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  1. Ooo, send us the link please
  2. And vat refund cash in the back 7th November, 8 days after letter revenues 🙂
  3. readiescards

    Xtrafloor® Flex Pro under LVT - any good?

    Infact Xtrafloor base seems to be product aimed at UFH. Anyone used it?
  4. readiescards

    Xtrafloor® Flex Pro under LVT - any good?

    Considering Xtrafloor flex pro again, can you explain the above in layman terms please? Surely my floor temp will never be 27Deg - will be uncomfortably hot to walk on!
  5. readiescards

    Anyone using Home Assistant

    I sourced my Bell here:
  6. readiescards

    Anyone using Home Assistant

    Same bell but driven by a relay controlled by Raspberry pi monitoring two infrared sensors on my gates. The only trouble is the bell can not be heard in all parts of the house so using Home Assistant and a MQTT broker, I intend for the Raspberry Pi to publish a topic to the MQTT broker when ever the infrared beams are broken and a wifi Sonoff running Tasomota will be subscribed to that topic and will ring a bell, make a buzz elsewhere in the house. Still working on getting the C program on the Pi to call the MQTT broker though.
  7. readiescards

    IVT Ecolane ASHP - any owners out there?

    With pleasure 😉
  8. readiescards

    Anyone using Home Assistant

    I'm also looking for a simple mqtt C library to use on the RPi
  9. I'm slowly setting up Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running a Mosquitto MQTT broker and Sonoff wifi switches running Sonoff-Tasmota firmware. But it has not been easy. I'm using MQTTLens to help debug and test. Anyone else using Home Assistant? And if so what for and with what devices and software packages?
  10. Note my claim was for only £7500 and consisting of less than 300 A4 sheets - so probably easy for HMRC to deal with
  11. Cheers all, yep the soil depth is thin on that edge I just assumed the roots would try to spread out and fine the deeper soil. I'll give the concrete painting a go in one place and try again too.
  12. Claim approved letter and all receipts received back today - 30th October. All approved (apart from one receipt I mistakenly included) - using @JSHarris spreadsheet 🙂
  13. My gravel drive is edged with bricks sat on a concrete footing. The lawn grass that is over the concrete has died and been replaced once. It establishes ok but then as the roots get longer and reach the concrete it turns yellow (after which last time it died off). It is like the concrete is poison to the grass. Looking for ideas please on how to get this grass to stay alive please.
  14. readiescards

    PV and battery

    Not sure how he managed to upgrade his existing solar PV array and still get FiT - or whether he offset that against the VAT saving on PW2
  15. readiescards

    PV and battery

    Powerwall2 review by Fully Charged: