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  1. Wireless broadband pricing

    I use my Three Sim in a TP-LINK Archer MR200 router where it works fine.
  2. Wireless broadband pricing

    That limit only applies when you are out and about.
  3. Floor bounce - PosiJoist Floor Vibration checks

    The sag I measured is static The bounce I get when someone walks around is too small to measure with my gear
  4. Wireless broadband pricing
  5. 24V gate - what size cables for 25m in duct run?

    Darn was hoping could use 24v from the house to save digging up my duct to repair it for 240v. These automatic gates getting tedious, think I might tell my partner she'll have to open/shut them manually instead Thanks all
  6. Balancing

    Took me many days to get decent set off readings as seemed very dependent on outside wind conditions. I did ask BPC what those bits were for and they answered in another thread on here. I forgot what they said as it was not applicable to me so I binned the bits
  7. Wireless broadband pricing

    I'm on Three paying £24/month for unlimited data. I think they say reasonable usage is acceptable so not true unlimited but last 3 months I've been near 200Gb download with no warnings or penalties. I get an acceptable speed of 8Mbs/3Mbs though my neighbour also on Three gets much better at over 30Mbs. He has an out door antenna which I've now brought but not yet installed. Get the odd 5 minute drop out but otherwise all great
  8. 24V gate - what size cables for 25m in duct run?

    I had assumed the entire system was 24V - but will investigate
  9. Following on from: I've been looking at the Nice 24V gate openers. Just wondering from these spec which says 7A at 24V is worse case - what size cables should I use for a 25 m in duct cable run? Many thanks Paul
  10. Anyone installed Flush Casement Window by Evolution? We liked the look and feel of them but ultimately choose Internorms for the better wind resistance, for the next build (a barn conversion to holiday cottage) the Evolution Flush windows would look great and the barn is not subject to the same battering by the wind. Any one have/having Evolution Flush windows and if so what do you think of them?
  11. Floor bounce - PosiJoist Floor Vibration checks

    Using a spinning laser level on a trippod thingy I reckon there is a 4mm sag in the middle of the room. Bit tricky to be sure as measuring with carpet and underlay in place. Took plenty of measurements. Anyone else with 4.5m posi-joists able to tell me if they likewise have any sag? Thanks Paul
  12. Good design around the home

    Centor patio door's inbuilt blind and flyscreens - just works effortlessly Murdoch Troon Kitchens self closing draws - - just works effortlessly (The Miele FF with blackboard front also in the picture would be a fail - needs special chalk pen, easy to scratch, hard to clean)
  13. UFH Screed Depth?

    Is it going to be shoes left at the front door house ? I have thin vinyl pre-tend wood tiles over my screeded ufh with 200 PIR under that. And even then it is cold to walk on in socks only in the summer, in autumn I found myself putting the ufh on just to remove this chill even though the room was not cold. I guess I could buy some fluffy slippers like my partner though.