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  1. Just buy the 3ft Toblerone. It's always 3ft.
  2. Declan52

    Sunamp container bulging

    Think its just the ones that sell cars.
  3. Declan52

    Sunamp container bulging

    Same saying goes for car sales men.
  4. Pump it out into drums and give it away to family or friends.
  5. Declan52

    Klover pellet swallower!

    Nothing wrong with the technology just the way it had been setup. Suspect it will be the same for @Christine Walker. Just depends on the plumber, can be spot what is wrong. That's why I was looking some pics so the collective could have a gander and give her some ammo to hit him with.
  6. Declan52

    Klover pellet swallower!

    Yeah take no shit from him. It's not working as it's meant to so get him back. I had issues with my tank loosing heat due to the pipework not being lagged. It really did make a difference when I done them.
  7. It's a massive expense to clean up an oil spill. Not something you would wish in your worst enemy. You can dig it all out down to whatever depth the oil has settled to. Very expensive as it's contaminated spoil so ain't cheap to dispose. The oil will track along underground services so goes much further than you would believe. You can also put standpipes in and flush the ground water and clean that. Ain't cheap either. Have seen houses that had the floors dug out down as far as they could go and then sealed up, back filled and concreted again. But if the oil has got into the blocks and soaked in then you still can smell it. Is heart breaking when you go to a house like this and see the devastation that a spill can cause. The main reason oil was not an option for my heating in the new house.
  8. Declan52

    Klover pellet swallower!

    Think you might need to put up a few photos of the tank and all the bits coming out from it too see if some of the plumbers here can spot something. You shouldn't be emptying a 500l tank that quick. Sounds like it's losing heat and the tank is cooling down and keeping the stove on most of the day. What do you mean by when you turn the rads on the ufh temp dropped by 10 degrees. There is nothing wrong with the stove I hope. It will just be heating the water up to your setpoint like it would if you where using oil or gas. Something is draining your hot water from the tank.
  9. Declan52

    Klover pellet swallower!

    On your blending valve where your ufh manifolds are what temp is it set to??
  10. Declan52

    Klover pellet swallower!

    Couldn't afford to run mine all day either. It will take a while trying to find a program that works but @Christine Walkerwill get there. Get that installer back asap and get him to show you the full instructions on how you work it.
  11. Declan52

    Klover pellet swallower!

    The only detail I can find is this. It says there is a weekly programme so have a look through your manual and see how you set it to come on at the times it suits you. Once you have a weekly programme sorted then you need to set your stats to suit that. So have your stove fire up at 6am and at the same time your morning setting on your stats is set to 20/21 (what ever you want the room temp to be). Let it draw heat and charge up the floor for 1/2hrs and then have your stat turn off and stop calling for heat. For example in the morning your kitchen will sitting at 19. At 6am your stove fires up, and your kitchen stat changes to 20. It will draw heat for 90 mins until it gets to 20 and then turn off. The rest of the day you set the stat to not call for heat by setting the temp to not call for heat unless it falls below 18. Over the rest of the day unless it's really cold outside the heat you put into the floor should be enough to keep the room warm at a steady 18/19. Then the process just repeats each day.
  12. I just let Henry at it and give it a quick hoover out. Never really that much though.
  13. A felt tip marker and a 4 inch grinder. You can the chamfer the edges with the same grinder. A quick rub with some sand paper will get rid of any stringy bits after you chamfer it. Don't for get to grease the leading edge and the collar with joint lubricant. Not fairy liquid or Spit or any other old wives tale stuff.
  14. Declan52

    Beam and block airtightness idea

    The damp proof membrane you put on top of the sub floor will stop any air coming up. It will get overlapped with the dpc on the walls so will be no where for air to come up unless you puncture it.
  15. Declan52

    Nice picture of the new house

    2mm to the left and I could have waved!!