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  1. Declan52

    Rafter to ridge detail

    Could you put in a ridge board at the top then 2 separate steel beams approx 500mm further down so each will suit that particular side.
  2. I used Tec 7 to seal up my shower and it is still looking good 5 years on. The only thing is it wouldn't get any direct sunshine which might be an issue no matter what one you end up using. What about using some putty instead.
  3. Declan52

    Dumper and a slope

    Up and down will be fine but if the ground is soft it won't be long making a mess esp where you turn.
  4. Declan52

    Dumper and a slope

    Are you going up and down or across the slope.
  5. Declan52

    PIR board wastage - rule of thumb?

    You don't waste that much as you use the bit left over from a cut to start another row. Like you do with wooden flooring so the joints are all staggered. It will be small triangle bits that you will be left with when you come to the peaks.
  6. Declan52

    DPM / DPC overlap best practise

    Can you take a pic of how it sits at the moment.
  7. Declan52

    DPM / DPC overlap best practise

    I would leave at least a 100mm of an overlap on each side. Easy to trim it back much harder to add more.
  8. Declan52

    DPM / DPC overlap best practise

    When you say an internal wall do you mean the internal wall of the cavity or an actual wall inside the building.
  9. I have a thermal store and once all the connections where lagged it doesn't lose that much heat over a day. Although before I done all that work out was really really warm in the hotpress. Through trail and error I got to the point where my sweet spot temp of the stored water is 67 degrees. It's just a balancing act from either a few degrees hotter and my stove will be on longer so burn more fuel or a few degrees lower and it will go cooler quicker and I get nailed by the wife for her shower going cold.
  10. Declan52

    Waterproofer : which to snog, marry or avoid?

    When you say motar do you actually mean plaster as in the a sand cement mix for the outside of your house??? Always used this stuff Or this
  11. I used my architect to provide a warranty. It was the mortgage company who will want a warranty in place. At each of the stages they set out my architect would write a letter saying that the founds, wall plate,roof etc where built to the relevant regulations and they would release the money. Before you start it's good to phone your local building control council officer and introduce yourself and ask them what stages he wants to come out and inspect plus how much notice he would like. It will be the digging of your founds, might want to see the walls going up, roof on and then he will just want all the electric and plumbing certs and all along the way he will be ticking the boxes and let you know what's still to be completed to his satisfaction before he will give you the completion cert. All your doing is touching base and getting off on the right foot. Unless your going to sell in the first 10 years a nhbc type warranty is not worth the paper it's wrote on.
  12. Mine came through as a high c think it was a 79. But I did no air pressure test so my result was put into the computer as 15 air changes per HR which means my house has no windows or doors!!! Makes no different to any one as in the long run it's just another tick in another box that you need to do.
  13. Declan52

    Newly qualified brickie

    You only use 6 X 9 inch block for pig houses. Can you not use soapbars instead like these All the walls you build should be plumb no matter where they are. Your only make more work for every one else who follows you and then you will get a bad name for untidy work. Your arms will get used to the lifting and your skin will soon toughen up. The motar should be the same as an ordinary block. Nice and creamy so you can tap the block down but not soft enough that it sinks.
  14. Declan52

    Location of bedrooms

    My youngest does gymnastics at a fairly gd level so a simple walk across the room to turn the light out ends up being a roll and a flip and a loud bang when she lands. If some one would have given us the option of a floor separating us I would have bit your hand of. All kids are noisy so a bit of space will be a good thing.
  15. How heavy is the sky light that you need to crane it in???