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  1. Weegaz

    Concrete Edging Repair

    Thanks guys, The chunks are about 100mm, really untidy job but wasn't something I was going to kick off about as the builders did a really good job everywhere else. The sika is a repair cement, I'll have to shutter and re-do. As the car drives over it I don't want it breaking off so not sure if I will need to key the existing so that it bonds correctly. New-crete looks like what I am after, thanks on/off
  2. Weegaz

    Concrete Edging Repair

    Hi guys, Hopefully a simple one, when the guys poured our garage floor they shuttered a step at garage doors that the garage doors sit down into, approx 30mm lower than the finished garage floor. When they took the shuttering off it broke chunks out of the clean edge and there is gaps below the door when it is closed. We got storm proof doors so they are are not fully sealed. There was mice got in last winter and this year I want to ensure these gaps are filled, you can also really feel a draft when closed. Do I use set concrete and sand mix and re-shutter and fill gaps? Or do I use like a Sika repair motar? Thanks in advance
  3. Weegaz

    Cedar Cladding

    Thanks Moira, Looks closer to the colour we are after, we have White rendered house so the greyness isn’t contrasting well enough. Did you do any prep work, like sanding? Was it greying before you stained?
  4. Weegaz

    Beacon Broadband

    We’re with Airfibre, good job and prompt install and issues resolved
  5. Weegaz

    Cedar Cladding

    Hi guys, We has cedar cladding fitted around an overhang to the front elevation of our house. As usual painting / staining / oiling was put to the side due to other items needing finished. It’s now turning grey and to light for our liking. Has anyone any experience in sanding and staining or suggestions on how to bring it back to life? Thanks in advance folks
  6. Thanks lizzie, does this mean in plain English that building control completion is not the difinitive date for completion? Could I submit based on dates on previous post and send letter explaining about mortgage drop etc?
  7. Building control was certificated at the start of Feb, funds from bank end of April, valuerer letter for rates end of June. I have yet to receive an invoice for blocks supplied and delivered end of April but have requested it via phone calls. Could I issue this information to hmrc as back up?
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I really would like to do this the honest way to be honest, but do appreciate your opinion. Like money transfer from bank for mortgage?
  9. No, they are not included on it unfortunately, but thank you for the suggestion. I really don't know what to do.
  10. Unfortunately we needed BC sign off to allow our Solicitor to draw down all our remaining funds for the build, so this was completed asap, and as explained above I took the below as building works completed meaning even the front walls, not building control completion as alluded to above.
  11. I'm only reading that now on the notes when looking for it. I read it as 3 months after the completion of the building works meaning that it was ok to do it after the walls to entrance where built.....i am raging, alot of money lost if I can't claim.
  12. Thanks guys. It says 3 months from building work being completed, does this means Building Control sign off. We where genuinely waiting for a different builder to finish off the walls to our drive as we wanted to put the blocks, cement and sand through for VAT, but he ended up wanting cash for them and didn't give a receipt.
  13. Hi Guys, Panicking a bit as only getting around to re-claiming our VAT and I see it has to be done within 3 months of completion, which was in February. Any advice? Thanks
  14. Weegaz

    Mice in the roofspace

    Since my first post I have put up mice traps covered in strawberry sauce from the inside of a quality street and some in peanut butter. I have also put some Big Cheese sticky stuff on some cardboard strategically placed around the roof space.....nothing caught yet but still at night we hear them scratching and moving around. It may be time to call in the experts.
  15. Weegaz

    Mice in the roofspace

    Thanks for the replies folks. I will have to carry out an investigation this evening.....I get the heebbie jeebbies thinking about it I noticed at lunch the builders drilled holes for the vents approx 30cm off the ground and a few are loosely fitted with gaps leading into the cavity. I would rather traps than poison, at least I can discard of them if they are caught. We have smooth K rend, so the only way in that I would see would be the vent holes. My wife has an idea that they could have been in one of the bags of cellulose insulation and got out when the builders opened the bags in roofspace.