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  1. So after much prevaricating, I finally decided to pay the application fee to get a quote and a "design" from Thames Water. Daylight robbery. To dig up 3m of footpath (and I don't know how they calculated that because the footpath is no wider than 1.7m) and 1m of road and do the connection, they are asking me for £3,900 and say it will take up to 3 months to get it done. What is baffling is that they do not state, anywhere on the quote, what is the minimum flow rate and pressure that they will provide for this crazy fee. I will call them tomorrow, but I am not hopeful. Other option is to spend money on one of the accumulation tanks or pump systems discussed on this forum, e.g. here, but that has it's own problems as the only real place I've got space for that is the Loft and there, even though we have new posi joists at 400mm centres, I don't think they were designed to hold so much weight!
  2. I'd also be interested to know. Annoyingly Thames Water are not very precise when giving estimates. They just tell me to pay their survey fee and then I can find out after the Survey. I just don't have a feel for whether my current pressure of about 2.8 to 3.0 bar and a flow rate of 20L/min is sufficient for our purposes. Say I have a rain shower on, a normal shower on and then somebody turns the kitchen tap on to do some washing up. Will I lose a lot of pressure in the rain shower?
  3. I need to get some cobblestones for my driveway. Can anybody recommend somewhere that is within an hour or so of North or West London? I would prefer to go and see them in person, but I really only want to do that if they have a good selection. I'm after traditional looking cobblestones in a mix of greys. I'm aware of Rock Unique in Kent which are very knowledgeable, but I wanted somewhere else to compare (and Kent really isn't that close to me).
  4. I think this is a case of horses for courses. PIR sensors can also improve security as they come on whether a person is invited or not. Whether that works as a true deterrent or not, I do not know though.
  5. It looks fine - can't really tell the difference between this and normal glass to be honest. Makes me wonder if they have actually fitted the SN70/35 glass I ordered. How can I test this?
  6. How big are your first floor windows? Usually hoisting hooks are sited outside and above the window, so whatever is being lifted and then be brought easily into the room through the window.
  7. He had actually already bought them when I raised it again this morning. Two flashing kits and two insulation collars for two of Velux’s largest windows. £240. I apologised and said I would pay him for it.
  8. Yeah, our roof tiles had a 14 week lead time. And some suppliers were quoting even longer.
  9. Well this is what’s bugging me the most, not so much the cost but the responsibility for sourcing. I emailed him in April saying, I’ve ordered the rooflights, these are the ones I’ve ordered, and looking at the details, these are the flashing kits and insulation collars you need to buy. The day after, he raised it, and I said I was assuming he was covering it. He reluctantly agreed. Then today out of the blue he’s telling me “I’m fitting the roof, where are the flashing and collars you were going to buy.” He’s basically forgotten that we already had this discussion. Hopefully lead times aren’t too bad, but roofgiant is out of stock.
  10. Okay, I'm clearly in the minority here. Just very confusing how one is meant to deduce these things. I will do the right thing and speak to my builder (who was quite upset when i told him I was expecting him to pay this).
  11. so why is it sold separately? Appreciate there are different kinds, but why aren't they all sold bundled together with the purchaser just having to choose from a drop down menu which kit they require? Very confusing. If I'm supplying doors, frames and architraves and the builder is installing them and the contract is silent on hinges, do I have to buy the hinges? What about floors? I'm supplying those and he is installing them, but who pays for the flooring screws. There are different types of flooring screws after all.
  12. No, definitely doesn't need to rotate.
  13. You might have a point about the insulation collar. But surely flashing kits are the nuts and bolts of these things, as in they are certainly not optional.
  14. I really like this pendant, but I don't like the price (over £12,000 plus VAT which is just bonkers). Ignoring the fact that is is made from black patinated brass, how would you go about making one out of powder coated metal tubes? Say my budget is £1000 plus a couple of hundred for the powder coating. The link states that is is made from 200 pieces and that it rotates. I don't want that. I just want the metal tubes necessary to make a T-shape, the wiring and the glass orbs at either end that conceal the lightbulb. I'm indifferent about the suspension ropes that feature on this model. If it's going to help the structural integrity, that's fine, but I don't think they necessarily add to the aesthetic. Dimension wise, it needs to be about 1.5m wide and be suspended about 1.75m from the ceiling.
  15. I agree the contract could have been clearer, but the point of me buying certain items is that I buy the items which aesthetically will have an impact on the look of the house. So the contract specifies I buy all facing bricks, tiles, floor coverings, paint, kitchen units and bathroom suites, etc. and he installs them. There is good reason for that, because take a tile for example, there is a cheap tile and a much more expensive tile, but the labour involved is the same. Take flashing for example, that is not only relevant to the installation of a roof window. There are flashings that he will need to install on other bits of the refurb, but surely he's not expecting me to pay for those in addition to what he's already quoted me. Insulation is another example, the contract required him to insulate the house, in between floors and in the loft etc. He has priced for that within his overall price, and is not expecting me to pay for insulation separately, so why would i need to pay for the insulation collar on the veluxes?