own* the land? Can you check whether the properties are freehold or leasehold?
  9. Looks good. Those blocks look very like the Quinnlites we used and similarly we've had no issue- expressnails, Hiltis, screws all have gone in firmly without incident.
  10. But as inverters are current sources, trying to drive into what is basically an open circuit and minimal load would likely have the voltage swinging wildly. The mains supply isn't just for frequency control...