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  1. Declan52

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    Do you know anyone with a small compressor you could connect it and see if it blows clear. A joiner or maybe even a mechanic with the portable version for inflating tyres.
  2. Declan52

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    Can you get the hose to the high section so gravity will help.
  3. Declan52

    Bear With Small Brain challenged by studding head....

    Screws or nails wont matter. Use what ever method suits you.
  4. Declan52

    Hairline plaster cracks

    Let it sit for a year even 18 months and it will move and crack and hopefully that will be that. Then you can sort out the cracks.
  5. Declan52

    Bear With Small Brain challenged by studding head....

    Its easier than you think. Just a matter of making sure your measurements are spot on the first, second and third time you check. Much easier to get a good swing at it with the hammer to drive in the nails when you have it flat on the floor.
  6. Declan52

    Perimeter insulation

    That's a bit under hand.
  7. Declan52

    Perimeter insulation

    I take you paid for brand new.
  8. Declan52

    Perimeter insulation

    I did it on all my internal block walls . It came in very handy when I had to run a TV aerial extension as my wife wanted to rearrange the living room. Just peeled back the carpet and pushed the cable into the insulation and job was covered over and worked a treat.
  9. Im the exact same. Fire it up and let it heat the house for 2-3 days depending on how cold it is outside. A lazy Sunday with the stove flickering away is hard to beat.
  10. I tried various temp with my themal store and found 67 was my sweet spot. A little less and it lost heat to quick but heated up quicker. A little more and it held its heat longer but then took longer to get to this temp.
  11. Declan52

    Construction and SAPS

    Cavity boards have a better u value but and it's a big but how they perform in a real world setting will be down to the guy sticking them in the cavity. If he pushes a bit of motar out into the cavity laying a block the board can't be tight to the blocks which means it ain't worth Jack. Same goes at the corners and door and window revels where you're relying on how straight he cuts the boards will have a massive impact on how they perform. If you go for beads they drill holes in the wall and blast the beads into the cavity leaving not a single gap any where. So this means one less thing to worry about.
  12. Declan52

    Quick bit of help please: which way round?

    Won't really matter as your going to have to screw it in far enough that it breaks the foil slightly so it sits flush or you will have bumps in the plasterboard. If you are going to batten over it then and board then it won't need to bust the foil.
  13. Declan52

    Construction and SAPS

    Don't use the pir type in the cavity. Do as Peter has said above and get eps beads blown in to a 150mm cavity. This will result in a far better job than using celotex type boards.
  14. Declan52

    Astro Turf for a shed floor?

    It is pretty heavy so if it's pegged down and screwed along the edges of should sit on a slope. The pegs are nothing more than 6 inch galvanised nails.