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  1. Hi, I've starting putting 120mm PIR inbetween the stud work on the exterior walls. I'd like to then tape these up over the stud as they sit flush. I have another layer of 50mm that will cover all this. What tape should I use? The silver stuff, or the sort of tape you use for the VPC? Thanks
  2. I work 1 day and 2 half days on site for my build a week. I can't decide whether to not go anymore and just let the 2 builders get on with it themselves. Being there on site is not 100% necessary but it helps with the management, my fitness, and my sanity away from the computer. I feel the risk is pretty low, but equally they could end with it. Another major decision to make...
  3. How well wound these last in a hard water area? thanks
  4. Thanks is that 20w/day? Seems very low. I suppose they used the same energy to bring fresh water to temp given physics!
  5. How do these taps work? So they keep a small reservoir at 100 or so they generate on the fly? Do they last as they seem very expensive compared to a kettle
  6. I’ve got 120mm for the stud walls.
  7. the foams I was looking at are equivalent mW/mk as ILLBRUCK
  8. Yes thats my feeling as well, but wanted to get any other opinions on this. Thanks
  9. So I'm about to embark on putting the PIR inbetween the studs, I have a debate happening with the builders about the best way we are going to do this. Basically the option is either cut to size as best as possible and fit in hoping we get it tight everywhere and the cuts are straight (depth wise) as possible. Or we cut 5mm short and foam all around. The advantage of using the foam is we would be guaranteed an air tight fit. However u value / W/mk of foam is about double of PIR so you lose there. Any thoughts?
  10. gc100

    Resin bound

    Just come across this by chance and I couldn’t believe how dirty resin bond could get. Hasn’t been touched for 4 years but still. Looks like a shaded area which isn’t going to help. Anyhow thought I’d share
  11. yes unfortunately because 3 are not on the cheaper 4g infrastructure . 3 are the only company for that I the U.K.. I went with a business EE plan at 500gb at £60 per month. They do cheaper ones if you need less data. TBH I could get a cheaper one but my company pays for it . Both myself and my wife work from home and we stream all music and TV over the net and usually use about 250GB . I do lots of big uploads and download for work as well. Might want to check out the business plans
  12. Hi, I will soon need to order vast qualities of this soo, and I’m wondering which manufacturer I would buy. Obviously I want to avoid shrinkage as much as possible over time and ideally toxic fumes!! Has there been in long term studies on the different makes or is it best to play safe and go with market leaders Kingspan? Any info much appreciated thanks 🙏
  13. I'm a classic petrol head, but EVs are the way forward no question. The biggest challenge to mass adoption is not the interior, how it looks, how it drives, performance, styling, or comfort levels. Its the infrastructure to charge them, especially on conventional terraced streets and flats. I also wonder whether there is enough Lithium and rare elements needed. Its going to be a slow long journey on that front IMO. The car is the easy bit.
  14. I don’t have a landline. Everything is via 500gb EE sim. About 70MB up and down. Latency is super low. Not planning to get a land line in the new build either as it would cost a lot due to remote location. I can only see mobile getting better and cheaper personally. I’m currently living in an old very thick walled cottage and have no issues. However if the signal is not great there are some good aerials out there. I think directional is what you want though (think satellite dish).