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  1. Anyone that can suggest a value for money bitumen vcl for warm roof. Alutrix has gone through the roof- no pun intended.
  2. warm roof so no insulation in between joists..
  3. New Flat roof with web joists at 600 centres- installing noggins with 'Z' plates between joists bottom chord to screw partition wall top plate to but can not get 600mm spacings to align with where the plasterboard edges need to fix as webs in the way. Anyone had similar issues and resolved it?
  4. You still got the glass units....😁
  5. simples.. A block wall resides 75mm behind and parallel to the Web Joist, the roof deck sits directly on top of the joists. While 75mm is sufficient for a babbys hand to get in behind the joist my fat hands can not possible to parge, plaster and would probably slice my sausages in to bacon on the steel webs trying to brush paint. So looking for a low cost liquid to create airtight barrier that can be sprayed.
  6. has anyone read my thread -its inaccessible for parge or plaster...its behind the webjoist. the thread started with an alternative lower cost product than purple, blowerproof etc.
  7. I need to make the blocks airtight in a position that I can not plaster, there are no holes... just sealing the blockwork with something.
  8. the section is along side of roof web joists 225mm deep (warm Roof above), ceiling boards under joists, rest of wall block walls to be wet plastered.
  9. I have an area of blockwork behind web joists that can only be sealed by spraying for airtightness, has any one got cheap alternatives for liquid membrane. I looked at permaseal which is vapor barrier but is used as a radon and CO barrier and a guy has suggested bitumen paint...has anyone used these?
  10. Im not unhappy with the slab although I just assumed standard practice tolerances were tighter. I was an engineer and found 2 previous building conversions difficult...having to throw tape and level and rely on eye. Now Knackered with heart failure I decided to leave it to a builder and just organise materials for my final resting place.
  11. 2'' slush on it today and melt completely filled the unfilled outside of footings trench...they had been left open for drainage later next week (brickie/ builders idea). Shit happens, just always happens to me!. luckily had an old vortex pump in the container to pump it out.
  12. SE and architect never specified tolerance, the concrete guys had a datum to work to and guy floating the finish asked what floor finish I was having which I told him to just cover me for every type and get it as flat and level as possible. A rough check seems to be that the level falls about 8mm across 14.6m of floor with the puddled areas less than 2mm low and one spot has a slight ridge of 3/4mm and about 1m long...but I think this would be under a kitchen cupboard later.
  13. One of the best views in the area... only trouble is the 35miles of open view to Saddleworth and Derbyshire peaks which the wind loves. The shower recess is 2m x 1m