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  1. You could try this website which is very good although it is German so a lot of the branded materials are German rather than UK. Nevertheless, it does have options for standard generic insulation materials such as mineral fibre, EPS, PIR etc. https://www.ubakus.de/u-wert-rechner/index.php?#
  2. Ian

    350mm 0.1 u-value external wall

    You'd get there in the required overall thickness by having a 140 timber frame filled with PIR and with a 150mm layer of external PIR insulation then a ventilated rainscreen timber facade
  3. Ian

    DPM / DPC overlap best practise

    its to avoid creating a slip plane in a masonry wall. Edit: Extract from BS 8215
  4. Ian

    When are fibres in concrete not structural?

    @epsilonGreedy the main advantage of the plastic fibres over the steel variety is that you can easily burn off the excess fibre ends that stick up from the surface of the slab once it is cured.
  5. Ian

    When are fibres in concrete not structural?

    @epsilonGreedy I suspect they are asking if you want steel fibres or plastic ones
  6. +1 for the Osmo. We used their Polyx-oil on our solid oak kitchen worktops and on the oak veneer doors and it still looks like new 2 years on. Red wine, tea spills etc just wipe off.
  7. Had the glass in 2 of my roof lights replaced by Velux for free due to this issue
  8. It’s heavily dependent on shape of your building and other factors such as choice of energy source, renewables etc. 2 years ago I built a holiday home to the minimum current (Welsh) Building Regs. Area weighted U values for walls, floor and roof were 0.15. Windows were 0.8. No MVHR or PV. Air tightness was 3.7. Fuel source is bulk LPG. SAP score was only 71 The building is a small 2 bed bungalow
  9. Ian

    POSIs : treated or not?

    The British Standard is purely a recommendation. It is not compulsory however all commercial work is specified to be compliant with British Standards
  10. Ian

    Self build mortgage brokers

    You’ll need to give them 3 years of audited accounts. They will be interested in your audited earnings from the business (drawings are not relevant)
  11. Normally you’ll need to be able to show them accounts for the last 3 years
  12. How long has your screed been down? Screeds will only dry to the same humidity as the surrounding air so you’ve done the right thing in keeping the windows & doors open during the day. The air temperature in the morning at the moment is still quite low so I suspect that if your screed has now dried as far as it’s going to then your plastic sheet may be protecting it from getting surface dampness in the cold night & early morning air Edit: the relative humidity of the air inside the partly constructed house with no heating will be a lot higher at night than during the day
  13. Agreed. Not difficult to provide. Here’s the regs quoted: Emergency egress windows and external doors 2.8 Any window provided for emergency egress purposes and any external door provided for escape should comply with the following conditions: a. the window should have an unobstructed openable area that is at least 0.33m2 and at least 450mm high and 450mm wide (the route through the window may be at an angle rather than straight through). The bottom of the openable area should be not more than 1100mm above the floor; and b. the window or door should enable the person escaping to reach a place free from danger from fire...”
  14. Ian

    My Solar quote

    Currently paying 13.2p/kWh day rate from Pure Planet (all renewables)
  15. @Mr Punter It's not a cheap product but you could try this: https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Steel-Rust-Remover-Cleaner/dp/B071Y37HND We used it on a commercial job where some SS had gone rusty after the client's cleaners used bleach. It worked really well.