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  1. move tried the acid. It hasn’t made a difference. guess it wasn’t water.
  2. I don’t think it’s water, the only thing I think is there was some glue spill (d4) that was wiped off shortly after. would the Oxalic Acid leave any mark if I were to try it?
  3. I am not 100% sure it was the glue, I am assuming it was so that would be risky to get wrong.
  4. I’ll try that. It won’t damage or leave any kind of water mark will it?
  5. What grit would you recommend to use?
  6. Ive given the stairs a light 120 grit sanding. And that’s not removed those marks.
  7. Hi all, I am trying to get these ‘stains’ off my oak stairs. I have been cleaning them ready to osmo oil them. I have been really careful not to spill anything. I am assuming these came from when they were fitted, and some of the D4 glue being used got on there and was then wiped off. I was wondering will these show once oiled (I’m using osmo raw). if they will what’s the best course of action? To sand them out? A product that I can use? thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Peter, Thank you for your input, after much considering. I had spoken to kingspan. They had advised that they would be happy for a small amount of insulation below, I gave them the roof build up and they advised how much I could have below.
  9. We already have the 100mm already so will be going ahead with that. I couldn’t see anything on the king span instructions.
  10. Yes. We have 1200 gauge DPM going over the insulation the will staple our pipes down to it.
  11. Hi all. We are laying kingspan K103 insulation boards before putting out UFH pipe on top. Normally if it’s a foil face board you tape up all the seams and joins. But the K103 that kingspan recommend is a paper faced board. Is it best to leave it as it is or to still tape it up? regards.
  12. I have taped most of it already but will add the VCL too to be extra safe. Appreciate the help.
  13. From what was being said I thought that the vapour barrier was going on top (of the 120mm insulation between the rafter) before the 25mm insulation. I have plastic washers that I was going to use for securing the insulation. So I get this right, the vapour barrier is on the last layer before the plasterboard goes on?
  14. Would it be best to secure the VCL with staples? Or to use some kind of adhesive? Especially considering it will be pierced when screwing the 25mm insulation boards and the plaster boards
  15. Just standard polythene or is there a specific material for use as a vapour barrier.