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  1. edit: I know that's for bigger cyls but the principle appears identical from what I can see?
  2. It's a small unvented cylinder with a massive (4 to 6m2) coil and stores just enough hot water to last until the ASHP cuts in and ramps up... https://newarkcylinders.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/HG-Series-Specification-Installation-Booklet-V2.0-Feb-2024.pdf it's all then down to the configuration of the heat pump, getting the best deltaT and control hysteresis. Just as I have found, using a thermal store for the same application (but bigger...)
  3. as each size of unit likely uses a different motor, and multiple motors may have been used over years of production, inspection is best policy. Probably 2 in each motor tho...
  4. is the house so airtight and running at positive pressure that the only source of a smell can be the MVHR?
  5. as it's also connected to the tundish for the hot tank, it must be trapped elsewhere already?
  6. that's just paint over the welded joint and you should be able to get a match to touch it in
  7. this is their coloured stuff https://hueasphalt.com/
  8. Collen Bros are the guys for coloured asphalt locally, AFAIK?
  9. Drill the guts out of the old stumps, then plane new posts to be a resonable fit in the holes and beat them in. BTDT...
  10. OK so your second picture shows the internal wiring of the motor and it's encoder I think. They just need swapping over for L vs R travel. so that's mains supply, then 5-core to the photocell 2-core to the closed limit 2- core to the lamp (these look like they're all SELV) and coax to the antenna
  11. I put a Grundfos Scala on a job recently (ring main for a DI water system) and it's remarkably good at modulating it's speed and will shut off completely if dead-headed. Previously the customer had a single speed Grundfos boost pump and the reduction in waste energy shows in the holding tank (270l or so) being about 15 degrees cooler than previous...
  12. that drawing A is a bit confusing, there's a bit more cabling there than it looks. We'd really need the whole book to see exactly what's going on re sensor placement and such \colours aren't that relevant but it looks like those 4 also need an earth so depending on how you're installing the cable that could be either an ordinary 5-core flex or something like a SY or YY control cable.
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