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  1. If on your founds you build a few courses of thermal type blocks this could form your break and reduce the thermal bridge. Will also help you get it perfectly level. You will obviously need to check the blocks are rated to a high enough N to withstand the weight that will be above.
  2. Could be a chance to push for a decent discount and let him use your build to promote the blocks as a viable option for other people.
  3. What is access like to be able to load the blocks on to the wall. A telehandler will struggle to lift 1.5t out more than 10m without ending up on its nose. A 13t digger might be a better option as it can just park up and slew round and round with out every moving. The lorry had a hydraulic grab so just squeezes them. You can get these as an attachment for a telehandler but your increasing the weight on the end of the boom so you can't lift as much or as high.
  4. Vegetable oil is the cheapest oil you could use for this type of job.
  5. Can you not have them in a corner of a room for example. Then you can have the grill in the room below out from the corner as far as your arm can stretch to pull the duct to the grill hole. There would be no issue with running it beside hot water pipes.
  6. I done something similar to what you propose in my last house. It was a 1960s mid terrace house that was plagued with condensation. I installed a pretty basic mhrv in my loft and ran a pair of extracts to the first floor. Due to the position of my airing cupboard I was able to run the ducts from the attic down through the first floor to the ground floor. Even though this was a really poor machine, cost about £200 and was fairly loud but it did get rid of the excess moisture which then meant the condensation didn't form on the wall and cause mould. Is there any way of running ducts from a central location in the attic to both floors and just box the ducts in on the first floor. The ducts can be as small as 75mm so it won't be an eyesore. Your maybe only talking about an extract in the kitchen and living room so 2 bits of boxing in. You could put the clean air intake over the stairs on the first floor. It would mean you won't have to rip the ceilings out. You will just have to cut the grill hole out and connect it up.
  7. Have you measured it height wise to see what one will suit it the best.
  8. That will make it much much more of a viable option.
  9. Looks fine enough. Do they make the half height blocks to help with coursing or do you need to cut them. Are you able to design your house so the width and length suits these so your cuts are a min.
  10. I have one of these and have used it to trace my pipes in the floor.
  11. Google tile leveling systems and there is a vast array of different products all designed to stop you ending up with tiles not sitting flush at the edges.
  12. The most important tool is quality knee pads. They will save you a lot of aches and pain. As far as proper tools your going to need something to cut the tile. A dry tile cutter will cut most of what you need. You could hire a wet cutter if you have lots of fiddly bits around doors etc or even use an angle grinder. A tape, a few pencils, chalk line and your nice new shiny laser will help you in setting out your pattern. Notched trowel and float, a few large buckets for mixing your adhesive and grout. If you have a good high speed drill you can buy a mixer attachment to mix your adhesive. Depending on how confident you are in doing the tiling then you might look at one of the tile leveling systems. Things you already I hope own are a long spirit level, sponges, gloves and depending on the size and type of your chosen tile maybe a rubber mallet to tap the tile down. And not forgetting a good radio so you can sing away and annoy everyone else in the house.
  13. Can you not swap out the compressor for a new one. Has to be some sort of part id stamp on it.
  14. There won't be any glue holding each board together so could start to spread at the joints. The T&G aren't meant to hold the boards together permanently, that's the glues job. Just don't do the insulation and floor till the last moment Then BCO inspects on a Monday and you lift it all Monday night or Tues then doubt it will matter.