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  1. readiescards

    Sewage Waste Treatment Tank / system

    Sure the Vortex require you to have service and emptying contacts? I was recommended a well known plant by the builder for our holiday cottage barn conversion but it needs expensive regular servicing and emptying as well as consuming electric. My own house has Clearfox which requires nether contacts or electric but does need a lot of space and does not have the capacity to handle two properties
  2. readiescards

    Sewage treatment plant for 5 houses - 38 persons

    Seems non-viable because of the long runs So back to trying to find a smaller plant
  3. readiescards

    Wet UFH how to retro fit an electrical heater element?

    60mm liquid screed, 6.3m3 over 112m2
  4. readiescards

    Modelling the "Chunk" Heating of a Passive Slab

    Do they have to be mounted vertically?
  5. It's March, sunny but cold. Yesterday my PV report shows: System Production: 41.7 kWh Self-consumption: 25.74 kWh Export: 15.97 kWh So I'm exporting lots of unused electric (once my UVC is satisfied) and then late afternoon we fire up the log burner and the central heating comes on. Daft this when I could use the PV electric excess to warm up the UFH instead of expensive LPG via a Viessmann boiler. Looking through old threads I notice a reference to a 'Willis' external immersion device, never heard of that but a quick Google and it looks the ideal device especially as my SolarEdge PV control system can handle a 3kW immersion element. My local plumber knows nothing about an external immersion device, so hence some questions: 1. does it need an additional expansion vessel adding to the system? 2. if I install the device just before the ufh manifold, would extra valving be ESSENTIAL to prevent the ufh pump running the return water through the boiler circuit all the time? 3. I have a BS1820 temp sensor buried in the slab, the control circuit seems simple: if (slab temp < desired slab temp and solar PV excess exists) { run ufh pump willis unit on & powered by SolarEdge PV diverter wall socket } since the boiler will auto control itself and will back off if the returned ufh water is up to temp Failure points: * if the ufh pump failed the Willis unit dual thermostats will cut in and switch it off * if the slab temp sensor fails the floor could get too hot so an extra temp sensor on the manifold could verify the return ufh water remains within acceptable limits. Have I missed something? Or should I just stick to running round the house when the sun comes out switching on electric towel rails and fan heaters
  6. readiescards

    Hot tub waste water - where can it go?

    I've got that on vinyl somewhere!
  7. readiescards

    Hot tub waste water - where can it go?

    So legally it does NOT have to go through the sewage treatment plant? Which would be great news
  8. Busy getting on with our new holiday cottage, trying to work out best sewage treatment solution, lady from holiday cottage booking company just been, she says normally holiday cottage owners are refreshing the hot tub water every week! Woa thats a lot of waste water. Where can I discharge that too? Does it have to go through the sewage treatment plant or can it go into local dyke? Thanks
  9. readiescards

    Gunsan switch - how to open

    Awesome thank you! Would never have guessed that.
  10. readiescards

    ASHP & Sunamp - no boiler no PV

    What is the lead time?
  11. readiescards

    Gunsan switch - how to open

    Following on from: I purchased a Gunsan sauna single pole switch from: But I can't get it apart to access the connections and screw it to the wall without what feels like I'll destroy it - making me feel pretty stupid Any tips on how to open a Gunsan switch please?
  12. readiescards

    ASHP & Sunamp - no boiler no PV

    ASHP -> (SA & UFH) If the SA is fully charged and the UFH only needs a trickle of heat so a blending valve might be partially open only - is that an issue with no buffer tank? Reason for asking my local plumber tells me the ASHP would need a buffer tank (and I'm assuming a buffer tank needs the yearly servicing that I'm trying to avoid - does it?)
  13. readiescards

    ASHP & Sunamp - no boiler no PV

    Does an ASHP require a buffer tank if used with Sunamps? What would be the pros and cons? ta
  14. readiescards

    Static shock from vacuuming log fire ash - why?

    Brought a little Wellco ash vacuum, seems to work fine and no electric shock :-) Even got a useful blow feature that will help me fix a broken drawn cord in a duct without resorting to my car exhaust
  15. readiescards

    ASHP & Sunamp - no boiler no PV

    Any specific info needed? As would be great to have your thoughts before meeting the plumbers on site tomorrow morning