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  1. Can you explain how you got these figures so there isn't another mistake made at the start.
  2. Hello....... Hello...... Hello..... Is..... There..... Any..... One..... Out..... There.... there....there
  3. It matters jack shat that it was free of charge to you. The bill would have been sent to some one in charge of this scheme to sign off to be seen as everything was done to the correct standard. Yours wasn't. How can you let people into survey an old cottage and they don't take into account that there is little to no insulation installed. It's their job to take everything into account and go either yes this new system is capable of heating this property or it's a no sorry sir but unless you vastly improve the insulation and lower your heart loss figures then it would never heat your house.
  4. You can hire 45t diggers if you need them that size. 8 to 10t is perfect for most sites. A 13t is the best option if you intend to crane materials in. So is it a digger or a crane/digger you need.
  5. You can get single double or even triple rads or if you can't go out sideways floor to ceiling size. There is a multitude of different options available. The installer or who ever done the survey should have worked it all out. They measure your room length and width and height and work out rough heat loss calculations and get a figure. They then pick a rad that can produce more heat than your room can lose. Otherwise you end up with a cold room no matter how long the heading is on.
  6. Google makes it even easier. You do a quick search and there are hundreds of companies online where you enter the room details and they work out all out for you.
  7. Buy a wheel barrow and remove the skip. You can then set large heavy items across the bars and the wheel well take all the weight and be much easier to wheel across any terrain. I use this for moving 3*2 concrete flags, best method I have ever seen. When your finished doing this job at least you have a new barrow for all the other jobs.
  8. Who wants to explain that "bleed a radiator" doesn't actually involve blood or a cut or anything of a medical nature.
  9. Can you not just draw the plan from memory???
  10. Can you do a plan showing a rough outline of your plot showing the house position,downspouts, manholes and anything else you think that is relevant. A pencil and paper job and take a pic with your phone and post it will be more than enough.