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  1. What is a standard size window. 900*900?? Would you not be better getting Windows that suit the size of the room they are in. In the grand scheme of things how much would you potentially save?? Think for an extension where you might need 1-2 windows and you could pick them up from gumtree, ebay etc then fine.
  2. Declan52

    Edpm at edges

    So lots and lots of primer and nice neat cuts of tape. Easy!! Not having a dig but yours doesn't look like what's on the video.
  3. Declan52

    Edpm at edges

    Has to be some method of joining two bits of rubber.
  4. Declan52

    Edpm at edges

    Honestly I think take it all back to the top of the concrete and break around each window and continue to remove the upstands as you have been doing. Get your architect to do proper drawings and then do as it's on these for test window 1. Create a dam with sand and fill the hole with water around the test window and observe. Let it sit for a day and if it's good then proceed with the rest. If it leaks and it's done as is on the drawing then it's up to your architect to come up with plan B. Repeat as above.
  5. Declan52

    Barge Boards and Sofits

    We have no barge boards. I just overhung the tile sitting on a strip of asbestolux and then plastered up to it. No soffit either, mine is made from concrete roof blocks so have no maintaining to be done. Have black upvc gutters and downspouts and they crack. Today with it going below zero last night and then the sun hitting them straight away they crack real bad.
  6. Declan52

    Cavity wall requirements around windows

    That's just how it's done in NI. You put a length of dpc up the reveal on the inside of the outer skin. Then you will have a strip of pir insulation cut at a min depth of 50mm,75mm will be easier to work with. Then the block work is returned. You will need split brick or a block cut with a saw to 50mm if you go for 100mm insulation to fill the gap. The red arrow will be the split brick. With 75mm insulation you can just use a normal concrete brick. The cavity in the pic is 100mm.
  7. Declan52

    Sunamp not heating the water

    Can you post a few pics of its setup so those in the know can have a better understanding of what's going on.
  8. It would be block bond if it was blocks being built, exactly what you would build in foundations. Never seen bricks built like that before.
  9. Declan52

    Thinnest known floor slab?

    You will need scaffolding to put on the roof and tile it. If the gable is at the side beside the tree you will need scaffold for it as well.
  10. Murdocks have a few yards in Dublin. I guess if you intend to buy a lot from one supplier and are happy to pay a premium to deliver to you then they might. Costs nothing to ask.
  11. Do you mean a builders merchants. There are plenty in Newry, haldane fisher, Mac Blair, Murdocks, jp corry
  12. Declan52

    Heating oil prices for the next 20 years

    Have you been mis sold a combi boiler in the last 10 years. If so we offer a no win no fee no hassle claim service. Has a nice ring to it.
  13. @JSHarris built his own rig for doing a blower test from an old car radiator fan. Not sure he has put the info on this site but am sure it's in his blog somewhere.
  14. Pay attention to where your joists go into the wall. You will need some sort of tape to seal these up. There will be some where you just can't get to and will have to use expanding foam and fill the gap as best you can.
  15. Declan52

    New car for my dad

    Did top gear magazine not vote them the best 2nd hand car on the market.