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  1. Declan52

    She's BOUGHT a...

    It's 18ft *10ft so it's big enough. Just need to do a run to the dump more often.
  2. Declan52

    She's BOUGHT a...

    Think I am stuck with her to be honest!!!
  3. Declan52

    DiseqC Satellite switch problem

    I used to make old analogue sat boxes over 20 years ago and from memory when we tested the lnb switching from horizontal to vertical we used as low a voltage as we could. It was around 14v for horizontal and 11v for vertical. If it worked on these it was deemed to be able to cope with a drop if the cable was long.
  4. Declan52

    She's BOUGHT a...

    It's only on hire to see if we would really use it or if it will join the pile of stuff at the back of the shed that she just had to get and couldn't cope without until it was bought and then coped just fine it seems.
  5. Declan52

    She's BOUGHT a...

    My turn for some bubbles, some skin soup is an optional extra.
  6. Declan52

    Hello again - work has finally started

    They are really nice lights.
  7. If you go for one plinth brick you need a 65mm width block on the inside at the back so when it steps in there is something to build on for the rest of the way up. You can do it with brick on it's side if you can't source 65mm blocks. Two plinths and a normal block will do.
  8. Plinth bricks.
  9. Declan52

    Velux onto sarked Roof

    The bit of angle iron is slipped underneath the roof felt so any rain that gets that far runs down the felt hits it and then runs of to the side of the window. That's why it's cut at an angle.
  10. I wouldn't be parting with a bean until I got a fully detailed report from a house surveyor. Then you will know better as to what needs done to the main structure. This is where you could end up loosing a lot of money before you even start to think about kitchens and bathrooms. All of that is only window dressing.
  11. Declan52

    ducts....oh dear!

    Have you tried sewer rods to push it back???
  12. Declan52

    ducts....oh dear!

    How far up the duct has it stopped and roughly how deep are they incase it's a spade you need?? Will only pull it backwards so it's the cable your pulling. Pull the rope to much and it will break.
  13. They must have done some work experience here.
  14. Pile it up and put some petrol in a glass bottle with a rag to act as a wick. Light the wick and lob the bottle and stand back. That's how it's done in NI !!!😁😁 Technically if it hasn't got at least 1000 pallets, a few hundred tyres , dozens of well worn mattresses and a few sofas then it's not really a bonfire.
  15. Declan52

    Insulate between doubled rafters?

    Any I seen done just glued them up and put a few nails in them to hold it till the glue went off.