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  1. dpmiller

    smart meters

    NIE or their subbie do all the readings over here regardless of vendor and they insist on an occasional physical visit even tho we can enter readings online. I'll tell you tomorrow (hopefully) what kind of meter they're putting into new installs...
  2. dpmiller

    Kitchen cooker

    As I want all-gas and it has to be LPG I get a very limited range of choices... But I'm sure that Rangemaster/ Leisure/ Belling will all be just fine for us, the current Cannon LPG cooker didn't break the bank and still performs well twenty years on.
  3. dpmiller

    Wall with severe exposure

    why *must* it be rendered? Surely the requirement for render or equivalent is only for solid walls, and isn't required for cavity. A check reveal is required in NI (and Scotland?) though.
  4. dpmiller

    Zoot's Extension- advice needed.

    Council BCO's local knowledge is good value for footings.
  5. Not cheap, true; but the tool for the job. It's made to flex and is smooth bore. Convoluted tube is remarkably restrictive, and if it's flexible enough for isolation tends to degrade over time in my experience.
  6. dpmiller

    How much should it cost to install windows?

    All our doors and windows cost less than that to buy, installed.
  7. dpmiller

    Vintage Laptop

    It's just treated as an IDE device.
  8. dpmiller

    Vintage Laptop

    Don't think a USB stick is easily do-able internally, but some of our systems have a CF card instead of an HDD something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pin-bare-Laptop-44-Pin-Male-IDE-To-CF-Card-Adapter-U9B8/183751687229?epid=1443191047&hash=item2ac8743c3d:g:LdcAAOSwO2pcnL2I
  9. dpmiller

    Discount Offers of the Week

    cheapo chansaw? Won't get better than this from B&Q https://www.diy.com/departments/fpcsp52-petrol-chainsaw/1709118_BQ.prd bought one last year (at £65 or so) and it's super.
  10. I think they've recently moved to a short flex-coupling option, at least that's what they sent me- it's a ~ 6" length of what seems like a silicone coated fabric tube.
  11. So a standalone pump connected to your choice of tank would be a better option? Like Ecocent Energy, or the Ecocent MVHR and kill two birds with one stone?
  12. dpmiller

    My Solar quote

    GSE trays fit a bit like a velux window flashing-wise and the PV panel then sits down into the tray. Depending on the choice of roof covering there's a fair saving in cover.
  13. dpmiller

    ICF Foundations +/- 5mm

    Are the rising walls in ICF or block?