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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply’s so far, location is North Norfolk, so would come under English rules. Building Control would be done through local authority as this is the builders preferred option and being a family member we trust his opinion. I did ask them and they basically just gave me two price options. builder’s advice is to dig footing and fill at the same time as the house. one mortgage adviser suggested it could cause a problem with sign off to remortgage. A building society I spoke to said there would likely be no problem as they had never experienced one in the past.
  2. We are currently in the process of getting ready to start building. I have been advised different thing by different people. We have planning permission for the house and garage but are not planning on building the garage for a few years (unless funds allow earlier). our problem is that we have been advised it might be a problem to get the house signed off without the garage built if they are done on the same application where as others have advised this wouldn’t be a problem. Does anyone have experience of this? thanks in Ada Vance for any help.
  3. Hello, Thank you for your reply and the warm welcome. Yes, you are right we appear to have ended up going through two brokers now in an attempt to avoid the fees associated with the original broker I went with (buildstore). The mortgage would be wit Furness building society, who as far as I am aware don't deal direct with customers for self build mortgages. We are in East Anglia, so England rather than Scotland, our planning is for a build with around 45% timber cladding and 65% brick/Glass (blockwork construction beneath cladding) , I believe we are somewhat limited by that with mortgage lenders due to this. P.s. Yes the fees were a bit of a shock although was expecting them to be higher than normal.
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forum, it looks like a great resource for information from a really knowledgeable group of people. The first question I have (first of many I expect) is with regards to Buildloan's fees. I initially started an application with Buildstore myself but didn't find them very forthcoming with information and after reading about their fees on here decided to use an independent mortgage adviser. Fast forward a little and I found out the product he is recommending is through Buildloan which I guess is subject to the same fees and Buildstore. The main fee from the breakdown I am unsure of is the Additional Security Fee, this is charged for both the advance and arears stage mortgage and seems to be to cover any additional risk, will this be charged whoever I get a selfbuild mortgage though or is this a "stealth fee" from Buildstore? Any help would be very much appreciated.
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