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  1. Dunno, they show it modulating 1.5 to 10kW, how else would you do that other than inverter?
  2. Now that *is* an interesting looking piece of kit. Intersting also that they're using the Heatstream TS tank... edit scrub that. RED *are* Harlequin?
  3. but other than poorly-set defrost parameters, is the COP of the average ASHP ever going to approach 1 never mind dip below it?
  4. I didn't see it answered already but... does a Laddomat have to be at the bottom of the circuit or not? The MIs for the 21-60 say yes, the 11-30 don't comment. But the larger one is fixed-orientation whereas the 11-30 can be fitted any shape..
  5. In some of the newer plants, the pump doesn't run full time I believe. Certainly the air outputs are rested for periods. I'll hopefully be able to confirm this in the next couple of weeks with our Solido Smart.
  6. Carrying on. More pipes, more cables, more plasterboard. Howdens stock door linings for CLS-sized studwork so gave them a try and have to say, pleasantly surprised with the quality and service. Got a door to go with, to square things up easily. Had a plasterer down to price some bits and bobs. Waiting for another crew to offer costings now. Plan is, to get the ensuite skimmed out so we can get a working bathroom and get shot of the portaloo. I won't miss the rental going out every month... Which leaves today. Loos don't work without drains, and we'd never got a final scheme together for the BCO. And based on the limited height we have between the current level, the FFL and the FGL I didn't want any nasty surprises re. pipe cover etc. So, called in to request a visit just to thrash out what works and suits. BCO arrives, makes approving noises about progress, doesn't care to look at any internal drainage and agrees to all the points of my (minimal) scheme. I asked if there's anything else he wants to see or check on before I start covering the GF ceilings and...no. Just a look at the safety glass in the french doors. So we're clear to complete the surface water drainage with no inspection required and he just wants a call to pop out and view the foul pipework once bedded. Onwards!
  7. Irfanview can work with a locked pdf using it's paint tools.
  8. In our house, I do most of the cooking and neither of us are much for entertaining. Plus, we're moving from having a convenience store 400m away to somwhere a *bit* more isolated so shopping habits will change a bit. Still haven't decided on an island yet although if there is one it'll be more a visual cue and somewhee for breakfast I think. Kitchen is a broad U at one end of the open-plan room. Fridgefreezer (small daily freezer) on left, sink and dishwasher centre below the window, rangecooker in right-hand corner. Utility will have a sink, the washing machine and a large freezer. Walk-in larder off it for bulk storage.
  9. I've got a Walabot, I must try it on the screed for a laugh...
  10. You could always just send it in and wait for the list of questions?
  11. yes, I've seen'em. More of an issue with 222s I thought. Can't see me needing them for anything other than lighting circuits tho so I'll happily risk an amp passing through. /now the ones that come with cheapo lights, that look like chokblocks with release buttons on? Purest kelp. Wire isn't caged within the terminal so you're reliant on the plastic to keep the pring pressure up. Naff.