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  1. Thanks @Andrew Bissell - Sunamp much appreciated. Not sure I count the invoice date as the start of the warranty period but however I appreciated the upgrade part being sent - which my electrician has just swapped the unit over too. My primary concern is not having my future customers experiencing a loss of hot water (and potentially leaving a negative review) in two or three years time I'm assuming the upgrade relay resolves that.
  2. With spade connectors, Sunamp warn me this one also has visible sparks from the internal contactors
  3. Upgraded relay received from Sunamp, now need to get electrician back out to install it.
  4. Correct, having spoke to Sunamp they say that is normal!
  5. Sunamp say they are going to send me a new relay, they say they considered the Finder relay fine and therefore no need to contact existing customers! I'll be sent the latest spec - though it was unclear what that is going to be. @Jeremy Harris Have you a picture of your replacement relay please ?
  6. This issue was two years ago and in a number of places (and with the multiple additions of extra top soil and seed) we finally have the grass up to the edging stones. Still some patches needing further attention though
  7. Got a call from our holiday cottage - guests no hot water. Thanks to @Nickfromwales support was quickly able to identify control main relay failure exactly as @Jeremy Harris I believe - with the neutral line remaining open. Horrified to see it spark through the relay body and very annoyed no proactive input from Sunamp telling me to replace the relay so now got an expensive electrician call out for a short term replacement relay to get hot water flowing again - argh!
  8. Gosh! I know how must be feeling. I'm still trying to teach my 8 year old boy after nearly 3 years living in my house to try and walk gently on the first floor as it flexes so much. Not ever checked the level though, not to worried about that, more concerned about sag - dare not check that. Got no where with the builder, floor joist supplier, floor joist software developer all passing the book. Still peeves me I'm just glad my home office is in a different part of the house and we are rarely upstairs except for sleeping
  9. These 4 steps are exactly what I did! At night I have the unit set to 3% to reduce the noise and open a window!
  10. Moving it would not resolve the issue - just giving a different property a noise issue. Sound fencing certainly seems the most viable option the only trouble is that it needs to easily removal and replaced as they is very little space between the fan entrance and the barn door entrance and we need all that for grain loading.
  11. Budget is £1000 so not intending to replace unit (at this stage)
  12. It is difficult to block out the dates as when the harvest comes in can vary +/- a couple of weeks and if the wheat is wet or hot then we need to run the fan when ever the weather lets us so can easily be a few months of on and off use. Yes it is a 37kW fan. Bearings seem ok when I did a quick test the other week. I'll give the blades a good clean and see if that improves it.
  13. You can download the amr file here: Sorry don't know how to make the forum make this a download link
  14. The plate says: 1450 rpm 37 kW 400 V 70 A 50 Hz 3 phase Rewind (and probably last time balanced etc) 28/10/2011 Though watching the fan slow down to stop it seemed very well balanced. I believe there are 12 blades from looking at this pic: I used an Android app called Recorder with high quaility enabled on a Samsung S10 this created an AMR file that I opened in Audacity using the FFMPEG extension and applied no filtering.