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  1. car thermometers have massive amounts of processing, to attempt to negate heat rising from the road surface . The thermistors used actually have a pretty good response so you might try tapping into the signal at the current one using a nice high-impedance ADC.
  2. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    I can't be having tape on fresh compression fittings. If the nut is tight enough to have properly compressed the olive, any tape will have been sheared out of the contact area but if it hasn't it leaves a nice slippery surface. There's one particular brand of Autoclave I do a lot with and they tape every joint in the factory. By the time the instrument arrives here many fittings are so loose I can snug them by hand. I do like Slic-tite paste tho- sticks like sh*t to a blanket on any surface, fills gaps well, and lubricates also. In normal use it's non-setting but I had opportunity to open a joint on a steam generator that I'd made a few months previously (sustained 145c) and it had dried out a bit like glazing putty.
  3. Jeez Nick, if yer gonna do it... That story from @Onoff reminds me far too much of our first married Chrismas- Self-employed six months I had a ladder-related oopsie breaking my left wrist pretty badly as well as knocking the end off my left femur A word from the wise- don't bother trying to stand up with a broken frmur, it doesn't work. So that's left arm and leg out of action, and I'm a leftie. Fortnight in hospital to get some fancy metalwork fitted then sent home with a gutter-crutch doobery. At least we're in a bungalow. Spent that Christmas day wheeling myself around the kitchen on an office chair to prepare dinner. Financially I was saved by a til-then pointless accident policy sold to a lot of local bikers and after that I was pretty darned glad to have been driving an automatic at the time... Chin up mate, take the drugs and the advice.
  4. not enough to autoclave them Jeremy?
  5. How far can you get in an hour

    School's a nice short walk for us- about a quarter mile- and I enjoy being one of the few parents there every mornng (business trips excepted) as at P6 most of the kids are just dumped off.
  6. JG outlet

  7. Panasonic Air Rads - be warned

    depending on the sensor, a series or parallel resistor might be useful here.
  8. Super extra wide cover strip

    a pack of stick-down vinyl planks?
  9. Retired Feminist Roofer: too delicious

  10. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    they certainly read well, but beyond that I dunno. http://www.laileyandcoates-international.com/pd.jsp?id=21#_pp=0_477_4
  11. Why insulate

    surely choosing to live in an area where the air was cleaner would've been a plan, if it's an issue?
  12. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    They've had those for a while, I think it's the Lailey & Coates unit, looking at the colour and controller
  13. Down the big long lane...

    And we're validated. Edit: docs are at http://epicdocs.planningni.gov.uk/ShowCaseFile.aspx?guid=8cabd58e-d3f5-40cc-83f0-0fa276194702 if anyone wants a look.
  14. Why insulate

    Roll on the arrival of the FHT stove and it's ability to shift a larger proportion of heat to the water side without compromising the burn.