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  1. Declan52

    Pallet Buster - Articulated

    Obviously yours will have a quirky detail or go faster stripes.
  2. Declan52

    Pallet Buster - Articulated

    Do it like this
  3. Declan52

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    His bill would be £X minus the cost of the remedy.
  4. Declan52

    Processing planked logs

    Could you overboard your current table. Use big bolts countersunk into it to pull the warp in. You could even heat treat the bolts to make them appear older. Change the legs to metal/oak and you have a new table.
  5. Declan52

    Parging for Air Tightness

    I used that fortax 6400 to stick my membrane to the blockwork. It's really sticky stuff. Top tip don't get it in your hair only thing that takes it out is a razor.
  6. Declan52

    Mexicano doors

    Are they both 35mm doors. I put 44mm mexicano in mine. Does it not say on the tech data how thick the lippings are.
  7. Tracking back and forth over them with that big digger will be more than enough to drive them into the ground.
  8. Declan52

    fire in the house

    We get to play with the out of date fire extinguishers every year for fire training in work. It's scary how quick you can empty one so some sort of training is really recommended. Would it be feasible for you @lizzie to extend the amount of heat/smoke alarms into other areas of your house. I have four downstairs and 2 upstairs. Hopefully that should be enough if the worst ever happened. The kitchen smoke alarm gets tested regularly by my wife.
  9. Declan52

    Swimming Pools

    Hats off that is amazing looking.
  10. Declan52

    Tiling...many questions

    Just don't take to much amber nectar and get carried away and end up with this. Was this your first tile job @Nickfromwales
  11. Declan52

    Hi from Dublin

    Welcome. I'm North Armagh so not much use but @DeeJunFan is building just outside Newry in mayobridge so would have a better idea of what merchants would be the best to visit. You might be better off with a transit van and trailer and save yourself the delivery fees. Just get the bulk goods delivered. 45 mins takes you to the airport roundabout from newry so pretty close. The good thing about south Armagh is there are lots of border crossings in the event of a hard border.
  12. Declan52

    Wall plate

    Use a masonry nail with a washer like these
  13. You could combine both. By sourcing out the main frame you should negate most of the risk. But as with everything sometimes stuff goes pear shaped so even though it is less risky you will still need to be on site during certain points to check that things are ready to go, being done right and end up the way you want. Once the frame is up you could buy your caravan, probably better spending a few extra quid for a decent one, and then you will be on site everyday to manage all that needs to be done. All that dead rental money will certainly come in handy.
  14. Declan52

    Please Guide my Build!

    Rather you than me cut all that pir!!!
  15. Declan52

    Please Guide my Build!

    Fully fill the joists with Rockwool and then overlay with OSB and 100/150mm of pir then whatever covering is being proposed.