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  1. Do what @Temp said - this will be the best way to prove the issue as this is your issue - loosing network packets due to bad line
  2. yes forgot to say we have done that.
  3. Your island and roof height sounds similar to us. We have vaulted ceilings. We just don’t have an extractor. We did the same in the last house as well with normal height . I can’t say I’ve ever missed one in 10 years. With MVHR in this house any smell of gone within 10 mins. We put the vents above the island. Ugly things.
  4. I self installed a 6kw system via G98 . £3080 for materials plus 2 days labour for the non MSC sparky. No issues . Sparky just put his address in the G98.
  5. as someone who has lived in Le Rouret for 20 years I did find this insulting to the locals. Like any trade there are complete cowboys and some really good people just like the Uk - it’s no different at all. Perhaps learn the local language and little better , immerse yourself with the locally born and get recommendations like you would in the Uk…
  6. Building regs don’t need it but your planning department might make it a condition (mine did)
  7. where can I get more information about this?
  8. I’ve done this. It was a no brainier though I did already have a 7kW generator that I was using for power on the build in the early days
  9. So a month have gone and we still don’t have confirmation from HMRC. Getting worried now
  10. Is anything secure these days? With lithium powered grinders to power hydraulic bolt cutters it’s impossible to make anything secure. You can only stop the casual thief. First thing is to make it out of sight or hide it somehow so it doesn’t look like bikes are there. There are some good videos on YouTube reviewing chains etc so probably worth a watch and definitely wants to be bolted onto a concrete slab as already mentioned. Alarms are cheap these days so something than can alert you if you are in the house would be good.
  11. Could you give me more information on this battery storage you are planning to use? I would like to get some for my solar but it’s not adding up currently but that seems ‘cheap’
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