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  1. So make beam 1&2 up to give you the L shape. Have you posts cut and in the shoe but not fixed to the pads. Have your L beam resting on the top pad on the raised bit and your post with shoe and clamp. Move the L till it's level then clamp to the post. Mark with pencil under the beam for one side and use a level for the other edge then cut your notch on both sides. Then lift the L into place and onto the post and put a screw in just to hold it together. Lift beam 3 and rest it on the notch and do the same procedure with clamping it to the post with the shoe, leveling it,marking it and then notching it. Then lift on again to both notched posts and fix with a screw. Then beam 4 . Fix a temp piece of timber underneath beam 3 so it sticks out beyond so you can set beam 4 on the top pad raised bit and on the temp piece of timber. Then using your L brackets fix it in place. That will give you your square shape. Go round and make sure the diagonals are the same so it's square. Move if needed. Check all the beams for level and the posts for plumb. Move any bits that aren't. Once your happy every bit is plumb, level and square then bang the rest of the screws in so it's solid. Then check all again esp the diagonals. Mark the shoe holes in the pads. Slide the frame out of the way and drill your holes and fix the rods in place. Once they are set lift the frame up and drop it over the rods and put the nuts on and tighten it all up. Then that's the main bit all done. After that it's just measure your joist spacing at 400s and put the hangers on. Check and double check every thing. Don't just wack them on. The twist nails are a nightmare to pull out. With all the hangers on then measure and check and check and cut the joists, drop them into the hangers and fix. Deck complete. Open tin of beer and put fresh plasters on all your cuts and then set back and look on with pride.
  2. You screw/nail the bracket to one of the beams then offer it up to the other and then fix it. Then put the coach screws in at the ends.
  3. You use something like these. The weight will be on whatever you intend to use to lift your beam up. What have you chosen for this task.The fixings just hold it all together. Use your bars to fix the posts to the base. If you have some left over then use them for the beams to the post. Don't just be buying all your bits from Screwfix. I just use it as a guide to show you what I mean. Take the info for the coach screws and L shaped brackets and see if you can source them any cheaper closer to where you live. If Screwfix are the cheapest then fine but always try other places. Every penny counts.
  4. Mark the post on all four sides and use your new very sharp handsaw and cut it up using your lines as a guide. You will need to cut the point of it as well. Use a 2 L shape brackets to hold the other beams together on the inside and if you want 2 coach screws in from the ends like is marked on the drawing. Not sure if you have bought the threaded bars yet if not you could use the same screws for attaching the beams to the posts. Something like these. They will be much easier to put in with a cordless or an impact driver of you have one. Just go nice and slow and depending on the beams you might need a pilot hole first.
  5. Why not just make the deck big enough to have the shed fully sitting on it on each section???
  6. I don't really care what your debating but when your adding in personal jibes then I start to care. So just stick to the facts.
  7. Let's just stick to the facts please. This is becoming a little too personal.
  8. Us folk working behind the scenes are always interested in how members come to find the forum. Most would be via a Google search when they are looking for a solution to a certain building related issue but you are implying word of mouth. Could you expand on that? Oh and welcome.
  9. Nope the peelers took it out!!! The film driven about John delorean is worth a watch.
  10. Guy down the road from me has one. Still smile every time I see it.
  11. Is this the final plan?? So it will look like this then when complete. Why is one shoe no good???
  12. Everything is viable. You just need to plan it from the start.
  13. Before you take another step please do out a plan. Just a top view will do. 2 simple rectangles with one being the deck and one being the shed. Include the side the shed door is on the plan. Once we know all this info then we can give you more help. It's just getting that hard to follow as your jumping from idea to idea and nobody really knows what your end goal is even you I suspect. If you want an overhang at the stream draw it on the plan. If you want another overhang at the side to access the other area then draw it on. If you want to be able to get to the stream overhang from going via the shed then draw that in. You don't want to do this then start adding extra bits in which won't be as strong as you designing them in in the first place. It will be cheaper to do it right at the start instead of a bodge job later on. So sit down with whatever you have to do a plan. We won't care if it's in pencil or crayon, a ms Paint or a super fancy cad drawing. You just need to decide what you want then we can give you the best method to get there. For lifting the beam up an inch you just have to use something that won't absorb water and is strong enough to take the weight. Slate for example, a piece of paving flag would be 50mm but would do the job. Your bound to have 2 bits of something lying round your house to do this.