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  1. @Ferdinand Not personally but through our work as architects we've won a couple inc LABC and Civic Trust awards. I think both of those would be of interest to self-builders. LABC Building Excellence: https://www.labc.co.uk/awards?language_content_entity=en Civic Trust Awards: https://www.civictrustawards.org.uk/
  2. That’s what I did. Make sure you clean any dust from the foil face before using the tape.
  3. There's no issues in surrounding the steel column in that sketch with concrete. Concrete in that situation would protect the steel from corrosion. Locations where the steel is not surrounded by concrete (eg the face) should be painted to provide corrosion protection.
  4. Ian

    Mid build fire risks, what & how?

    The highest risk is during any “hot works”. Usual risk mitigation is to make sure any hot works are stopped a minimum of 2 hours before leaving site and to have appropriate fire extinguishers to hand.
  5. Ian

    Self build..what did you do?

    That's great to hear as it's probably the most difficult part of any self-build! I'm impressed. I understand you don't know about foundations yet but what is the rest of your build cost coming to out of interest?
  6. Ian

    Self build..what did you do?

    I still think that you would be best coordinating the whole lot through a Planning Consultant. They would liaise with your solicitor and make sure they incorporate anything that is needed for the legal side of the application. Try ringing Berwyn Owen or Jamie Bradshaw at Owen Devenport - they are North Wales based but will cover Mid Wales (I've no connection with them other than I used them for my own application even though I'm an architect) https://www.owendevenport.co.uk/
  7. Ian

    Self build..what did you do?

    @NeverEnoughCake Having read through all the thread so far I think your next step in the process is to make your application for Planning Permission. They take a long time and suppliers and builders will be much more willing to talk to you about prices once you have PP. If you need advice about potential build costs for your 10m x 8.5m bungalow ask away and you should get lots of good advice. Mine was also a 2 bed bungalow 13.5m x 6.75m (external dimensions) and in 2016/17 it cost £96k for the finished building, 5k for external works on a 1.5 acre site and a further £7k for other costs eg PP inc an appeal; Building Regs; demolition of a previous building
  8. Ian

    Self build..what did you do?

    I agree completely with @Christine Walker You would be far better using a local Planning Consultant rather than a solicitor for the planning application. If you are in North Wales rather than South then I can recommend the one I used.
  9. Ian

    Self build..what did you do?

    It might be worth you looking at this Welsh Government initiative: https://gweddill.gov.wales/docs/desh/publications/090521susdev1wales1planeten.pdf According to a spokeman it is "intended to provide an opportunity for those wishing to live a highly sustainable lifestyle, project a light touch on the environment, and who will be largely self-sufficient in terms of income, food, and energy,"
  10. Ian

    Timber cladding, recommendations

    @Russell griffiths If you don't mind the silver-grey look then you could try Sioo http://www.sioox.org.uk/wood-protection/applications/cladding/ It's supposed to last 15 years on vertical cladding
  11. Ian

    Self build..what did you do?

    aaahh....I see what stage you're at now. When I read your first post I thought you were ready to start on site! You will need Planning Permission which is usually a lengthy difficult process, especially if your site is in a designated AONB or National Park like ours was. It's highly unlikely that all of your 12 acre site will be zoned for housing. I'd talk first to whoever is doing your drawings for the planning application before deciding where you want to site the building.
  12. Ian

    Self build..what did you do?

    @NeverEnoughCake Just re-reading your original post. Have you got Planning Permission yet?
  13. Ian

    Self build..what did you do?

    @NeverEnoughCake Welcome and good luck with your build! I finished my own build 2 years ago and it is similar to yours - it is in N Wales above the snow line on a steeply sloping site with difficult access. I work full time so went for an off-site manufactured timber frame that the supplier brought to site in small, easily transported sections, then they erected it & and left it weather tight. We then went with separate trades for the rest of the build. Our timber frame company did the (traditional ground-bearing ) foundations as I didn't want any division of responsibility or scope for any arguments. (Timber frame construction needs tighter foundation tolerances than a masonry build) Re your build foundations: the location will be set by your planning permission so a builder won't be able to help with that. The ground conditions of your site will dictate what type of foundation you can use but as you're on a hill in Wales it's likely that you'll have ground like us with a lot of rock/shale. If it's good ground then there's usually no need to get an engineer to design the foundations. In our case I agreed it all with the Approved Building Inspector who knew the local area well. Edit: The single best thing we did with our own build was to wait until late Spring and the improving weather before starting work on site. We started digging foundations in early June. Timber frame started on site mid June and we had a weather tight shell 2 weeks later. We were then able to finish off the build at a more leisurely pace without being dependant on the weather or being able to get access.
  14. Ian

    Never getting Building Control signoff.

    @epsilonGreedy Presuming there's no mortgage problems then the main issue is the lack of a building regs completion cert if you want to sell the house in the next 10 years.
  15. That's good to hear. My own build is not too far from you (I'm in the Clwydian Range AONB) and our Radon readings were surprisingly high.