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  1. The drugs they use to put you out are quality, sit back and enjoy the ride!!
  2. Suppose you don't have the private medical cover that covers you when you are of work due to injury. Hope it's just a tear and not snapped off the bone. Reckon with one arm you could still do most jobs anyway!!!
  3. How long to heat up a heavy house

    We moved into our block house 3 years ago at the end of sept and it took near 2 weeks to get the house up to a nice 21 degrees inside. Until you sort out the heat loss from the front door your going to struggle to get it anywhere near where you would like it. Can you board it over with insulation sheets and use another door for your main route into the house??
  4. We have a yellow warning in place for Thurs and Fri for gales and then snow. Another storm on Sunday as well with more snow.
  5. Sealant or Not? (Soffit Boards)

    Let your house sit for 18 months and it will have shrunk and expanded all it's ever going to move. If after that there is any gaps then fill away if not one less job to worry about.
  6. PVA Craft Glue

    Have got my girl some iron oxide powder to mix into slime and some magnets to blow her mind. Xmas day is going to be fun!!! We are for Orlando at Easter and the shopping list she has done out already is unreal. Slime making its massive over there as well. The bag scanner guy at the airport is going to flag up our stuff that's for sure.
  7. Can I roof a house?

    The hardest part is getting everything you need up on to the roof. Your arms and legs will be sore doing this bit but once you have all up there then you would be surprised how quick you get into a rhythm. Roof Windows are pretty easy to fit. They are just awkward to get into place. Lead is also very easy to work with. Only need a good sharp knife and a lead dresser to form the shape you need. Check your local hire shop to see if they have a slate cutter, gives a better edge than an angle grinder. After that it's just a hammer and a good tool belt with a pouch full of nails/hooks.
  8. Weather or not to build today

    Most android phones have a weather app that you can put on your home page. Looks like this.
  9. What about a steel beam to go from end to end and if possible rest on some internal walls. The joists could then go in the web of the beam.
  10. Why insulate

    @JSHarris what about one of these with a brush or even a roller attached and maybe a set of steps to reach up if needed.
  11. "Novel" apoproach to UFH?

    Would be fun trying to bleed them rads.
  12. Why insulate

    Same here if I fill mine with good quality coal. All it needs is raked out and the dampers opened up and it will catch again.
  13. Credit Unions

    I am a member of my local credit union and it would do more lending than any of the banks in town. Always gives a better rate esp for travel money. First loan is double what your savings are then after that after it's paid of it's triple what you have in your account.
  14. And then there was none.

    Could you get a mortgage that is covered by either your old house and b&b or the value of the new build where it sits now. Only get the least amount you need to be able to get your new build livable, £10k-£30k. Take it as a short term loan for 2-4 years where once the sale of your b&b goes through you can clear what's owed and be mortgage free. Depending on what your rental income is earning you it might not even cost you anything/much to service the payments.
  15. Air tightness Paints/Sprays

    3 sand to 1 cement and it should be creamy rather than sloppy wet. Mix it up by adding small amount of water at a time and put a bit on the wall. If it runs down the wall it's too wet add more sand/cement to thicken it up or if it doesn't spread it's too thick. Medusa or even plasticiser will help in the mix.