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  1. Spotted this as a new item in BES might be handy for this kind of app. https://www.bes.co.uk/flat-faced-angled-isolation-valve-15mm-x-1-2-bsp-pm-23571
  2. Cost for good quality triple glazing

    Not as yet. Kinda put off by the amount of negative press they get tbh.
  3. Where on the 0.1a can the packaged plant discharge to?
  4. Cost for good quality triple glazing

    just for a comparative pricepoint, we're looking at roughly 35m2 including composite front door, sizeable multipanel front windows, and a set of french doors, over 16 openings. Supply and fit 70mm UPVC wih foiled exterior and units in 4/20/4 DG with warm edge and low-E, we're looking between £170 and £200/m2
  5. Multi tool choices

    ^ the latest one without the green cladding is stronger.
  6. I just see this: " Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. "
  7. I'd agree with this. You'd really want to be able to lock out the feedback while doing duct balancing.
  8. Paying on the spot : why I shouldn't.

    no, he looks wonky from here too.
  9. Which MVHR

    they rebrand Titon units IIRC.
  10. Unpleasant Discharge!

    Surely the groundworks you need permission for are any commencements. Any precommencements (clearance, site levelling and land drainage) are F-all to do with BC.
  11. Datum point

    but if you're just scraping off an area to retain topsoil, why is the datum so important?
  12. Datum point

    Any OS maps with contours for your area?
  13. What tools/electronic gadgets to set out?

    I bought a £15 chinese laser measure (branded Snoway) off Ebay and I've got to say, it's superb. Deadly accurate and with a good bright laser.
  14. Cheap digger sources

    And knowing how unobservant many drivers are, probably a good idea...
  15. What might help, is a slight change in terminology. I see plenty of "MBC frame" "MBC build" and "MBC slab" but is there really anything unique about the product? Surely it's a TF or passiv slab *by* MBC. It's not a Hoover, it's a vacuum cleaner.