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  1. Use a third party BC inspector...they are only interested in what the Building control plans are and if they are to standard. Its you responsibility to build to approved plans not the inspectors.
  2. 6mm BFRP tensile strength is >700 MPa and compressive Strength >400 MPa, certainly strong enough.
  3. Most of the suppliers have certs with technical standards but only for US and russia.
  4. Further research shows basalt rebar is the same or similar spec and quality as teplo and other basalt wall ties. 6mm diameter can be bought on the coil and can be bought with silica bonded surface giving stronger pull-out resistance for very low cost per meter- but no BBA . A friend has said this does not matter if mechanical strength can be shown to be at least equivalent as accepted standards for wall tie. Is this advice correct? The cost to my project would be reduced from about £1800 to £180 so big benefit if a good alternative.
  5. I see the general consensus for heavy doors over insulated cavity is CompacFoam inset and bolted through to floor slab. This seems a good option but wondering if anyone has used fibreglass angle or box section to solve the same issue.
  6. Iceverge- Where did you you get your stainless ties from? can you remember the manufacturer?
  8. Ha anyone used fibreglass wall ties? Looking around and seems teplo has the market for insulated ties- but at a big price. I can get fibreglass rebar at a good price and can cut to size easily with the strength required, but was wondering if anyone has used FG and which make.
  9. Thanks Mike, a clear and concise answer.
  10. I was originally asking if anyone knew the difference between boards and how they are effected by different locations...or is foil backed phenolic board just a foil backed phenolic board 15 years ago you just bought a board, not one specific to a roof or wall or anything else.
  11. No you don't need small boards, Helical ties are put in after so any size board can be used.
  12. Looking at cavity block wall with external render and timber clad facade so should be no water penetration of cavity. I was looking to build inner leaf first and use full size insulation boards. Does any one have any experience with PIR or phenolic boards...why do the manufacturers seem to make different boards from the same material but for specific jobs ie cavity, floor, roof? Seconds and co are selling 150mm Kooltherm phenolic at very cheap prices but not coded as k1** . Anyone know how using the wrong board would affect the build?
  13. Well after planning officer being adamant regarding a survey report I spoke with senior member in contamination department, explained covid 19 had stopped surveys..he replied that I should send him some photo's which I did and he signed the condition off with no further testing required. I think it upset the planning officer but it just shows how some officers are inflexible.