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  1. I’m sure I read recently that P3 masks plus frequent hand washing helped medical staff reduce their infection rate by about 75%. The aerosols as already pointed out are very hard to stop but masks where effective at stopping droplets from coughs etc. I think it said that 99% of the virals (whatever the correct term was) are contained in the droplets versus the aerosols. Sneezing g generated the most aerosols. Was hands was a very important part as picking up from surfaces was the most common was of catching something. So really if you are in close contact with people then a mask may have merit especially in a medical facility. personally I’m quite concerned about they as generally I’m a hypochondriac :-) . However the mortality odds seems pretty ok given there are probably many more infected than confirmed. However I have 2 young children who catch everything and everything that comes so it’s very likely we’ll get it when it arrives which frankly I’ll be amazed if it doesn’t even with the Chinese response which is to be praised generally (I couldn’t see the same happen here) After the swine flu epidemic they estimated from do blood tests around the world of about 70,000 people looking for the immune markers they thought about 15 to 20% of the world population got it with a fatality rate of 0.02% . Given early indications this spreads person to person before symptoms spread I feel there is a good chance this will be a global pandemic. Well know much more in about a month or 2.
  2. There really isn’t any reason not to used one of the cloud storage providers. As already mentioned above there are many advantages. Unless you are dealing with GB size files or terrible internet connection all the time or something incriminating there really isn’t not to use it. It will be more secure and redundant than anything you can create at home. I’d recommend Amazon AWS if you are concerned about price, availability and security though not user friendly. If you want something super simple then dropbox (which stored everything on Amazon anyhow and your local devices)
  3. We built next to a wood. If you are doing normal foundations you just have to go much deeper and use clay board on the inside. A structural engineer can do the calcs for the depth needed for BC to be happy.
  4. My buildup has been specified much the same as the original poster. I think your comments all have merit. However I really like the idea of the vcl/air tight later sandwiched between the main insulation and a thin layer before the service void, mainly for protection against accidental penetration but also being sandwiched there is going to be less stress on the table glue from movement and therefore less prone to failure over time. I get the point about a cold house and warm damp day outside. However this is only likely maybe a couple of times a year (unless we install AC due to climate change!!!). So even if there was some condensation won’t it still be able able to escape (slowly) so not really a real risk given the occurrence rate?
  5. yeah I haven’t seen anything locally thus far, and I won’t know who to ask at the shopping mall. It’s a good idea generally though 🙂
  6. We’re settled on our installer/supplier however there is one window I’m not 100% happy about. We had the same answer with all the suppliers that we spoke to and they all said it’s not possible to manufacture a fixed window that is 5.5m x 0.8m I a single pane . Thing is I see similar dimensions at airports/commercial setups. any ideas? I know the biggest size glazing supplied is 6mx3m so the glass comes in that size.
  7. We got many many quotes from most of the big names and others more local. In the end we’ve gone with a local chap. By far the cheapest 50% of internorms price. All triple glazed etc with comparable u-value. Manufacturered in Spain. Been to see the product and there installation on other sites. Super helpful and very responsive to all our questions. It’s was a no brainier really.
  8. 80mm . The don’t look right because each ring has 2 bars on one side of it, so depending which was you put it on sometimes you get one sometimes two, plus none are exactly the correct size/bend so once fixed to one side in the other side it’s impossible to get them vertically straight. Total pain. Essentially each ring is actually a spiral , you can see better here
  9. Timely topic as I'm doing mine now. I got all my rebar cut and bent for about £580. There is no way in a million years I'd want to bend it myself. There are about 850 rings, then all the long lengths. Whats taking me forever is wiring it up - about 4-5 days so far. Now off to do some more now.
  10. Tell me about it!! . It was like the Somme around my build until just a couple of weeks ago! Finally got the foundations and drains in etc. We ending up putting granite hardcore all around the build and between drive/paths so that we're out of the mud for the rest of the build. Cost a little but it means the builders can get on at pace without fighting the mud all the time.
  11. I'm self managing a project build and paying for peoples time. I got a couple of different QS studies done - one high level by a well known commercial QS locally , and a online service that broke everything down detail. I'm not particularly confident with either to be honest other than a ballpark rough estimate - I can see both easily being off by 20% or more. There are just so many variables in play when building, from where you source the materials, to unknown issues (in the ground, services, etc), quality, thermal efficiency, etc, etc . I just don't think a QS can ever 'price' all these factors in accurately. I honestly think the best guess is actually coming from the architect in terms of cost/m2. I have a large contingency pot so I don't stress too much. Its going to cost what it costs unless I compromise on quality. I would just say its 90% chance its going to cost more than you think.
  12. You should get a confirmation letter/email back. We made sure we had it, as there was a case where someone had notified the LPA but didnt get a confirmation and they ended up paying the full CIL.
  13. Thats great to see, definitely opens lots of options for me as well. Thanks
  14. Yes please if you can. Do you think that profile ducting will be noisy?
  15. yes I think this is the best compromise actually thanks