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  1. We use bulk LPG and I'm currently being offered a deal to switch suppliers at 30p/litre (+5% vat) with a £50 credit for the first order. For a 1000 litre delivery that equals a price of 25p/litre (+5% vat) or £0.036/kWh It's a holiday home completed in 2017 to min Building Regs. We use the LPG for heating (UFH), hot water and cooking. For the last full 12 month period we only used about 400 litres. The tank holds 1200 litres which means we can go for the full 2 year LPG supplier lock-in period without needing to re-fill the tank.
  2. It’s not just TPOs. Conservation Area designation also gives blanket protection to all trees with a trunk diameter greater than 75mm. You also need to be careful with trees in the grounds of a listed building
  3. In England/Wales it is called the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) https://www.cscs.uk.com/ (it's purely a H&S scheme) All large properly-run building sites in England & Wales require you to show your CSCS card before they will let you on site. Some now also require you to prove that you've had asbestos awareness training. This one is simple to do as the training is on-line and only takes approx 3 hours.
  4. @AnonymousBosch some types of flat roof (eg Sarnafil) can be tested electronically for leaks with good accuracy. (Not sure what type of roof you have?)
  5. @scottishjohn I bought one of these which I've been happy with. Like you, I don't use a chainsaw often enough to get expert with a file https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00719HR0Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. For us it took 2 years to get Planning Permission including an appeal. The LA in N Wales fought us every step of the way as the plot was in open countryside in an AONB. Fortunately the appeal inspector sent up from Cardiff sided with us. After getting PP the build took 8 months to complete the house and another year for the 6,000 sq metres of garden. The build process was timber frame contractor then individual trades after frame was erected. We both work full time and site was remote from home so the only physical work we did ourselves was painting (and tidying up at weekends) + I did the design work, Building Regs info & liaison and project management.
  7. that SS trim will protect it from any splashes. (btw, does the trim have slots or perforations in the angled end section to allow for air ventilation up the cavity?)
  8. Because option 1 has the potential to trap water against the bottom of the timber sole plate and OSB.
  9. Scottish Power have a zero tariff rate called “Power Up” which is quite a bit cheaper than Ebico.
  10. Mortar will stick to a brick with a rough textured face even if it’s oiled
  11. I would imagine it’s because engineering bricks have a smooth non-absorbent face so the mortar won’t stick once they are covered in linseed oil.