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  1. readiescards

    How to keep birds off my camera?

    While I wait for postie to delivery the new spikes I think the birds are taking the Micky building their nest on my home made bird protection system!
  2. Got some fairly cheap PIR security lights around my house. The older ones are now starting to come on whenever they detect motion even if it is a bright sunny day. They worked fine for 18 months or so. Fiddling with the settings seems to have little impact, though can't be 100% sure I fiddled all the options. Does the ambient light sensor drift over time normally? It is not a major issue just a bit odd
  3. Got a camera inside my porch but the swallows have taken to sitting on it and therefore I've bird muck all down the wall and on the post box below. Easy problem to sort that I thought, I'll stick some nails on it. The birds sit and sh*t on the nails 😞 any other ideas please?
  4. readiescards

    MT-TUA-17S-11-9240 not responding to input signal

    I've only proven this by turning the controller to 'ON' but yep good idea I'll have to wire in a manual switch. Ah that makes a lot of sense. As this is issue is in our holiday cottage, (insert holiday cottage plug here: I have limited opportunity for testing. June is next testing time. Will report back then. Yes I'm not a fan of the screwdrivers at all but it was all I could use one handed (due to installation and time restrictions) and I'm very curious to know what a half-lit/dimmed lit screwdriver is tell me. (On a known live, in the same physical location it lights up correctly)
  5. readiescards

    MT-TUA-17S-11-9240 not responding to input signal

    I'd normally use a multimeter but do the installation location it would be a two man job. However I'll try to recruit someone to get a proper reading. Especially as I'm curious what a half lit screwdriver means. Thanks for explanation of the top knob.
  6. One of these controllers is suppose to start a pump to run a hot water feed circuit loop when a dip water pressure occurs when a tap opens. However nothing happens. The sensor seems to react, in that a electrical screw driver lights up when the tap is open. But note the screwdriver is dimly lit all the time. The controller is set on Wu and 10 seconds. What function does the top switch do? The data sheet says this is the 'time adjusting knob' but it seems to have no effect. Switching the unit to 'On' and the bottom led comes on and the pump runs.
  7. I'm glad to report the new Salus units are working perfectly. Took 20 mins for the bathroom to go from 16 to 19.5 degrees - was taking 36 hours before!
  8. New units arrived 😀 Salus support report: "Since ABA release we have been made aware of occasional issues with smaller UFH circuits and/or working at lower temperatures. Our latest firmware release for ABA overcome this issue and I am happy to send you replacement units"
  9. Thank @JSHarris 4 ordered FYI Salus are shipping are going to three new units from Germany, to see if that fixes the issue
  10. I can find clip on pipe temperature gauges: But they are not practical for such a tight space, can you send a link to the temp gauges with remote probes you have found useful please
  11. Attached a photo of one of the now unused units. A couple of clip on thermometers seems a neat idea to monitor the flow temperatures
  12. I don't know for sure (I was one step removed from the ordering process) but it is a Wunda UFH manifold
  13. Still having issues with these TB23030 units, now on a different circuit. Seems they can not cope with the floor temperature being a lot colder than the UFH input temp. It recently took more than 3 days to get one tiny 2x2m room from 14.5 degrees to 19 degrees as the TB23030 keeps clamping the heat flow valve shut and only allows 10-20 seconds of heat into the loop once in a while - so really drip feeding the heat. Raising an issue with their tech support now but we resorted to replacing two units already with simple JG actuator valves for one room already and I'm keen to do that for the next problem we are now experiencing issues with but not at my cost
  14. readiescards

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    Yes one of my two Sunamps has been replaced as I refused to accept the bulging case on the PCM58 unit as being good long term. Also one of the first controller units was incorrectly sent. Sunamp have been good at rectifying these issues in a timely manner.
  15. readiescards

    LED bulbs

    Some of our LEDs have failed or started flashing. Probably 5% Crompton have been very good at replacing them under-warrenty