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  1. @ProDave its a while ago (3 years) since we did our Vat claim but we successfully claimed for work done in the 3 months after the date on our Practical Completion Certificate.
  2. @BotusBuild @Conor There's a useful NHBC design document for basements here: http://www.nhbc.co.uk/NHBCpublications/LiteratureLibrary/Technical/NHBCStandards/filedownload,58385,en.pdf
  3. @Alslo be careful you don’t mix up K-Values, R-values and U-values when doing your calculations. If the K-value of timber is 0.15 and you have a 380mm thickness as in your 15” thick timber logs then the R-value will be 2.54 m²·K/W and the U-value will be 0.39 W/m²K
  4. Ian

    Shattered Glass

    @nod That's obviously toughened glass. The most common cause of it failing is contamination by nickel sulphide inclusions in the glass. For commercial clients and in areas where safety is critical (eg overhead glass) we always recommend specifying that toughened glass be heat-soaked which gets rid of most of the glass which has nickel sulphide inclusions. https://technical.iqglassuk.com/technical-advice/nickel-sulphide-inclusion/ Typically (non heat-soaked) toughened glass which has nickel sulphide inclusions will experience increasing rates of failure the older it gets. We've had them failing after 10+ years.
  5. In 2016 I built a small holiday home in Wales to minimum building regs. The EPC is C71 and the EI is B81. It is timber frame construction with timber weatherboarding. The area weighted average U value for walls roof & floor is 0.15 and windows are 0.8 (3G). No renewables and it’s heated by bulk LPG. We’ve been using the building for 3 years now and the average annual LPG usage for all hot water, heating & cooking has been 475 litres at an annual cost (excluding standing charge) of £155. To put that figure into context our annual Council Tax Bill is £1,870.
  6. all it means is that the FMB don't have the in-house expertise required to be able to mediate therefore they are passing it on to CEDR. I don't know for sure but I presume that procedure is their default when they don't have the necessary expertise themselves.
  7. The last time this happened to me it was the small 5amp fuse in the UFH wiring centre
  8. CDM 2015 is not relevant as that legislation is only concerned with Health & Safety and is an entirely separate piece of legislation from the ones that govern the building regs. The Planning Portal guidance that you linked to states that you are responsible for making sure that the work complies with the building regs. What this means in practice for you as a non-expert home owner is that you should get advice from your builder or consultant. This is what you did but unfortunately your builder gave you incorrect advice. The normal way in which this would be resolved is that the Local Authority Building Control would ask your builder to remedy the situation by re-doing the work so that it complies with the regs. If informal requests do not work then they would normally take formal enforcement action against the builder. The problem is that many small builders then go bump which means that the Local Authority would then turn to the home owner who is ultimately responsible. You would then use any money that you have held back from the original works to get get a new builder to make the project compliant with the regs.
  9. In a situation like the one you described I successfully used a system called Ondutile without any problems. Building Control were happy to accept it. It was on a 25sq.m lean-to extension where I could only achieve a low pitch but wanted to use a clay tile. We lived in the house for another 5 years after doing the extension without any issues with the roof. https://onduline.co.uk/products/ondutile/
  10. I’ve got the same Biopure and the pump is 27W
  11. Ian

    WC Blockage

    With above-ground plastic soil pipes it's very easy to push the joints apart by rodding them - one of our clients did just that with a 1st floor toilet blockage. The joints of the pipe separated and they ended up with a load of sh!t soaking into the plasterboarded ceiling of their main reception.
  12. No, as @joe90 said, you'll need good cross ventilation from eaves to eaves. That shouldn't be a problem if you are not heating the garage. If you are worried about keeping the wildlife out you can install insect mesh at the eaves.
  13. @cwr you can buy profiled metal roof sheeting which has a thin anti-condensation fleece pre bonded to the underside.
  14. I got our plot free (inheritance) but it had no planning permission. It's outside any settlement boundaries and in an AONB so getting PP took 2 years inc an appeal. With PP the 1.5 acres of land, which is on a steeply sloping welsh hillside, is worth about £40k which works out at £7/sqm.