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  1. Declan52

    Save the world, install an LPG tank.

    No just not true. If like the vast majority of members here you play nice then your posts don't get subjected to any kind of moderation. It's in the terms and conditions that you signed up to when you joined this forum that if you post something which doesn't adhere to these rules then it gets moderated. It's that simple.
  2. Declan52

    First UFH Project

    Realistically unless you dig down and put enough insulation in then the ufh won't work as well as you want it to. But as you have said digging all that out it will not only be expensive but the can of worms will be truly opened . You will be digging out maybe at least 250mm to cover enough insulation, some hardcore and dust to get the floor perfectly level then your slab with the ufh pipes in it. You would be better putting the money into trying to seal the house up so you don't leak as much heat which will mean your house will feel much more comfortable to live in. Any stone floor will feel cold to touch unless your heating is on all the time which will cost a lot of money. Things like new 2g or 3g Windows and doors, small things like sealing all the holes in your envelope from light switches to plugs to downlights. Then depending on how much renovation you are planning maybe lifting floor boards and sealing up around the joists on the outside walls. Kind of depends how far you are willing to go.
  3. Declan52

    Can I move a stanchion?

    A picture would help.
  4. Declan52

    Tricky retaining wall.

    There are plenty of dry stone options using either real stone if you can get it cheap or concrete blocks. Either way doesn't require a concrete foundation I used a dry stone concrete block on my drive. Only thing is it might be an expensive option as you won't really see much of it. Gabions and stone and some wire to tie it together is about as low tech as you can get.
  5. Declan52

    Concrete splatter

    A flat trowel will pop it of.
  6. Declan52

    Beam & Block Overkill?

    I just swapped out the dpc that I put on top of my hardcore with a radon barrier type. It's lapped up onto the top of the founds so your first course is built on top which means it's sealed.
  7. Declan52

    Beam & Block Overkill?

    How big of a slope are you taking about?? Can the trees be cut down??? If your on chalk at 1m deep why are you even looking at beam and block???
  8. Why is it that when you watch these programmes about a self build and they have budget issues they always blow money on stupid stuff. You would think some one on the grand design team would have a word and say maybe you should look at this type of thing as yours mate is way too expressive and won't actually work. But then that wouldn't be good TV I suppose. Plus they are bound to have watched grand designs and seen how things can go tits up really easily but they never seem to see it when it's heading that road on their build. Some times you just need to take a step back and question each decision you make before you give the go ahead.
  9. Wouldn't need to every get a leak or it will be a tsunami coming down the stairs.
  10. And don't forget eco house being said every 2 mins which grinded on my ears before the first break.
  11. Declan52

    Beam & Block Overkill?

    So if the left side is only ground floor why is he making you build walls beneath what I presume are going to be internal timber walls. The beam and block can easily carry that small weight never mind 125mm of reinforced concrete.
  12. Declan52

    Beam & Block Overkill?

    Why beam and block, is it poor ground conditions??? Can you not fill the founds with hardcore then put in your concrete floor with mesh and have it polished up. Then you have a smooth platform to set your timber frame on. Can you put up the first floor plan so we can see what the purpose of the walls that are in red and yellow are carrying above.
  13. Declan52

    Building in provision for a later ASHP.

    I didn't think it would be as quick as that, pretty impressive.
  14. Declan52

    Building in provision for a later ASHP.

    This is the kind of setup I would be looking if I install an ashp in the future. I basically use my pellet boiler in this fashion but use its onboard time programs to just heat my thermal store. There is nothing in my system that can cause the boiler to fire up other than me hitting the button. Can you just use the simple controller that comes with them to provide a set time that the ashp works. As in it comes on at 4am to 10 am then comes back on at 4pm to 8pm. These Time periods would be adjusted once I figured out how long it takes to get my tank to 45-48.
  15. Declan52

    Concrete blocks to steel

    The block wall will give you something to act as a shutter.