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  1. Thanks for all the replies, my worry is lack of compaction, sand laid, levelled and then insulation board laid on top, as far as I can tell no compaction been done other than walking on Insulation board, just seems of all the solutions this seems most risky, tempted to ask for either thicker board, more screed or a different mixture as suggested, Many thanks, Lawrence
  2. Cheers, guess as board is laid on top whatever I get them to do now involves them undoing what they did today and probably annoying them as they said twice is okay but really worried about problem further down the line, Many thanks, Lawrence
  3. Questioned it twice today so going to really annoy them to get them to pull board up and remove sand and go for thicker insulation or maybe extra screed on top, Many thanks, Lawrence
  4. Hi, Builder has poured two separate concrete floors either side of a wall, the wall has now come down as going to be open plan area, and turns out floors are at different levels. The next step was going to be insulation board and then pipework on top for under floor heating and a liquid screed poured on top and then the long wait before porcelain tiles to finish. So today there was discussion on how to get floors to same level before putting the insulation board on top, the solution they came up with was to use sand they had on site to bring the lower floor up, don't think there is much difference in levels - about 20mm. Is this an acceptable/regular solution ? The kitchen with island is going on top of what is the lower floor raised with sand, guess will be quite compacted but concerned about movement or compression of floor over time. Area is about 4m by 4.5m. Any thoughts greatly appreciated, Lawrence
  5. Thanks for reply, looks like there is place I can dispose of once up, really relieved as last night thought whole house was swimming in fibres but seems very difficult to actually release any from tiles, Lawrence
  6. Thanks for reply, is looking like of all the things to have chyrsolite vinyl floor tiles is not the worst, and worrying less now as speaking to people some of them wouldn't either bother with mask when getting a sample which seems pushing it a bit far but does suggest they believe chance of fibre release very minimal, good news as last night was thinking contaminated the whole house ! Lawrence
  7. Hi, Thanks for everyone who took time to reply, broke some pieces off with a wall paper scraper as advised by testing company and had them tested this morning (£48 for same day) and the mastic/adhesive was clear but the tiles contained chrysolite asbestos, the company seemed pretty relaxed about it whereas I was concerned had released fibres breaking the tile to get samples (I was in proper mask and gloves) - they said almost impossible to release the fibres from breaking them as so well bonded (unlike cement board where apparently more easily released) and this was backed up by removal company that spoke to who just said stick mask on and pull them up (going to chop the floorboards and lift them that way) and don't worry if break. What is weird if you go online there everything points to breaking them releasing fibres, no idea who is right, asked if should get air reassurance test done and they said would be waste of money. So guess what is done is done and will wipe area down and get on with rest of renovation and hope more doesn't show up anywhere unexpected. Lawrence
  8. Thanks for all quick replies, looks like the tiles are still there, they are very thin or could be just the remnants after tile been removed and somehow left the coloring as they are wafer thin, have contacted local company about best way to proceed, guess getting some tested is looking like sensible route, guess now more worried about if I released any fibres when I pulled the carpet back, hasn't been lifted in all the time I havde been here (10 years) and was gently stuck in some places as underside of carpet had black in places, teach me not to wear a decent mask when messing with old carpet and underlay but just wander if some would have been released into the house and is floating around ?
