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  1. Personally I'd say that the high flow rates an ASHP requires would mean 28mm above 10kW for sure.
  2. the terms are still used interchangeably. Oddly enough tho, true Imperial plumbing is still common in the South of Ireland...
  3. ^ yep, some have a choice of (IIRC) 6 or 10 cycles/hr.
  4. Sorry, Dave, consumer grade Karcher is not brilliant these days. The plastic pump heads distort, and frost kills them completely. See if you can find a service/ parts book online for that model and you'll get a better idea of what's doable.
  5. dpmiller


    Ewww. Careful. Nasty things.
  6. dpmiller


    Delving into the converter is your next stop. What variety is it, transistorised or rotary?
  7. dpmiller


    Boost is higher voltage at same frequency I think. Like a torque assist
  8. the flow would be too turbulent for the average anaemometer to deal with IMO
  9. I can't fault Turkingtons for us, some of their manufacturing is done at Windows 2000 round the corner here in Ards, and Apeer do a big proportion of the composite doors..
  10. Do you know what an automatic bypass valve is? Was the engineer ever present at 3am when the temperature was low enough to bring on this issue?
  11. IIRC manometer fluid for the sensitive inclined filter loss gauges is basically white spirit with dye in.