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  1. Reckon you could have fried soda bread on that roof this past week. Looks really good.
  2. They would be nailed to the batton but as they are so small they have to have used some sort of adhesive otherwise the first bit of wind you get they are going on their holidays and not coming back.
  3. How are the tiny pieces of tile held in place??
  4. Our council was pretty quick, think it took 6 weeks. But as you say the way things are now they are all working from home ( sunbathing in their garden in this weather) so would guess 8-10 weeks.
  5. They really should be started on the concrete foundations. 50mm of screed is not a lot to rest a wall on. What type of screed are you using, sand cement or a flow type screed??
  6. It's not just about ticking a box with 150/200mm insulation in the cavity and you will have a toasty house. Lol You have to adopt a whole house policy. High quality Windows and doors, triple glazed of the budget allows, good depth of insulation in the floor and roof, very good airtightness throughout etc. I've a block house and my kids still move around like hippos and slam doors. After years of in depth research the final conclusion I have reached to stopping them slamming doors is to remove the door.
  7. Every two weeks!!! Some company is making a fortune with that schedule.
  8. Not a lot of work and can all be done from the inside. Pop the window out and remove the inside row of tiles that are cut short. Replace with tiles that rest on the foam and are long enough to bridge the gap so it sits over the ridge. That's the easy bit. The ugly lead work won't be as easy fixed.
  9. Cavity fire sock if it's not put on by the timber frame company.
  10. I used the Linda Barker range for my bathroom. Was very impressed with it. It cost me £125 for each sheet.
  11. Put in for 2/3 weeks sick leave/holidays from his current place of work. Find a building site close to his home and see if he can get a start doing anything. Labourer, driving a dumper, helping brickies wherever it is won't really matter. Its just to get a flavour of what working on a building site involves. You can earn a very decent wage but you will have to do a lot of hard, dirty physical work to get it. You can't do any apprenticeship at the moment cause they are closed so it's the only way to get some experience. When the few weeks is up he should know if it's for him or not. Then you can start looking at doing a course in the tech to learn to become a joiner, brickie, plumber etc. But remember the wages he will get while still learning won't be a lot. Your talking 5-8 years further down the line before he will have enough skill and knowledge built up to get a job finished quickly and of a high enough standard to start making money.
  12. Should have used windolene instead of tape.
  13. Put the 50mm down first as it's easier to cut round any pipework that's on the subfloor going to sinks etc.
  14. How was it supplying enough air to keep the fire going without the intake duct?? You have been really through the mill and badly let down by the installer and now the complaints procedure. I don't blame you for not wanting to drop this.
  15. Who are you getting a price from?? Try Quinn's in ardboe, ATS in Portadown and Murdock's. I used ATS and they where great.