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  1. Weegaz

    25 year old blown bead

    Through a grant scheme nod? In Northern Ireland peter
  2. Weegaz

    25 year old blown bead

    Hi guys, My parents house had the cavities filled about 20/25 years ago. Would the insulation lose it density over that period and would it be worth while having someone look with the possibility of ‘topping it up’ as such? thank you
  3. Weegaz

    Down the big long lane...

    I found this part the most exciting when the frame was starting, take plenty of pics, I spent hours at night walking around in the dark looking at ‘things’.
  4. Weegaz

    Boiler Controls - 50m

    😂 I remember my dads friend getting it put in, my dad told him he was mad in the head, he proceeded, my dad got a phone call one snowy day to say his mate had got out of drive no issues at all, but the road had 8 inches of snow so he had to reverse back and park up 😂
  5. Hi guys, I have some queries being well answered in another post and thought I would expand on the issue relating to the boiler and the include the AGA cooker. My parents house, approx 50 years old, is in need of a bit of repair and re-jigging. The current condensing boiler is located in the garage approx 50m from the house, the pipes run from the garage to the house, when it’s frosty or there is snow on the ground there is a path melted where the heating pipes are located below the surface. The pipes where to be lagged before the driveway at the back was asphalted but this never happened, digging and lagging pipes won’t be an option. They currently have an Nobel cooker (version of AGA cooker) which heats the hot water to about 3000 degrees. Seriously hot, scald marks to prove. Q1:- is it possible to move the boiler to an external wall at house and connect into the closest radiator, thus decreasing heat loss from the garage to house? Q2:- the current cooker heats the hot water, great when 5 adults in the house but now with 2 no need for large quantity of water, could the system be setup to dump excess hot water into heating system? Q3:- cooker may be replaced soon, should they loook at one that gives heating to and go away with boiler. The cooker runs 24/7 363 days (turned off 2 days for servicing) Any other suggestions would be welcomed. thanks guys
  6. Weegaz

    Boiler Controls - 50m

    72 years young 🤣 He is good with gadgets, has some strange ones for golf which I can’t even work. He fitted the controls on the boiler no problem a year back, has looked at Hive and likes the idea of being able to control heating if out etc
  7. Weegaz

    Boiler Controls - 50m

    Yup, asphalted over about 10 years ago and forgotten about. It’s something I need to go over next year but we have managed to get them to complete new kitchen, insulation to roof spaces, new bay window with double glazing and new front door (old one had 10mm gaps daylight passed through). My my dad used to give off about burning £1,500 of oil every quarter and we thought nothing of it, now it horrifies me that it would cost them that to keep warm, both retired now so a lot more time spent in the house. Anyhow, the main query on this was with regard to the controller for the heating from house, i’m Going to show my dad the easyswitch, but also like the idea by Peter with regard to the power line adapters for the WiFi extension, that would work a treat then use the Hive system which my dad thinks ‘looks good to him’
  8. Weegaz

    Boiler Controls - 50m

    Thanks guys, will look into this on/off. Yes, pipes run back to house, it’s good in winter as snow gets cleared giving a nice clear path to garage from house. They where to be lagged before driveway asphalted but never happened. Whole system needs an overhaul but not on the to do list yet
  9. Weegaz

    Boiler Controls - 50m

    A control panel on the wall beside boiler, on/off, timer functions just. I don’t particularly want my father leaving the house over the winter to have to turn on/off manually. They have no thermostat in house at all, just go by what they feel. System needs overhaul but for now would like to start with control in house
  10. With Airfibre guys, good service if you can get a signal. We got a repeater site setup so 1 main signal split between 3 houses, works well. A grant was also available for hardware, better broadband scheme I think it was, not sure if it’s ended yet or not
  11. Hi guys, My fathers boiler is in their detached garage which is approx 50m from the house. Currently they have the boiler on timer but if it’s to warm in house a trip to the garage to turn heating off and vice versa if to cold in house. Having looked over some of the Hive controls they work on WiFi connection to control. My fathers WiFi won’t reach as far as the garage. Apart from extending the WiFi signal and going for a Hive controller could anyone suggest a different controller, working on radio frequency for instance that I should look at? thanks in advance
  12. Weegaz

    Concrete Edging Repair

    Thanks guys, The chunks are about 100mm, really untidy job but wasn't something I was going to kick off about as the builders did a really good job everywhere else. The sika is a repair cement, I'll have to shutter and re-do. As the car drives over it I don't want it breaking off so not sure if I will need to key the existing so that it bonds correctly. New-crete looks like what I am after, thanks on/off
  13. Weegaz

    Concrete Edging Repair

    Hi guys, Hopefully a simple one, when the guys poured our garage floor they shuttered a step at garage doors that the garage doors sit down into, approx 30mm lower than the finished garage floor. When they took the shuttering off it broke chunks out of the clean edge and there is gaps below the door when it is closed. We got storm proof doors so they are are not fully sealed. There was mice got in last winter and this year I want to ensure these gaps are filled, you can also really feel a draft when closed. Do I use set concrete and sand mix and re-shutter and fill gaps? Or do I use like a Sika repair motar? Thanks in advance
  14. Weegaz

    Cedar Cladding

    Thanks Moira, Looks closer to the colour we are after, we have White rendered house so the greyness isn’t contrasting well enough. Did you do any prep work, like sanding? Was it greying before you stained?
  15. Weegaz

    Beacon Broadband

    We’re with Airfibre, good job and prompt install and issues resolved