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  1. One of the mats I was looking at said 0.7mm so maybe doable?? https://www.protilertools.co.uk/product/kerakoll-biotex-reinforced-anti-cracking-membrane--was-idrobuild--50m-roll I could ramp it up as I move away from the windows but would be difficult to pull off perhaps
  2. Just picking this thread up. My builders have not allowed for a decoupling mat. Now my issue is I have some very large slider windows which have a level threshold with the tile floor and you actually tile in-between the runner for the sliders. Now they have only left 15mm between the anhydrite flow screed and this level. Given the tiles are 10mm, I'm struggling to see how I can fit a matt without the tiles sitting high relative to this threshold? The whole point was to have a seamless level out into the garden with matching tiles. The screed is one large slab pretty much aside from one side of the hallway which above structurally holds the roof up. It seems from what I understand you need 4-5mm adhesive , then the matt, then another 4-5 adhesive effectively doubling the thickness? Is there anything I can do, aside paying the window company to company back and take all the windows out and enlarge my openings?... Tiling wise I have a room which is about 6mx7m which has the sliders, leading to a hall that is 24mx 1m, then a couple of bathrooms and util all on the same single floor (only have one!)
  3. This would be my vote as well. Ideally you want some airflow under the tin to dry it out. Something like tin over batterns with vented area at gutter level that goes up to vented cap in roof ridge. Then roofing felt on marine ply on your roof joists, then insulation In between roof joists. This would be similar to how you do a zinc roof on a house
  4. So I plugged in my SIM router without and aerial or anything and got 105Mbps down and 13 up. Brilliant results ! Faster than my fibre
  5. For me personally , having solar and a well insulated house/air tight was always about the climate impact, as I can't see any of the cost involved in doing all that work would be paid back financially and wasn't really a consideration.
  6. Not for me at least. My TV room had to have an opening window specified by building control. I've got around it by not putting a door on the room as it joins the kitchen/living area anyhow so would be left open all the time.
  7. I'm planing to move in and see what my consumption is throughout the day over a period before I decide exactly the amount of PV. I've got the ok for 8K system with the DNO but if I'm only using half of that I'll only purchase 4K for example. Pointless finically really at the moment given prices of storage or selling to grid, or I could do 8K and then offset my green footprint which I might well do.
  8. What about building regs ? I’m sure they is a requirement about this for fire escape or purging air
  9. I had to do this as part of my conditions on farm land as well. Most quotes were around 4 to 6k which is insanely expensive for what they actually do. I found a chap in the who did the whole thing for £750 . He had a nice day out jolly where I paid for his petrol and he came with his wife , spent about 8 mins digging 3 small holes on the land then went down to the seafront and had a nice day out. I then got a nice preformated report needed for the LPA
  10. My electrician can supply a 8k. PV system for about £2k, plus a couple of days work (£360). This is trade prices with no markup
  11. This is my plan though I have better reception. I’m still plan to put an extension directional aerial
  12. I still don’t have my windows after delay after delay. Mine are coming from 3 different factories and they all claim the same issue - trouble getting the triple glazed glass. About half has arrived on site and fitted but still waiting for the rest. Covid has definitely messed things up but all the large developers are buying like crazy to avoid the extra costs and delays that will be coming with Brexit in Jan .
  13. Yes it did but farm land is cheap compared to the land with building permission . Land is max 10K per acre for farm land around here, building plots up to 300K per acre.. So that only knocks off 10k of the calculation.