  9. Hi, Wasn't sure which forum to best post this in, just in middle of renovation and lifted carpet in the airing cupboard today ahead of tank being removed and new system being put in so floor boards all need lifting and discovered some thin vinyl like tiles on black type adhesive. Had a recent asbestos cement board incident and when reading about that saw some info on vinyl floor tiles, here are some images, what do people reckon - guess they could be asbestos ones - also bit worried about having lifted the carpet that hasn't been moved in years and wandering if could have released anything lying dormant in there ? They are very thin, less than 1mm, Many thanks, Lawrence
  10. Well I could keep on worrying but realise that is not healthy ! In case anyone following or find thread by google I spoke to couple of firms today about dealing with the rest of it in a safe way and both times got a really experienced person who asked about my potential risk. Both said given distance from the jig saw (ground level 10m away from cut on roof) and then subsequent throwing into dumper and breakage (5m away) that the chances of any particles landing on my clothing very unlikely given the distance and outdoors and that was cement bonded white asbestos. If it were indoors or brown/blue then would be a bit more concerned, added to that I then was outside quite a bit after and walking around/getting kids from school so every opportunity to shed any fibres - do appreciate they tend to cling to clothing. Also both said even if some landed on me then at that level of exposure the kids could easily be exposed to the same at school over their lifetime and also walking passed other building sites/weathered garage roofs. I did quite a bit of reading on the cancer side. There does seem to be conflicting info on the amount needed but one thing seemed fairly consistent in that genetics seem to play a part as does being a smoker on top of that. The type of asbestos seemed also to consistently say the brown or blue are thinner sharper and tend to lend themselves to cancer more than the white. This side seems very inclusive and guess the most tragic as there are stories of children/wives getting it from partners clothing who work in asbestos environments but also seems to be some outliers that get it after a very small exposure. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to reply especially as mine seems a small/non existent exposure compared to what others have encountered and the outcomes some people have had. I am going to try and move on from it based on the above info and as a few people said not a lot I can do about it and worrying isn't going to be any good, I do tend to worry about stuff that never happens. Also during my reading now aware can exist in other places in house/products so going to be very careful checking well ahead of rest of renovation work where as before was unaware. Thanks all again, Lawrence
  11. Thanks for all your replies, pretty happy now from replies none would have got in through window, what still really bugs me and I can not forgive myself for is that after being outside talking to builders whilst it was all going on - was about 5 m away from when they dropped it in dumper and dust came up is that at no point did I consider changing clothes, wish it was windy that day to blow the dust away quickly, it was only that night after putting both kids to bed with loads of hugs that suddenly thought oh no it could be on my clothes - have read quite a bit about it getting stuck in clothing, just hope I was far enough way and not being the one to actually cut it that none got as far as me but really can't be sure and it is eating me up. Appreciate nothing can do and need to move on but keep coming back to that aspect of what happened. Lawrence
  12. Thanks for reply, I think I might need a lottery win to pay for the build ! There wasn't much wind on the day but guess the stuff isn't looking to get into windows and would have just settled for wind to take it away later, we haven't opened the windows since. I am starting to think I am looking for things to worry about but do have an irrational fear of asbestos, going to try and enjoy rest of build and stop worrying about every step so good advice, much appreciated. Also having been over on the cancer research site as lots of asbestos chats on there have realised just what some people are going through and puts things very much into perspective, I have also vowed when get more time to start giving back on some of the forums, probably not much help on a build one but also realise I have posted a lot mainly about build worries without really giving back and forums rely on people replying so a big thanks to everyone who has taken to reply, Lawrence
  13. Thanks for reply, just praying nothing got in as kids are so young, have wiped surfaces down with wet kitchen towel, we are going to move out for next phase where they deal with the softfits, just so annoyed they cut them whilst still here next to the windows, really suffering anxiety issues for first ever time with this, anyone with industry knowledge would be great to know just what u p against and chances of stuff having entered the house. Thanks, Lawrence
  14. Many thanks to everyone who took time to respond to my previous post on asbestos exposure, some re-assuring posts and some worrying ones but have reconciled fact that nothing can do about the exposure and due to distances hoping not to many fibres got on me, I will never understand why I didn't change clothes before dealing with kids but was stressed with everything. Can honestly say have never been so worried about anything in my life. Have been reading quite a bit and wanted to get view from people on something else to do with what happened. The builders cut through the softfit in two places with jig saw, the board was about 7mm thick and since has tested and contained Chrysotile asbestos, been reading that jig sawing releases 2-10 fibres/ cm3 - I'll be honest not sure what that really means but is higher than other things that can be done to board. Also not sure if this means those fibres that are released are not bound to the cement anymore and so are microscopic. What is worrying me now is did any get in the house, the cut was made outside my childrens bedroom window which was closed but they are old wooden windows and the seals aren't the best, the top of the windows end at the softfit that was cut. Here is picture through the window where cut can just be seen : Here is picture of window seal on side was cut: We have these windows all over the house and some have visible gaps in the seals but fortunately not this one, they are a sort of flexible plastic rather than rubber and a few mm across. I am stressing out that some microscopic fibres have got into their room, they are only little and worried sick. Should i be getting them out of the room ? I have wiped around the frames with wet kitchen towel and was dusty but there is normally dust there especially as been on open settings at times during the build. Really not sure what to do, would it be worth getting someone round to test air, incident occurred on Thursday, not sure if too late now or if anything can do to re-assure ourselves as really affecting our mental health, I so wish they hadn't just cut the boards and paused for a moment. Any thoughts greatly appreciated, Lawrence
  15. Thanks for replies, really stressed now as wasn’t thinking straight and now worried got some on clothes which didn’t change and put both kids to bed, I so wish hadn’t started this project and builders had paused just a moment and not cut the board, really worried for the kids now rather than me as I’m getting on a bit, to think indirectly impacted kids is a nightmare, so wish I could wind back the clock as so avoidable, Lawrence