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  1. Rendering in the cold

    You can put additives in the mix like kill Jack but it's better to just wait.
  2. My Nightmare Heating System

    The Welsh and their dragons didn't have much to cheer about in Dublin today!!!
  3. Cost for good quality triple glazing

    Did you get a price of baskil for there future proof 3g range???
  4. Think it was about 6 months as we where still doing some flooring and painting after we moved in so there would have been a fair amount of dust being put up into the air. No point in cleaning it out till any work was done. There was hardly anything inside any parts as I had all the ducts covered over and the system turned off till we moved in so it wasn't no where near as bad as I thought.
  5. Does anyone have a potter's wheel?

    On a warm day the compressor goes as far away as it can, on a cold day as close as it can. They give of some heat.
  6. I had none at all. Just the same build up of dust etc. I washed mine down with milton anti bacterial type cleaner in the bath and sprayed in on a cloth and wiped everything I could reach maybe that helped.
  7. Does anyone have a potter's wheel?

    That's a shell and auger drilling rig. To get to 47m with one of them rigs is good going. The deepest you would get here would be not much more than 35m before you would hit rock or mud stone. It's about as basic as you can get. Lift a big weight with a cutter attached and drop it from height. Clear the cutter out and repeat while getting the casing to go deeper and deeper by either lifting it and dropping it or tapping it with the cutter. Bentonite is some stuff. You can get it in pellet form or powered depending on what you want to do.
  8. Missing Post - MBC Review

    I thought they came out of it pretty well. They made mistakes but done whatever was needed to fix them. Some companies am sure would have just washed their hands took the cheque and said bye. They didn't. True if you can't take criticism then you can't get praise.
  9. Just swapped the screws over but if I break any more of them plastic bits then I will have to figure out how to glue/weld a nut in there too get the screw something to grip.
  10. Missing Post - MBC Review

    So it's been censored as it's potentially illegal or unlawful or due to its content there might be legal action being undertaken. Would like to know has MBC seen the post and threw a wobbler and threatened the lawyers unless it's removed.
  11. Pretty much all I have done this past 3 times. The front panel is a joke. For a quality item to have such a sh1t set of fixings is unforgivable. Such a simple fix. I think I have broke 3 of them plastic bits so far. I changed all my screws to hex screws. As far as performance goes it works away in the background with no fuss. You get an alert on the small remote display when the filters need changing. Roughly a year a set for me.
  12. Does anyone have a potter's wheel?

    The mobilisation cost is always the big one. You are just paying to get the rig there on site. For the type of rig above it was probably a dando terrier which fits nicely in a long wheel 6.5t van. Drove one all over Ireland for a few years. When you go into the holes over 30m then your into much bigger rigs that will need a big compressor as well. So your paying usually for a lorry and a Jeep. As for the soil testing very few companies will do the actual soil tests them selves as the equipment is very expensive. Queens university done most of ours or a company in Dublin if it was contamination. I think @PeterStarck robbed who ever he got in. £3k for 47m is cheap very cheap. Well done!!!
  13. Insuring a telehandler for a day or two

    They are a very dangerous thing to drive. The first time it tips on it's nose is a scary experience as you have no control whatsoever and the load on the end of the boom is going down and won't stop till it hits the ground. The training bit is a joke like the digger test. You aren't allowed on a site to work on a digger or telescopic without a licence but to get a licence you need to have done at least 200hrs in one. The practical part of both tests is pretty basic as well. Last one I drove was 18m and it was like a space ship inside with that many dials to look at.
  14. My Nightmare Heating System

    I have all heatmiser in mine. All the stats are linked to a control unit which is then linked to the valves on each loop on the manifold.
  15. Insuring a telehandler for a day or two

    Can you phone up and add it to your policy??? Am sure the hire place has a theft and damage policy in place covering all there plant and in the very small print at the bottom of your hire docket there is bound to something about it. Ask is there a kill switch on it and is there anything else you could do to stop it getting stole.