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    I don’t really know the details. I’m sure if he could avoided it he would have .
  2. gc100


    My dad has oil at his farm house. He had plastic tank that was about 20 years old. However the oil supply company refused to fill it up recently because it wasn't doubled wall, so he was force to install a new one.
  3. gc100


    IMO biomass boilers only make sense if you are a farmer or producer of something where your left over 'waist' can be used. They are messy , dirty, not cheap and need a lot of maintenance. If you have gas on hand, it will be the cheapest solution by far. Regarding aga's and the like - have you lived with one? I hate the bl**dy things - century old tech has no place now for me.
  4. Just looked at my ASHP and the how long it takes to heat up the hot water tank (300litres) but looking that this is seems about the same as when I had a gas boiler unless I’m looking at this wrong
  5. I have 3 large windows (5.2m, 6.5, and 5m) all in the same room. For the 6.5m I had a box section of steels due to wind shear and the fact there is another (4th) triangle window above . The other 2 just had flitch beams (plate of steel sandwiched between to lengths of wood. None of was very expensive - maybe 1.5k for all of them. Personally we just went with a vey airtight house and ASHP. We don’t have crazy level of insulation (150mm in the floor) and the heating hardly ever comes on. Just set your house to 23 and be done with it unless you actually like it cooler most of the time. I think ASHP/UFH is terrible at heating a room up quickly- if you need to have that, then perhaps a wood/gas stove would be the most practical and pleasant for the odd days you want it. Or just get an oil heater and hide it behind the sofa!
  6. gc100

    Resin bound

    Crazy - I'd hate for you to hit me in my car (750kg)!
  7. The extract fan is broken. I still don’t understand why air is being forced out of the external supply. I’ll see what Nibe says.
  8. I know right. So strange, I can only presume because only one fan is running its pushing/pulling air differently through the unit. But it makes no sense to me as the air has to be coming from somewhere to push into the house and out of the unit...
  9. Ok, so just doubled checked everything. The ducts are all connected correctly. I just took the panel off the front of the unit (Nibe) and it seems the extract fan is not running. I've checked the settings and the extract/supply speed are matched so perhaps the fan is broke? I will contact the suppliers. As a side note I've had nothing but issues with the Nibe MVHR and also ASHP. Not recommended at the moment.
  10. I'm not sure my MVHR is right. I just been running the fan speed at 100%. When I put my hand over the Exhaust vent outside I feel a good strong air flow. However when I put my hand over the supply vent outside I feel no air going in - putting a tissue is front it appears not to be pulling any air in. However when putting my hand over the supply vents inside the house I feel a good flow. So this is the first odd thing. The next thing I notice is the air coming in the supply vents within the house is really quite cold. Looking at the temp information on the MVHR unit I see this: Now according to this document http://www.cres.gr/greenbuilding/PDF/prend/set4/WI_25_Pre-FV_version_prEN_13779_Ventilation_for_non-resitential_buildings.pdf Exhaust air is the air going to outside whereas the extract air is the air coming from the rooms. It seems to be that the temporatures are back to front? and also given the supply temp is also low. Shouldn't it be : Exhaust air : 9 oC Extract air: 15.1 oC Supply 15 oC back into the house?
  11. I was considering hardcore but BC said it needed to be surfaced !
  12. I can't find anything about if the access needs to be permanent in Part M though everyone seems to say it must be to comply with the these regs - however I cannot find them (https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/540330/BR_PDF_AD_M1_2015_with_2016_amendments_V3.pdf) HA hahah . Just measured how high the threshold is currently - if I need to do a 1:20 ramp, its going to be 13meters long. Arg - kill me now and put me out my misery. I'm going to email BC and see if they will accept access to the property from slider glass door/windows the other end of the house which is basically at ground level.
  13. I do have piles and piles of broken up concrete and bricks here, so I could make a slope out of them and cover with concrete. I was hoping to avoid putting down concrete as its expensive and not good for the environment especially if temporary. I might have to BC dig their heals in though. Some aspects of building really don't make any sense when I am actually trying to finish with the correct outcome.
  14. Thanks. I'm going to find the guidance on this and see what it says exactly. I could concrete the posts in as well with postcrete which would be super quick and definitely make it more permanent/hard to remove on the face of it.