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  1. Hi, Thanks for the answers. Another question : For the receipts/invoices - must it have your surname on the invoice ? thanks
  2. Hi, I'm probably going down the road of doing my build by paying for labour/time spentsome and paying directly for materials. Will I still be able to claim back the vat in materials? I presume the merchants will want to put 20% on up front? Thanks
  3. Did you go down this route due to cost? We have about 240m2 to do. I don't have the time to DiY
  4. Hi, we had specified a timber rainscreen roof with a EPDM membrane , however I'm concerned about how it will weather and I'm not really a fan of the silver/b;ack/green that timber can go. So I'm seriously now considering changing the design and going back to planning with a material change to a zinc roof. We really want hidden gutters and minimal flashing over the edges. The cost of zinc m2 doesn't seem to bad at the moment, however the installation etc is another matter. For those who have done it what did it work out per m2 in the end?? Many thanks
  5. Hi, I'm in a sticky situation whereby the DNO is only wanting to give me a connection to my barn conversion by putting a transformer outside with 11Kv to that. They are quoting £55K+VAT !! I'm wanting them to put a kiosk by the nearest pole mounted transformer and then run 500meters across our fields to the barn. This will be somewhat cheaper (still £35K!). However the DNO contact is basically saying that he does't think an air source unit would comply with P28, which from my reading is about equipment not drawing too much peak load to drop the voltage at the transformer. Talking to the ASHP suppliers they are full of confidence that max load for the unit we need would be 28A and it has soft start etc. Talking to the electrician company who would be connecting from kiosk to the barn see no reason why an ASHP would cause any issue as the "the DNO is supplying a normal house connection" However I imagine I will get caught in the middle if we end up fitting an ASHP and then get flickering lights or cause the neighbour on the same pole flickering lights. The DNO will argue that my setup does not conform to P28 etc. So my question is has anyone had any issue with voltage drops at startup?? You can see even equipment with soft start still draw way more power at startup than they claim (Figure 2) : https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?arnumber=6985842 Here is a case study about it: http://www.networkrevolution.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/CLNR-Heat-Pump-Case-Study-V1.0-CDT.pdf Any thoughts?
  6. What kind of draw (16A/32A) for the EV car is needed?
  7. Yes I agreed. Its totally unacceptable the current status.
  8. Not to get into a discussion about saving the planet, but the reason we are in such a mess is because doing the right thing for the planet has never makes economic sense!! It we all tried more, even with a negative economic element it would make a difference.
  9. Thanks thats very interesting. I'll look into this more. Much appreciated.
  10. For use not not all about financial sense - in fact our whole build does'nt really make sense from a financial point of view ! For us the motivation for PV would be climate impact reduction and lower yearly bills (paid upfront by PV install), and just that smug feeling of generating our own power 🙂 .
  11. Hi @JSHarris, where could I get more information about your hot water /PV setup - I'd like to get my head into the details to see if its still worth the effort of us without the FIT. Looking at that link you shared with a 6K systems we would generate 4010K a year (attached) Many thanks
  12. So, I just got another quote at 4.5K for a 16 panel 305W system which seems pretty good. However I expect they are expecting a normal roof and not a wooden one so not sure how thats gonna work. This is their calculation attached.
  13. Its a domestic install. The roof is treated timber so probably cheaper than solar I would think
  14. I think the 20 panels is a 6K from the call on the phone before. I've emailed for clarification
  15. So with the end of the feed in tarif we are trying to decide wether to both with PV on our new build/conversion. We realise its probably cheaper in the next 10 years to not bother, but we both work from home and we like the idea of just paying upfront for the electricity as part of the build and possible climate benefits. Also given the VAT raise, realistically are best opportunty in the coming years is during this build to get 5% rather than 20% down the line. So I contacted a local company and got this back: Now I think his calculates are very very optimistic so say the least. Does anyone know the actual calculation used for https://www.pvfitcalculator.energysavingtrust.org.uk/ which seems to take into account the fact PV get less efficient over time? Its annoying as that calculator only support up to 4K system. Any idea's how I can make a realistic calculation?