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  1. I acquired a pukka (but chinesium) tester to do Ra on my recently-installed spike as my MFT doesn't have that capability. It's a 50V test. I was well pleased with the sub-70ohm value achieved and glad not to find rock as the spike went in, more to the point... It was interesting just how little effect the position of the test electrodes made. I tried them in a number of different substrates and positions accross the rear of the house, between it and the pole/transformer our supply will come from. Hardcore, soil, puddle, every test came back between 65 and 68 ohms. Pretty repeatable I thought.
  2. dpmiller

    Freezer Not Freezing

    ^that's for a larder fridge or fridgefreezer Dave, the cut-in temp is +3.5C. I think it's the VS/VL5 you need for a standalone freezer, cut-in is -12C...
  3. dpmiller

    DIY ground mount solar PV install

    Pop the cap off the terminal cover, you might find a diode in there already...
  4. dpmiller

    Pressure Washer Recommendations

    Consumer-range Karcher can be hit-or-miss, especially the ones wth the plastic pump heads if they're left full of water in the frost. YMMV.
  5. dpmiller

    It's a bird? It's a man ? NO! It's a flying scaffold board!

    27kg/m2 by the looks of it. Our Snowdons are about 37.
  6. dpmiller

    It's a bird? It's a man ? NO! It's a flying scaffold board!

    Same with our LBS Snowdon. Looks like a big rustic slate, and manages a very small headlap as there's a gutter built into the top edge of each tile.
  7. dpmiller

    I-Beam/I-Joist First Floor hanging Air tightness

    Our TF had a craned-in floor cassette, and each portion came with a factory-fitted strip of heavy polythene around the perimeter to act as a Tony Tray.
  8. Ta Dave. I think we'll be going with RTU but there was next to damn-all between the two quotes... Did they say anything about doorway joints? RTU have priced expansion strips but I haven't seen much guidance on where they're needed.
  9. dpmiller

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    Yup. Look at the MIs, it's quoted up to 2.5bar and is set up with quench coil, thermopocket for Watts quench valve and safety valve.
  10. dpmiller

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    Woodfire Passiv and CX12 are both setup for pressurised systems and quench coils etc.
  11. dpmiller

    Eps raft systems

    You could try Polarwall for XPS as well? https://extrudedpolystyreneinsulation.co.uk/insulated-raft-foundation
  12. Yup, had one of these for years. Great head, easy to clean etc. On our electric shower there's a barely-noticeable difference between full and eco, and SWMBO likes the piercing central setting for rinsing...
  13. Just a sanity check here- if I'm using PIR or EPS as a perimeter like this, then there's no need for the usual 8mm edge roll? 50mm poured screed if it's relevant.
  14. dpmiller

    Heating system for an ICF house with UFH

    What about using a bypass valve (tee'd between pump and motor valve) to open if the pump's running with the 2-port closed? That would give you circulation without flow through the coil.
  15. dpmiller


    I've a Zarges Skymaster 3x6 (4m) combo, a 2x4m roof ladder, a couple of sets of stepladders, and a sliding/folding jobbie from Lidl, like a Little Giant. Whilst the Zarges is absolutely the stiffest and nicest, the Lidl unit is the handiest by far- it does the lot!