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  1. One of the newer models as well. Couldn't beat that for a cheap streaming device.
  2. If you don't put kerbs in the tarmac will spread out then crack and fall apart eventually. Concrete would be an option doing it in 3/4m bays. You can just move the side rails along as you go. It won't break at the edges as much as tarmac would.
  3. Will the timber frame company keep your materials stored for free or will they be looking it out the door so they can collect some much needed funds. If it was me I would put the concrete in and wait. But if it comes to it and the TF company want it out the door im sure the scaffolding guy would be up for a bit of negotiation.
  4. Go to the big shed place beside b&q Boucher rd and buy a large wooden shed, I got an 18*10 foot of them 5 years ago and it's still watertight. Go to a double glazing salesman, Gumtree and see if he has any old stock going for the skip. A few Windows and a door. Insulate it all yourself and put in whatever electrics you need plus plumbing and board it out. They do them already with all this work done but you will pay for this.
  5. So not even 4p a day to save some heat but more importantly provide fresh clean filtered air into your build. I will have some of that.
  6. As above it's free to set up an Amazon account. You just go into their page and register. You will need to put in all your details, name, address and some method of payment,debit card. This is for if you want to buy anything from the actual Amazon store but it also links to your firestick so if there is a movie or TV series you can also buy these. If you never buy nothing you will never have to pay nothing. There are plenty of other apps you can install on it for watching movies and TV series and live sport but we will just keep it simple for now.
  7. Don't get the version 1 they are dead slow. Get the 4k one. When you put it in to the TV and do the startup registration bit you connect it to your WiFi and enter your Amazon account details. Then you can pick from a selection of apps just by using the up,down, left right cursor on the remote. iPlayer etc are in this bit so you just pick what you want. It will already have all the amazon apps pre installed as they want you to buy films, TV series etc but you don't have to of you don't want to. The remote is very good for navigating it's own menu but if you install a web browser it's brutal. If you have a smart phone then you can use it instead of the remote but it does the same thing.
  8. You can put all the catch up apps on a firestick. I have iPlayer,itv player,all 4 and 5 od on mine. As well as YouTube and some sports and news apps. If you want a wired connection you have to buy an add-on. You only need an Amazon account to set it up but you don't need Amazon prime to actually use it.
  9. The 4g mast just replaces the phone cable from your house. The rest is the same.
  10. If your soil has a concentration on sand and gravel then the water will eventually wash this out which will make the banks unstable. That's the biggest risk in to leaving them open for to long. Do it in two halfs as you have proposed and you should be fine.
  11. Well then get the aa batteries on the go and get that laser shining.
  12. I'm a bit more old school and used a length of builders string between the 2 ends with a peg driven into the ground but using the same principle. Obviously a laser is much much fancier!!!