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  1. My JG wireless thermostats have been doing this funny light sequence for 3 days now: They show the correct temperature for a few moments, then show 10 1d, then 9 1d then 8 1d then 7 1d and then revert to showing the temperature again. Note the icicle symbol top right has also disappeared. Can't see any mention of this 'feature' in the manual Any ideas?
  2. readiescards

    Selling a house with an ASHP

    Not even unwrapped it yet! But hopefully in next couple of weeks should be plumbed in.
  3. Our barn conversion to holiday cottage coming on nicely. We've use foil backed insulation in roof, triple glazed the windows and the walls are 3 bricks solid with an internal plasterboarded shell. All nice and cosy but the GSM phone signal can't get in! 4 bars of 4G outside but no signal inside. If I was living there then I'd get a Vodafone Suresignal thingy - plugs into the router and acts as a mini 4G cell. But as we will have guests using many different mobile phone providers I could do with a multi mobile provider solution. Is there such a thing as a light pipe for radio signals?
  4. No rain here for all of June and still none in July so lots of solar pv generation 🙂 But lots of dust on my panels now. Any advice regarding cleaning - wait for the rain, hose them down, brush the dust off? Thanks
  5. I seemed to have picked the dryest weeks of the year to try and establish a lawn from seed...any lawn watering system recommendations as I'm currently losing an hour a day dragging a sprinkler about. Thanks
  6. readiescards

    MVHR with extract only mode

    I have a fair amount of red 100mm pipework and various other mvhr associated bits here in Lincolnshire ready to go on eBay. Pm me if your interested.
  7. readiescards

    Floor bounce - PosiJoist Floor Vibration checks

    BCO did final inspection yesterday and he said something along the lines of 'I've never experienced a floor like that in a modern house before' 😞
  8. readiescards

    Robomowers - any good?

    Current favorite is theHusqvarna 315x: which has inbuilt GPS so it learn the garden and work out where it has not been recently. Will report back once local sales rep been out to see if it is suitable for my lawn shape and slope.
  9. readiescards

    Nice drying day

    Vent axis Kinetic plus
  10. readiescards

    Nice drying day

    Oops it did blow off - but only a minor bit of damage a glue gun fixed. I've been moaning at manufacturer that there should be no flies getting through filters and too my fresh air vents as per and they are finally giving me some things to check. (The filters seem very flimsy things to me and I can't see how they could ever 100% seal)
  11. Blowing a gale but sunny so giving the mvhr unit is 12 month clean. Not too bad. A few flies in it though.
  12. readiescards

    AndyT - solar production

    Ha ha. Well I'm ok with that but would much prefer to increase my self consumption hence my interest in electric BBQs! Might have to consider a hot tub too
  13. readiescards

    AndyT - solar production

    Today was my best production so far, not done 12 months yet though. 8.8kWpe of 30 Solarworld panels
  14. readiescards

    IVT Ecolane ASHP - any owners out there?

    I brought 4 of these, nice and cheap 🙂 However there is no way to secure them to the concrete base - have you simply mounted your ASHP on top of them with and are simply relying on the units weight to prevent it bouncing around?