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  1. dpmiller

    A Winter of Peckering

    a 20 tonne load looks like nothing when it's tipped out. Heck we recently lost about five tonnes of blinding, filling potholes in the lane.
  2. can't you just keep the vent closed? can you change to a more common size?
  3. dpmiller

    A Winter of Peckering

    makes our few cubic metres small cheese...
  4. dpmiller

    Storm ali

    called down to the site this evening to check up, to find the site loo had gone for a wander before being righted, tied off and propped by the neighbour. I didn't look inside...
  5. bought a Cello recently with an "integrated" soundbar. Not bad. A little more midrangey than I'd like but it makes speech nice and intelligible for tonedeaf SWMBO. Agree on the impedance thing. Today's amps will happily drive down towards a short, limiting themselves to suit.
  6. dpmiller

    Ducting etc

    got a plant room? hot press?
  7. dpmiller

    Keen to learn from those in the know

    Hi! What Declan said- do bear in mind that planning Policy is a bit different over here compared to GB also, and under the new PPS21 selling off farm fields has been rather curtailed.
  8. dpmiller

    Oh bugger, tiles lifting.

    what sort of screed, and other than the primer how was it prepared?
  9. dpmiller

    Buying a used van or pick up.

    Hiace aka the carpet fitter's favourite...
  10. dpmiller

    Buying a used van or pick up.

    Spend some of the money on rubble to stop the site from being so muddy.
  11. dpmiller

    UFH thermostat wiring, floor probes

    Depends whether the control box and actuators are 24v or mains at a guess
  12. dpmiller

    Mysterious farting car

    It's to do with vapour controls on the fuel tank- no open breathers any more, instead a conglomeration of valves and charcoal-filled cannisters. Slight temperature change= parp from tank breather system.
  13. dpmiller

    ASHP glycol

    ^ unsealed jamjar just in case, don't the inhibitors head acidic after dealing with oxygen?
  14. dpmiller

    ASHP glycol

    Certainly motor antifreeze can be "lifetime" rated now and that's more about the inhibitors than the glycol. I'd contend that the vehicle application is more hostile too. But is there anything in a heating / ASHP system that might be sensitive to OAT or HOAT inhibitors?