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  1. Ten peneth... Stable units are not under Part Q PD as not agricultural (unless you have the horses ploughing fields). I am replacing my old stable (in Greenbelt ) as a knock down and replace with a new dwelling as is allowed in NPPF. Better to build new than fanny about with conversions which I have previous experience of + you benefit from being able to sell it independently of the main house which you can not do with an annex.
  2. Just finished fitting manifolds and ducting in closed ceiling...and then thought how do you clean the ducts. Does any one leave an access panel to get to manifolds? or can they be cleaned without having to disconnect radial duct?
  3. seen the posts of problems finding a coring bit for 125mm pipe which is internal diameter....Has anyone found an alternative method or pipe for easier installation? I found 125mm p10 pipe which is 125 eternal diam and which the duct pipe would fit over but the wall is 5mm thick so loosing 200mm2 cross sectional area (12271 against 10028) but I am not using all the manifold connections for internal ducts. Considering the loss of possible flow against the ease of installation should Is this a sensible option?
  4. Recommended door companies for low u-value airtight front door? I'm struggling to find a reasonably priced low u value airtight door, just a straight forward multi panel looking unit with traditional handles and no window ( and not imitation wood grain). standard door opening of 910 x 2100 unfortunately, something the architect neglected in design! and negates having a very thick door because of part m.
  5. Looking at a Vent axia lo carbon kinect bh at £600 inc Vat...its 'new in box' but has been installed and never run so technically used according to seller and probably no warranty from vent axia. The company ( air con specialists) had 30 so it sounds like a incorrect technical spec on supply. Is it worth a punt as possibly no warranty but £500 after I reclaim vat.
  6. new build 1ts fix and looking to put a seperate consumer unit in garage with 6mm t&e from main box. does the garage consumer unit also need to be metal?
  7. IS the Ivar unimix mixing valve reversible to right hand fitting?
  8. I need a low temp blending valve 20-45c for UFH...flow temp calculated at 27c at outside temp of -5. Anyone know of a supplier?
  9. It would cause issues with earth bonding and difference in potentials. I could only think you would require it if the incoming power is live only and has no neutral/earth like taking a feed from an ancient supply line.
  10. But the nest does not support sensor connection
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