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  1. Moving it would not resolve the issue - just giving a different property a noise issue. Sound fencing certainly seems the most viable option the only trouble is that it needs to easily removal and replaced as they is very little space between the fan entrance and the barn door entrance and we need all that for grain loading.
  2. Budget is £1000 so not intending to replace unit (at this stage)
  3. It is difficult to block out the dates as when the harvest comes in can vary +/- a couple of weeks and if the wheat is wet or hot then we need to run the fan when ever the weather lets us so can easily be a few months of on and off use. Yes it is a 37kW fan. Bearings seem ok when I did a quick test the other week. I'll give the blades a good clean and see if that improves it.
  4. You can download the amr file here: Sorry don't know how to make the forum make this a download link
  5. The plate says: 1450 rpm 37 kW 400 V 70 A 50 Hz 3 phase Rewind (and probably last time balanced etc) 28/10/2011 Though watching the fan slow down to stop it seemed very well balanced. I believe there are 12 blades from looking at this pic: I used an Android app called Recorder with high quaility enabled on a Samsung S10 this created an AMR file that I opened in Audacity using the FFMPEG extension and applied no filtering.
  6. We had opportunity to run the fan over Xmas. Using my Android phone and Audacity I gathered this spectrum. Taken with the phone close to the input of the air to the fan. I also did a recording with the phone held directly on the electric motor body but felt this was the less noisy side. Quite hard to say as my ears are so full of sound I could not truly say which was the louder side! I welcome any analysis of this frequency plot as I'm not really sure what there is to learn from it. Thanks
  7. The manufacturers of the fan (Ruston's Lincoln) reckon I won't be able to make the actual motor/fan unit any quieter 😞
  8. Pictures as requested. I should have said it is an intake fan - not extract. A prod with a big stick suggests the fan is very slightly out of balance so I'll try to get that addressed. The majority of the noise comes from the fan house - rather than the boom box grain store in my opinion. I can't get an Audacity recording until the weather improves - don't want to push fog into the grain heap. Well we 'sell' the location as being quiet and peaceful so really want holiday cottage guests to be able to sit outside and enjoy the peace, so preferring to kill the noise rather than shut it away but ta for suggestion. If that is all that is needed then an assocutice wall might just be squeezable though it would need to be no more than 6" thick otherwise it would compromise the barn doors. I'll contact the Jackson fencing people - thanks for details. The noise in the fan room is horrendous but if reducing that limits the noise to The Stables then building a small frame around the motor is certainly viable - subject to motor heat issues. Really appreciate all the responses and ideas. Thanks Paul
  9. I've emailed the company who did the rewind to get their input and will mention that. But I'll go and investigate to see if I can turn the fan by hand some how to check.
  10. Now that is a neat simple, cheap idea at least for the motor! I'd need to check how much heat the fan motor body radiates Good idea, will try with a laptop and Audacity. No idea about active noise cancellation - sounds expensive
  11. Well back on with this sound issue,. we've built the Stables holiday cottage and installed triple glazing. Inside the property with all the windows and doors shut the noise from the dryer is difficult to hear 🙂 But it being late summer when the fan is used the guests often want to have the doors and windows open and be outside on the garden bench. Unfortantely one family were unlucky and suffered with the fan running flat out every day from 8 to 10pm (we were very lucky to get the harvest in before the heavy rain and so needed to use the fan to cool the grain) and I fully understood when they complained so I switched the fan off at 4pm when they returned from visiting but is not going to be always possible. I did look at building a wall of straw bales about 10m from the fan intake but by the time the straw had been baled the grain was cool enough not to need airing. I've asked the company who re-wind the motor in 2011 if they can advise why it is so loud. A metal square channel so the air is sucked in from the opposite side to the holiday as suggested might work but that would deflect the noise to a couple of other residences (one of them being my house!) Lourved vents I'll investigate. One question I have is: Would spray foaming the inside of the fan house help to absorb the sound - the fan house is probably 10ft square, mainly brick with absetos sheeting type roof. I wondered if spray all those hard surfaces would absorb some sound before it is reflected internal?
  12. Can anyone recommend an Orangery Supplier that uses aluclad glazing? Or does anyone know of outward an outward opening aluclad triple glazing supplier? Sadly the Internorm supplier we used for our house build has gone into administration and Internorm inward opening windows aren't compatible with the oak frame design we like. We ideally want integral blinds too.
  13. Getting close to Jan 2020, so revisiting this thread We are a farm with various properties built 1800-1900 each with their own septic tank. None discharge directly into a water course, generally into the ground around the tank, so I don't believe any upgrades are needed but can't find any real detail on what is needed though. Ditto - any ideas a year later on?
  14. @JSHarris wow your intake filter sure working hard/ doing a good job. I fitted the extra intake filter box from @bpc ventilation seems to work ok but still amazed little flies are dead in the unit or come out of the vents alive. And the spider was definitely alive inside the unit - feeding on all the little flies going by I guess!
  15. Ok so I'm cleaning my unit after 12 months instead of recommended 6 months. But I'm amazed to find cobwebs and spiders INSIDE the unit! What do other people's mvhr systems look like before cleaning please? Also any tips on how to clean the fan blades please. Toothbrush and soft paint brush sort of works but tedious