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  1. What is decrement delay please?
  2. For any interested parties: Posted claim: August 21 2018 Received acknowledgement: Sept 19 (letter dated 14th Sept)
  3. No mention of efficiency though
  4. readiescards

    Can you have too much PV

    I've 8.8kW panels limited to 5kW export via solaredge inverters and power optimisers. The max generation I've seen is 7.7kW i.e. the house was consuming at least 2.7kW and the rest was being dumped/sold to the grid. More panels and different orientations helps extend the useful working time of the panels over the day and the year. If I could I would move a couple of my panels from SW to NW to grab more of the summer setting sunshine and reduce my import further. Though it seems moving panels is not allowed under the MCS scheme.
  5. Surely a drone landing pad on the roof with an insulated chute to delivery the parcel to the home office/kitchen is better long term?
  6. Just called HMRC, they are now working on claims submitted on 1st May - so approx 3.5 months to behind (and that is just for the acknowledgment letter to be sent out the guy on the phone said)
  7. readiescards

    MVHR - flies!

    Main intake filter? I have external cowls with grills which are connected direct to the MVHR unit. The MVHR unit has built in filters but VentAxis are saying my problem is there are no external filters. Is it usual to have external extra filters (i.e. some sort of filter box for the incoming air before it reaches the MVHR unit?) My system was designed by a well known supplier of ventilation units and an external filter was never mentioned.
  8. readiescards

    Robomowers - any good?

    3 weeks in: loving it(her) Mo Mo Mrs Mo, as my son has called her, is doing a great job. Some great features including the alerts to my phone when she gets stuck or falls out of the cutting area. This is the trickest bit of my lawn a 22 deg slope on a corner. Currently once every few days I have to reposition her when she has been unable to back up and has fallen out of the zone - optional extra rough terrain wheels might help but I'm trying to avoid the extra cost atm. My 1100m2 lawn is looking fine with cutting period set to 8am to 4pm and I've just dropped the cutting height from 7/10 to 6/10. Roughly she does about 3 hours work before popping back to her home to have a 40-50minute electric juice snack. We've painted some bits of the lower body green, added some eye lashes and her name, along with some extra mods, to make her less nickable - though the useful GPS location function and security pin code should help. Had to clean the wheels of mud a couple of times - but that was my fault for letting her go to work when the lawn is still missing grass in places and it had rained. Apart from when she tried to mount a roller I left on lawn and she tried to climb over some bricks I'd put down as a 'wall' to prevent her getting to some fresh top soil, we had no major incidents. We zip round the very edge of the lawn using a light electric mower and use the supplied electric strimmer (also awesome) to finish off around the tree bases that she can't reach. (About 40 mins/week). So other than that, lawn cutting is a thing of the past for me 🙂
  9. The recorded lady said: HM Revenue and Customs ISBC National DIY Team SO987NewcastleNE98 1ZZ So slightly different to the above
  10. The form just says contact them for the up to date address. Anyone know the current address please? (I'm not a fan of calling HMRC!)
  11. readiescards

    Ensuite quandary

    Looks like thermostats 4 u has closed. @JSHarris could you kindly provide the model/manufacturer please?
  12. readiescards

    Xtrafloor® Flex Pro under LVT - any good?

    Dismissed it in the end. As the LVT supplier was also unsure of it
  13. Rather than a liquid screen final layer before the LVT tiles the fitters want to put down Xtrafloor® Flex Pro ( see ) which is like a floating mat with a sticky topside that the LVT goes straight onto. So much quicker installation time. Anyone know of this product as it is new to me so trying to understand its pros/cons Thanks Paul
  14. readiescards

    Why are toasters too small for my bread

    Need a knob down shot